Best Ways To Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Best Ways To Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Best Ways To Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Best Ways To Monetize Your YouTube Channel

It used to be that making money on YouTube was as simple as uploading amazing videos, getting millions of views, and receiving a cut of the advertising income. However, content makers now have a variety of options for monetizing their work.

Some of these may include involving corporate sponsorships from a big brand, fan financing, or product sales, in addition to advertising. There are multiple ways on how monetizing can be done now.

YouTube stars are today's self-made celebrities—people who have built an online following by generating material aimed at teaching, entertaining, reviewing, and generally being amazing. Most of these small-screen celebrities do what they do to satisfy a desire to create and perform in front of an audience.


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The content they make, scripted or not, is entertaining enough to catch people’s attention. While making money may not be your primary motivation for creating a YouTube channel, the wealth of earning options is a nice surprise once you discover how many there are.

That is why going into Youtube is actually a pretty good source of passive income, and the good thing is, anyone can do it. It absolutely costs nothing monetarily, but the amount of effort and creativity you must consider is huge.

The Basics of Getting Your Videos Monetized

With exactly no capita or money-related outflow to kickstart your own Youtube channel, getting your channel monetized isn’t as easy as it seems. When you subscribe to a channel, advertisers will pay to have ads shown on your channel. The amount of money YouTube will pay depends on how many people see your advertisement.

Advertisers will only be able to pay through ads shown on YouTube. You will need to have a YouTube channel with at least 1,000 subscribers to get paid from ads. The higher your subscriber base, the better off you are.

When a video gets more than a certain number of likes, that video appears on the site's ‘trending' tab, and they get another payment. The advertising options are similar, except they now reward the video creator with a cut of the ad money instead of the advertiser. However, Robby Gallegos from PeopleScience says, “But YouTube does not charge you for the actual advertisement you put in your video.

The YouTuber can make the ad anything they want. Just make it funny, tell a story. And it is the video owners, not the YouTuber, that determine the ad code and get paid accordingly.” Doing Youtube videos should basically be about the project you have in mind and why you’re doing it – something like a passion project. You can find your own niche and attract the right people to watch your videos with a large audience.

And when we think Youtube couldn’t get more into being a business, there is another big site, Youtube Gaming. Here you will find a wider variety of content, and of course, a ton of gamers looking for the best games to play.


Tips And Strategies For Monetizing Your YouTube Videos


Tips And Strategies For Monetizing Your YouTube Videos

As a content creator, the best way to monetize your Youtube videos would be to engage and interact with your viewers. There a multiple ways how to do this. Ask for donations, gifts, sponsorships, and review rights. If you already have a channel, you can reach out to advertisers and ask if you can sell your videos on their site. You can also run ads on your channel or earn income with sponsorship and product sales.

Create a weekly content calendar and make sure you’re consistently releasing quality content. If you want to make money on YouTube, you need to have something you’re passionate about to keep you motivated. If you have experience in the digital marketing and online marketing field, that will be a huge plus to getting ahead with the world of Youtube. It’s not just about creating content. It should be done strategically and with authenticity.

Youtube pages and channel owners are in control of how much revenue they can earn from their videos. You could have the highest view count in the world but still, only earn a small amount per video. Video traffic is growing exponentially year over year. You’ll need more traffic to earn more revenue. A Youtube video monetization solution provider can help generate the most revenue from your video channels.

Although there are many options out there, building an audience and starting from scratch will be a challenge. If you are an introvert or may not have a huge online presence, That may be crucial to your Youtube career. What you can do is use YouTube Analytics to see what your audience wants. Thousands of Google Analytics users show you what their viewers want, which can help you to determine what they view the most and the least. It can give you an overview of navigating and through the online space, especially with many online creators out there.


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Find Your Niche And Work Around It

The best way to make money on YouTube is to create niche-specific content related to your audience, not just about a particular brand. Choose your content wisely. Know the kind of viewers you want to reach, and make a video only for them. You can always explain your motive for making the video, as well as what makes it special if it’s something relevant for their audience.

What’s good about the Youtube audience is that it can reach different people – the young, old, men, women, LGBTQ+, students, gamers, professionals, and all sorts of demographics! That’s just the magic of having an online presence. Your reach will be huge, but the content directed to them must be relatable and suited to their interests and tastes. Finding your niche is a building block to get monetized on Youtube.

