8 Tips For Choosing The Best Office Desk

8 Tips for Choosing the Best Stand Desk

8 Tips For Choosing The Best Stand Desk

The best stand desk enables you to work while standing and without affecting your work quality. Here in this article, we are attempting to inform you on how to pick the best stand desk.

An active workplace or an office environment has more active workers. Besides active office workers, it needs the right office accessories, which encourage physical movement and adjust sitting and standing postures. When the workers stay active, their productivity and the productivity of the organization will improve in general.

Today, many employers invest in standing desks and modern office equipment and accessories to enhance their employees’ productivity. These adjustments will both change the office environment, in general, and motivate healthy work practices.

However, regardless of the office design and view, having a comfortable workspace is a must. In fact, a comfortable workspace makes the work joyful and supports you to do your best in terms of performance and productivity.

This is not only the case in a company office but also your own home office. You want to be comfortable and keep your productivity at a peak.

The problem is that our bodies are not meant to sit for long hours. That's why a sedentary lifestyle will affect our brains and will lead to various health difficulties. Additionally, people who work for extended time sitting down will be exposed to chronic pain in their lower back, hips,  shoulders, neck, elbows, and other parts of their bodies. Finally, gaining weight is the most well-known negative side effect of a sedentary life.

On the other hand, in this modern world, there is a solution to this problem. The first thing to prevent all these pains is to design your workstation as you feel the most comfortable. A standing desk is a thing that helps you completely change your working style and also helps you to improve your health.


8 Tips For Choosing The Best Office Desk


How Have Standing Desks Revolutionized Office Spaces?

Today, office workers’ requirements and comfort are progressively becoming business priorities and their decision making because of the notable shift towards flexible workplace and functional practices that demonstrate the standard approaches to enhance output, increase cost-effectiveness, and encourage employee eagerness and productivity through better work-life balance. As a result, the need for flexible workplace equipment is getting more important. Nowadays, companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter move towards using standing desks and flexible space.

Although standing desks have their own benefits and drawbacks, they can actually change the office environment and atmosphere. But, of course, the standing desk is not new. Still, today, by improving technology and the concept of an ergonomic workplace, the office world is moving towards accepting flexible and ergonomic equipment.

The statistics show that office workers spend around 1,500 hours or over two hundred days every year in their office, but mainly in a sitting position. And, several pieces of research have proven the hazardous impact of sitting for extended periods of time.

Recently, as the use of standing desks is getting more popular, the ill-effect of a sedentary lifestyle on the health condition of office workers is diminishing. By adapting to the standing desks, back pain will decrease, energy will boost, more calories will be burnt, and the risk of cardiovascular diseases and some cancers will be reduced. In addition, office workers can be 10 percentages more creative if standing while working, some investigative studies showed.

Businesses will no longer see the standing desks as unusual equipment and become used to it in a fast increasing trend. Other researches show psychological help of standing desks, too. These researches and the users’ good experience triggered a welcome wave to the standing desks from office workers and businesses. They are investing in standing desks to make the workspace more flexible and motivating.

One of the most helpful features of a standing desk is the height-adjustable, motorized desk, which gives you a wide range of adaptableness to alternate between standing and sitting postures. Standing desks are available with motorized touch controls to raise or lower the work surface as you wish. The keyboard tray also can be adjusted. Some standing desks offer a broader base to establish a treadmill beneath the desk and allowing users to work out a bit while working.

Technology, space allocation, mobility, and the consciousness of suitable workstations are all modifying office background and affecting working patterns. The tendency to use stand-up desks has increased for some time now. Demanding flexible and adaptable work equipment has been thought necessary for a modern ergonomic workstation.

As sitting and standing matters are grabbing more attention, it is beneficial for business owners to rethink their office design and the health and wellness of their employees. They need a logical and cooperative approach that brings more balance and productivity in the workplace.


Tips You Should Consider When Buying The Best Standing Desk For Your Office Space


1) Adjustment Speed

As many workers are firm with their time management, adjustment speed is considered a significant feature. For example, changing your desk’s position from standing to sitting and vice versa will take time, and faster altering the workstation will help users save more time for their tasks.


2) Space Requirements And Measurements

A standing desk is larger than a sitting desk, both in terms of height and width, and thus demands more of your space. To prevent you from any possible difficulties, it is better to take care of the amount of desk surface you need for your work and also the amount of space you have in your office.

If you want to stand on an anti-fatigue mat or wear a pair of supportive shoes, you should make sure to count it while measuring the height of your desk. Measuring the dimensions of your stand-up desk will aid you in obtaining the size and height that matches your need and prevent ending up any painful joints and muscle discomforts.


3) Noise Implications

Adjustable height desks are usually set up with motors. That is why they usually create some clatter while moving. There are some models in the market that producing much noise, while some producing less noise. The good point is few models produce excessive noise. Therefore, be sure to care about noise implications when picking a standing desk.


4) Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is a crucial factor that controls the weight of the gadgets and pieces you will place on your desk. If the weight capacity is not adequate to tolerate your stuff, you have to put fewer items on your desk, which means less surface for your office essentials. However, no need to worry, as the most numbers of standing desks available in the market can withstand heavy items and are capable of housing your essential desktop stuff.


The Adjustment Mechanism


5) The Adjustment Mechanism

The standing desks, available in the market, are constructed with three mechanisms: pneumatic, crank, and electric. Naturally, electric and pneumatic are the most popular ones. However, to accomplish the best height according to your need, in a stand-up desk with crank adjustment, you have to crank it more than a few times, and it is a weak point compare with two other adjustment mechanism options.


The Adjustment Mechanism Of A Stand Desk


6) The Warranty

Buying a standing desk is one of the best investments for your health and productivity in your work. It is a valuable asset to improve your posture that you will appreciate for the next several years. However, a quality desk may be expensive, and that is why a warranty is something important. A good guarantee will issue for a quality product. It will guarantee to compensate for some damage to your standing desk.


7) Cost

There are various stand-up desks in the market with different prices, and some are more expensive than others. When deciding on buying a standing desk, make sure to do not rush on the economic model. Although it can help you save some money, it may not provide you with your need.

Instead, always invest in the best standing desk according to both your need and your well-being. To know how to decide on a desk that fits you best, think of the level you want to work in and the length of the time you want to work in a stand-up position.


8) Functionality

It would be best to be sure about your desk functionality, such as tool rails, lighting, or screens. If it provides all of these, then you can give some thought to buying it. It is crucial that how your desk will accomplish those functions that are designed for them.


More tips

Determine The Height Range You Need

How high does the desk surface elevate? How low does the work surface descend?

Fortunately, the standing desks come with height adjustable facilities to allow their users to change the desk height according to their needs. For tall people, the range of the work surface turns to be a more crucial factor.

Some models have dropped keyboard trays lower than the screen level. It means, to obtain an ergonomic level, you do not have to elevate your screen very high. Instead, it is placed on the back of the work surface, which is higher than the keyboard tray. When you raise your screen less, it will be more stable in its place.


For Better Typing Ergonomics Choose AOne With A Keyboard Tray


For Better Typing Ergonomics, Consider Models With Inclining Keyboard Trays

Does your keyboard tray incline to a negative angle for a more neutral typing posture?

Only some adjustable height desks have this feature so far. As a result, when typing in a declined position, your wrists and arms will be exposed to less strain, especially while standing. In addition, it provides you with a neutral ergonomic posture.


Look Into Screen Adjustability (Especially For Post-And-Base Converters)

Does your screen rotate, pan, tilt, or change focal depth? Does it have an independent height adjustment mechanism?

The ergonomic adjustable height desks enable the screens to rotate, pan, tilt or change focal depth. Such adjustability enables you to hold your screen at the right distance and angle from your eyes. Your monitor needs to be about an arm’s length away and around 10 degrees tilted back.

This is because you need your screen to be at the same distance from your eyes regardless of what section you are looking at. For example, suppose a triangle between your eye and a vertical section of the screen.

Your eye has a long distance from the bottom of the screen; by inclining the screen, the distance between your eye and the bottom point will be uniform. Thus, it prevents your eyes from more strain during the day while working.


Evaluate How Easy It Is To Assemble


Evaluate How Easy It Is To Set Up And Install

Is It Simple To Assemble?

Those models that are easier to assemble and install are generally better. Setting this converter on your desk requires some tools, and some of them even require more than one person for installation. The very complicated procedure may cause an exhausting customer experience. In addition, the weight of the unit is a crucial concern. To lift a heavy converter on your desk, you need someone to assist you.


Evaluate The Quality Of Its Parts

How is the strength and durability of its parts? What about its structure and design?

This is a basic, while crucial question to ask when you want to buy one. Plastic parts are cheaper and also weaker. However, the metal counterparts are way more durable than the plastic ones. Avoid purchasing adjustable desk converters with short warranties.



We hope that now by reading this article, you will give adequate information about the innovative standing desks for your workplace. If you are an employer and you want your workers to spend more time working in your office while staying productive, then you should invest in purchasing stand-up desks or adjustable height desk converters instead of forcing your employees to work with those traditional desks.

It has been proved that using standing desks will play an important role in changing your office circumstances and productivity. It can also tackle some difficulties in health conditions, such as chronic pain in the back and neck. Use these tips when it is time to make your decision and buying a standing desk. You deserve the best facilities to work well and stay comfy.

I trust you enjoyed this article on 8 tips for choosing the best stand desk. Please stay tuned for more articles to come. Take care!


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