Killer Ways To Convert Your Blog Posts Into YouTube Videos

7 Killer Ways To Convert Your Blog Posts Into YouTube Videos

Killer Ways To Convert Your Blog Posts Into YouTube Videos

7 Killer Ways To Convert Your Blog Posts Into YouTube Videos

Producing and publishing great blog posts is not enough to grow your business. You also need to promote those blog posts to attract visitors. Don't stop at sharing a link on Facebook and Twitter. You can also turn that blog post into a video to get more traffic from YouTube. With over 1.5 billion monthly active users watching 1 billion hours of video content per day.


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YouTube is one of the most effective platforms you can leverage to generate traffic and promote your business online. Repurpose those old blog posts by turning them into videos and quickly start a video marketing strategy. In this post, you will learn to convert blog posts into videos. As you well know, there are various ways to create great YouTube videos from your blog posts.

Why Convert Blog Posts Into YouTube Videos?

YouTube is one of the most effective platforms for growing your business. Videos are more engaging than text-based posts. They can target a specific audience, drive traffic to your website and convert more viewers into leads. Let's check out the reasons why converting blog posts to YouTube videos is a great strategy.

Discover your customer persona. The goals of your online marketing campaigns should always be linked to your buyer persona. In other words, your goal should be to get the most conversions from those blog posts you create. For instance, if you target DIY bloggers, your main goal should be to convert them into buyer personalities. They are the ones who will be ordering your products through their social media channels.

It's a low-budget and efficient alternative to attracting the necessary traffic.

  • More traffic and SEO ranking: Post conversions on YouTube increase traffic and, therefore, increase SEO ranking.
  • Better converting results: You can get better conversion rates, better conversion rates and high CTR on YouTube. Turning your blog post into a video can boost your conversion rates by up to 20%.

10% of YouTube users are search-focused, so if you take your content from a blog post and convert it into a YouTube video, you can increase your conversion rate by 10%. A simple Google AdWords experiment shows that converting blog posts into YouTube videos can boost your conversion rate by 20%. After you have your YouTube page up and running, you can add up to 2 videos to it.

Each video is a one-minute long script, where you can insert voiceover and subtitles for the relevant content. You can also publish a collection of your best blog posts.

The number of views YouTube videos generate is far higher than those on blogs. Google and YouTube accept videos as advertisements for free. This is because they see the value in having a branded video on their website as it gets more attention and can generate revenue for you. YouTube videos can help you capture the right audience's attention who can convert at the right time.

Advantages Of Converting Blog Posts Into YouTube Videos

Advantages Of Converting Blog Posts Into YouTube Videos

Advantages of converting blog posts into YouTube videos include:

  • Low-cost,
  • Easy process,
  • High conversion rate, and
  • High ROI.

Use proven adverts and scripts that attract your desired audience. You can also consider working with a reliable video marketing provider who can transform your videos into ready-made commercial videos for your business. Before diving into converting your blog post to a video, you need to make sure that the post's content is what you want to use for your video.

Check if the post you want to convert is relevant to your business or audience. It's easy to waste time and resources on content that's not well-received by your audience. Check the engagement level on your blog post and add video clips from your audience to share with your audience.

There are several advantages to converting blog posts into video content. For starters, you can boost your online traffic. YouTube is the most popular and effective channel for online video promotion. The biggest audience will also see your video of YouTube's user base, which is predominantly male.

And, after you convert a blog post into a YouTube video, you can easily share the video across different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Your blog posts don't need to be optimized for online promotion. Any content that can stand on its own as a piece of content can make for an excellent video. Video does a better job at keeping viewers engaged and interested.


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Creating a series of fantastic, informative, and entertaining videos of your customers to give them tips, tricks, and strategies will go a long way in increasing your brand awareness. YouTube is one of the best platforms for video marketing. When you create a massive library of your blog content, you develop a bank of content that can be used as a valuable promotional tool to boost your business.

Blogging is a process of discovering. A writer creates a post with a keyword in mind and then sells those keywords to others. Therefore, if you make videos for your blog, which are search keywords, your videos will probably rank on Google very well.

Pick A Great Blog Post

1. Pick A Great Blog Post

Just as you would with a post you have published on your blog, look to develop an idea for a video to convert your old blog posts into a YouTube video. No one will go through the trouble of converting a blog post if they don't think it has any value. Consider how much traffic your posts generate, how much search traffic they bring, and your audience's reactions to your blog posts.

Come up with a post relevant to your business that has a solid call to action in it. Focus on the most critical sections of the post. Make sure that you pick the most essential areas of the post you are repurposing. You don't want to create a video that people find repetitive because it is difficult to see the point of watching it.

