Smart Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers

Smart Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers

Smart Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers

Smart Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers

Do you want to know how to gain your first 100 YouTube subscribers? Most likely, you've created a new YouTube channel, all shiny and new, and you're waiting for viewers to flock to your videos.

But it doesn't seem likely to happen merely by waiting, does it? By reading this essay and attempting to discover how to obtain more subscribers on YouTube, you've taken a step closer to your YouTube objectives. Let's get your channel some subscribers!

Did you realize that consumers watch 1 billion hours of YouTube every day? That works out to 8.4 minutes per day per person! Marketers find it difficult to ignore the video marketing channel due to its enormous appeal. However, with such widespread appeal comes fierce rivalry. How do you stand out in a channel with a limitless video content bank?

We've all been guilty of binge-watching cat videos for hours on end. There's nothing to feel embarrassed about! How might marketers divert attention away from these well-known cats to increase views on their own YouTube channels? This is precisely what this post wants to deliver for you – since if you've invested time and money in the video, you not only want but also need a return!

#1: First And First, Clean Up Your YouTube Channel

Before we get into the matter, a little housekeeping is required. While you may believe that everything your company does is wonderful, you aren't Beyoncé, and your audience may not… It's difficult to believe, but it's necessary to take a step back from yourself and put yourself in the shoes of an outsider from time to time.

Taking a serious look at your YouTube channel and re-evaluating what's there will almost certainly lead you to the conclusion that some old material should be removed—whether it's outdated, poorly produced, or just a flop of a video that should have never made it up there in the first place. If you have anything like this associated with your brand, it will instantly turn off that lead and cause them to lose faith in it. Delete it, and don't think about it again!

#2: Only Create And Share Very Watchable Content

Yes, I realize this is a no-brainer, but YouTube is so cluttered that it's tempting to think you can get away with publishing low-quality stuff. You can't, of course! The only way to differentiate yourself from the competition and expand your subscriber base is to generate the finest of the best content in your niche. The key to doing this is to plan ahead of time during pre-production. Here are a few ways you may outperform your competitors in this area:

Do Your Homework

Take notes on the most exciting sections of your rivals' films and those from sectors other than yours. Find a more inventive approach to accomplish it better rather than mimicking what your competitors are doing. For example, if I were in the gum business (or any other industry for that matter), I'd learn a thing or two from The Story of Sarah and Juan, my all-time favorite YouTube ad. Try to tell me this didn't make you weep after seeing it.

Prepare Your Script Ahead Of Time

You may believe you can improvise on film. You certainly can—but you shouldn't. You'll need to lay out your script, table read it, rewrite it, table reread it, and so on. This procedure enhances your script by allowing it to take on the tale you're attempting to tell in the most effective manner possible. Businesses sometimes undervalue the potential of scripting, yet mastering this skill may elevate your movies to new heights.

Purchase The Necessary Equipment For A Home Studio

What constitutes “appropriate” equipment? Are you able to afford it? The answer to the second question is a resounding yes! Surprisingly, your camera isn't your most critical piece of gear. Why? Currently, the camera on your iPhone is comparable to a much more costly option in terms of quality.

If you're filming in-house, the most critical equipment is a fundamental backdrop, studio lights, and a tripod. Depending on the film, additional items like props and audio equipment may be required, but nailing down some of the essentials and establishing a robust in-office studio can lead to better video production.

Make Your Video's Initial Ten Seconds The Most Memorable

Did you know that 20% of your visitors will abandon your video within 10 seconds? This is why you must take advantage of the initial few seconds. (PS: We've covered you if you're searching for additional YouTube metrics.)

Start your video with the most pivotal element of your film rather than a dull opening to generate an outstanding first impression. Viewers will not want to leave if you start with a bang.

Produce High-Quality Channel Trailers

#3: Produce High-Quality Channel Trailers

Channel trailers are a fantastic feature on YouTube for marketers wanting to boost their subscriber base. These are exactly what they sound like: brief trailers that play automatically when someone visits your YouTube channel page. If, and only if, you generate outrageously magnetic material, now is the ideal time to grow your subscriber list.

