7 Smart Tips to Build Your YouTube Channel

7 Smart Tips To Build Your YouTube Channel

7 Smart Tips to Build Your YouTube Channel

7 Smart Tips To Build Your YouTube Channel

It may appear that learning how to build a YouTube channel is more difficult than using other social media platforms. It doesn't have to be that way, though.

YouTube is the world's second-most-visited website, trailing only Google (YouTube's parent corporation). There should be a presence for your business there, as a fun suggestion. The potential for reaching your target audience on YouTube is enormous.

Moreover, half of those people watch YouTube videos daily. Wouldn't it be great if people checked out your material while they were there?

Fortunately, setting up a YouTube account is simple. It takes a bit more effort to build a successful YouTube channel… But don't worry, we've got you covered on that front as well.


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Why Build A YouTube Channel

YouTube is presently a free platform, and creating a channel is also free. It makes the majority of its money through this unrestricted channel. Advertisements and sponsorships are how Youtube generates money. When Youtube detects that a video is being seen or downloaded, it will display an ad related to that content. Some videos will be free and will not include any advertisements.

YouTube's income has lately been reported to be on the decrease. This does not rule out YouTube as a viable source of income if you are skilled at editing. Making money on YouTube is difficult and needs talent, but it is possible if you are motivated. Subscribers to certain YouTube channels are in the millions. Others have less, yet they are well compensated.

This platform has grown into a corporation that oversees some of the world's largest new media outlets. You may use the following features in addition to the original platform:

  • YouTube is one of the most popular methods for individuals to obtain news these days.
  • It's also one of the greatest places to share and create user-generated content like videos, music, and memes. YouTube's capacity to personalize ads for each customer and their selected specialized interest is what sets it apart.
  • YouTube has established a large and engaged worldwide user base.
  • Its social networking features have enabled users to form groups and communicate with one another.

Basics Of Monetization

Getting your Youtube channel monetized isn't as simple as it appears, especially if you don't have any capital or money, to begin with. Advertisers pay to have their commercials broadcast on your channel when you subscribe to it. The amount of money you'll get from YouTube is determined by how many people watch your ad.

Advertisers will be able to pay exclusively through YouTube advertising. To be eligible to earn money from advertisements, you must have a YouTube channel with at least 1,000 subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the better off you are.

But of course, how are you going to achieve that? Try following these tips, especially if you’re just a beginner!


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Tip 1: Get The Best Equipment

If you want your business to be considered seriously on YouTube, make sure your material is not just interesting but also professional from the start. When it comes to studying digital marketing, visitors will leave no matter how educational or beneficial your material is if the audio or video quality is poor. Below are the top 3 basic things you must have:

1.1 Camera

If you've ever watched YouTube videos and considered establishing your own channel, you've undoubtedly wondered, “What video equipment do YouTubers use?” Well, depending on how committed they are in their channel and how long they've been creating videos, the answer may vary.

Many new YouTubers start with a webcam and a smartphone. That is great, and you may want to continue down that road, but as the channel grows, you will need to upgrade to a better camera, such as a mid-range DSLR.

When comparing products, remember that you don't have to get the most costly one to obtain good results; instead, make sure it captures at least 1080p video. Because of their high-quality output, DSLRs are popular among YouTubers. They are extremely adaptable in low-light conditions and provide high-quality video recordings.

1.2 Microphone

After you've purchased a decent camera, you'll need to purchase audio equipment to match the quality of your footage. If the sound quality is poor, viewers will lose interest in your material. I don't advocate utilizing built-in laptop or camera microphones since they often have poor audio quality because they can't properly capture or remove surrounding noise. That implies a decent microphone is the next most critical item you'll need to achieve the ideal YouTube setup.

I don't advocate utilizing built-in laptop or camera microphones since they often have poor audio quality because they can't properly capture or remove surrounding noise. That implies a decent microphone is the next most critical item you'll need to achieve the ideal YouTube setup.

1.3 Good Lighting

If you're filming mostly indoors and in dimly lit environments, you'll need lighting equipment. Lighting equipment may change the ambiance and even out the brightness of your setup, even if there is plenty of ambient light.

When it comes to YouTube equipment for beginners, I find that lighting is often ignored, yet it can make a significant difference in the quality of your videos.

Tip 2: Find A Niche

The most effective approach to generate money on YouTube is to develop niche-specific material relevant to your audience rather than just about a single brand. Select your material carefully. Determine the type of audience you want to attract and create a video just for them. If it's something important for their audience, you may always explain why you made the video and what makes it unique.

