How To Share Content On Social Media

How To Share Content On Social Media

How To Share Content On Social Media?

How To Share Content On Social Media?

One of the final goals of many people who are working on social platforms is getting more visibility. Why does this matter? Why is it important for people to get recognized on social networking websites? At first, it might look at it as one of our instinct. We kind of enjoy becoming popular.

However, it has other values as well. When you and whatever about you is being shared among others, you will gain authority in your specific field. For example, you are an expert in the field of digital marketing. You usually hold a class for people about how to make money online. As a teacher, you should create lots of content about your job and present it to your students.


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So, you often post your classes on IGTV, YouTube, and other platforms. By adding your business logo or putting the address of your website, everybody interested in digital marketing will start to recognize you. Step by step, your words become very valuable, and as a result, you will receive more attention. Now, what is the reason behind your authority on the issue of digital marketing? Yes, your content is the key here. People have liked it and started sharing it from one place to another.

As you can see, all businesses need to share their content via different social platforms. Do you know how you can share your content on social media? Do you know how crucial it is for your content to be distributed among people? I am here for that! In this article, we will know what is considered content on social media, how many types does content has? And finally, how can we share it efficiently? Let's get started with a simple definition of content.

What Is Content On Social Media?

What Is Content On Social Media?

Content is simply what you put on the internet. It can be an article on your website, a photo of your honeymoon on your Instagram page, a short video of you teaching English to children, or a combination of all! Nowadays, content is the most central concept on social media! All skills are being used to create professional and practical content.

Why is it the case? For example, why an article about different types of TV would matter to Internet users? Why would Internet users care about the last trip you had as a manager of a big international company? Well, there are many reasons to convince you why it is the case. In the next section, I will argue why content has become an inexplicable part of social media and the internet in general.

Reasons Why Content Matters

Have you heard the word SEO? Do you know what it means? I don’t want to make things complicated. To make it short, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. An SEO expert teaches you how to create content to increase your rank on a search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc. The main focus of SEO is on content because it works as the frontline of your business. Here, I am going to bring some reasons to show the importance of content.

1. Customers Trust You More

 1. Customers Trust You More

When you create professional and original content on your website or social page, you are sending an implicit message to your audience that you know your business very well and are passionate about it. This will create more trust between you and your followers or visitors. If your content is insightful and helps the audience problems, that's even better and creates a deep relationship between you and your audience. Then, they might decide to visit your content more often. That's what you want, isn't it?


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2. Makes You Look Like An Expert

Creating content by your website or page means that you are the expert in the field. When people think that a website or a platform is run by experts, they are more likely to get in touch with you as the manager of the website/platform and ask you different questions.

3. You Can Build A Library Of Content

With good content, you can create a database. The database might include articles, video, soundtrack, etc., step by step. This database gets more significant so that you can do branding with it. What does it mean? Let me give you an example. You are an expert in the field of selling intelligent TVs.

During the year, you try so hard and write a series of an article comparing different brands. Or, you might produce videos learning your audience how to run a diagnostic test when the TV doesn’t work. Now, you will end up having 500 articles, 100 videos, and many other types of content. You can make a professional package with your business logo and start selling it to the public! This is how branding happens.

4. Attracts New Viewers

4. Attracts New Viewers

When you create content on your page, the audience who like your content may share it elsewhere. In this way, even people who are not your followers will see it and might search and follow you.

5. Drives Web Views

5. Drives Web Views

When you post content on your social account or page, you can easily use it to get views for other online platforms such as your website or other social accounts. You just need to add a link and let people click on it.

Increasing market share, inbounding lead sourcing, and establishing your brand are some other important content.


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Content Is The First Step Toward The Success Of Your Business

You might say who cares whether my website is constantly producing content. You might be only interested in selling your products and services. So, how is content going to help you with that? The answer to this question is the essence of this article.

Let me start with the customers. Not many years ago, online shopping and online businesses weren’t that much important. However, people don’t have time anymore to get stuck in the traffic and spend hours in shopping malls trying to find what they like. Thanks to online platforms, everything is possible from your desk. Accordingly, people's buying behaviours have changed as well.

