Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Nowadays, starting a blog is simple, thanks to WordPress services. Your next major task is to increase traffic to your blog or website once it is up and running.

You don't have to be an expert in marketing to advertise your blog, so don't worry. By implementing some tried-and-true best practices, you can easily improve the number of people who frequent your site.


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This article will provide some of the simplest and tried-and-true advice for growing your blog's readership like a pro marketer.

How To Boost Blog Traffic – The Simple Way

We'll only give advice that we personally used to boost our website traffic to millions of visits every month, unlike other posts on increasing blog traffic.

To help you develop a comprehensive blog traffic strategy for your business, we've also tried to create the most thorough website traffic guide we could.

Ready? Let's get going.

1. Create Audience Profiles To Better Understand Your Users

It's critical to take the time to learn about your target audience and the content they are seeking before you begin writing for your blog.

You'll better understand your target audience by responding to these questions. Additionally, you can go further by including more particular inquiries like these:

What is their age?

What do they do for a living?

How much schooling do they have?

How knowledgeable are they on the topic of your blog?

2. Plan Your Content Strategy By Conducting Keyword Research

Both content writers and SEO specialists use the approach of keyword research. It assists you in learning the precise phrases and words that people use to search for particular material on Google and other search engines.

Beginners typically only use their best assumptions when producing material. As you can expect, this tactic is hit or miss.

There is a good risk that your content won't rank highly in search engines if you adopt the “best-guess” technique.

Many tools for both free and paid keyword research are available. To plan our content, we use SEMRush.

Entering a keyword and a website address is all that is required. The URL can be for your own website or a blog run by a rival. The keyword research tool will then assist you in finding a ton of fresh keyword suggestions.

Create An Editorial Schedule

3. Create An Editorial Schedule

After performing the keyword research, you'll probably have many ideas for blog posts.

A lengthy list of keywords might occasionally overwhelm newcomers to the point that they give up.

We advise developing an editorial calendar to prevent this from happening to you (a game plan). Recall that no sizable blog was ever created in a day.

To establish a successful blog, you must put in time and effort. You can make and follow a plan with an editorial calendar.

Make your calendar app more aesthetically pleasing and structured by using colours, tags, categories, and other features.

4. Produce Thorough And Helpful Content

Quality content is the most critical factor that users and search engines seek.

An excellent piece of content for a blog is typically an exhaustive essay that goes into great detail on a certain subject. It is, therefore, very beneficial to users.

These in-depth articles are referred to as “pillar articles.” They may be referred to as “flagship material” or “cornerstone articles” by other professionals.

These are essentially your most significant articles. The most effective keyword should be selected, and you should include as much information as possible in a single long-form post.


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Your pillar articles don't depend on time. They are timeless and consistently helpful. To stay at the top of search results, we advise you to keep them updated with fresh information.

More advice on how to write excellent pillar articles to get more search engine traffic will be covered later in this post.

5. Make Your Content Easy To Read

As we previously discussed, consumers and search engines alike adore lengthy, thorough articles that provide them with all the information they require.

The issue now is that people have a limited attention span.

If people find your content difficult to read or grasp, they may leave without looking at all the helpful information you offer.

Ensure your information is simple to read if you want to avoid this issue altogether.

An excellent place to start is to offer your essay in bite-size words utilizing a welcoming tone and lots of pictures.

Check your content's readability rating. The All In One SEO and Yoast SEO plugins have a built-in tool for that, and you can also discover many different online readability checkers.

Because Grammarly does more than just check your writing for errors, we strongly advise using it.Learn SEO Fundamentals And Apply Them To Your Website

6. Learn SEO Fundamentals And Apply Them To Your Website

You can improve your website's search engine friendliness using SEO best practices. To make changes to your website, you don't have to be an “SEO Guru.”

Contrary to widespread assumption, anyone may manage their own website's SEO needs without having to hire a professional. You may employ many SEO plugins, tools, and tips and get free counsel and step-by-step instructions.

According to us, all WordPress websites should use the All in One SEO plugin. It is the complete tool for website optimization and SEO. All the SEO elements your website will want are available in the free edition.

Our comprehensive WordPress SEO guide for beginners contains all the information you need about SEO. It contains detailed instructions and uses the same SEO configuration as our websites.

7. How To Write Effective Headlines

The first thing readers see when they come across your material in search results or RSS feeds is the headline of your post.

An attention-grabbing blog article title attracts more clicks. Meanwhile, a bland and uninteresting headline is ignored and is more likely to be scrolled past by users.

Because of this, headlines are crucial. You must understand how to create titles for your blog entries that will draw readers in and encourage more clicks.

Fortunately, blogging professionals have studied headlines long, and you can profit from their discoveries.

Finally, a strong headline includes a call to action, frequently understated and occasionally implied.

