Surefire Ways To Maximize Your AdSense Earnings

Surefire Ways To Maximize Your AdSense Earnings

Surefire Ways To Maximize Your AdSense Earnings

Surefire Ways To Maximize Your AdSense Earnings

1. Produce High-Quality Material

Creating quality content for your readers is the best approach to obtaining more clicks and increasing your income. You increase your chances of earning clicks by generating traffic. In addition, by drawing visitors, your site becomes more appealing to advertising.

You may be wondering how you can develop outstanding content at this stage. Looking at the blogs that currently provide traffic to your site is a good place to start. This is where the MonsterInsights plugin may be used.

You may see your website's top landing pages in the Publishers report. Because these pieces are generating traffic, you may look for comparable themes to write about. You may also read our guide to see which kind of websites make the most money with Google AdSense.


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2. Select The Most Appropriate Keywords For Your Website

You should look at the keywords people use to reach your website in addition to creating compelling content. You may simply enhance your organic traffic by optimizing your site for search engines or SEO. And more traffic equals more clicks, which means more money for Google AdSense.

The MonsterInsights Search Console report may help you figure out what keywords visitors use to locate your website. The report's biggest feature is that it includes information on the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, and average position for each search phrase.

This information is highly useful since it can be used to enhance your website for related keywords. It also aids in the discovery of content subjects for which you may write and rank. Another advantage of utilizing the report is that you can discover which kind of keywords you should target to boost your AdSense profits.

Advertisers, for example, would be interested in transactional keywords or search phrases that lead to a sale or conversion. You can examine which keywords to add to your website and which to enhance using the Search Console report.

3. Determine How Far Visitors Scroll Down Your Website

When it comes to ad placement, the basic guideline is to put your advertising in a highly prominent location on your website where your visitors will be more likely to see them and click on them. However, how do you know where to post your advertisements?

Checking how far readers scroll through your blog entries is an easy method to find out. You won't receive any clicks if you put your advertisements where your visitors aren't browsing, and you'll lose money as a consequence. This is when the Scroll Depth Tracking function in MonsterInsights comes in handy.

Simply select the option, and scroll tracking will be enabled on your website automatically. The report may then be found by heading to Insights » Reports » Publishers and selecting Scroll.

Now that you have the statistics, you can see that individuals are scrolling through over 40% of your website. So, if you want to optimize your AdSense earnings, make sure your advertisements appear before this scroll depth.

4. Follow Best Practices For Ad Placement

If you have a WordPress blog, there are a few recommended practices for placement that you should strive to optimize your earnings:

Google advises using a 72890 leaderboard image ad unit above the fold of your site and below the main navigation bar to enhance click-through rate (CTR).

  • Depending on the length of the page, a vertical ad unit of the same size (72890) may be placed in the center or at the end of the homepage.
  • Experiment with various ad units in your sidebar, such as a 160600 wide skyscraper or a 300250 medium rectangle.
  • Use a 336280 big rectangular ad unit at the top of your content; – Use a comparable ad unit before the comments area on your blog page.
  • In your sidebar, install a skyscraper or a medium rectangle ad unit, similar to the homepage.


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5. Run A Split-Test On Your Ad Placements

You can also do an A/B test to discover which of these ad placement best practices work best for your website. You may then decide the locations that improve your Google AdSense earnings based on the outcomes of the testing. The MonsterInsights Google Optimize plugin is the easiest method to execute trials.

With the extension, you can quickly set up A/B tests on your website and examine the results in Google Analytics. Follow our instructions for setting up Google Optimize.

The addon now allows you to perform similar tests at the page level, allowing you to target a single blog article for better ad placement. To get the most out of Google Optimize, read our proven tactics article to learn about the many types of trials you may run.

Ad Styles Best Practices Should Be Followed

6. Ad Styles Best Practices Should Be Followed

To increase your AdSense earnings, the style and size of your advertising may make the difference between ads that your visitors notice and click and ones that they ignore.

Your objective should be to make ads more apparent and reduce ad blindness when picking the proper ad layouts. Google suggests that you utilize colours that already exist on your site for your ad text and links for the greatest results.

