ActiveCampaign Review

ActiveCampaign Review


ActiveCampaign Review

ActiveCampaign Review

One of the most popular tools among email marketers is ‘ActiveCampaign’ that you may or may not have heard of its name, but it is quite popular. In the current article, I will review and explore this tool and will tell you how good it is for marketing.

For this review, I will explore different features of this tool and also, advantages and disadvantages it is offering for the marketers. I believe that this article will be a great help in making a decision about the usefulness of this tool.


An Introduction To Active Campaign

An Introduction To ActiveCampaign: What Is It?

If you want to start a business or startup, you will be required to know about marketing tools or at least hire a team of experts to carry out marketing activities. For a start-up, however, using marketing tools is the best options to decrease the costs.

One of the marketing tools, which is mostly recommended by other marketers, is ‘ActiveCampaign’, which is based on email marketing and is also an automation tool.

Note that automation tools are among the most popular tools for marketers since they are always looking for ways to simplify the work instead of being caught up with things that will slow them down. Using these kinds of tools will be a great help in increasing profitability.

Also, the real objective of using this tool is to help the marketer grow their start-up business. Designers of this tool promise business owners that they can use this tool to create the best experience for the customers. But, does this tool really help?

For this reason, I will review the ‘ActiveCampaign’ features to see if what the designers are saying is true or not.


What are the features of ActiveCampaign that make it worthwhile?

What Are The Features Of ActiveCampaign That Make It Worthwhile?

It is important to note that the main feature of this marketing tool is email marketing, and you can use it easily for promoting your products and services by email. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

However, ‘ActiveCampaign’ didn’t stop there and added other features that will create a pretty and magnificent experience for both users (marketers) and customers.

For understanding what the ActiveCampaign offers to the users, I am going to review the ActiveCampaign feature into a couple of sections so you can have a great understanding of what these features are about.


E-mail Marketing, The Oldest Yet Most Effective Marketing Tool

By now, you all know about the power of email marketing and how it can help to find potential customers by sending customized emails at the best time possible. No one can deny this, and even pioneers of this important tool have found their first customers by using this powerful tool.

You must also remember that although it may seem easy, it is not at all, and you will need time and skill to perfect your email marketing skills. In order to use this tool for email marketing, you must have full control over variables and factors that can affect the process of marketing.

There are different types of tools and programs on the internet that you can use for marketing purposes, one of which is ActiveCampaign that may be a great help in initiating your first email campaign and finding your first customer via e-mail.

After reviews on different email marketing software, I came to believe that ActiveCampaign is one of the best you can find by so far.

What Should You Know About E-Mail Campaigns Using ActiveCampaign?

It is important to mention that ActiveCampaign is not equipped with a survey builder, meaning that you won’t be able to use survey-based campaigns. The second thing you should know about this platform is that it is not also equipped with transactional emails. So, better start using this platform by considering the above deficiencies.

Despite these two deficiencies, will you still be able to enjoy this platform? Yes, let’s see what e-mail marketing on this platform is about.

  • Initiating the e-mail campaign is a piece of cake

It is interesting to know that the user has given a good score of 4.2 after using this platform. The user rated this platform update on the factors such as generating contacts, adding campaigns, and e-mail personalization.

Based on what day users have told us,

(1) Creation of an email and adding to the contacts is an easy process, and there is nothing challenging about it.

(2) Just like other platforms and programs, you will be required to work with this platform to fully understand how to use it for your business and startups.

(3) Other features of this platform are needed to be learned in order to work them with ease.

I believe that if you want to work with anything, learning will take time, and not everything will be given to you on a plate. So, take your time and take baby steps.

  • A well-designed and user-friendly ActiveCampaign’s dashboard

 A well-designed and user-friendly ActiveCampaign’s dashboard

If you are struggling to find your way around the platform, this platform is equipped with helpful tools that will be a great help in completing the tasks you require to use ActiveCampaign for your email marketing. Therefore, the beginners will have enough guidance two get through the hard stuff.

As you can see in the above image, which is related to the ActiveCampaign dashboard, everything is clear to the users from all contacts, interactive rate, top contact, and many other things that the marketer will require.

It seems that the users are also enjoying the other features such as email builder, and they believe that designing and creating marketing emails is one of the most enjoyable and easiest things you can experience with ActiveCampaign. All you need to do is to sign up to this platform, and you will see how easy it is to navigate through the platform and its tools.