Traditionally, you used to go to a store, ask a bunch of questions from the salesperson and then decide whether to buy something. Now, all these processes have become online. Your search for a good and reputable online shopping platform and buy your items. There is something significant here. And, that's the key to our article. Let me ask you this. For example, what did you type in Google if you want to buy a chair?

Perhaps, you will type “buying an online chair,” “the best brands of chairs,” “the nearest place to buy chairs,” etc. Then, you will get a bunch of options in your search engine. Some of these options are advertisements supported by the search engine itself. But, others are very famous and trustable websites where you can buy chairs.

Here is the crucial question! How have they become so famous and trustable? YES, by producing original and high-quality content. Search engines can easily understand whether your content has been lovable and shareable by Internet users. The more popular your content is, the higher your rank is in the eye of the engine. What are the key features of good content?

What Features Does Your Content Need To Be Shared?

What Features Does Your Content Need To Be Shared?

Do you like your content to be shared? Follow the following criteria!

Content Must Be Original

This is one of the basics of every good content. It should be copied from somewhere else. It should show that you, as the author have insight and vision about the topic. It might be written formally or friendly. In any case, it would be significant damage to your business if your followers find out you don’t have enough time for them to create insightful and original content.


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Content Must Solve A Problem

You have to be able to answer people's questions in a readable article. Do your followers want to compare Apple and Samsung? You write and do it for them. Are they looking for the best neighbourhood in LA to buy a house? You go ahead and get them familiar with all parts of LA. Have they searched for the best vegan restaurants in London? You start digging out and reveal those restaurants. They will appreciate you as soon as you help them with their challenging questions.

Content Must Be Diverse

You shouldn’t limit yourself to only one type of content. Texts, videos, podcasts, gifs, infographics, etc., are all possible. Of course, some of them are sharable much more than others. But, it doesn’t permit you to lose the diversity of your content.

Content Must Be SEO Friendly

Content Must Be SEO Friendly

Many big companies have SEO experts because it is crucial for content to be noticed by search engines. Adding internal and external links, putting lovely photos, etc., must be taken care of. Also, the structure of your content must be eye-catching and appealing—for example, the number of paragraphs, the length of sentences, etc.

How To Share Content On Social Media?

Now, we got back to the question we asked at the beginning of this article. Here, ten ways are going to be introduced.

Share Your Social Media Handles

Share Your Social Media Handles

This is a straightforward task, but most people miss it. It doesn’t matter if you are producing a short video or writing a review article. You must mention your social media handles on them. What are your social media handles? They are the addresses that let people find you easily on different platforms.

For example, your Telegram username might be @King or @love4u. Your Instagram, YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, etc., have a specific username. When people click them, they will be directed to your social hub. Add the at the end of your content to reach you on different platforms so that people who enjoyed it can contact you. This is a good way of recruiting new followers.

Common Hashtags To Attract A Larger Audience

Common Hashtags To Attract A Larger Audience

Hashtags are other tools for sharing what you have created. Sometimes, people put energy and time and creating well-structured content. However, they don’t see any improvement in their impressions. One important reason is the fact that your content might not be discoverable for people. For example, Instagram visitors want to have some information about cosmetic products.

They search and don’t find you. To be discoverable, you have to use relevant hashtags. When someone is looking for a specific topic, they usually use hashtags to find relevant pages. There are many tips you have to be master of before being able to use hashtags properly.

The number of hashtags associated with each content and its relevancy to the content matter a lot. You can search and find the most popular hashtags in every field. So, try to create content that can be associated with popular hashtags. 

Use Lists Or Similar Content To Get Straight To The Point

Your content must be produced so that the followers get the main idea and then decide whether they are interested enough to keep watching. People usually don’t have enough time to watch the whole video or read the entire text.

So, make it easier for them by listing the main topics or summarizing the content results. You have a short time to devise them to stay and keep reading. You have to get the best out of it by producing summaries, lists, quick points, or similar things to make the content more digestible for people who are short on time.

More Infographics, Please!

More Infographics, Please!

This is another new trend on social platforms. What are infographics? Infographics are photos filled with numbers and statistics. When you want to have a broad and general idea of something, you must create many infographics. For example, you are running a real state office and want to boost your sales. One thing you can do is show your clients how profitable buying a house in your city is.

