Mount-It Standing Desk Review

Mount-It Standing Desk Review


Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter Review

Mount-It Standing Desk Review

We need to feel comfortable at home, right? After long hours of work in the office, we need to relax a bit and live! However, this is far from reality. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to sit behind our desks longer. And, it is not just related to our office work.

Many things need to be done at home. So, we need to minimize all the problems associated with sitting behind the desk. Actually, you should take this seriously because problems related to sitting behind the desk could be serious. We will talk about them later.

There is a solution for all these problems. It is the standing desk! Yes! It is designed to remove all current problems with sitting too much. It is basically a type of desk that lets you work just like always, but you can stand and avoid sitting too much. Many of the standing desks' features are adjustable so you could experience the best ergonomic position possible. The good news is that standing desks have got many variations.

Many different brands are producing more comfortable and practical desks. So, if you like to buy one of these standing desks, I suggest you keep reading. In this article, we will introduce one of the most popular standing desks in the market. It is called Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter.

Also, we will explain some of the positive and critical reviews from Amazon so that you could see some of the pros and cons associated with this product. However, first, don’t you want to know how many desks we have in the market? First, we will see how diverse desks are out there in the market.


Different Types Of Desks To Suit Different Needs

Different Types Of Desks To Suit Different Needs

Sometimes, it is not a matter of a good or bad desk. In fact, it is a matter of whether they suit your needs. For example, a secretary needs to type a lot during the day, and as a result, the keyboard tray position on the desk becomes important.

Or, as a CEO or manager of a big company, aesthetic features are much more important than practical ones. Or, sometimes, you want to do several tasks at the same desk. So, you will need a multipurpose desk. Let's see how many types of desks do we have and what they are good for.


Writing Desks

This is one of the most common types of desks. Everyone must have one in their house. As it is clear from its name, we use this desk for writing. Writing desks usually have a big flat surface to make the experience of writing more appealing. Also, the size of writing desks is usually 36-inch wide and 24-inch deep.

They come in great diversity ranging from wooden to modern engineered wood and many more. Writing desks are not designed for storing things. However, they might have some small shelves or drawers under the main writing surface. It is perfect for students, authors, and people who just need to write in a relaxing environment. Their legs are usually thin because you usually don’t put too much stuff on them, probably many books and pens and pencils.


Secretary Desks

This type of desk is great for people who need to do paperwork and have some spaces to store things. Also, a secretary desk is great for people who need to work at home. Like the previous type of desk, secretary desks are completely flat on top and have a small built-in hutch that rises out of the back of the desk.

Secretary desks usually have a vintage look. However, there are many recent variations for contemporary spaces. Secretary desks are not usually used for computers or other equipment. However, new secretary desks might come with a keyboard tray and cable management system.


Computer Desk

This is another widespread type of desk in the market. Computer desks were traditionally designed for a big monitor, a computer tower, and probably a printer. There are other cubbies or shelves for other electronics such as a mouse, keyboard, etc.

Since many people use laptops these days, computer desks give enough space to study and do computer work simultaneously. Their practicality is more important than beauty. However, recently, many designs are being produced for different tastes.


Executive Desks

Executive desks are similar to writing desks in terms of having a flat surface on top. People usually use this type of desk for meetings. So, the sleek surface on top makes it possible for you to have the highest visibility. More drawers are incorporated into the design of executive desks for storage purposes.

Sometimes, their shelves and drawers have a lock on them for sensitive paperwork. The size of executive desks is 72-inch long and 36-inch deep. Executive desks are less applicable at home and more practical in offices. Professional businessmen/women are always suggested to have one in their office and probably one in their library.


Credenza Desks

They are smaller than executive desks. And, they are similar to the secretary desks. However, credenza desks are more fashionable than secretary desks. Also, do you remember that we said the functionality of writing desks is much more important than storage capabilities?

Here, everything is reversed. Credenza desks must be able to store things more than other types of desks. Sometimes, they are placed behind or next to an executive chair, and that's why they don’t have an opening for a chair.


Floating Desks

Floating desks are made for the most minimalistic design possible. They are attached to the wall without any legs. Also, there are no side supports. Interestingly, you can fold them very easily if you need space for other things too. So, this type of desk is convenient for small houses that suffer from a lack of space.

They come in different colours and materials, fitting into any design you have. As you might guess, floating desks are not suitable for putting heavy stuff such as monitors or printers on them. However, they are somehow multitasking desks as you can use them for writing, putting some decorative objects, and even having breakfast or lunch. That's why sometimes you can see them in fast-food restaurants too.

What about other types of desks? Have we missed anything? Just let us know if you think you can add to this list. Now, there is another important type of desk we didn’t mention yet. This is an eco-friendly desk. It basically means a type of desk that doesn’t harm the environment.

Back then, we used to cut trees to make furniture, including desks. The woodier they were, the more luxurious you were. However, we now know that with every tree we are cutting down, we are damaging nature. Also, we are destroying the home of thousands of animals, birds and insects that have the right to live just like us.