The benefit of the Youtube audience is that it may reach a wide range of individuals – young and old, men and women, LGBTQ+, students, gamers, professionals, and people from all walks of life! It's all part of the allure of having an online presence. Although your audience may be large, the content you send them must be relatable and tailored to their interests and preferences.

Finding your specialty is a necessary step towards becoming paid on YouTube. This will serve as your starting point for figuring out how and where to advertise your channel. Do you work as a travel blogger? Are you a musician? Are you a stand-up comedian? Are you a foodie?

Or maybe you're simply a regular university student trying to make it through each day? There is room for you in the Youtube universe! You now have an audience to focus your efforts on and establish a long-term connection with. Make use of your love and interest while determining how to monetize it, and you'll have a solid basis as a Youtuber.

Planning Your Content

Tip 3: Planning Your Content

YouTube is the world's second most popular search engine. It's only second to YouTube, which Google owns. People go there to look for a variety of things. Your content, unlike Facebook video, may work for you for a long time. Even now, videos created 10 years ago might give you a lot of traffic.

3.1 Start By Brainstorming A List Of Content Ideas.

What is it that your target audience is having trouble with?
This is a HUGE deal. When I'm having trouble understanding anything, YouTube is one of the first places I look for an explanation. The same may be said for your target audience.

It shouldn't be difficult to achieve this if you know who you're attempting to reach. The issue is that the majority of individuals overthink this procedure.

What are the hottest subjects right now? Talking about current events is a great approach to catch your audience's attention.

What is the most logical order? The majority of YouTubers aren't aware of this. It's simpler to encourage the audience to move from one video to the next if you make them in a logical order. This lengthens the session and improves your ranks.

What is it that your target market is looking for? You want to put yourself in a position where people can locate your material.

3.2 Titles, Description And Tags Optimization

It's time to narrow down your subjects and create names, descriptions, and tags for each. Doing some basic keyword research is one of the greatest methods to achieve this.

  • Google Keyword Planner – This is Google's own tool for determining how frequently users search for specific subjects. It also tells you how competitive a keyword term is and suggests other topics you might be interested in. The fact that this is data-driven is fantastic. There's no need to speculate.
  • TubeBuddy – This is a more advanced tool for YouTube planning and research. It is actually one of the best trackers and optimization tools for monitoring Youtube.
  • Youtube Built-in Search – Start entering something to search for on YouTube. You'll see that it will automatically recommend subjects based on what you enter. This will give you an idea of what people on YouTube are looking for.


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Tip 4: Building Networks And Connections

First, one of the most effective methods to reach your video marketing goals is to form a relationship with another popular YouTube channel. The aim is to get viewers from the other channel to subscribe to your channel or at the very least watch a few of your videos. Also, don't miss even the tiniest chance for a guest appearance. Any way you look at it, a link to your channel is a link to your channel.

Next, We're going to get a little more technical now. YouTube annotations are pop-up windows that appear during a video and are provided by YouTube. This allows basic YouTube users to link to other YouTube videos, while YouTube partners may link to websites. You must connect to other videos you own to increase your YouTube views.

It's easy to accomplish since all you have to do is paste the URL and text into the annotation box when editing your video. Choose a point in the video where it would be most beneficial for your viewers to have another link handy–the finish is the obvious choice. To assist viewers to comprehend what you're talking about, you could also provide a link to another video in the middle of your video.

Lastly, it's simple to embed videos on YouTube, WordPress, and various other video hosting services. This is beneficial to you since not everyone wants to go to YouTube, so your films need to be available in as many locations as possible to attract viewers. Embedding videos on your website, blog, or newsletter is a great method to get your videos in front of people that aren't on YouTube.

Marketing the Right Way

Tip 5: Marketing the Right Way

5.1 Come Up With Intriguing, Must-See Titles

It's all about the presentation when it comes to YouTube marketing. When it comes to the success of your video, the titles are crucial. Consider if you're presenting your information as “must-see” or “meh.” The secret to writing great titles is to catch your audience's interest without using clickbait headlines.

5.2 Entice People With Your Thumbnail

Creating custom thumbnails is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to promote your YouTube channel. Consider your title and thumbnail as a one-two punch to pique a viewer's interest. YouTube automatically grabs a screenshot from any video and uses it as a thumbnail.

Unfortunately, the image it captures from time to time is a fuzzy shot of you adjusting the camera or a transition. Making your own thumbnails not only makes your movies more appealing at a glance but also conveys a feeling of professionalism.

