User-Friendly Blog Design

User-Friendly Blog Design

User-Friendly Blog Design

User-Friendly Blog Design

In a recent poll, blogs came in third place after friends and family as the most reliable information sources. Yes, bloggers are more trusted than politicians, companies, journalists, and celebrities. But how can you first make readers fall in love with your blog? (Aside from the outstanding material, obviously.)

The design of your blog, much like a welcome mat, is the front entrance of your business blog, much as your website homepage is like the front door to your company.


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How can you persuade people to read (and, ideally, subscribe to) your information if you can't draw them in visually? The issue of presenting high-quality information in a manner that makes it apparent what your blog is about remains after you've finished writing it.

If your material is not shown in a manner that is attractive, simple to understand, and increases interest, readers may stop reading it. Images, text, and links must be displayed precisely and correctly.

1. Assist Scout

Sometimes the most straightforward blog designs are the finest ones. We like the distinct yet simple style used by Help Scout, a company that creates customer assistance software. It minimizes the usage of words and images while embracing negative space.

This site uses featured photos in all of its entries, including a banner image at the top that draws attention to a recent or incredibly well-liked piece. These symbols are placed in front of vivid block colours that draw readers in and indicate the topic of the piece. And it works; this blog's layout screams “clean” and “readable” at every turn.

2. Microsoft Stories

Complete disclosure We've already raved utterly over Microsoft's “Stories” website. We can't help it; what better way to breathe new life into a dated brand than with a blog that features lovely, engaging, and motivating branded content?

Additionally, these tales' square design evocates the Microsoft logo, which adds to their essential brand consistency. Another excellent illustration of how a company blog can be a valuable tool for complete branding is Microsoft Stories. Microsoft has tried to humanize its image in recent years, partly due to competition with Apple.

Get an intimate look into the people, places, and ideas that drive us, says the “Stories” microsite's straightforward slogan. It may be thought of as Microsoft's more sympathetic side. Your blog may transmit a particular brand message when you intend to do so — visually and in terms of content.

3. Pando

A consistent colour palette and design are crucial components of a well-designed blog; after all, 80% of customers claim that colour increases brand awareness. It's intriguing how colour harmony may harmonize the more disparate design components.

Bluetones are used in the backdrop, highlight bars, and particular text on the Pando blog, which examines the startup cycle. However, it also employs a variety of typefaces, all of which, when unified by a similar colour scheme, manage to seem seamless together.

4. Design Milk

Design Milk, an online publication for modern design, uses a fairly simple style to showcase its content. The right sidebar, which is always displayed when a blog post is accessed to read it, is ideal for displaying the thumbnail photographs of newly published articles.

That internal linking tactic encourages visitors to stay on the website longer. The social sharing buttons at the top of the page help the overall aesthetic appeal of the website since they are prominent and make it simple to share Design Milk's content.

5. Fubiz

An example of a highly modern design with wonderful customization is the art and design site Fubiz. The blog's homepage has “highlighted” content that visitors may side-scroll through. Below that is the Creativity Finder, where users can choose from personas like “Art Lover” or “Freelancer,” as well as their area and the kind of material they're interested in.

Readers may then explore information that is tailored to their interests. The banner picture is quite gorgeous, too. It takes advantage of a psychological concept known as the “blue mind,” which has shown that the sight of a wide sea may naturally entice us. Fubiz can visually entice users to its material by incorporating it into a design scheme.

Website Depot

6. Website Depot

It should be no surprise that this design news website is aesthetically attractive with a name like “Webdesigner Depot.” The way Webdesigner Depot has included social sharing buttons on each blog article is one thing we find admirable.

Although we always advise reading the whole article, having those links accessible makes it easier for users to share an intriguing headline immediately. Also, notice the navigation arrows on the right; scrolling to the top or bottom of a page has never been so simple. Furthermore, the typefaces, background, and colour scheme are all constant, maintaining this site's professional appearance while setting it apart from the typical blog templates.

7. Mashable

Just have a peek at the header picture. The contrasted writing, the bright colours, the wire overlay, and the grabbing pupil. No pun is meant, but it attracts the reader's attention. Mashable's homepage divides its material into three distinct sections: On the left, new posts are shown with the tiniest thumbnails.

Large thumbnails of the “What's Rising” and “What's Hot” articles are featured in the center and right columns, respectively. The attention-grabbing top article or other posts that are presently trending?

Readers may choose which kind of news matters to them the most with this three-pronged approach to content presentation. Additionally, we like that each post preview includes the total amount of shares; this serves as excellent social evidence.


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8. Brit + Co

The Brit & Co webpage exudes “clean,” “warm,” and “welcoming” in every way. The style is incredibly ordered, and the absence of clutter makes the text easier to read. We like the site's seasonality as well. I mean, jack-o-lanterns made of avocados at the beginning of October?

Adorable and complete with a vibrant, enjoyable picture to highlight the story's main ideas. A smart method to advertise popular material without being overt about it is via the subdued “trending” banner. Additionally, with such stunning pictures, we noticed the reference to Pinterest; it's crucial to add that symbol when your blog uses eye-catching photography.