I don’t say this, but users believe that when you master this platform, you will be a more advanced advertiser than any other on the internet. I didn’t use this platform myself, and all this information is based on users’ experience collected from company review websites. I hope that you enjoy using this platform.

  • The money you are spending will be worth your time.

After reviewing ActiveCampaign, I came to believe that this platform is one of the cheapest platforms you can find for your Email Marketing. For this reason, I took my time to look at the platform website and saw the following subscription price per month:

The money you are spending will be worth your time

By looking at the above image, you will see that their subscription values or varying from $9 to $229 that you will be required to pay each month.

ActiveCampaign is one of the cheapest email marketing platforms I have tested, with prices starting at just $9 per month (paid annually). ActiveCampaign has four price plans, ranging from $9 to $229 per month when paid annually. It is interesting to note that these numbers are designed only for 500 contacts, and if you want to have more contacts on your dashboard, the numbers will change. For example, if you choose to have 10,000 contacts, the numbers will range from $125 to $399. So, choose the number of contacts wisely or based on what you have and you can achieve.

Some people may ask that ‘I am just going to pay, and everything good to go?’ No, of course not. I am not finished yet with the features that these plans offer for the users. The first plan, ‘Lite’ may seem cheap and pretty amateur (and I get that). But that is not it, and you will receive lots of features, based on the type of business you have chosen (B2C, B2B, and E-commerce), some of which you can see in the following image:

ActiveCampaign Basic Plan 'Lite'

In the basic plan ‘Lite,’ you will have to pay $9 per month, and you will be able to add 500 contacts which again can be increased by paying more than $9 and changing the sliding scale located on the left side of the plans. As you can see in the above match, even the cheapest plan ‘Lite’ has pretty good features, some of which are given as follows:

  1. Unlimited Email Sending
  2. Facebook Custom Audiences
  3. SMS Marketing
  4. Conditional Content
  5. 125+ Email Templates and so many more

Again, the above features will change based on the type of business you will choose. Hence, choose the plans and type of business carefully by considering all the features and factors.

It must be noted that if the features that you are looking for or included in other plans, you will be required to buy other plans in order to access them. A good thing about this plan is that you will be given a grace period of 14 days in order to test this platform and then choose your page plan.

For the above reasons, ActiveCampaign one is given a rating of 4.6 in terms of paid plans, and this makes this platform one of the most cost-effective email marketing platforms you can find on the internet. Good Luck.

What is the best plan for my business?

If you are looking for more affordable plans, I believe that the ‘Lite’ plan, which is worth $9 per month, will be a great start with the ability to add 500 contacts to your dashboard. Take your time and search through the website. See which one will be a great choice for your business, and don’t rush anything.


Automation & CRM Software

ActiveCampaign didn’t finish its platform web just email marketing and added two more features that are as follows: marketing automation & CRM software. Basically, with two features, you will be able to create an email that will be more engaging, utilize social media as the most applicable platform for marketing purposes, and collect information about potential customers and users with ease.

This platform has gathered around a package of programs that can be a great help to business owners and marketers. Based on what I have learned, these tools can help you acquire new contacts so easily, make marketing and CRM activities more efficient, and also, all post-sale processes.


Features And Advantages At One Glance

In the following table, I have provided all the features that make this platform perfect for marketers and business owners. I hope that these will help you to choose the best for your business and startup:


You won’t be tired of using ActiveCampaign due to having a user-friendly design. As you saw in the above images, ActiveCampaign has provided the users with a user-friendly dashboard that every user will go through the dashboard and find everything they want with ease. If you are a new user, ActiveCampaign has also provided is ‘Getting Started’ section meaning that they will give you a tutorial about everything you have on the dashboard. Well, you better experience it yourself to see what it is about.
Personalized Content Using this feature, you will be able to show personalized content to the customers based on their interests and their search history. By doing so, the customers will be shown things that they may need in the future.
You will be able to manage your list and contacts The most important part of having a marketing tool all is being able to manage the contact and list that you will be required for your business. Due to the platform featuring an automation function, you will have more control over the people in your list and contacts much easier.
Support is great When you start working with a program, it is obvious that you won’t have enough knowledge at first and that is totally okay. The first thing you will do is to contact the support and ask for help, for their knowledge to get through obstacles that you may encounter working with their platform.

The good news is ActiveCampaign has one of the friendliest support you can find across the internet. Their knowledge about this platform will be enough to get you through your problem. Contacting them is also is easy and you can talk with them via online chat that is located on the website.