This will be your foundation in finding other ways on how and where you will market your channel. Are you a travel blogger? A musician? A comedian? A food enthusiast? Or even just a simple university student trying to get through life every single day? There is a space for you in the Youtube space! You now have an audience you can direct your efforts on and build a relationship within the long run. Take advantage of your passion and interest while finding the goal of monetizing it, and you’ll have a strong foundation as a Youtuber.

YouTuber Sponsorships

YouTuber Sponsorships

The most frequent kind of sponsorship integration on YouTube is video plugs and mentions. You expose the brand to your audience as the channel host. You may also provide extra facts about the brand, discuss promotions, and talk about or demonstrate the product/service, depending on the sponsorship arrangement.

Timely material, such as vlog (video log) entries, frequently includes plugs. Time-sensitive offerings do well in mentions in this scenario. Although the majority of the plug's success will be immediate, the content will be archived on YouTube, and viewers will be able to see it afterwards.

Here are some ways you can integrate Youtube Sponsorships in your videos:


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1. Doing a Product Review

Sponsoring a review video is a wonderful method to generate exposure for a brand that has a new product on the market. Review videos are commonly used by technology-related companies in the face of intense competition. Consumers frequently make buying decisions based on the recommendations of well-known YouTube channels.

Consumers that search for specific brand reviews on Google or YouTube (the second-largest search engine) will come across the videos the company funded, making review videos very successful in the long term.

2. Routine Inclusions to Advertise Products

When the presenter illustrates how to accomplish anything, such as start the day or prepare for an exercise, this is mentioned. With some favourable talking points, the presenter will easily incorporate the sponsored product into the routine. This is one of the most subtle yet most used strategies of promoting products and earning money from them.

Many celebrities and content creators do this in their videos. Some will do a skin-care routine or a daily routine and infuse what products they use and what things they have at home to get through the day. We see it as something entertaining because it relates to us on a personal level. In that way, they get to promote the products and convince the audience to purchase them.

3. Doing Product Hauls

YouTube fashion enthusiasts are the most likely to receive this sort of recognition. The channel presenter will display and discuss the clothes items they brought back from their most recent shopping excursion, as well as the sponsored product. Youtubers and content creators mostly do hauls to show off the brand they are sponsored and affiliated with.

But of course, the clothes that they advertise must be something they really see themselves wearing. Product hauls will be the perfect way for you to earn money on Youtube because it’s something like sharing in front of a class what you brought for the day. Sort of like a “Show and Tell” type. Normal conversation and casual talk will be the best tone for doing product hauls.


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Fan Financing

It was in 2006 that Reddit user Dragonorchestra opened the first large-scale fan financing experiment on YouTube, offering a $1000 loan to people with their videos and guaranteeing that the money would be returned in 12 months. He also guaranteed they’d all get a lifetime membership to Reddit.

The strategy worked, and six months later, more than 30,000 people had been loaned $15 million. By 2007, the majority of the 30,000 people still hadn’t paid the money back, and Dragonorchestra was forced to go to court to get it all back. An animated gif of a cartoon pot of gold While Dragonorchestra did manage to keep the vast majority of the money he had loaned to fans. It’s also worth noting that many fans failed to pay the loan back. Many ended up owing more money than Dragonorchestra.

Just like the above example, fan financing or funding is now also a legitimate and legal option to monetize your Youtube channel. Susan Wojcicki, YouTube's CEO, announced the Fan Funding function during VidCon 2014. Tip Jar, also known as Fan Funding, allows viewers to donate money to channels.

The concept is that you may add a Tip Jar to your channel page and particular videos so that visitors can donate. A modest transaction charge will be deducted and kept by YouTube. The funds will be sent to your Google Wallet account immediately. Fan funding is a wonderful way to encourage you to keep making interesting video content.

YouTube Fan Funding is a feature built into the platform that is open to anybody who satisfies the conditions outlined below. Your account must be in good standing, you must be qualified for a YouTube partner, and you must have confirmed your phone number. A Google AdSense account must be linked to your YouTube account.

While every YouTube channel may profit from YouTube Fan Funding, whether or not you're a good fit for Patreon is mostly determined by the type of material you provide. Most authors who use Patreon do so because they have high-effort content that takes a long time to develop.

Certain niches work well with fan funding. 2D, 3D, and other types of animation. Regardless of skill level, good animation takes a lot of time and effort, so if you're an animator who isn't doing it full-time, setting up a Patreon might help relieve some of the financial strain and let you spend more time doing what you love.

Product Sales

While there's no shortage of people making a living from ads, most creators are actually selling their own products. These can range from clothes to games to social networks, exercise equipment, and more. Kikosh is an example of a relatively new and underused way to monetize YouTube. The service enables YouTubers to promote items of all kinds for sale in their channels.