Thanks to new technologies, we now have eco-friendly desks. What are they? First of all, the wood incorporated in their structure is not coming from cutting trees in nature. Instead, Engineers use other materials very similar to wood to give the impression of a wooden desk.

Also, many of these desks have bamboo-derived materials in their structure. So, no trees needed to be cut. Bamboo trees are harvested on a large scale. Bamboo trees grow very fast, and the quality of their wood is great.


Why Do We Need Standing Desks?

Why Do We Need Standing Desks?

Standing desks are why we are here. As we said, we need them urgently for our lifestyle. We are used to working for such a long time and need to be relaxed behind our desks. Standing desks let us be more flexible because we can do our tasks sitting down or standing up.

So, you might still be a bit skeptical about it. However, you should know that many minor and major conditions are associated with getting stuck behind your desk and not moving. Here are some reasons for you to make sure you have to have a standing desk.


More Calories Burned


More Calories Burned

This is one of the most obvious reasons we need to have a standing desk at home and office. Of course, no one can get rid of working for so long behind the desk. However, there are many ways to make it healthier. In particular, when you use a standing desk, you are freer to walk and be active more while you are working. Accordingly, we are going to minimize the chance of gaining weight and becoming obese.


The More Dopamine, The Happier

The More Dopamine, The Happier

This is very interesting. Sometimes, when you feel bored or exhausted, you can get back to get energetic with straightforward tasks. For example, an effortless action of switching between sitting and standing can make a great difference. This is because as soon as you change your position, dopamine will be released into your body. This hormone is responsible for giving you instant pleasure. So, why not using a standing desk and be more energetic while we are working?


Decreasing The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes And Other Metabolic Problems

Decreasing The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes And Other Metabolic Problems

Regulating levels of glucose in your blood are significant for avoiding getting type 2 diabetes. And, interestingly, several studies have shown that when you sit somewhere for a long time, your body is more likely not to be able to balance the glucose levels.

In fact, when you sit for a long time, your cells' responsiveness to insulin will be faded away. That's to say. Insulin will not be able to enhance the absorption of glucose from the blood. So, you don’t want to take the risk of type 2 diabetes by sitting all day. With a standing desk, you will not let that happen.


Minimizing The Risk Of Heart Disease

Minimizing The Risk Of Heart Disease

One study has shown that bus drivers who drive for a long time have a higher risk of heart disease. A more recent study has illustrated that people who sit at least two more hours than normal have a 125% increased risk of health problems related to cardiovascular disease. Also, the possibility of heart failure is twice in people who sit for more than five hours in the office.


Decreasing The Chance Of Getting Cancer

Even with the huge advancement in medical treatments, cancer is one of the scariest diseases in the world. Believe it or not, getting cancer is associated with long periods of sitting. For example, a study showed that more than 110 thousand cases of breast and prostate cancers are affiliated with long periods of sitting during the day. Additionally, other types of cancer, including lung, endometrial, and ovarian cancers, are related to long sitting.


Different Types Of Standing Desks

As you saw, there are many benefits associated with standing desks. Here, we are going to see how many types of standing desks we have. Then, we will review some of the best products in the market.


Static Standing-Desk

You cannot change the height of this type of standing desk. The height is fixed.


Adjustable – Mechanical

You can adjust the height as you wish when you adjust it once you don’t need to do it again. However, if you want to change the height again, it will not be easy to reposition. It requires a lot of effort.


Adjustable – Electric

Have you ever enjoyed cranking your car window open with just a button? It is enjoyable, isn't it? The same is true with electric standing desks. You don’t need to waste your time adjusting the height physically. However, they cost more.


Adjustable – Converter

This is one of the best types of standing desks. First of all, you can easily put it on your existing desk if you are not in the mood to move your furniture. In fact, it acts as a standing workstation for you. It is perfect when you don’t want to change the decoration in your office or at home. Also, the implementation happens very quickly and easily.


Standing Desk Converters

Standing desk converters are the best standing desks so far. Here, I am going to introduce Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter. It is one of the best in the market. Let's get started.

Mount-It Sit Stand Workstation Standing Desk Converter

Mount-It! Sit-Stand Workstation Standing Desk Converter with Dual Monitor Mount Combo, Ergonomic Height Adjustable Tabletop Desk, Black

  • The product is from the company Mount-it.
  • The price is $194.49, and shipping is free.
  • It comes in black colour and rectangle shape.
  • The desk is good for working in both sitting and standing situations.
  • Thanks to its wide base, it is swift and still without any need for drilling or installation.
  • There is an adjustable monitor arm installed in the product. This makes the desk even more comfortable for people with a wide range of heights.
  • The main surface is big enough for putting two monitors, notes, documents, etc., on it. The second surface is appropriate for even large keyboards and a mouse.
  • Even if you have a professional desk like this product, your hands will suffer due to typing for several hours. However, the product has an exceptional gel wrist pad that avoids carpel tunnel syndrome by providing a nice and comfortable place for you to put your hands on and let them rest for several seconds.
  • The desk's height is adjusted by gas spring arms which let you lower and increase as you wish.
  • It has a system called integrated cable management for providing you with clips to hide electrical cords.