There are three basic strategies for developing ad designs that have been shown to generate clicks:

  1. Use the same colour for the borders and background of your ad units as you use for the rest of your website.
  2. Use colours that are already on your site as a compliment, but don't match the background and borders precisely where the advertisements are positioned.
  3. Choose colours that stand out against the backdrop of your site for your ad units.

Use A Plugin To Manage Ads

7. Use A Plugin To Manage Ads

You may use an ad management plugin like AdSanity to manage your AdSense advertising easily. You can quickly and simply put your adverts into the correct spot using AdSanity. Ad groups, which may be embedded into sidebars and articles, can also be used to group advertising together. AdSanity has a number of beneficial features, including:

  • Set an expiry date for your advertisements.
  • Ad rotation: For your ad groups, you may have on-page, timed rotation.
  • Adblocker message: Looks for ad-blocking software and shows a message telling you how to turn it off.

AdSense is a terrific source of extra advertising cash for most websites. As a result, many of them utilize it to look for high-paying keywords. They have keyword lists and have previously selected them using various approaches. However, after they've included these ostensibly high-paying keywords to their sites, the money they've been saving is no longer worthwhile.


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11 Ways To Increase My AdSense Income

It's one thing to find the proper keyword pages. However, directing people to such pages is a different challenge, and it is often overlooked. The problem is that you need to enhance your site navigation to draw people to your high-paying keyword pages.

Consider how your website's visitors interact with it. When a visitor arrives at a certain page, he is likely to click on another page that seems to be of interest. They got there because of the other links on the website they were on when they first arrived.

This is what it looks like while you're viewing the site. Everything is geared toward attracting visitors to your website. Also, there's a technique to increase your AdSense revenue.

Each page of a normal website features menu links. The text on these links is what draws the visitor's attention and encourages them to click on a link that leads to another page on the website. Links that say “free” or “download” is often useful.

This navigation logic may be used to push visitors to your high-earning pages as well. Some websites get a large amount of traffic from search engines, yet their earnings are poor. The idea is to utilize strategically marked links to redirect users away from such sites and toward the highest-earning pages.

This is a fantastic approach to turning inexpensive actual clicks into real money. Keep two things in mind before you begin exploring if this identical design is appropriate for you and your website. Some high-paying sites that desire to bring traffic to your site, as well as something to follow and compare.

One alternative is to choose a handful of your most often visited sites. This ensures that the next swift outcome will be achieved. The next step is to consider how your visitors can see a certain page in order to click on a link that will take them to your higher-paying sites.

Create a compelling description for this link. Make a catchy and distinct link description. Consider something that isn't seen every day. This will pique their interest enough for them to investigate more.

You may also utilize images to draw your readers' attention. There's no end to what you can do to draw attention to your link. If you simply care about the success of your website, you will do whatever it takes to get there. Simply said, be inventive.

Many AdSense marketers believe there are no written or unwritten regulations requiring them to obey what they publish. Go for it until you go above the search engine guidelines. Also keep in mind that it's all about the location, location, location.

Once you've come up with a catchy description, you'll need to figure out where on your website the descriptive link to your high-performance page should go. There's nothing wrong with looking at other websites to see how they organize their navigation.

Lists of “most readable” or “hot sites” are quite prevalent and overdone. Find out which websites are popular and don't attempt to copy them.

Another option is to experiment with various scripts on different pages. You'll be able to observe what works and what doesn't.

Also, try to change things up. Place the laces at the top and, on occasion, the bottom. This is how you can see which ones garner the most attention and which ones go unnoticed.

Make Use Of Ezoic (AdSense Automated Optimization)

1. Make Use Of Ezoic (AdSense Automated Optimization)

Only if you get more than 20,000-page visits per month does this apply to you. If that's not the case, continue on to #2 and apply the manual AdSense optimization approach. Ad placement and ad size are two critical factors in growing AdSense earnings, as we all know.

The problem, on the other hand, is to manually test everything. This is when an artificial intelligence tool like Ezoic comes in handy. This is a free tool that is accessible to all bloggers with more than 20,000 monthly page views. Once setup (your account manager will assist you), this service will begin experimenting with Ads to improve user experience.

