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Introduction To My Outsourcely vs Truelancer Blog Post

How do people find jobs in 2021? Are they still looking for paper job boards? Or, are there more sophisticated tools available now? Of course, there are! What about the jobs themselves? Haven’t they changed over time? Of course, they did!

Now, we can find jobs much faster than before, thanks to the rise of freelance websites. These websites are designed to create a dialogue between job seekers and employers. The rest is going to be done by both sides of the agreement. If everything goes fine, the website is going to take its share too.

Also, people are taking more risks these days. They are not looking for fixed salaries and full-time jobs anymore. Instead, they want to do whatever they like and experience different atmospheres. Freelancing jobs have been invented as a response to this demand.

Freelancing means that you don’t need to get stuck in an 8 am to 5 pm boring job. You can join one of these freelance websites and find more interesting short-term jobs. Then, you are in control of everything. You have the freedom to manage the timing yourself.

Also, working with different employers improves your communication skills. And more importantly, thanks to the ever-increasing competition, you are always ready to learn new things and never stop. Here, in this review, we will introduce you to two of the most engaging freelance websites. It's time for you to join them. Let's get started.


Outsourcely is a great website for freelancers and remote workers. You can join the website for free but have to pay a fee if you are looking to earn more money and expand your activities. The best thing about Outsourcely is the fact that it is more focused on long-term engagements. On the other hand, some experts believe that the payments are a bit low compared to other market platforms. This is a general overview. Now, let's get a little bit deeper and find out more about this website.


Some Interesting Facts About Outsourcely

  • First, you should know that Outsourcely is pretty popular as it has over 400,000 remote workers.
  • It is active in more than 180 countries. It has also helped more than 50,000 people starting up to expand their business.
  • Moreover, they receive nearly 450,000 messages per month, indicating how well the audience engages with them.
  • You can use tOutsourcely's website as an employer or remote worker.


How To Search On Outsourcely?

Unlike other websites, here, you can search remote worker profiles by skills. Main skills are design & multimedia, web development, mobile applications, writing & content, administrative support, customer service, sales & marketing, and business services. Subclasses of skills include WordPress, PHP, admin assistant, data entry, Facebook marketing, customer support, order processing, email support, video editing, iOS, database, and many more.


How Do Workers And Startups Communicate?

Basically, there are four different ways job seekers will be able to contact their potential employers directly. These methods include instant private chat, live video & voice interviewing, video & voice messaging, and direct email.

Instant private chat enables the two sides of a project to get to know each other rather quickly. To get a deeper understanding, live video & voice interviewing is available at the next level. Usually, employers will check the job seekers' personality, skills, and English speaking level.

The good thing here is that you don’t need to download any other third-party apps. Everything happens within the website. Video & voice messaging also reveals other aspects of employers and job seekers' personality. Finally, direct email is used as one of the simplest ways of communication. All in all, communicating between job seekers and employers happens very smoothly on this website.


Outsourcely For Employers

If you are an employer looking to hire someone well-experienced and trustable to outsource your projects, you will need to take just a few simple steps on Outsourcely. Here are these steps for you:

First, employers must search for workers by skill. Here, they can do something else too. They can post a remote job and wait for candidates to bid. The Outsourcely website automatically notifies the best candidates, and then you have the chance to bid or reject employers' projects.

You have to fill out a form saying about the country, position, and monthly salary in dollars for posting a remote job. Also, to increase the odds of getting someone really professional for your projects, you have to describe the job.

Be careful. You have a limitation of 100 characters in your description. It might sound concise. However, it will be efficient and to the point. Again, you will have not more than 100 characters to introduce the position's responsibilities and roles.

In the next step, the employer will get many proposals from potential candidates. However, it would be a waste of time checking them one by one. Reviewing them all is a terrible idea. Don’t worry! Outsourcely has made it easy for you. You can apply filters to narrow down your search.

You can remove many potential candidates based on desired salary, work availability, English speaking and writing level, location, previous work experience, employer rating, internet speed, and verify previous employment.

Finally, as we said before, the website has facilitated four different communication methods between employers and job seekers. They both can get to know each other and see whether they can work with each other.

After choosing the perfect freelancer for the project, you will be able to pay him/her directly.


Outsourcely For Employers 

How Many Plans Does Outsourcely Have?

There are three plans available on the Outsourcely website. They include free, small business, and professional. The first one is free. However, you have to pay 79 and 229 dollars for the second and third plans, respectively. The free plan is good for browsing remote worker profiles as well as posting a job. Small business and professional plans, on the other hand, are compatible with growing and larger businesses, respectively. There are many features available on these three plans. It would be nice to check these features together.


