Pros And Cons Of Stand Desks

Pros and Cons of Stand Desks

Pros and Cons of Stand Desks

Using a standing desk in the workplace is getting more popular day after day to tackle the negative effects of sitting for long hours. The standing desk is a new trend that has been sweeping the market by storm across the world.

In fact, in ancient times, i.e., during the 1400s and in the late 18th and 19th century, standing desks were popular furniture among rich folks and the privileged.

Standing desks are again getting popular because it is better to stand than sit for a long duration of time during work.


Why Standing Desks?

As elevated alternatives to regular desks, standing desks can change the workplace. They invited the users to stand instead of sit when working, and this complete transformation brings a whole package of pros and cons.

Standing desks have increased in popularity in recent years because of good reason. Numerous people have adopted this type of desk to enhance their overall health. However, some researchers said that ordinary people who work in the office spend about six hours each day sitting behind a desk. They believe that this lifestyle has significant drawbacks on people’s health. Some discovered evidence has been linked to health conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Although many people go to the gym after office to prevent the negative impacts of long hours working at a desk, it does not compensate for the whole drawbacks of sitting. Instead, it is better to stay active during the day or to take breaks frequently when working. We recommend you walk, climbing a set of stairs, or standing for extended hours to tackle the harmful effects of sitting for a long time.

A standing desk is a perfect option to keep you active during working hours. It keeps you stand on your feet as it is elevating your workstation.


Be Aware Of Drawbacks From Standing Desks When You Just Transferred

Anyway, there are some disadvantages to using a standing desk, too. If you convert your traditional desk into a standing desk, you may find it uncomfortable and exhausting, especially if you do not stand in the right posture. Your body will get used to standing longer while working on a standing desk, but if you have to work for long hours, there is no chance to stand comfortably for about 10 or 12 hours.

Try to make this transition easy by standing just for one or two hours a day or change your position into standing and sitting alternately. To prevent fatigue in your feet, use an anti-fatigue mat as it can provide you with enough cushion and support. Also, replace your regular work shoes with a more comfortable pair of shoes. Wearing supportive shoes will help you stand longer than you expect.

Based on your office setup, you will find yourself being exposed on a standing desk way more than a sitting desk. If your office is an open space, you will be even more visible than before, and if you have partitioned space, be aware that the low walls do not offer much privacy.

Here in this article, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of standing desks and make your decision whether this type of desk would work well in your office.


Pros And Cons Of Stand Desks



Pros Of Standing Desks

Although there are few challenges with adjustable height desks, they provide you with health benefits and more advantages. Have a look at some of the most significant advantages you will receive from having the option to stand or sit when working.


1) Improved Energy And Focus

Sitting all day working behind a computer or doing paperwork in your office will commonly make you feel exhausted and lacking energy. After all, by sitting and relaxing in a comfortable chair, you may not need to improve your energy levels.

On the other side, your energy levels will increase naturally when you work at a standing desk. Moreover, as you should stay upright while using a standing desk, you will not lose your concentration or fall asleep. Thus, your productivity will improve using a standing desk while staying active.

However, being concentrate while standing is somehow difficult. Although standing will maintain your energy levels high and help you engage with your work, it is hard to focus. Researches showed that performing high concentration demanding tasks will be better while seated. An adjustable height desk or a converter is a smart option to stay energetic while standing and to do more in-depth tasks with more concentrate when sitting.


2) Easier Engagement With Colleagues

Maybe a standing desk makes you more noticeable in the crowd, but this will be a good thing in a collaborative project or a social workplace. Your colleagues can communicate with you more easily because you are at eye level when they walk by.

Everyone often requires private space to concentrate, regardless of working in a shared office space, a large corporate headquarters, or a small office. An adjustable height desk can help you recover the privacy you need to finish your tasks on time in such a case.


Motivation To Move



3) Motivation To Move

It is not healthy to sit the whole day and to prevent the damaging impact of it. You have to take frequent breaks to allow your blood to flow freely. Replacing your traditional desk with a standing one is not the ultimate solution. Standing in place for long hours is not improving your health, just like sitting for multiple hours on a chair. A standing desk converter is a good solution and helps you to change your position when you need it.

Happily, many office workers switch their desks from standing to sitting, and vice versa acclaimed that it encourages them to move. Lunging, pacing, and stretching is possible while standing behind a desk.


