Top 9 Stand Desks to Buy


Top 9 Stand Desks to Buy

Top 9 Stand Desks to Buy

A nice and elegant desk can always make your design and decorations look more professional. We need them everywhere. when we are working in the office, having breakfast, playing computer games, typing and chatting, we have to have a convenient desk. So, we have to be careful when buying one. have you ever decided to buy a desk?

What types of the desk did you want to buy? How was the price? what about the frame? Brand? etc. As you see, there are many questions involved when it comes to a comfortable desk. Here, in this article, we are going to talk about a very specific type of desk which is trendy these days. Actually, it is designed to solve some of the oldest problems people have while sitting behind their desks. Before exploring this type of desk, we need to know what are the main problems associated with normal desks. Let's get started.


Negative effects of sitting behind a desk


Negative Effects Of Sitting Behind A Desk

I'm sure that it has happened to all of us when we have to sit behind our desk in the office and work for hours without any break. We might type something or call several people or print some papers. So, it is very tiring to do all these things sitting down every day. Even worse, after the COVID-19 pandemic, people started to work remotely as well.

It basically means that even at home you have to spend some time behind your desk and work. However, everything comes with a cost, doesn’t it? As a result of sitting behind your desktop, you are going to have several minor and probably major conditions. Your back, eyes, legs, and general health of your body are in danger due to sitting behind the desk for a long time. Here are some of the most common minor and major conditions for people who sit behind a desk for several hours a day.


Sitting is against our nature


Sitting Is Against Our Nature

Humans, by their nature, are upright animals. What does it mean? It is basically saying that we haven’t got used to sitting in one place for several hours. different parts of our bodies including the heart and cardiovascular system don’t function normally unless we are standing up or walking. Not to mention that sating up with boost your energy levels and keep you more fresh.


Bum Muscles

I know you probably don’t care because you don’t have time for these things to think about while you are working behind your desk. However, you should know more clearly. Sitting for too much time behind your desk could be the primitive reason for weakening and wasting away of the large leg and gluteal muscles. If your muscles get damaged and injured, you are more likely to fall and damage other parts of your body as well.


Problems associated with hips and back


Problems Associated With Hips And Back

The same reasoning can be used here. When you sit a lot, you will put your hip joints and hip flexor muscles in danger. They cannot support you as they should. So, then, it is just a matter of one small accident and injury and then you might get injured permanently. What about your back? With sitting behind an uncomfortable desk, your spine health is damaged. Then, conditions such as compression in the discs are inventible. Don’t underestimate these circumstances as they can be extremely painful and interfere with your routine life.


Anxiety and depression


Anxiety And Depression

So, the problems associated with sitting behind the desk are not just limited to physical health. It also includes mental health. How? Actually, it is very easy to see this! Our ancestors used to be hunters! They used to spend their time in savannas in Africa chasing after wild animals. Without these physical activities, they must have left that something is missing. Well, although we have changed a lot and learned to get civilized, we cannot escape from our past. There was a time when we used to run for several hours a day! Now, the story is completely different! And, sitting causes depression and anxiety because we are getting distant from who we really are.


Cancer, Heart Disease, And Diabetes

believe it or not, sitting for a long time could be associated with very dangerous diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Let's start with the scariest one! studies have shown that sitting too much is associated with lung, uterine, and colon cancers. Of course, nobody knows why yet. Another cool study has shown that people spending 23 hours per week sitting in front of the TV are 64% more likely to die from cardiovascular disease. Heart attack and stroke are also related to sitting too much. Amazingly, it was shown by another research that people who are used to spending more time sitting are 112% more susceptible to diabetes.


Varicose Veins And Deep Vein Thrombosis

When we sit for a long time, the blood circulation gets irregular and we can observe blood pooling in the legs. These are varicose veins which are not very serious but in rare cases, it has become a blood clot which is a much more serious problem. These clots cause a condition called deep vein thrombosis. As a result, your vein might break and get cut off. In very serious cases, blood will flow to other organs in your body including the lungs. This can cause death due to pulmonary embolism. So, sitting too much is serious! It is not something you can make a joke about it!

Although many experts suggest that humans need to be more active and stay outside more often. They say humans must run and walk to keep their physical and mental health. However, it is not that simple. I mean although we know sitting too much is not healthy, but we keep doing it because we need the money at the end of the month. We have to work and accordingly, we need to sit behind the computer. So, is there a solution to this challenge? Yes, it is!


Stand Desks, An Innovation To Make Our Life Easier

So, as you can see, there are lots of problems associated with our lifestyle. Setting behind the desk in the office or at home is one of the most important challenges currently. Stand desks are the solution. When you use them, you will avoid all those problems created by normal desks. We can count at least nine different health benefits we are going to discuss here. Oh! I almost forgot. Wait! Before introducing the benefits of sand desks, we should know how many types of stand desks are out there. Perhaps, after that, we will have a better idea of it.


Different types of stand desks

Different Types Of Stand Desks

If you search very well, you will see that there are four main types of stand desks in the market. They include manual stand desks, electric stand desks, standing desk converters, and portable standing desks.