Pros Of The Mount-It


Pros Of The Mount-It

Here is a shortlist of all advantages associated with the product.

  • One of the product's best features is that you can turn the monitors up to 45 degrees. This is especially important when you are working with another person and need to tilt the screen to see the screen.
  • In addition to 45 degrees' availability to turn the monitors to the right and left, you can put the monitors in either portrait or landscape without any problem.
  • As we said, the monitor and the entire desk's height are greatly malleable. So, it matches all your needs even though you are the tallest or shortest person.
  • Features like gas spring lever, cable management, adjustable tension, and detachable VESA plate are other positive aspects.


Mount-It Review


Mount-It Review

On, many people who have bought the product commented about its different features. I am going to categorize them and review some of the main topics they have talked about.


A Perfect Product!


A Perfect Product!

  • One of the Amazon users is completely in agreement with the product.
  • They like that the desk is good for their height because they are very tall.
  • According to this user, the assemblage is very easy. The instructions in the manual are clear. In fact, there are two positions for the lower level.
  • Thanks to its strength, they have put their two 27 inch monitors on the main surface.


Happy with a double monitor workstation!

  • Just like the previous Amazon user, this one says the product is straightforward to get assembled.
  • She reports no wobbling at all.
  • She has easily put her two 22 inch monitors. Interestingly, she said there was still room for putting another monitor on the desk.
  • She is happy with the accessories such as cord manager a lot.
  • She believes that the product is a bit heavy. However, it is needed to secure stability.


Taking too much time to assemble

  • This buyer is a bit worried about the time spent assembling the desk.
  • They have got a bit confusing because of not reading the instruction carefully.


A good choice, compared with more expensive products

  • Just like the previous buyer, here, they complain about hardship in assembling the desk.
  • They also believe that the product is a bit heavy.
  • They are thrilled with easily raising and lowering the desk. They also state that the monitor arms have saved lots of space on the main surface for putting accessories and necessary things.
  • They think that adjusting the monitors is difficult (for both side to side and forward/back tilt.
  • Fitting on tiny tables is another positive aspect of this buyer's comments.


Cons Of Mount-it

There are not too many negative points mentioned about the product. However, most buyers are not happy with the customer service. One person mentioned that they had contacted the company for the missing bolts, but no answer, unfortunately. Or, as we said earlier, a few customers complained about the weight even though they were ok with other features.


Mount-It Alternatives

There are many brands you can find on that are producing similar products. So, you can consider them as alternatives to the Mount-it standing desk. Here is a shortlist of four popular products from other companies that are very similar to the product discussed here.


Rocelco Standing Desk Converter

Rocelco 46″ Large Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter, Quick Sit Standup Triple Monitor Riser, Gas Spring Assist Computer Workstation, Retractable Keyboard Tray, (R DADRB-46), Black



Standing Desk Stand Up Desks Height Adjustable Sit Stand Converter Laptop Stands Large Wide Rising Black Dual Monitor PC Desktop Computer Riser Table Workstation Foldable Extender Ergonomic 37 inch

Standing Desk Stand Up Desks Height Adjustable Sit Stand Converter Laptop Stands Large Wide Rising Black Dual Monitor PC Desktop Computer Riser Table Workstation Foldable Extender Ergonomic 37 inch.


VivO Standing Desk Converter

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to Stand Gas Spring Riser Converter | 36″ Tabletop Workstation fits Dual Monitor (DESK-V000B)


Mount-It! Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter | 48”

Mount-It! Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter | 48” Wide Tabletop Sit Stand Desk Riser with Gas Spring | Stand Up Computer Workstation Fits Dual Monitors | Black | MI-7925



In this review, we explained all the benefits of standing desks and then introduced standing desk converters. If you work behind the desk for several hours a day and are worried about your health, you should consider getting a standing desk converter. Standing desk converters also come in several types: Z-lift, X-lift, electric, extension arm, post & base, and risers.

In this article, I reviewed one of the most famous products in the market. It is called Mount-It! Sit-Stand Workstation Standing Desk Converter with Dual Monitor Mount Combo, Ergonomic Height Adjustable Tabletop Desk, Black.

There are many advantages associated with the product. So, I suggest that you buy it. I explained all its features and reviewed some of the pros of the product. Also, I took a look at what people are saying about the product after buying it.

I hope you find this article interesting and helpful. Standing desk converters are only one of the categories of a standing desk. Do you want to know other types? Don’t worry, and follow our other review articles.

I trust you enjoyed this article on the Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter Review. Please stay tuned for more articles to come. Take care!


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