How To Boost Your Success As A Blogger

How To Boost Your Success As A Blogger

How To Boost Your Success As A Blogger

How To Boost Your Success As A Blogger

How can you make your blog stand out when there are already so many amazing blogs on the arts, culture, and creative endeavours? How do you attract more visitors, grow your clientele, and keep them coming back for more?


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There are many ways to make your creative blog successful, which can increase your profile and help you attract more clients. Here are some suggestions for running a successful creative blog; if you have any more, please add them in the comments section so I can make this the best list on the internet.

1. Getting Going

Your first difficulty will be selecting a blogging platform. Several free choices are available, including Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and TypePad. It's incredibly simple to get started since they all provide free design themes that you can use to personalize your blog. If you're unsure about how to utilize them, what then? Many online video tutorials are available; for instance, WordPress includes a set of lessons to get you started.

2. Think About Integrating

It makes sense from an SEO perspective to connect your blog with your current website to create content and win the hearts of search engines. After all, content is the foundation of SEO (search engine optimization). Start a free blog and be sure to add connections to your primary website or other links, such as to your creative portfolio, if you cannot do this or cannot afford to engage a web developer.

Choose A Niche

3. Choose A Niche

Find a specialty while selecting a creative subject for your blog. You'll impress both the search engines and your viewers if your blog is focused. Avoid being overly generic and, instead, concentrate on a single, in-depth subject and stick to it. Remember to remain on the subject while you carve out your specialty and pursue it.


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4. Write About Your Passions

Write about something you are passionate about; else, your writing will not be passionate. Find a subject that you are passionate about and stick to it; else, your material will suffer. If you're a museum curator, speak about the field, new trends, and other exhibits or museums you like. And if you're a theatrical director, you may write about professionals in your field who inspire you or tell your readers about your day at work.

Provide Value

5. Provide Value

It should go without saying that your creative blog will never be successful if you don't provide what the audience wants. Give customers what they want and enhance their online surfing experience with genuine value. What am I referring to here? Well, the stuff you post demonstrates value. People won't read it or return to read more if it isn't worthwhile. Consider your message carefully, and offer the public what they want.

6. Accentuate Marketing

If you just start a blog and expect that readers will find it without making any marketing efforts, you won't go very far. Your blog has to be actively marketed, and there are several methods to achieve so.

By adding insightful comments to other bloggers' blog posts, you may start a conversation with them and drive traffic to your website. Alternatively, like this feature, you might leverage search engines to your advantage and write on subjects often searched for. You might even volunteer to write for reputable online publications or blogs to boost your visibility further. Get out there and advertise yourself like crazy, whatever you decide to do. There isn't much of a justification not to.

Encourage Dialogue

7. Encourage Dialogue

Encourage discussion on your blog. As I have done with this piece, ask them to comment on other articles. Wherever possible, promote conversation. Build a community, solicit input, give credit when credit is due, and be polite. Make an effort to be approachable and pleasant since people like interacting.

8. Facilitate Commenting

Remember that there are a variety of reasons why readers can choose not to leave comments on your blog entries. It might be anything, such as not making it simple to leave a comment or posting about unfavourable topics that readers don't want to engage with. In conclusion? Make it simple for individuals to leave comments and write about topics encouraging constructive discussion. People will often return if they can engage with you on your blog.

9. Don't Stress About The Negative

Sometimes, your blog could get a strangely critical remark. Don't let it discourage you or make you afraid to blog. You may remove or politely reply to any comments you don't like. Contrary to popular belief, you seldom encounter negativity, so don't stress out too much.

Avoid Stage Fright And Have Confidence In Yourself

10. Avoid Stage Fright And Have Confidence In Yourself

It seems sensible that if your blog gets more than 1,000 views per month, you will start to doubt your content and yourself. Avoid stage fear and persevere! You have a lot of visitors for a reason, so have confidence in yourself and keep producing top-notch material.

11. More Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

People adore visuals. Some of the most well-read artistic and creative blogs are used numerous images worldwide. This is partly because consumers like scanning online sites fast and appreciate images and photos that break up text and offer visual appeal. Including as many photos as possible will offer your viewers much to appreciate while creating a creative blog.

12. Provide Easy Reading

According to research, people browse and skim online sites rather than reading every word of material. As a result, aim to make your posts simple and short to read. When feasible, provide lists to help you break up the material. You should include at least 250 words of text to maximize SEO. But you should also stay to this limit for your readers, unless you're producing an essay like this, utilizing lists or bullet points to keep readers' attention.

Give Your Articles Catchy Headlines

13. Give Your Articles Catchy Headlines

When coming up with blog post topics, try to come up with names that are both attractive and catchy, as well as titles that people will use search engines to find. You aim to captivate them and pique their interest.