Manual Stand Desks

  • The main characteristic of manual stand desks is that you cannot raise high enough. So, if you are a tall person, you should not go for this one.
  • Also, these types of desks don’t have a high weight capacity. So, you should not put heavy stuff on them. Otherwise, they might fall from your desk. Or, your desk might get damages.
  • Another negative point is that there is not too much space for putting different things on your desk
  • If you are going to change the height, you need to know that it happens very slowly. So, you have to be patient before working with this desk.
  • Finally, the material and fabric used in the product might be a bit hard for the skin.


Stand Desks With Electric Motors

As it is clear from their name, electric stand desks come with motors responsible for lowering and raising the desktop. So, you have to be careful about the noise levels of the motors. So, if you are sensitive to noises, you should take them very seriously. Some of the electric stand desks have only one motor. Accordingly, they might be very noisy. And, you will have a hard time trying to lower and raise the height especially when you put something heavy on them. Professional electric stand desks should have one motor per leg and lower and raise the desk very smoothly.


Standing Desk Converters

Usually, a standing desk converter is placed on top of your existing desk. Then, you will be able to adjust the height according to your convenience. There are gas or spring-assisted struts implemented in standing desk converters attached to a lever. The user uses the lever and adjusts the desk. These types of desks are the best options for an office that has been already designed by a normal desk and you cannot occupy other spaces.


Portable Stand Desks

These are great for people who need to move quite a bit for their jobs. For example, teachers, lecturers, and CEOs can benefit from it because lecturing always happens to them. Or, imagine that you have to work at home but want to change room and work where there is no one. So, you can easily carry the desk with you and work with it easily. In my case, I change from my office to the sunroom, or I even move from Gazebo to another place outside. Depending on your needs, you can choose desks of different sizes. For example, if putting speakers on your desk is important for you, you have to think about it carefully.


Benefits Of Stand Desks

Now that we know about different types of stand desks, we can talk about their benefits too. We are living in the age that you cannot get home and make sure that your boss is not going to call and ask you to do something for him. You have to be ready at home too. That's why we need professional stand desks there too.


Improving your mental and physical health

Improving Your Mental And Physical Health

We said about all those negative impacts of sitting behind a desk and working for a long time. Withstand desk you are going to avoid those impacts and improve the quality of your life even while you are working at home.


Minimizing the risk of weight gain and obesity

Minimizing The Risk Of Weight Gain And Obesity

There is a principle that says the more active you are; the more calories you are going to burn. That's why we suggest that you have to buy a standing desk. Why? Because you will burn some extra fat while you are standing and working. You might not notice it at the beginning.

However, if you just keep doing it for maybe a year, then you will see what a big difference standing and working behind a standing desk can make to your life. Even more importantly, you can burn even more calories by doing some sort of gentle and quiet exercise such as walking on a treadmill. This is how you feel more productive and energetic.


Decreasing Your Blood Sugar Levels

Let me tell you another fascinating point about stand desks. When you eat something in your lunch break and then go to work, you feel heavy and your blood sugar level goes up as well. However, studies have shown that people who just have the possibility of switching between standing and sitting behind the desk have a 43% lower level of blood sugar and blood pressure.


Decreasing The Risk Of Heart Disease

A study in 1953 showed that truck drivers who sit for a long time are twice more likely to die because of heart disease. You will avoid that by standing at the workplace.


Improving circulation

Improving Circulation

if you stand behind your desk instead of sitting, you are going to experience a better blood flow. As a result, you are less likely to have blood clots in your veins. The chance of varicose veins, and swollen ankles are other negative impacts of sitting too much. All these bad things are going to be stopped by standing behind your desk.

The list can go on but we want to introduce the top nine stand desks to buy for you. However, reducing neck and back pain, improving mood, boosting energy, and raising productivity are some associated positive impacts of stand desk. Now, let me introduce the top 9 from


NATRKE Sit Stand Desk


NATRKE Sit Stand Desk Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter, Ergonomic Desktop Table Converter Stand Up Desk Riser PC Workstation Converter for PC Laptop for Home Office 65x47cm, Black

  • This product, as a desk convertor, is from the brand NATRKE and costs $69.99.
  • The surface is spacious and smooth.
  • You can put things on it not more than 10 kg.
  • A monitor and all other accessories can be placed on it.
  • Rising and lowering happen very stably without any noise.
  • There are no assembly, installation, or tools required.


IMLIB Standing Desk Converter


IMLIB Standing Desk Converter 32″/80cm Sit to Stand Up Desk Riser Height Adjustable Ergonomic Tabletop Workstation with Keyboard Tray for Dual Monitors, Black

  • The convertor comes from the company IMLIB and costs $99.99.
  • You can easily put two average-sized monitors on it.
  • Gas springs have been upgraded making height adjustment very smoothly.
  • Lifting and down are done with two clips on either side.
  • The ergonomic design makes sure your body movement is without any tension and stress.
  • It can handle as heavy as 15 and 2 kg on the desktop and keyboard tray.
  • It also comes preassembled. So, you don’t have to waste your time assembling it.