You can create a great infographic showing the housing price in the city growing up for many years. Then, they will be convinced to come and buy. Infographics compress lots of data into an exact figure. And, it is very appealing to get lots of qualitative data just by looking at a professionally designed photo.

Use Influencers Wisely

Use Influencers Wisely

You need to collaborate with influencers who are famous in your field. Collaborating with them means that more people will visit your page and might start seeing your content. Who are influencers? To put it simply, influencers are people on social platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. However, the difference between them and ordinary users is that they have authority over one, two, or more than two subjects. Why do they have authority?

It is because they have been successful in their respected field, and people usually trust them. For example, a beautiful model can be an influencer for fashion and beauty? Why? Because first of all, she is gorgeous and successful in what she is doing, and second of all, lots of people are out there who wish to have a body like her. Accordingly, when she is promoting something, people will usually accept it.

You can start collaborating with influencers and asking them to share the link to your content. However, there are many influencers with thousands of fake followers. They just create the illusion of being famous for getting more money in return for advertising a product or service from a brand. If you work with honest and reputable influencers, your content will be shared more because more people will see it. 

Memes Are Everyone’s Friend

You have to get creative as much as possible! Memes are great tools to show yourself as someone funny and extroverted. You just need to think about the current trends and come up with something interesting. However, don’t overuse them because they might get spoiled very quickly! Just one or two memes in a week are enough. You can use the previous one as well as the self-generated ones. 

Ask Questions

Another way of sharing your content and ideas is to let others engage with them. For example, in your opinion, Instagram Stories must not appear after 24 hours because people who are living in different time zones might lose the content as they are sleeping when it is published. Regardless of whether it is true or false, you can ask other people and visitors to express their opinions about this. It is not important whether they agree or disagree with what you have said. It is essential that you are engaging them and might start sharing your content for more feedback. 

Be Present In The Comment Section

You can hunt new targets in the comment section. When you post content, a small percentage of your followers might leave comments for you. Then, you can reply to their words and share another exciting link for them. For instance, you have posted an article suggesting that Samsung phones are much better than Apple phones in battery life. Then, some of your followers might think differently and argue with you. That's great because you can engage in a conversation with them and share another link related to the topic.

Go Behind The Scenes

Go Behind The Scenes

Imagine that you have created a very professional video clip introducing your business's new product. Then, you post it on your social platforms. The video receives lots of views, comments, likes, and shares. However, you can make it even better! How? The best way is to show your followers how hard it has been for you to create such an informative video. For example, in the video, you indicate that you haven’t been sleeping for two days to finish the talk or something similar. 

Share Your Blog Entries

Blog entries are usually more casual and show a bit of your personality. That's why you have to share them with your audience on your social account. You should conduct your followers that not only are you serious about what you are doing; you are a fantastic guy too—someone funny, trustable, and open-minded. Blog entries are usually about the daily routine, interesting occurrences, and stories of your life. Let the audience know you, and then you will share your content on your behalf.

Exploit All The Tools You Have

Every social networking site has its own features. Instagram has Live, Stories, Reel, etc. YouTube has only videos. Twitter has a combination of both. You should learn to use them all because each tool/feature is appropriate for a specific subjective. For example, if you want to communicate with your followers, have a Live show and let them ask their questions. When you answer them passionately, they will return the favour by sharing your content somewhere else. Or, if you have very long video content, just send it as IGTV. The same is valid with other features too.

Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Content

If you don’t want your followers to stop sharing your content, don’t do the following;

  • Don’t copy content from others.
  • Send content regularly. Sending ten content in a day and then 0 content for two months is not wise at all.
  • Don’t try to criticize your competitors in your content. It is not fair. If you do this, don’t expect them not to do the same about you.
  • Don’t be racist in your content. Try not to be an advocate of anybody and anything. Try to be neutral.



Nowadays, content is the key element of an excellent online business. If you have social accounts and want people to share your content, you have to follow a series of instructions. In this article, we first defined content and explained why it is crucial. And, finally, we discussed some techniques and strategies you can adopt to encourage people to share your content more. I hope you liked it. Take care.

I trust you enjoyed this article about How To Share Content On Social Media. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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