14. Keep It Routine

A blog denotes a “regular” emphasis and is similar to an online journal. Try to update your blog at least twice a week with new content. If SEO is one of your top concerns, blogging should ideally be done daily. If not, simply make an effort to keep things moving. Additionally, if you go on vacation, make the most of your blog's scheduling options so that posts may be made automatically while you're away from your workstation.

Reduce Clutter

15. Reduce Clutter

Try to keep the layout simple, clean, and clutter-free while designing your blog, whether you're starting one from yourself or utilizing one of the available free blogging platforms. Limit the number of extra features you provide. You'll satisfy your site readers and keep them coming back for more if you keep it simple to look at.


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16. Become Social

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook shouldn't be ignored. Make sure to connect them to your blog's RSS feed so that your most recent article may be shared with your readers. Twitter feed is a great application that automatically publishes your updates to your Facebook and Twitter accounts; fantastic for Twitter, but at the moment seems a little spammy on Facebook. By testing everything first, ensure you're satisfied with the automated updates and tweets you're posting.

Monitoring Google Analytics

17. Monitoring Google Analytics

Keep tabs on how visitors arrive at your blog and how they found you. Once you know what your followers want from your blog articles, you may effectively use those outside sources that attract readers. Your analytics will be useful in determining your ROI (return on investment) and whether or not any online advertising you invest in is successful. Monitor your site analytics to ensure your blog operates as effectively as it should.

18. Permit Simple Execution

Wherever you can, include “follow” badges on your blog. For instance, you may use a free widget on Blogger to encourage visitors to “follow” your blog in their own Google Readers. Tumblr offers a comparable feature, but this one is built-in. Ensure your blog has an easy-to-use follow option, even if it has apparent links to your RSS feed.

19. Become Personal

Your readers will adore you for it if you share more of who you are in your postings. People want to follow individuals over brands. If feasible, include an “about” section and a picture of yourself. Offering a personal touch will make people like you more, and by appealing to their emotions, you'll inspire loyalty and happy, repeat customers.

Irish fashion blogger Ana Kinsella is a fantastic example. The personal touch comes through when she publishes photos of her ensembles on her Ripped Knees blog, which also has a lot of fashion news. Similarly popular and comparable is the style bubble. Personalize your blog by doing so.

20. Spelling And Grammar Checks

Finally, it's important to double-check your spelling and review your content many times before pressing the “publish” button. In addition to destroying your trust, bad spelling will harm your SEO since the search engines won't value poor material. Make sure everything is verified before going online.

How To Boost Success As A Blogger

How To Boost Success As A Blogger

All bloggers have the same goal: they want their blogs to be successful. Success for the majority of bloggers involves converting devoted fans. Know when or why you began your blog. A few little adjustments to it and your mindset may make a big difference.

1. Identify A Niche

This nugget of counsel has been disseminated online since the first popular blog initially appeared. However, many novice bloggers don't heed this advice, in part. After all, they are unsure of what to write about, partly because they don't understand what a niche is. We've got you covered, so don't worry. “A specialized yet lucrative area of the market” defines “niche.”

When we say “discover your niche,” what we truly mean is to concentrate your blog's content. If you're writing for yourself, it's fantastic to discuss everything and everything that comes to mind, but readers could find it disorganized and hard to follow. To answer a query or solve an issue, readers need a collection of relevant and valuable articles on the same subject.

There are blogs in almost every area, it's true, but the secret to succeeding and reaching your target audience is to limit your subject even more. Look for a gap in the market and concentrate on it. This will lessen your competition and establish you as the leading authority in your field.

Don't Be Hesitant To Promote Yourself

2. Don't Be Hesitant To Promote Yourself

Promoting your idea on social media or among friends might be frightening for many individuals. You don't want to seem arrogant or appear like spam, so avoid using either of those words.

But to succeed, you must spread the word, and who better to do that than you? It's all a part of marketing, and bloggers must learn how to promote themselves via social media and blog comments.

Sometimes, it's okay to brag about yourself. The secret is to strike a balance between humility and self-promotion. Many social media users, including bloggers, advise utilizing 80% of your social media comments and shares to promote other people's efforts and 20% of them to advertise your goods and services.

3. Construct On What Works

Don't be hesitant to attempt anything new since experimentation is an essential process element. Create a brand-new weekly blogging series, experiment with advertising, or start guest writing. See how readers respond to these novel concepts using your website's analytics and comments features.

Ask your readers their opinions if you don't see any hint of a response in your data. It's unlikely to harm your blogging practice to test a few things here and there. Some of these studies may result in a significant rise in traffic. The good thing is that you can always get rid of the unsuccessful ones.