Thumbnails, on the other hand, don't have to be rocket science. To make it more consistent and on-brand, you may even design a template with a certain typeface and style. With the aid of image creation tools like Canva, this is made much easier.

5.3 Target Google Search Results

As previously said, YouTube is absolutely crushing everything when it comes to SEO. While you shouldn't generate material just for the sake of search engines, you should promote your YouTube channel with SEO in mind.

Product reviews, how-tos, and long-form (10+ minute) films about keyword-specific topics, in particular, tend to score well in search engine results pages (SERPs). Consider how you may use your YouTube channel marketing to capitalize on a hot term in your sector if you're short on video ideas.


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Tip 6: Don’t Overlook Basics

Building your own channel is also building who you are as a person. What you do and spend time on reflects the kind of content you are about to deliver to your audience.

6.1 Posting Videos Consistently

Making good films requires practice, and the more you do it, the better you will get. You'll never post anything if you tell yourself, “this video isn't good enough,” “it still needs more editing,” or “it doesn't look like what I envisioned.”

Making good movies takes practice, and the more you do it, the better you'll get. If you tell yourself, “this video isn't good enough,” “it still needs more editing,” or “it doesn't look like what I envisioned,” you'll never publish anything.

6.2 Delete When Necessary

Too much of the same thing is one of the things that may ruin a potentially fantastic video. Select the finest images and discard the others. Viewers will lose interest and go on to something else if you show too much of the same material, and it becomes monotonous. It's your responsibility to keep the audience interested, even if it means sacrificing some of your data.

6.3 Don’t Compare

There will always be more popular channels, have more experience, or are better at what they do than yours. You may either use these channels to get ideas on how to film and what you want to accomplish, or you can let them paralyze you with self-doubt and never post anything.

Just keep in mind that every channel out there began the same way you did: with no subscribers, no views, and no audience. Yes, even the channels with over a million subscribers who now rely only on YouTube for their livelihood were once where you are now.

6.4 Study And Do Your Research

By viewing and studying videos, you may acquire a lot of techniques. Ask yourself, “How did they do that?” whenever you see a cool image or a unique viewpoint. Then rewind, go back and watch it again, paying attention to how the camera moves. Study the movies and videos that you enjoy, and you can even incorporate that style in your own channel.

6.5 Be Social

Go out there and make some friends since YouTube is a highly community-driven site. Find channels you enjoy watching and leave a remark – but not spammy ones like “Cool video!” or “Awesome stuff, guy!” Take a real interest in the people you meet and the material they provide, and you'll find that others are interested in you as well.

When you click the share button next to a video, you'll see that it may be shared across 13 different social media sites – that's a lot of possibilities! Not to mention the embed tab, which allows you to publish your video in custom sizes (maybe on your blog). Don't just submit your movies and then forget about them if you want to gain more views.

Finally, because this community thrives on collaboration, if you come across a channel with a similar specialty, you may contact out to see if you can cooperate on a video and cross-promote each other (once you get to know them a bit better, of course).

Have Fun!

6.6 Have Fun!

It's a little terrifying because you never know who's watching or how they'll respond, but that's the risk you take when making a video. All you can do is create material that you are proud of, focus on the good feedback you receive from viewers, and dismiss anything that isn't helpful.

Just be authentic! When you know you’re doing good and not harming others, and you want to share what videos you have with the world, that’s not gonna be a problem. The audience will love watching you when you love what you do!


After Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine. YouTube users upload more than 100 hours of video every minute. It's one of the most effective methods to reach a large audience, whether you're advertising a program or informing pupils.

Today's self-made superstars are YouTube stars who have developed an online following by creating content geared at teaching, entertaining, reviewing, and overall being wonderful. The majority of these small-screen celebs do what they do because they want to create and perform in front of an audience.

Whether scripted or not, the stuff they create is engaging enough to hold people's attention. While generating money may not be your major reason for starting a YouTube channel, the abundance of income opportunities is a pleasant surprise once you realize how many are there.

Making Youtube videos should primarily focus on the topic you're working on and why you're working on it – something akin to a passion project. With such a big audience, you may establish your own specialty and attract the ideal individuals to view your movies.

And when we thought Youtube couldn't get any more serious about being a business, there's Youtube Gaming. You'll discover a wider and broader range of material here, as well as a large number of players seeking the finest games to play.

As a result, entering and doing videos on Youtube may be a fantastic source of passive income, and the best part is that anyone can do it. It costs you nothing financially, but it requires a significant amount of time and ingenuity.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the 7 Smart Tips To Build Your YouTube Channel. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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