These trailers should be brief (30-60 seconds), interesting, and, most importantly, offer your visitors a reason to stick around. Is it necessary for them to be funny, attractive, and emotionally charged? It will undoubtedly assist! I can't emphasize enough the need for a strong call-to-action that motivates viewers to subscribe.

#4: Keep Your Videos Around 5 Minutes Long

So, since your digital engineering software is challenging to explain, are your movies 30-60 minutes long? Perhaps you work in the legal field and feel that the only way to build trust is to post extensive video testimonials on your YouTube channel?

While testimonials are fantastic, extended videos and YouTube do not mix. Your films should never be more than 5 minutes, regardless of how difficult the product you're promoting is. Why? Science, to be precise. According to research, online video viewers have a limited attention span.

Did you forget what I said before about how 20% of viewers abandon a video inside the first 10 seconds? According to HubSpot, the optimal duration for YouTube videos is a crisp and succinct 2 minutes. Re-edit those extensive webinars into short, punchy snippets.

#5: Create A Binge-Worthy Playlist From A Collection Of Videos

Do you have a collection of videos that you can play together? Perhaps you offer a weekly instructional series or a series of webinars centred on the same topic? Whatever it is, you should create a YouTube playlist for it. Your visitors can keep viewing without actively searching for and clicking on the next video.

What are the benefits of this for subscriber growth? It will keep viewers on your channel longer and demonstrate that you have a wealth of high-quality material. This will help keep your video material well-organized, preventing your channel from becoming a chaotic jumble that repels viewers.

This is something BuzzFeed Tasty excels at. Check out their YouTube playlist page, which is divided into categories such as “Dinner,” “Vegetarian,” and “One-Pot Recipes,” which is my particular favorite since I loathe dishwashing.

#6: Incorporate Strong Call-To-Actions Into Your Videos

Effective calls-to-action, or CTAs, are something that all competent marketers are familiar with. So, why not put your abilities to work by creating a subscribe-able call-to-action that encourages people to return to your channel? What precisely is the mechanism behind this?

If integrating a CTA into a video seemed difficult, and maybe beyond your technical skills, I have good news for you: it isn't! YouTube has made this simple for marketers by enabling them to include end screens and cards in their films. Let me explain these two possibilities in more detail:

End Screens: A conclusion screen is precisely what it sounds like: a screen that appears at the end of your video with a call-to-action. End cards may urge viewers to subscribe to your channel, direct them to the following video, or even advertise your website or crowdfunding effort. Depending on your purpose, end screens enable you to choose from four distinct aspects.

Check out YouTube cards if end screens aren't your thing. These puppies let you add extra interaction to your video by directing viewers to a particular URL, displaying a movie or playlist, advertising your channel, or even polling your viewers.

Make Individual Human Thumbnails

#7: Make Individual Human Thumbnails

Let's face it: we do it all the time, which is why we're told not to judge a book by its cover. Because your video thumbnail effectively covers your video, it must be very captivating. I'd argue that the video thumbnail is the most critical factor in deciding whether or not a visitor will watch your video.

Using a picture of a happy individual making direct eye contact as the thumbnail for your video is the best approach to guarantee that people watch it. Why? People form bonds with one another. Another great way to improve your thumbnail is to put a grin on it!

#8: Publish Frequently And Consistently

Yes, I recognize that this may be difficult to comprehend at first. After all, not every marketing organization has a full-time cameraman churning out content. Fortunately, if you followed my suggestion in Tip #2 about setting up an in-house studio, writing and producing high-quality films will become a natural part of your weekly routine.

Subscribers will not remain subscribed if you do not update your channel or if you update four times in one week and then go on a month-long sabbatical.

If you're interested in SEO, you've probably heard of Moz. Whiteboard Fridays is an excellent series from Moz that features a weekly video discussing basic SEO fundamentals on a clean whiteboard. These videos are not only fascinating and well-produced, but they are also consistent. There's a reason they're named Whiteboard Fridays.