4. Execute The “Above The Fold” Test

The text shown above the fold is what visitors to your blog first see. Anything that you can view without scrolling qualifies. The most crucial information should be shown above the fold since you only have a few seconds to establish a solid first impression and assist visitors in finding what they're searching for.

People should be able to learn about you and what you do, for example, without having to scroll. Including a tagline is good if it's not clear from your blog's title. Your call-to-action should be visible above the fold if you want to get people to notice it.

Uncertain about the effectiveness of your website in this respect. To schedule a free 5-second test, use the Clue App. To find out which information readers believe is most significant, send the test to your friends or followers. Dislike the outcomes? Rethinking the design of your website is worthwhile.

Make Your Blog Sticky

5. Make Your Blog Sticky

Sticky is a concept that describes how you motivate visitors to come back to or remain on your site. You may, for instance, provide a link to an old post from your blog that is pertinent.

You may either do this inside the text or after each blog post's reference list. The purpose behind these links is to direct readers to your material and provide them with additional in-depth details on the issue or a closely connected one.

Successful bloggers must provide excellent material that engages readers and offers them value. An excellent blog demands focus and challenge the author to learn how to interact with other bloggers. Although starting a blog and designing it is significant, postings continue to be the most crucial aspect of blogging. Here are some writing pointers for new bloggers.

6. Establish Contacts

Relationships with other bloggers are among the best strategies to promote your site. You must introduce yourself to other readers and your blog. If you don't, it may be difficult for visitors to find your blog. Bloggers often use a technique known as a roundup.

This article will share links with other bloggers and offer a summary of your recent favourite blog posts. Send an email to let the blog owner know they are included in your blog roundup. If you do this, they will be more likely to share the blog post on their social media pages, and you'll receive a high-quality link in exchange.

Tell A Story

7. Tell A Story

What distinguishes your blog from others on the web? As Neil Gaiman said, there will always be greater authors and wiser writers than you, so start creating the tales only you can tell. Individuals will always be far better than you at this or that, but only you exist.

It's crucial to explain to readers how and why your blog is unique from others. A personal experience rather than a list of advice for the readers will be the source of some of the finest blog pieces. To connect with your audience, you must get to know them. As they anticipate reading and sharing your tales, this is the best approach to attract others to read and share your material.

8. Stay Connected

How often do you have trouble coming up with blog post ideas? Lack of information is often the cause of this. Some individuals neglect to read news articles about their sector.

How can you expect to guide your readers if you are not staying up to date with the most recent news in your industry? If you don't have time to read, you won't have the time or the resources to write, as Stephen King has said. Just like that.

Infographics And Video

9. Infographics And Video

By including original material, your site will benefit greatly. Incorporating videos and infographics into your blog articles is a fantastic approach to producing something distinctive. The infographics are excellent because they make the material more readable and are simple to distribute.

It is a good idea to concentrate on optimizing your blog for mobile readers since a significant portion of people accesses the Internet through their mobile phones. To make it simpler for your mobile readers to view the videos on the move, upload them to YouTube. Videos complement the blog since they help you position yourself as an expert in your field.

Adding videos to your blog also gives your viewers a chance to get to know you better. Everyone enjoys seeing someone they respect reading and disseminating your blog to their network. Occasionally include a video in your blog articles to change things up and offer readers something fresh to anticipate.

10. Embrace Readers

Consider asking your audience for suggestions if you have trouble developing blog article ideas. You may get ideas for blog posts from your visitors, or they can write as a guest on your blog.

Making time each month for guest posts is a terrific opportunity to interact with your readers on a deeper level. If one of your readers' blogs, you may have a chance to connect to them. When guest posting on your site, writers with many connections might enhance blog exposure.

These people often have a significant social media following, making it simple for them to establish the connections necessary to increase your site's exposure. “Writing is difficult because it is difficult. One of the most difficult things anybody ever does. — William Zinsser ”

Don't let yourself become too depressed if you have trouble coming up with new blog topics. Everyone finds writing challenging, and to keep the material interesting, you sometimes need to push your creative boundaries.


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11. Look For Possibilities

Some bloggers get a single thought paralysis. Learning to write in several voices is one of the finest writing advice you can get. You will need to alter your writing style for this since some of your pieces may be current events or noteworthy, while others may be conversational or narrative. Attempting some humorous or contentious blogs is a great method to engage your audience since they often comment on them.

Conclusion To How To Boost Your Success As A Blogger


Although good writing advice might get you started, it is up to you to concentrate on making your blog distinctive. You may use our advice to spark your imagination and break out of your writing rut to advance your blog.

Remember that you shouldn't take writing advice from anybody too seriously, to quote Lev Grossman. We're all still figuring out how to connect with readers, and in the end, you'll need to develop your voice to attract devoted readers.

I trust you enjoyed this article about How To Boost Your Success As A Blogger. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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