For YouTube marketing, you don't need to generate a new post for each video. You can use an existing blog post that captures your reader's attention and post it on YouTube with a short and compelling description. This strategy will give you a chance to show off your marketing skills, and you'll be more likely to engage and interact with your audience. Plus, if you have a wide variety of blog posts, you can promote each with a different video.

Now that you've picked a blog post to repurpose into a YouTube video, the next step is to create a description for your YouTube channel. You should include the title of the blog post in your description. You can also use a section like the following one to attract your target audience.

Pick an excellent blog post that you have published in the past that fits in well with the content in your video marketing strategy. Once you have done some research, choose the blog post you think will work the best with your video. If you have a budget, why not hire a video production agency to turn your blog posts into polished videos for your YouTube channel.

You can also create your low-budget videos if you already have access to a smartphone or camera. Remember that most videos need to be stored in YouTube's video library for a maximum of one year. Don't forget to add your YouTube channel ID so your videos can be found in YouTube search results.

List The Key Takeaways From The Blog Post

2. List The Key Takeaways From The Blog Post

There are several reasons why your blog post may not generate any results in terms of generating sales. One reason is that you didn't convert the key takeaways from the blog post into the actionable steps people can take to grow their business.

How can you convert the key takeaways from the blog post into actionable steps people can take to grow their business? Here is the best way to do it: Ask a question in the first paragraph of the blog post. If you haven't converted the key takeaways from the blog post into actionable steps, it's a good idea to ask a question. For example, if you want to convert readers into customers, list three key takeaways that you want the readers to take away from the blog post.

You can sum up essential topics and offer a complete overview in less than a minute. You can list the key takeaways from the blog post in a video format and make it easy to understand in the process. Let the viewer finish the key takeaways from the blog post before moving on to the next part.

This way, you can gain the viewer's attention while still helping them fully understand what you are offering. If you have long titles and blog posts that you want to convert into videos, you can use the Takeaways slider tool to add new or different sections to your video. It is easy to add subtitles, moving graphics, transitions, overlays, music, special effects and more to your video.


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You should create an embeddable, interactive, clickable list of the key takeaways from the blog post for visitors to review and memorize. You can mention the key points from the blog post. For example, suppose you've written a post about blogging success stories. In that case, you can say the key takeaways from the article, which include: Effective blogging platforms that boost your social media marketing and increase blog traffic.

Tools and tactics for expanding your reach and driving more traffic to your website. You can then present the video through an animation, showing the value of your post. Consider giving the blog post a title that is catchy, relevant, and draws people in to watch the video. While you can go through this process manually, creating a list of blog post topics to convert into videos will save you time and increase your content promotion.

Create Script From Takeaways

3. Create Script From Takeaways

Lots of business owners make mistakes when they create a social media post to takeaways. If you are not good at writing copy, you can easily repurpose the content to a script to deliver your message. To create a script, start by taking a look at the post you are trying to improve.

Ask yourself, what is the most important takeaway I should write in my script? In this example, the takeaways include “try it now” and “sign up.” All you need to do is repurpose those takeaways into a script you can deliver as a video. If you are interested in taking this course, please do not hesitate to sign up now.

Video is one of the most preferred and updated marketing strategies to capture the attention of your target audience. When you have something significant and something new to tell your audience – e.g. about your brand or the launch of a new product/service, you must choose an animated video as the ultimate enticing tool.

Although scripts for each genre and technique have similar formats, the tone of narration changes depending on the requirement. Hence, the initial step for the scriptwriter is to understand the business requirement and then develop a unique and original script. Writing a video script for a YouTube video becomes easy when you find out what your audience wants.

Use An Online Tool

4. Use An Online Tool

Using a tool such as YouTube's Triceratops plugin will help you create your own YouTube channel and convert those blog posts into relevant videos. All you need to do is enter the URL of your blog post and hit the button to make your post into a YouTube video. What's more, this software will automatically host all your videos on YouTube and bring all the leads and prospective clients to your website.

Use an online tool to convert your blog posts into short videos that capture your customers' attention and deliver an engaging message that you can use to market your business. The tool you choose can be a simple one-page website to post videos on YouTube, such as Viddler or Videos8 or a mobile app to convert those blog posts into HD YouTube videos, such as Twilio.

Use an online tool to automatically generate a slide show to make your blog posts more visually appealing and more accessible to view online. Blogs and the video content on them are an evergreen type of content that can keep your content relevant, fresh, and valuable for years to come. Make use of your blog posts for viral video marketing and keep those potential customers engaged. This is the easiest and cheapest way to gain more traffic to your blog or YouTube channel.