Make The Task Of Internal Linking Routine

8. Make The Task Of Internal Linking A Routine

Once you've produced quality material, you must link to your articles from your earlier blog pieces. This is known as internal linking and is very important for SEO.

Internal links aid Google in comprehending the relationship and context of the various content on your website. This data is then utilized as ranking signals.

When properly positioned and used appropriately, internal links can help you boost pageviews and lower bounce rates.

Asking other websites to connect to your posts is more difficult. Links on your own website can be made much more easily.

9. Create More Backlinks Now

An incoming link to your content from another website is known as a backlink. One of the most important ranking factors used by Google is backlinks. It might be very challenging to obtain backlinks from reliable websites and blogs. It's not just newbies that find it difficult; even seasoned bloggers encounter difficulties.

11. Enhance Your Articles With Videos

On the internet, videos are the most popular type of content. Instead of just text and photographs, users spend more time on blog entries that include videos.

Adding videos to your articles in WordPress is incredibly straightforward. WordPress is not designed to stream videos, thus you should never post any to it.

The user experience would be dreadful if a video were streamed from your WordPress hosting server because it would consume too many resources.


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Uploading films to YouTube and then embedding them in blog posts is the best approach to integrating them into your WordPress website.

Given that YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and a well-known social media platform, this increases your exposure even further.

12. Use Feedback, Reviews And Comments From Your Users

Any content produced on your website due to user activity is considered user-generated. This contains user feedback in the form of reviews, comments, and more.

Because it offers users several options to contribute and get involved, user-generated content helps you increase traffic to your website.

Spending more time on your website increases the likelihood that visitors will come back, share it, and perhaps make a purchase.

You can include many different types of user-generated material. You must decide what will work best for your blog and move backwards.

13. Keep The Design Of Your Website Simple And Clutter-Free

On the market, there are many excellent WordPress themes. Many newcomers have the issue of wanting to use a theme with all the bells and whistles. These designs aren't always ideal for your website, though.

Poor website design prevents visitors from staying on your blog for longer, which lowers pageviews.

A good design encourages them to spend more time, explore additional stuff, and do so.

14. Improve Website Speed To Make Your Pages Load More Rapidly

Nobody wants to wait for a webpage to load in this age of immediate gratification. Users will simply quit your website if it is too slow, even before it has finished loading.

Website speed and page load time are crucial ranking considerations for search engines like Google.

To ensure that your website loads fast, you must improve your WordPress speed. This calls for the utilization of caching, a reduction in superfluous bloat, and image optimization.

Without hiring a developer, you can speed up your website with our step-by-step approach to WordPress performance optimization.

Create Your Email List Immediately

15. Create Your Email List Immediately

Most newbies waste too much time attracting visitors to their websites. But more than 70% of visitors who leave your website never return.

The secret to increasing blog traffic is keeping existing visitors returning, not just attracting new ones.

How can you guarantee that visitors come back to your website?

You can do this by requesting their blog subscriptions.

Users can follow the social media profiles for your website. But most social networks have a reach cap, so only some of your content is visible to your users.

Your email list's ownership is of its best quality. Your audience is unbounded, and you have direct access to your user's inboxes.

The most economical and powerful marketing instrument at your disposal is email marketing. Without an email list, you are losing potential subscribers every day.

16. Share Your Blog Posts Immediately

We don't mean to suggest that you cease growing your social media following when we emphasize the importance of creating an email list.

On the contrary, we want you to keep growing your social media following across all of the major social networks and even identify new specialized sites that you may experiment with.

The issue with social media platforms is that to keep your profiles active and increase traffic to your blog, you need to submit content frequently.

If you do it manually, you'll soon find that distributing information takes up much of your time.

17. Share Your Old Articles On Social Media Frequently

If your blog is like most of them, you probably only post one daily article. This implies that you won't post any social media updates for the rest of the day.

Your Tweet on a platform like Twitter will quickly vanish, and your users probably won't even notice it.

Wouldn't it be convenient if your old content could be shared automatically throughout the day at regular intervals?

Improving your exposure and maintaining more activity on your profiles will assist you in generating more visitors from social media.

Fortunately, you can automate it using programs like Revive Old Posts and Buffer.

Examine Other Social Media Sites

18. Examine Other Social Media Sites

There are a lot of social media websites, but most of us only use a few of the most popular ones, including Facebook and Twitter. You need to concentrate on these to increase your blog's visitors.

However, depending on the subject matter of your blog, you can succeed more on less popular social media sites.

For instance, if your site is about starting businesses, LinkedIn may have more interested users.

Instagram might be the platform you should prioritize if you run a lifestyle or fashion blog.

We advise you to try spending more time on social media sites besides the main two. There might be a larger and more fervent audience for you.

19. Participate In Online Communities

Online communities are a terrific way to get more visitors because they already have active members interested in your blog subjects.

You can find smaller communities on Reddit, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, and YouTube communities.