4) Better Posture

Most standing desk users do not expect to obtain such a good posture when switching to standing desks. However, standing up straight helps you to strengthen your core. In addition, if you did not have an ergonomic or supportive office chair, you would see your posture improve even more.

Obviously, all users of standing desks cannot benefit from its advantages. As a case, if your desk height is not enough, it forces you to look down at your monitor or laptop, and it will worsen your posture. Therefore, be sure that your computer screen is placed at your eye level or a bit lower, and your desk height is suitable for your arms rest.

Less Chronic Pain



5) Less Chronic Pain

Although using an ergonomic chair prevents office workers from back pain and spinal cord problem, sitting for long hours is never healthy. Using an adjustable height desk help people to get relief from chronic neck, shoulder, or back pain.

Using these desks can be harmful sometimes for some people instead of alleviating chronic pains. If it leads you to have swollen feet or varicose veins, consider replacing your shoes with a suitable and supportive pair or using an anti-fatigue mat to provide you with enough cushion. Having an ergonomic office chair in hand is also significant to sit on when converting your standing desk into a sitting one.


6) Decreased Risk Of Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes

If you are susceptible to obesity or diabetes type 2, you may normally want to take any action towards protecting yourself. In this aim, an adjustable height desk can be beneficial. Studies showed that those people who spent more hours moving at work are less exposed to gaining weight, even if they take more calories. As a standing desk can motivate you to move more while working, like standing and pacing in-place or walking around more often, it can be an intelligent choice for your health.


7) Lower Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease And Cancer

It has been proven for decades that people who spent more hours sitting are extending the risk of being exposed to cardiovascular disease. Recent studies have also shown some connection between sitting for a long time and some types of cancer. As everyone may know, physical activities tend to cause more chronic diseases, such as breast and colon cancer.

Although pacing, walking, and other movements are better than just standing as antidotes to sitting, getting an adjustable standing desk can be the first step for many workers. So take a step forward and get an adjustable standing desk to lessen the risk of several diseases.

There is a wide range of advantages in using both standing and adjustable height desks that make them precious for professionals. By getting one of these desks, you will be tackling the side effects of sitting, enhancing your productivity and increasing your health.


Cons Of Standing Desks



Cons of Standing Desks:


1) Sore Feet

If you start using a standing desk, having sore feet and painful joints is absolutely normal. No worry, as your body will adopt the new change in your working style.

It is better to move a bit while using standing desks rather than constantly standing in your place. Moving slightly while working will help you have uniform blood circulation in your body.

The procedure of getting accustomed to standing desks takes different times in different people. However, when you adopted using a standing desk, you will not develop sores and aches anymore.


2) Having to wear comfortable shoes

It is, of course, a minor disadvantage of using standing desks. Attention to do not wear your high heels when using standing desks. It would help if you ever replaced your regular work shoes with a supportive pair. It is also fine to invest in an anti-fatigue mat or gel inserts. Barefoot also can be good while standing. You can try whatever is suitable for you.


3) Not the best choice for laptop users

Using a standing desk while working with a laptop needs special considerations. For example, you should attend to your elbow resting situation. It would be better in 90 angles. Also, you do not have to bend while working. Otherwise, it causes damage to your neck and shoulders.

To prevent these problems, using an adjustable height desk is intelligent. Using a widescreen to bring your laptop up to your eye level is beneficial, too. Therefore, the eye level of users will be parallel to the top of the screen, and they do not have to bend down when working.


4) Form is everything

The right alignment of your body’s posture and your workspace is crucial when working at a standing desk. If you do not stand correctly, it will damage your body instead of improving your health condition. Therefore, make sure to adjust your workspace ergonomically and take care of your posture.


5) Cost

A whole standing desk is notably expensive. Users also need to prepare their office for using a standing desk. There are various options of standing desk converters in the market that are mainly pricy. However, some less expensive items can be found after doing some search. A few DIY approaches on the internet can inspire and customize your desk by the items you already have in your home or office.



Now, after reading this article, you get some priceless and helpful knowledge about the good points and drawbacks of using s standing desk. It can assist you in making your decision on buying a standing desk or a standing desk converter. Using standing desks is getting more common in the office environment these days. There are many benefits to standing while working rather than sitting. We recommend you consider buying a standing desk to increase the probability of experiencing some chronic pain in your neck, shoulders, and back, or even being exposed to some diseases like diabetes type 2, some cancers, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

I trust you enjoyed this article on the pros and cons of stand desks. Please stay tuned for more articles to come. Take care!



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