If you don't have PowerPoint or prefer a different approach to creating your videos, there are plenty of great online tools you can use to turn your blog posts into videos. One of the most popular online video creation tools is Lumen5. Lumen5 is a beginner-friendly tool that helps you convert your blog posts into videos with minimum effort.

What's great about this tool is that you don't even have to write a script. This AI-powered video creation tool automatically grabs the critical points from your blog posts and adds them into the video within minutes. The free plan offered by Lumen5 allows you to create videos using your blog posts and export them in 480p quality.

You can use your logo and custom brand colours in your videos as well. Lumen5 makes converting blog posts to videos extremely easy. But, it has limits. For example, you can't customize the effects used in Lumen5 videos, and the free plan also adds Lumen5 branding to your videos.

Use A Free Video Editing Software

5. Use A Free Video Editing Software

Having the video editing software on your computer already doesn't make much difference unless you learn to use it properly. Take the time to understand how the software works and learn to edit videos with it. Online video editing software is better than the free ones because the free ones use third-party plugins that have issues on small, Mac, and Linux computers.

For example, Adobe Premiere Elements is excellent, but you need to pay for an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to unlock editing features. Once you have the free software installed, don't hesitate to start making videos. Discover which aspect of your blog posts is popular among your target audience and implement that into your videos.

Even though it takes more work, creating the video by yourself is the most effective way to promote your brand the way you want. You get to customize the effects, add and edit content as you prefer, and add your custom branding without having to pay for a tool or a video editor.

There is plenty of free video editing software that you can use to create incredible videos all by yourself. For example, Lightworks is entirely free to use. Even the prominent Hollywood directors use it to edit big-budget films such as

  • The King's Speech,
  • The Wolf Of Wall Street,
  • Road to Perdition, and more.

There are a lot of tutorials available online on how to use Lightworks. You can use those tutorials to learn the basics and start creating videos quickly.

Digital tools can help you become a good marketer. There is no question that editing videos are one of the easiest ways to transform your content into a professional-quality video. Using free video editing software, you can crop and trim your video footage and add effects.

It also allows you to produce subtitles for those videos for when you don't speak the language of your audience or when you want to add in native content, such as audio or video of people in the videos.

The free video editing software has enough capabilities to help you convert your blog content into videos and be used for a minimal cost. Once you've produced a few videos using your new free video editing software, share them on YouTube.

Add A Free Background Music Track

6. Add A Free Background Music Track

The most effective part of your video marketing strategy should involve some amount of creative marketing. You could add a free background music track to make your audience feel comfortable and productive while watching your video. You can also add your branding slogan in front of the camera to draw attention to your company.

One of the most effective ways to generate traffic from YouTube is to set a clear goal for your videos. You should choose a task that can make a meaningful difference to your audience and add value. You should make sure that the video you create can be easily understood and used as an effective promotion tool.


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The YouTube Studio video editor lets you add music to your video from a library of licensed songs. You can use songs from the Audio Library in monetized videos. Note: If your video has over 100,000 views, you may not be able to save changes to your videos. Connect with a composer to create a stunning free audio track for your video.

Add a free background music track to your video to produce a personalized music video to improve the engagement of your viewers. You can easily find free royalty-free music from eBay. Just go to the Music Section and search for “free music.” I also found great music at plays.FM includes plays, common music genres and composers. You can download the tracks for free and add them to your video to make it stand out and attract more visitors.

Insert Your Script Into The Video Using Text Effects

7. Insert Your Script Into The Video Using Text Effects

Videos with text can be informational and educational, or playful mood lifters or even memes. Add text in a variety of ways to your video with Adobe Spark's online video editors. Share your final work across any channel to entertain your friends, family, and audiences.

Convert those text effects into engaging video titles. Run a Google search for popular keywords you want to use and create a video for the top 10. Adobe Spark features themes with font and colours options so you can customize your text to match your video. Explore available video themes below to find an aesthetic that matches your video.

Tell a story with your next video by adding text to it. Explore ways you can create a title card or credits using the text overlay. Create subtitles with the caption feature. Use font choices to help convey the mood of your video. Share essential details and create a professional quality edit by adding text with the help of Adobe Spark.


Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, a complete blog is the fundamental building block for your online presence. If you can, make it your long-term plan. If not, convert your blog posts into videos to reach more customers on YouTube.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the 7 Killer Ways To Convert Your Blog Posts Into YouTube Videos. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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