The reason I favour Ezoic and recommend it as the top option is that it places the most emphasis on user experience, which not only makes your readers happy but also helps you earn more money.

Furthermore, a favourable user experience is a beneficial SEO indication, which improves your position. I've observed a few ShoutMeLoud readers that have increased their AdSense earnings by 30-60% after utilizing Ezoic.

2. Increase The Size And Location

This is one of the most prevalent elements in determining whether you have a low or high CTR. AdSense advertising should be placed around the text and above the fold. (Above-the-fold advertisements outperform below-the-fold ads by a wide margin!) You may include the adverts in your site's design.

Bloggers often overlook one thing: link-based advertisements. Link-based advertising varies from banner advertisements in that they do not reduce the CTR of main ads when correctly optimized. I normally keep these sorts of advertisements in the header navbar.

The AdSense heatmap should be kept in mind while designing a website for AdSense revenue. You'll be able to quickly develop AdSense-friendly themes and designs for your new site this way.


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3. The Source And Location Of Your Traffic Are Important

When your visitors come from search engines, AdSense advertising work best. Also, if you have more direct visitors, interest-based advertisements may not work as well. Despite leaving millions of impressions every month, many users complain about minimal CPC and AdSense money. The reason for this is mostly related to CPC and traffic sources. Start targeting visitors from nations like the United States and the United Kingdom, and your CPC will skyrocket.

4. AdSense For Search: Boost Your Earnings With A New Money Stream

AdSense provides a variety of techniques to monetize your site, and you should strive to use all of them. AdSense for Search is useful not just for monetization, but also for user navigation. I previously published a tutorial on how to set up AdSense for Search.

5. AdSense Section Targeting: Improve The Relevance Of Your Advertising

AdSense is a contextual ad network that displays advertisements depending on the content of your website, including the header and footer. As a result, AdSense adverts must be very relevant to your article's context. AdSense section targeting is an easy way to tailor your ad to the content by adding two lines of code before and after the content.

6. Make Good Use Of Image Or Text Ads

One of the AdSense fallacies is that picture advertisements perform better. By banning a certain ad type or category, you reduce the amount of competition for your ad, which lowers the CPM.

7. Insert Advertisements In Between Posts

You can simply arrange AdSense advertisements to fit your website background and colors, and add 468*60 image ads or text link ads in between articles to enhance AdSense earnings.

You may also include 7-10 images, bearing in mind that you want to provide your users with a positive user experience. Make sure there is adequate space between the adverts and the text to avoid violating AdSense restrictions.

8. Targeted Placement

This is a notion that many bloggers aren't putting into practice. When you establish a channel, you can add additional information about your ad kinds and then pick for placement targeting to put your ad up for auction in the market. As a result of the increased competition, the ad value on your site rises.

For each custom channel, you must manually activate it. Log in to your AdSense account > My advertising > Custom > Custom Channels to enable placement targeting on an existing custom channel. After that, click on one of the names to bring up a screen. Simply fill in the blanks and tick the box next to placement targeting.

9. URLs On The AdSense Blacklist

Many marketers spend pennies on the dollar every click. There used to be a site that displayed the AdSense ad “black list,” but if you have your own list or know of any site that performs poorly, you may block the advertiser's URL. I did it myself, and it increased my income by ten percent in only one week. You may also prevent adverts from appearing on your site from your competitors.

10. Blocking AdSense Categories Is Number Ten

The category banning tool has been made easier to use in the new AdSense interface. You can immediately discover which ad categories are underperforming and disable specific ad categories.

I normally block categories with a high proportion of impressions but a low percentage of profits. This may also be done via your “accept” and “block” ad settings page.

11. AdSense For YouTube (No. 11)

If you're a video publisher or post videos to YouTube, you may use the YouTube publisher program to monetize your copyrighted content. It's something I've been using for a long time and it's fantastic. The success of your YouTube videos is, of course, determined by the amount of traffic they get.

I trust you enjoyed this article on the Surefire Ways To Maximize Your AdSense Earnings. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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