Outsourcely plans' features

Let's begin with the free plan. With this plan, you will browse profiles from more than 180 countries and apply filters to the profiles. Also, you will be able to bookmark and write notes on profiles. As a freelancer or an employer, if you run into a problem, the email will be the only support option you will get under the free plan.

With the small business plan, you can post up to five remote jobs per month. Also, you will get a hundred connections through email or chat.  In addition to features available on the free plan, options like hiring remote workers, real-time messaging, sharing files & attachments, saving job posts for later, video & voice messaging, and new candidate notifications are all possible. Unlike the free plan that allows only one account to use the services, the small business plan lets up to three accounts get involved simultaneously.

What about the professional plan? It is pretty expensive. However, is it worth it? Well, the short answer is yes. All the abovementioned options are available here but with some differences. First of all, you will get 500 connections like email or chat a month. Moreover, you will be able to post up to 30 remote jobs per month. Ten accounts will be able to be created at the same time here. Support options are more diverse than other plans, including email, chat, and phone.



Just like Outsourcely, Truelancer is a website for freelancers and employers. The website lets freelancers find jobs that suit them. Truelancer is one of the most trustable websites. Let's start with some interesting facts about Truelancer:

  • Right now, more than 6 million freelancers are using Truelancer who are receiving projects and getting paid by employers.
  • So far, more than 500 thousand projects have been uploaded to the Truelancer website. Also, the number of service GIGS reaches 25 thousand.
  • There are over one million freelancers on the website.
  • Truelancer is basically called Asia's largest freelance marketplace.
  • There is no scam involved with the website as they have claimed it's 100% authentic.
  • The Truelancer website is great in regards to employers' and freelancers' deposits.
  • Freelancers on the website are mainly from India, the USA, UK, the Philippines, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.


What Types Of Jobs Does Truelancer Offer?

Truelancer's jobs are similar to other websites. They have content writers, freelancers, developers, and translators. There are also subclasses too. For example, content writers could be academic, blog, technical, and SEO writers.

There are front end, backend, PHP, WordPress, java, and API developers. English to Spanish, German to English, English to Hindi, and German to English are some of the linguistic services provided by the Truelancer website. Other jobs like graphic design, data entry, virtual assistant, customer service, accounting are all available.


How Does Truelancer Work?

As an employer, you have to follow four simple steps. First, you post a project. By giving a short description of your project, the website will immediately match it with thousands of freelancers. Then, you have the cone to check the proposals and profiles of freelancers.

Also, you can see reviews describing the freelancer's talents and skills written by previous employers. After reviewing everyone, you will choose the final candidate for your project. Truelancer will deposit your money very safely. Finally, you need to release the payment when you receive the final work. You will pay only and only when you are 100% satisfied with it.


Is Truelancer An Expensive Experience? What Are The Plans?

Well, first, with Truelancer, you can choose a monthly or annual plan. If you choose the annual plan, Truelancer will grant you a 20% discount. Regardless of choosing the monthly or annual plans, you can join the Truelancer's website in four different ways, including free, basic, pro, and plus. They cost zero, five, ten, and 50 dollars per month, respectively. Let's have a quick review of them all.

The free membership comes with a lot of limitations. I would rather not mention them all, but some of them are more important. For example, there is a 10% fee for each project/service you do.

Also, you cannot send more than 20 proposals per month. Moreover, you are not able to bid on projects when they are more than 75 dollars. Not to mention that you can only put 10 skills on your resume.

The basic membership plan is perfect for freelancers who are new in the business. Here, the bidding limit on a project is 375 dollars. The number of skills reaches 30. But the project/service fee is still 10%. There are only 25 slots available on the freelancers' portfolios.

The pro membership plan suits experienced freelancers who are looking to establish themselves. The fee is 2% less than the in the abovementioned plans. Besides, there is no limit on bidding. Expressing withdrawals, accessing a prime project, and priority support are all available here.

What about the Truelancer plus membership plan? It is definitely recommended to professional users who are considering themselves as full-time freelancers. The plan is similar to the pro membership plan. However, the quantity of features is more like 150 proposals per month, 100 skills, and 100 portfolio slots.


What Is Truelancer Prime?

This is one of the unique features of Truelancer. What does priming even mean? Let me give you an example. When you have a project on the website, you have to choose from thousands of candidates. You can get help from the reviews and their portfolio to select the best and well-experienced ones. However, you might be very strict when it comes to hiring people to do your work. There is a nice solution for you. It is called Truelancer prime.

In the Truelancer prime feature, the managers themselves will pick the best and top-rated freelancers for your project and introduce them to you. This is great since the managers know everything about the freelancers and can quickly narrow down the search. Then, since you have more qualified candidates in your hands, you are more likely to choose the best one who delivers your project as you wish him/her to do it for you.