Pro tip: Hold off on posting links to your content right away. Spamming is what this is, and moderators will immediately block you.

Spend time establishing your credibility by participating in debates, responding to queries, and growing your reputation before sharing your website, if suitable.


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20. Create Custom Online Groups

Starting your online community is another technique to attract ardent readers to your site. You can invite your users to participate using free sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Your influence will increase as your community does. The engaged group members will actively assist you in promoting your blog on their social media accounts.

21. Participate In Online Q&A Forums

You may have observed that sometimes more established blogs will appear lower in search results than responses from websites like Stack Exchange, Quora, or TripAdvisor that are years old.

One of the largest online communities is comprised of question-and-answer websites.

Answering questions on these platforms can keep your response online for a long time, making it a reliable source of traffic for your blog.

Locate And Interact With Social Media Influencers

22. Locate And Interact With Social Media Influencers

Influencers can help you market your blog and drastically increase your website's traffic.

The issue is that most influencers already receive a tonne of communications. They think that since you are a novice blogger, you probably have little to offer them.

So how do you grab an influencer's attention? What's more, how do you encourage people to share your blog?

You must first initiate contact with them on social media.

Next, comment on their blog entries, reply to their forums and share their information with your own perspective. Make sure every interaction you have with them advances the conversation.

23. To Increase Traffic, Use Social Proof

Humans are social creatures. As social proof, we like to learn about other people's experiences and use that information to inform our own choices.

To advertise your blog, you must use this social proof on your website, in your social media profiles, in tweets, and emails.

You could think, “What if I'm just getting started?” How can I use social proof to my blog's advantage?

Even with a fresh blog, social proof has many methods.

24. Following Social Media

People are asking questions all the time on social media networks like Twitter. Set up notifications to follow certain keywords on social media and then join conversations to respond to people's inquiries with links to pertinent blog posts on your website.

Additionally, you can keep an eye on the conversations, links, and brand names on social media platforms.

You can use several different tools for this. The best social media monitoring tools are listed below to help you with the process.

Monitor The Keyword Positions For Your Website

25. Monitor The Keyword Positions For Your Website

You must monitor each piece of content's performance once you've begun producing and promoting it. What keywords is it ranking for, furthermore?

A tool called Google Search Console can be used to accomplish this. You can use this free tool from Google to see how well your website performs in Google Search. You may learn how to use this powerful tool like a pro by consulting our comprehensive Google Search Console guide.

Next, you should keep an eye on the websites of your rivals. You cannot find out who ranks higher than you and why from Google Search Console.

You'll require a program called SEMRush for that. Additionally, this will provide you with in-depth information on your rivals, their top keywords, and what you need to do to rank higher than them.

26. Monitor Your Website's User Engagement And Traffic

You need to understand where your users are coming from and what they are doing on your website now that you are starting to receive some traffic. Without this information, you cannot assess your approach or determine your next steps.

Google Analytics can help with this.

It keeps tabs on the people who visit your website and lets you see traffic statistics, user engagement, and other user activity. Visit our detailed tutorial on installing Google Analytics in WordPress for more information.

The main benefit of adopting Google Analytics is monitoring user behaviour on your website. Visit this post to learn how to use Google Analytics to monitor website visitor activity.

27. Continue Your Education In SEO And Online Marketing

These suggestions can drive more traffic to your blog and keep adding subscribers.

However, when your site expands, you must learn other techniques to grow your business.

The largest WordPress resource website is WPBeginner. We frequently release SEO and web marketing tutorials. You can learn more about WordPress, expanding your blog, and SEO on our YouTube channel.

You should also subscribe to the OptinMonster Blog, another excellent resource. The top conversion optimization program available is OptinMonster. They frequently post posts on their blog about how to increase traffic, subscribers, and sales.

We hope these pointers helped boost blog traffic for you. You might also be interested in our list of the best WordPress plugins or some tried-and-true strategies for monetizing your blog.

Conclusion To The Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog


Congratulations on reading this guide, which greatly covers the most effective strategies for increasing website visitors.

It's getting harder to make your blog stand out from the crowd as more and more people enter the content creation market every year. The good news for readers is that this competition has resulted in a race to the top to provide the most value to readers through free content.

As a blogger, this means that you need to figure out how to use your unique set of skills, knowledge, and connections to attract a steady stream of visitors to your site while also avoiding the pitfalls that can derail your efforts.

And still, things will shift in your sector. There will be a surge in users from new social networks… Search engines will continue to send fewer visitors to websites and will increasingly use your content as a data source to directly answer users' queries on their own platforms.

Nowadays, life is characterized by a rate of change that has never been seen before.

Whether or not you change, develop, and make the most of emerging possibilities is entirely up to you.

I plan to continue experimenting with various traffic-driving techniques and documenting my findings for the foreseeable future.

I trust you enjoyed this article on the Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come?

Take care!




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