9. Tesco Living

Tesco Living, the blog of the British food retailer Tesco, has a fantastic, colourful look that is always the same. Recall how we always stress the need for brand consistency. Look at the rhombus-like patterns on the top banner; they are identical to those in Tesco's emblem.

Tesco Living has successfully struck an excellent mix between boldness and simplicity. Although the design is straightforward, it is not dull. Each content area is highlighted by warm, inviting tones, and the photographs add a few splashes of colour here and there. It's a terrific illustration of how the correct images can provide a pleasing “less-is-more” look, particularly if that appearance complements your brand's overarching idea.

10. Crew

The Crew platform for designers and developers' blog, Crew Backstage, features a stunningly simple but striking blog design. One blog post with a sizable title, subtitle, and call to action to read more is shown above the fold. A similarly understated call-to-action on the left makes it simple for readers to get in touch with Crew or find out more. The same shade of blue is used over the whole area above the fold, which has been shown to increase brand confidence.

11. Safe Beverages

The people at Innocent Drinks are not just excellent copywriters; their blog design serves as a nice reminder that blog designs don't have to be too elaborate. Observe how the emblem, visible in the top left, is straightforward, cartoonish, and almost adorably innocent.

It works for Innocent Drinks (hint: the innocence of childhood), and that brand presence is preserved throughout the business blog. For instance, the brand's informal, lighthearted voice is maintained by using animated typefaces that complement the logo. We particularly appreciate how the right's angular social sharing icons complement the left's immediately accessible archive links.


12. 500px

Similar to Crew, the photography site 500px draws the viewer in with one highlighted story and a large, bold, high-definition picture. That clarifies the blog; it provides insightful photography articles with compelling imagery.

The social media buttons are also prominently placed above the fold, which is great. They facilitate the sharing of the photographs and keep readers interested in the writing; material with pictures is up to three times more likely to be shared on social media.

13. Pixelgrade

A design agency called Pixelgrade produces gorgeous WordPress themes for all types of creatives and small enterprises. One of their most recent or well-liked blog entries is prominently displayed on their blog page, with a clear call to action and a brief snippet.

The website style is consistent with their brand and how they connect on other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, which I appreciate most. Their blog entries and any other stuff you may encounter while reading through social media will be easy for you to recognize.

14. BarkPost

It's no secret that at HubSpot, we sort of enjoy dogs. We were thus interested when a blog on becoming a dog owner caught our eye. For many reasons, BarkPost, the blog of the canine subscription box business BarkBox, is a fantastic illustration of design.

First, see how simple it is to subscribe; the request is placed just above the highlighted material. The social media share icons are also clearly visible and are all in the same dependable, brand-consistent blue.

We also like that BarkPost promotes its sibling businesses, which are part of the portfolio of brands owned by Bark & Co. However, the site also acts as an instructional resource for dog owners and lovers rather than pushing its goods.


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15. International Goodwill Industries, Inc.

Who says blogs aren't allowed for nonprofits? The viewer is drawn to the crucial parts of this blog by Goodwill's clear, bright navigation (again, the dependable blue). Additionally, the content is logically placed and simple for users to access.

Additionally, by selecting a subject from the drop-down box in the upper right, users may choose the information kind that is most important to them. Finally, we like the collaborative call to action that encourages readers to post to the Goodwill blog in the opening material.

Since 37 million individuals have benefited from the organization's services, here's a chance for them to tell their tales or ask donors to explain why they choose to donate to Goodwill.

16. Charity: Water

Charity: Water keeps the nonprofit blogging trend alive and does a great job of using high-quality pictures. The company recently revamped its blog, which included a long entry honouring its ten-year milestone.

Charity: Water took advantage of the chance to demonstrate its influence over the last ten years while maintaining a straightforward design with succinct text and vibrant pictures from the anniversary celebration.

A donation CTA is also prominently displayed at the top of the page. A tale about generosity would be incomplete without including the influence of water, which both motivates people to donate and makes it simple to do so.

17. Johnny Cupcakes

To avoid any misunderstanding, Johnny Cupcakes does not produce cupcakes. It produces clothes. But by using the subdomain “kitchen” for its blog, the business has done a terrific job developing its brand relationship with baked products.

Additionally, the staff at Johnny Cupcakes are experts in maintaining brand consistency across channels. Its blog's basic colour palette and matching typefaces combine to create a consistent user experience from the store to general articles, tossing in bright, vivid photographs to attract readers' attention.

Visit the website and browse around as well. We find it impressive how the background graphics change for each item while remaining static in their place.

Perfecting The Look Of Your Blog

Perfecting The Look Of Your Blog

What distinguishes creating a blog from creating a digital news site or magazine publishing, then? Blogs allow you to engage with your audience by utilizing your tone of voice, passion, and personality. At the same time, news and magazine websites focus primarily on being informational, authoritative, and objective.