Posting Contest On Truelancer As An Employers! Why?

There is another feature available on the website, which is called “post a contest.” Why do employers need to do that? And, is it really a contest? Well, yes and no. Let me explain it to you. Sometimes, you are dealing with a project that requires creativity more than anything else. Perhaps, the project doesn’t seem to be very hard and can be done by even a normal freelancer. However, when you ask for the highest level of creativity, you should apply a different strategy.

Sometimes, normal and even amateur freelancers come up with excellent work because of their creativity. This is exactly what you need. So, you post a contest and ask several people to participate. This way, you will end up with some of the most creative pieces of work. Then, you can choose the best one and hire and pay the freelancer. For example, if your project is logo design, Truelancer will definitely suggest you create a contest to get the most creative logo out of it and then pay for it.

There are many benefits associated with creating a contest. First of all, you will get an unlimited number of ideas. You can step further and mix those ideas to come up with something extraordinary. Second of all, although you ask many freelancers to do your project, you will pay the one who does the best job. Thirdly, you don’t need to wait too long thanks to the contest. A lot of freelancers work on your project at the same time.


The Affiliate Program On Truelancer

You can join the affiliate program to make extra money aside from being a professional freelancer on the website. There are two options available for you, including plan one and plan two. In plan one, the website will share 100% of its earnings with you when your referred user purchases on the website.

This applies to just three months after the date the user registers with Truelancer. Interestingly, in plan 2, Truelancer will pay half of its earnings for a lifetime from your referred user. The good thing is that the affiliate program is free. So, you can give it a try. You can copy the referral code or link and add it to your network. This is how you will get a share when your referred users use the website and purchase.


The Summary

Freelance websites are some of the most practical places on the internet. They let people share their skills and talents with other people who can hire them. These websites are highly effective because they work as shortcuts for employers. They can get their projects done much faster and with higher quality.

Here we reviewed two of the most popular freelance websites on the internet. They both provide reasonable membership plans. Even if you don’t want to pay anything, a free plan is available for you to start. We introduced them first and then discussed their features. Here, we are going to do it again briefly. This is another more compact version of Truelancer vs Outsourcely for you.


What Are The Benefits Of Being A Pro Freelancer On Truelancer?

In previous sections, we reviewed membership plans offered by Truelancer. Why do freelancers need to pay? Here, you will again get convinced why it's good to go for the pro membership plan. Here were some of the pros of pro membership over free or basic ones.

  • Getting five time more job proposals and other exclusive perks
  • A reduction on service fee
  • Quitting the job in case the freelancer cannot deliver the job
  • Receiving full customer support
  • 100 proposals per month
  • Getting recommendations from Truelancer

We also reviewed the features and characteristics of the Truelancer website. Here are some of the most prominent features which make you love this freelance website:

  • Fees are reasonable and affordable even for the beginners
  • Less competition compared to similar websites
  • Owning a balanced atmosphere (not too many freelancers, not too many employers)
  • Responsible customer service
  • Having the option of Truelancer prime


Final Verdict On Outsourcely

So, we talked about Outsourcely in detail, didn’t we? Now, let's wrap it up again! Here are the benefits of using Outsourcely.

  • There are no commissions or fees involved.
  • Employers pay freelancers directly.
  • The website focuses on generating long-term relationships between freelancers and employers.
  • Jobs that are being advertised on the website are diverse enough. There are enough part-time as well as full-time positions for job seekers.
  • Paying for membership plans is not expensive. In fact, it is reasonable to pay and use the services such as video and voice attachments after that.

And now, here are some of the most common cons with the website. Of course, pros triumph cons anyway.

  • The first negative thing about the website is that there are not too many jobs on the website, making it super hard to find one.
  • Sometimes, as a freelancer, you have difficulties finding a job related to your skills. You might end up doing something that you are not good at and don't enjoy as much.
  • The verification process is not convincing and comfortable. It is confusing without any good reasons.
  • You have to lower your expectations as jobs are normally not well-paid, at least not until you establish yourself as a first-class freelancer.

We can conclude that Outsourcely is great for people who enjoy working while they are travelling. Also, because you don’t need to invest financially initially, it would be a good choice for inexperienced freelancers to establish themselves. It is also perfect for freelancers who don’t live in North America, Europe, or Australia. This is due to the low salaries, which are still great if you live in an inexpensive country.



I would love to hear from you. Please leave me your questions, experiences, remarks, and/or suggestions about this Outsourcely vs Truelancer review in the comments section below. You can also reach me by email at Jeannette@WorkFromAnywhereInTheWorld.com.


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