Suppose you can create a recurring series like this. In that case, you'll be set for supplying constant video material to your subscribers, which will help you not only maintain your existing subscribers but also attract new ones and enhance video engagement.

#9: Put Money Into YouTube Advertising

It's time to get your wallet out of the bag. You didn't expect all of these suggestions to be free, did you? Take a big breath; I'm not asking you to spend a lot of money, but dedicating some resources to advertising your YouTube channel is an almost foolproof strategy to grow your subscriber base. Because the internet is a busy place where money speaks, it's critical to dedicate part of your marketing budget to your channel.

With a multitude of ad styles, YouTube makes promoting your channel incredibly customized, including:

  • Ads that are shown
  • Adverts on top of ads
  • Video advertising that are skippable and non-skippable
  • Advertisements on bumpers
  • Sponsored playing cards

Like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube enables users to target videos based on their interests, demographics, and/or in-market audiences.

#10: Reach Out To Relevant Online Communities To Promote Your Channel

You should be actively engaged in these environments and disseminate your video material when applicable, whether it's a Twitter conversation, LinkedIn group, Reddit, or another big online community in your sector.

Let's imagine you work for an accounting company, chatting with someone who seems to be having trouble with their taxes. This is the ideal opportunity to distribute your informative film introducing your services, which some of these taxpayers may choose to use.

#11: Provide Incentives For People To Subscribe To Your YouTube Channel

Bribery is a powerful tool that all parents are aware of. “I'll let you watch the iPad for 10 minutes before night if you eat your veggies.” These are statements I've overheard my sister say to her kids on several occasions. Bribery isn't something we grow out of, which is ironic.

Adults, in particular, respond strongly to it since we are wired to seek out free stuff. So, bribing people to subscribe to your YouTube channel is a good idea. It may seem absurd, but it truly works!

Here Are Two Methods To Encourage Readers To Sign Up For Your Newsletter:

Here Are Two Methods To Encourage Readers To Sign Up For Your Newsletter:

Run a cross-channel contest: This is one of the oldest marketing bribery tactics in the book, but when done correctly, it works wonderfully. Let's imagine you own and operate a bowling facility in town.

Create a contest on Facebook and Instagram to advertise your company, with rules like your Instagram post, commenting, and subscribing to your YouTube channel to win a free night of food and bowling.

Instruct participants to click on the link in your Instagram bio (#linkinbio) to go to your YouTube account and subscribe to your videos. And there you have it! Your YouTube subscriber base has exploded in the last several days.

Encourage people to subscribe to your videos for further benefits: Working with the viewers who have already arrived on one of your YouTube videos is another simple technique to get subscribers. Given that they are interested in your company on some level, why not take advantage of this chance to get them to subscribe?

Make a gift only to subscribers: In the video, mention that if they subscribe, they'll get a free e-book or a month-long trial of your program. Of course, you'll have to follow through on those promises, but this is a terrific approach to attracting new members.

#12: Search Engine Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Last but not least, ensure that your YouTube videos are optimized to appear in search engine results and in the results that appear when users search inside YouTube. Although YouTube video SEO might be a little complicated, there are a few quick wins you can make to get your films in excellent SEO form. The following are a few of the recommended practices:

Be Searchable Titles: Try to connect your movie with a popular keyword, and include the keyword in the title (you can use AdWords or our Free Keyword Tool to do some quick keyword research and pinpoint some good terms people are searching for). Also, ensure your title isn't too lengthy; I suggest no more than 50 characters.

Add a Transcript to Every Video: Video transcripts are a terrific method to make your videos more accessible to a wider audience while also assisting with SEO! Transcripts are similar to page copy in that they provide extra indexable content to your video, allowing you to rank for more searches.

Optimize Your Video Descriptions: Instead of stuffing this area with keywords, make it a compelling and well-written explanation of the video, and include your most important ones.

Remember to Include Meta Tags: Meta tags are another option to include keywords in your movie and make it more searchable. I'd suggest looking up popular videos in your area to see what meta tags they use. Again, don't go overboard with the keywords; concentrate on the most important ones.

I trust you enjoyed this article on the Smart Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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