Your blog is an opportunity to express your viewpoint and views about your area of interest, as opposed to just listing the facts of a news item like on a news website or including quotations and more information like in an online magazine article.

1. Use Full-Screen Photographs With Class

You want to target a well-heeled fashion or lifestyle audience, but you're unsure where to begin. Using some advice from the blog design sample below won't hurt you. Take note of the full-screen slider and chic, seductive fashion image used as the background.

The elegant hues and layout scream high-end fashion, and the white headers of the most recent stories pop off the screen. One of the first aspects you notice is the positioning of the social network icons in the upper left, which invites the visitor to engage and start a conversation.

2. Maintain A Simple Style

Okay, so you're a straight-talker who wants to communicate your point concisely and plainly, clutter-free. A simple, uncluttered strategy could be right for you. Your essential ideas may be communicated effectively using one or two colours, prominent headings, and plenty of white space. Tech blogs and businesses like Apple that wish to highlight product photographs or a process or feature often use this format.

3. Adopt A Serious Business Look

If your blog focuses on offering informative articles regarding professional services, you should adopt a serious, reliable stance. Dark headers, new photos, and office/business-related graphics, like the one below, are often used to convey this.

4. Produce A Moment Of Shock

Do you wish to provide your trendy, young audience with an exciting and dynamic experience? Then, like on this site, you may use novel and entertaining images. The use of vivid colours and creative pictures will certainly enthrall your viewers. To make your blog design stand out, use imagery and images.

5. Illustrations Of Heroes Show Inventiveness

This intriguing picture might serve as the blog's main image and include healthy eating recipes. Visitors to your website are sure to be drawn in by this graphic, which will pique their curiosity and make them want to learn more about the topics you cover.

6. Tech Illustrations With Tones And Depth

Nowadays, it's a tendency for contemporary IT businesses to believe that sometimes less is more. Consider the blog design hero picture below. The line-drawn form is placed in light gray to give the title some impact. It works well to draw users' attention to the titles.

7. Cartoon Components Bring Character

Readers are exposed to your brand identity via unusual hero pictures like the cartoon in this example. It presents your identity to readers and urges them to engage and see extra stuff. Always include ALT tags, names, and descriptions when putting photos into your blog. This makes your information more accessible by allowing screen readers and search engines to read it.

To Give Depth, Combine Graphics And Pictures

8. To Give Depth, Combine Graphics And Pictures

You, you, and you alone! You may want to draw attention to yourself if you're a speaker or consultant. If so, why not position yourself prominently on the homepage? This hero picture exudes individuality while incorporating modern graphics and a backdrop made of solid colours. This hero picture, together with the underlined words, truly pops off the page.

9. Select Eye-Catching Images That Illustrate Your Brand Or Concept

Why not display a lovely, uplifting image like the one on this travel blog's top page if you want to connect with a dreamy audience? Using this kind of imagery throughout your site may encourage readers to stay on it longer and reduce the likelihood that they will “bounce” away from it.


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10. Consider Texture Carefully

This site stands out from the tech crowd because of its featured photos. The colour gradient backdrop gives the gradient colour forms an airy, captivating appearance that makes them seem to float on top of it.

11. Display Your Natural Side Using Picture Post Headers

Want a unique blog design to captivate your audience? Both art and nature fans will relate to this illustrative blog post header. A blog on organic, sustainable food or the outdoors may be appropriate for such custom drawings. Effectively use typography in your blog designs.

12. Add A Personal Touch By Using A Handwritten Typeface

Typography is a creative approach to stand out for some of the most distinctive blog designs. In this blog's layout, the parts are distinguished in a novel manner using a thick, handwritten display type.

Take note of how the key material was written in a typeface that is easier to read. This is necessary for clear legibility, screen readers to read your material, and, of course, Google to search your content.

13. To Project Elegance, Choose A Serif Font

A large, attractive serif font is used in this fashion and lifestyle blog design to draw the readers in. This gives the brand an aura of refinement fitting for its subject matter.

14. Use Slab-Serif Headers In Bold

Why not use a nice but big slab-serif font like this on your header if you want to create an impression immediately? This implies that your company's blog, er, means business.

15. Make The Most Of The Font Combination

It takes skill to choose fonts that work well together, so to acquire the desired impression, you may want to consider combining a display font with the body copy type.

The headline in this instance is in the distinctive display serif font “Romana,” while the body material is in the uncluttered “Avenir Next.” As a result, the title truly pops out on the page, while the text is written in the simple Swift Neue typeface and the navigation system is in the even more straightforward Avenir Next san-serif.


A blog is a crucial tool for connecting with your audience, whether you're a business offering a service and want to share more with your clients or an individual wishing to share your passion and expertise with the world. They may be independent websites that direct visitors to your postings, or they can be an integral element of a more extensive website that directs visitors to your items.

A blog may be a great window into your business or personal identity and passions. Your blog may entice readers to subscribe to an email newsletter, follow you on social media, and share your work.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the User-Friendly Blog Design. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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