Nestling® Portable Laptop Desk


Nestling® Portable Laptop Desk Pc Sofa Stand Air Space Desk Laptop Stand Folding Table Laptop Table With Removable Mouse Tray & Anti-Slip Bar

  • The product is from the Nestling brand.
  • Thanks to the fact that the desk is foldable, you can put it in a small box.
  • It has been introduced as a nice gift for father/mother's day.
  • Thanks to its flexibility, you can use it even in your bed.
  • Eating and writing are both possible on it.
  • Several different angles are possible for each leg.
  • The airflow is improved by the desktop design which avoids overheating.
  • The desk is also very light because of the use of aluminum alloy in it.


BONTEC Mobile Standing Desk


BONTEC Mobile Standing Desk, Height Adjustable Laptop Stand up Desk with Wheels, Home Office Portable Rolling Laptop Cart Workstation for Standing or Sitting

  • it is from the company BONTEC and costs $76.49.
  • it can be used as a portable computer office desk as well as a speaker's podium. So, we can call it a multitasking desk.
  • There are two platforms implemented on the desk. One is the upper platform which is useful for laptops, books, notes, etc. The desk has a lower shelf as well appropriate for accessories such as gales, cuts, pens, etc. the upper and lower shelves can hold 20 and 10 kg weight, respectively.
  • The height is so adjustable that the desk can be used for both sitting and standing situations.
  • Also, you can title the upper platform up to 40 degrees.
  • There is a locking mechanism installed near the wheel. You can use it when you want the desk to be stationary.


Tatkraft Salute Mobile Laptop Stand Desk
Tatkraft Salute Portable Laptop Desk Cart with Height Adjustable Flat Top (23.6×15.7”), Wheels and Stoppers, Brown


Tatkraft Salute Portable Laptop Desk Cart with Height Adjustable Flat Top (23.6×15.7”), Wheels and Stoppers, Brown

  • The product is from Tatkraft and costs 89.99 dollars.
  • The design is great for reading and writing.
  • The height is adjustable. Also, you can match your armchair, sofa, gaming chair, etc. with it.
  • You can roll the desk as fast as possible thanks to four casters.
  • The board is very wide and you can use it for laptops, reading books, and painting.


BONTEC Mobile Workstation Compact Stand-up Computer Presentation Cart


BONTEC Mobile Workstation Compact Stand-up Computer Presentation Cart Ergonomic with 4 Rolling Castors Moveable & Height Adjustable

  • The product is from the brand BONTEC and costs 115.99 dollars.
  • You can use it for both sitting and standing.
  • It works perfectly well at home or in the office.
  • There are four universal wheels you can use to move around with the desk.
  • There are two platforms at the top. Each of them has a load capacity of 20 kg.
  • There is another smaller platform under those two platforms. It can tolerate nearly 10 kg.
  • The installation is very easy.


GRANDMA SHARK 80 × 40 cm Laptop Table


GRANDMA SHARK 80 × 40 cm Laptop Table for Sofa or Bed, Laptop Desk, Standing Height Adjustable Computer Desk, Portable Side Table, Bed Table, Sofa Table (Black)

  • This desk table is from the company GRANDMA SHARK.
  • The product costs 39.99 dollars.
  • It is one of the widest stand desks with four wheels associated with a high-quality brake.
  • Frames are important in stability and durability thanks to their heavy-duty and powered-coated metal structure.
  • Embedded grooves on the platform are appropriate for fixing mobile and tables.
  • The product comes with two years warranty.


sogesfurniture Adjustable Stand-Up Desk
sogesfurniture Height Adjustable Stand up Desk Computer Stand Desk Home Office Desk with Standing and Seating,Maple BHUS-101-MP


sogesfurniture Height Adjustable Stand up Desk Computer Stand Desk Home Office Desk with Standing and Seating,Maple BHUS-101-MP

  • The product is from the brand sogesfurniture which costs 69.99 dollars.
  • The panel is waterproof and anti-scratch.
  • The stability and durability are ensured thanks to the heavy-duty powder-coated metal.
  • There are two big platforms for putting a monitor, laptop, keyboard, and other accessories.
  • Interestingly, two people can work at the same time. Also, the lower platform can be titled. You can put books and other things on it.



As we said in this article, sitting behind a desk at home or in the office is one of the biggest challenges we have in our daily routine. We have to sit for hours and work. However, there are many negative impacts associated with sitting behind desks. Different parts of your body might be influenced.

They include the heart, eyes, neck, etc. So, one solution is to work behind standing desks. Standing desks are designed to free you from sitting for a long time. You can adjust their height and work while you are standing. In this article, we said all the advantages of standing desks and then introduce some of the best products in the market.

You can engage in working while you are standing or sitting at home or in the office. Are you interested in knowing more about standing desks? We will come with more content. Take care.

I trust you enjoyed this article on the Top 9 Stand Desks to Buy. Please stay tuned for more articles to come. Take care!



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