Support Is not Enough? I have better news, this platform is included with ‘one-on-one training’ which you will be able to access it ‘Plus’ plan. You will also have access to tutorials if you have difficulty working with this platform

Strong deliverability If businesses are using email marketing in order to promote their products and services, they want to make sure that their email will reach the recipient inbox and he or she will read this completely without sending the email into the spam box, which will be a real shame considering that businesses are really working and depending on their email for increasing the number of customers and potential sales.

This factor which is titled ‘deliverability’, is one of the most crucial factors for every business. The good news is that this platform is working perfectly with different email addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook. Therefore, I believe that you won’t have any trouble sending your personalized email to desired customers as the ActiveCampaign has gained a score of 4.5 in terms of deliverability.

+20 Languages Language is among the most important factor that will attract more users and you know why! Not everyone is capable of talking in English and therefore, this platform and your dashboard are equipped with more than 20 languages and you can easily change to your own language. It is important to mention that languages such as Russian, Italian and French are supported by this platform.

For more information, you can look at the following link.

Who Is Recommended To Use ActiveCampaign?

I believe that the following individuals are mostly recommended to use ActiveCampaign:

  1. 1. If you are serious about making a big change by using the automation tool

Based on their user’s review and the above article, I came to believe that only those who are serious about using an automation tool to increase their efficiency will be more eligible to use this platform.

  1. 2. If you are looking for my channel marketing tools

It is important to mention that ActiveCampaign is not just about email marketing and as seen in the above images, you will have access to different features provided by each plan. For example, you will be able to send SMS and personalized content to the visitors of your website, manage your advertisement on social media and how they are displayed to the visitors, and many other features. I believe that you can create a good experience for yourself and the customers using this all-in-one marketing tool.


Who Is Not Recommended To Use ActiveCampaign?

  1. 1. If you are looking for a simple and beginner-friendly tool to work with

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you want to start from the bottom and don’t complicate your mind with too advanced stuff. If you have a start-up, there is a chance that you haven’t found your team of marketers in order to start your e-commerce properly and you have to do everything yourself. Therefore, sticking with simpler platforms will be a much better choice.

However, ActiveCampaign is an advanced platform and it will take time and effort to learn it completely. Therefore, start easy and advance as time passes.

  1. 2. You are not really looking for advanced automation

You believe that basic email sequences will be enough for you and you are seeking simple automation, a platform that will be a help to your budget and not something that not only will be the enemy of your budget but also take time to learn and work with. Hence, in this case, MailerLite will be the most reasonable option. Choose wisely or else you will be forced to pay for something that you won’t need and you are just looking to give yourself a headache.



Based on my review of ActiveCampaign, you can really tell that it a legit and powerful tool for marketing purposes especially for startups that are looking for something to not only help them with marketing but also will be effective. Using this platform, you will be able to access the following features: email marketing, website personalization, campaign and automation, etc. For more features and prices, you can click on the following link.

You after reviewing ActiveCampaign, I can conclude that it’s a very friendly and helpful platform you can use for advertising and promoting your products and services. Among the most helpful advantages of using week, I can name the following advantages:

  • Highly intelligent and strong support: I am sure that you can actually solve your problem with the knowledge they have.
  • Video tutorial and one-on-one training: In addition to the support, you will have access to video training by paying a certain amount of money (49$ for the ‘Plus’ plan) which will be a great help for new users.
  • Other in other words, ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one marketing tool that can create wonders for businesses the specialist startups.

Based on my reviews from the users of this platform, if you use an ActiveCampaign for marketing purposes, you will be able to utilize their automation feature that enables you to reach the highest number of sales and increase efficiency. I believe that these many advantages are enough to attract more users to this platform. If you want to work with ActiveCampaign, you must be ready to spend some time learning it first although the process will be faster than you think.

I believe that the advantages of this tool are providing for the user’s advantages that are not comparable with other marketing tools such as MailerLite. Take your time and learn this platform very carefully and it may come in handy for your business. However, if you are just looking for a simple matter or program, look for other solutions that will much easier and simpler active campaign. In this case, I believe that GetResponse can be your second option.

I trust you enjoyed this article about this ActiveCampaign Review. Please stay tuned for more articles to come. Take care!


Your Opinion Is Important To Me

I would love to hear from you. Please leave me your questions, experiences, remarks, and/or suggestions about this article on the ActiveCampaign Review in the comments section below. You can also reach me by email at

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