Each channel can register for a free account and become a real store. Kikosh uses a simple combination of their accounts to track sales and sales reports and links them to the influencer's channel so fans can order things directly from the channel. Selling your products online without actually having a store is actually possible, and it doubles your money! Imagine getting millions of views while a good number of people buy your products.

Digital goods merchants and content developers have a huge potential on YouTube. YouTube is the world's third-biggest search engine, with 1 billion hours of video watched every day! YouTube is rapidly expanding, and everyone that has a presence on the platform stands to benefit greatly.

However, one of the age-old issues is how to monetize your channel. When it comes to selling your digital material on YouTube, there are only two key processes to follow:

  1. Use video material to pique people's interest in the specific product you're offering.
  2. Increasing the number of visitors to your website.

Which Method Suits Your Channel?

So, you have a perfectly viable, quality video ready for monetization on your channel. What are the top ways to get a sponsor for this video? Sponsor banners will pop up on your video, so viewers are made aware of your product. An affiliate program is one where a video creator partners with a large brand to promote their products.

In this type of arrangement, the creator will receive a commission every time a user purchases. Brands pay for a video to include their branding and product placement in the video. In return, the creator gets a few dollars.

Monetization has changed as the platform has developed. The two main ways Youtube makes money are traditionally from advertising and subscriptions. To attract advertisers, Youtube shows banner ads on the videos, including those from large companies.

The more videos a brand can sponsor, the higher their chance of getting on Youtube. In addition to this, the video platform also allows for brands to build an online store as it is another marketing strategy, especially for influencers. With this, YouTube then allows content creators to get their videos featured in YouTube’s relevant search results.

Some viewers have so subscribed to a channel that their subscription counts towards the subscriber totals. Videos are rated for their quality, and YouTube uses this rating system to promote popular videos. From basic advertising to more new ways of monetization on Youtube, making money with this platform has changed dramatically.

The methods mentioned on how to earn money with Youtube can apply to anybody but also do your research. Always keep in mind that you do not only make videos for yourself but others as well. With the time and resources, maximize that opportunity to build your Youtube channel and earn from it.

Increase Views To Make More Money

Increase Views To Make More Money

There are many reasons people make videos, but perhaps the most important one is to get more people to watch their videos. If you can get millions of people to watch your videos, they may give you a cut of the advertising revenue. For example, if you make video tutorials, you can make more money by getting more views.

Just one example is a practice portfolio, which is a how-to resource for your current or past work. It’s popular because it has many good videos and is a lot of fun to watch. Well, trying to promote your videos is a lot harder than you think. That is why you must invest in the right strategies and resources. Increase your views and sponsorships will increase as well.

The Ad-Free YouTube Movement

Now that a large part of YouTube’s viewership watches YouTube on mobile, those viewers prefer not to watch ads. YouTube implemented a new “Ad-Free” option, which costs subscribers $11.99 per month (although you can sign up for the free version without ads, which is what most people are using).

These ads are replaced with “related videos.” This means the ad may show a preview of a video you liked, and then you can click the like button and it will play the ad. Although this sounds like a great idea, it means some users cannot run videos longer than 30 minutes, as the videos in the related videos won’t play in the ad-free version. YouTube says these changes will ensure YouTube remains an ad-supported platform and not a subscription-based one.


Youtube is currently a free site, it does not cost to create a channel. It is through this free avenue that it makes most of its money. Youtube makes money from advertising and sponsorships. Youtube sees that some video is being watched or downloaded and it will run an advertisement that is relevant to that content.

Some videos will not have any advertising and are all free. It has been recently reported that YouTube has seen a decline in its revenue. This does not make Youtube a bad place to make money from as long as you are good at editing. Making money on Youtube is not easy and requires skill, but it can be done if you drive. Some YouTube channels have millions of subscribers. Others have less, but they are making plenty of money.

This platform has evolved into a company responsible for some of the biggest new media platforms in the world. In addition to the original platform, you can access the following features:

  • YouTube is one of the most significant ways people are getting news nowadays.
  • Its social networking functionality has allowed people to create communities and interact with each other.
  • It's also one of the best platforms for creating and sharing user-generated content such as videos, music, and memes.
  • What makes YouTube unique is its ability to make advertising personal for each consumer and their chosen niche interest.
  • YouTube has successfully built an active global user community.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the Best Ways To Monetize Your YouTube Channel. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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