Top 10 Freelance Websites

Top 10 Freelance Websites

Top 10 Freelance Websites

Top 10 Freelance Websites

How do you define the word “Job”? What does come to your mind when somebody says this word? Well, perhaps, you would think of a guy sitting behind a desk in a small office who is typing something or calling someone, right? You are probably right! We get up, drive to the office, do some business and make some calls.

Then, we will get back home in the afternoon. This is how we have learned to work and earn money. However, this picture has radically changed. Now, it is sometimes impossible to say what is working and what is not.

Freelancing is one of the new inventions of our civilization. At some point, people started to feel frustrated with their job and asked for more freedom. Or, perhaps, they didn’t like to be told by some random guy called their boss! That is exactly where the word freelancing started to circle people.

Now, it is a big part of our economy. There are millions of people who are called freelancers.  Most of the time, they are delighted with their job and suggest others do the same. Accordingly, services related to freelancing are exponentially growing to meet the demands.

In fact, freelancing is not just a choice people made. In fact, we can say we were pushed to it in some ways too. Traffic, lack of time, crowded cities, dysfunctional offices, etc., made us frustrated, right? Maybe, freelancing is a reaction to the bad situation we are in. So, what is freelancing?

Where and when was it started? If you are interested in answering these questions, just follow us until the end of this long article. First, we are going to define freelancing and then explain its pros and cons. Finally, we will introduce you top 10 freelance websites. Let's get started.

What Is the Definition Of Freelancing And Freelancer?

I'm not going to confuse you by giving textbook definitions of freelancing. Let's keep it simple. Freelancing happens when you decide not to be employed by somebody else. So, what does this even mean? Imagine that you have a special skill. For example, you can translate texts from English to Spanish and vice versa. A company might hire you as a full-time translator.

Sometimes you have too much work, but sometimes it's more comfortable. Anyway, you will regularly earn a salary at the end of each month. However, due to financial challenges and shifting economic paradigms, it's not beneficial for a company to hire you as a full-time employee. Here, a freelancer just shows up.

You are a freelancer for the mentioned company in the following way. They don’t hire you and don’t need to pay you each month. Instead, they pay you based on the number of hours you have worked for them. Or, they might pay you based on the projects you have done for them.

Sometimes, you earn more than a full-time salary and sometimes less. Scary, isn't it? Of course, it's hard and stressful for ordinary people to become freelancers because there are too many variables involved in how much money you will receive. However, freelancing has many good things, making people keep leaving their ordinary job and seeking to be a freelancer. Here are the most important features of someone who is called him/herself a freelancer:

  • Freelancers are paid based on the project, hour, day, etc.
  • Their work is usually short-term
  • Any companies do not officially hire him/her
  • They can work on different projects with different customers at the same time.
  • A freelancer doesn’t need to go to work at a certain point of the day
  • Working in an office is not mandatory for freelancers. They can work at home.
  • Their level of commitment and compensation is not comparable to full-time employees.


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Freelancing?

Just like any other job, there are many downsides and positive points associated with freelancing. Here, we are going to review them.

Pros Of Freelancing

  • People are positive about freelancing. Statistics show that the number of freelancing jobs in the US has grown by 10% in the last three years. So, sooner or later, everyone must join it.
  • Making money is freelancing is believed to be very promising right now. When you are a professional freelancer, you can work on different projects simultaneously and earn more money.
  • It's very beneficial for the companies. Companies are trying to hire more freelancers and reduce medical healthcare costs, full-time salary, maintenance, etc. Hiring freelancers make companies able to be competitive in the market and balance their expenses.
  • Freelancing teaches you how to face the future. As we said, in just a couple of years, millions of more people have to shift to freelancing. It is happening in many professionals right now. So, if you start freelancing today, you are better prepared for the future.
  • Freelancers are more eager to learn and progress. Freelancers don’t feel the job security as full-time employees do. So, they are constantly trying to keep up with their business and reach the next steps. In other words, the highly competitive atmosphere of freelancing doesn’t wait for anybody. You have to be the best to get a project.
  • Freelancing is probably going to be less impacted by artificial intelligence. One of the reasons is that freelancers are in a direct and person-to-person relationship with the company and customers. In fact, they are doing something which requires human touch!
  • Freelancers work in many diverse industries. This is good because it decreases the risk of staying without a job. Suppose one industry is down, freelancers quickly move to another one. Full-time employees cannot do this.
  • The fame, popularity, and benefits you get from doing your job stay with you if you are a freelancer. Companies cannot own you.
  • You are free to plan for your life yourself.


Cons Of Freelancing

  • You might feel isolated. Most of the time, freelancers do the job at home, far away from the real offices. This could psychologically annoy you.
  • You should be alert 24 hours a day for new projects. So, you always have something at the back of your mind even when you are not working.
  • Sometimes you earn a lot which is great. However, sometimes, nobody gives you any projects, and then you become less vulnerable. There is no consistency over the money you are going to receive.
  • You have to deal with different projects with different clients at the same time. It could be difficult handling them all.
  • You are not going to receive any health benefits from companies.
  • Being sick or injured influences your income very badly.
  • Freelancers must do all the job themselves.
  • Sometimes, you feel unfocused because you have to do several things at once.


What Are The Most Popular Freelancing Jobs?

Today, there are thousands of jobs which are available for freelancers. Back then, it was a shortlist of jobs available for freelancers like translating. However, now, the list has become very long and promising. Here, we are going to introduce you to the top freelancing jobs.

Programming And Software Development

There are not a lot of good developers and coders on the internet. Therefore, the good freelancers in this category earn a lot of money. It could be even one thousand dollars per hour which consider awesome. However, you need to invest money and time in the beginning to be the master of your job. There are a lot of skills that need to be learned. You need zero transportation and can do your job with just one good laptop and high-speed internet.

Social Video Marketing

In 2019, social video marketing was the fastest-growing skill. Again, the money is pretty good. You can earn up to 150 dollars per hour. All the things happening in social media boost the need for creating video content. To show you the importance of video content, you should know that videos are the most engaging content on the internet. Demands for video marketing never stops.

Web Design And Development

Websites are becoming a very vital part of every business or brand. With only one or two social media accounts, you would represent your brand and interact with your customers. However, running a website for your brand or business creates trust and reliability among people. In fact, a website is the main hub for your brand. Web designers earn on average 5000 dollars a month.

Content Marketing/Writing

All businesses are looking to get more visibility. For example, it doesn’t matter if you are selling the best products if people cannot find you on Google. Content marketing helps you reach this goal. In fact, you want to optimize the effectiveness of your online presence. People who are experts in SEO can do the job for you. Compared to the abovementioned jobs, you are earning less, but you can learn it faster.

It's amazing, isn't it? As you can see, the abovementioned freelancing opportunities and many others are available and can be learned in a short period of time. With some effort, you can benefit from them too. So, what should we need to do if we want to start being a freelancer? Where should we even begin? Well, there are many practical websites if you are thinking of becoming a freelancer. Now, we are going to review 10 of the most famous freelance website. Let's dive in.

1) Jobspresso

  • It is one of the simplest freelance websites on the internet. It has nice search functionality. Also, it is an international website. People are working on it from different countries in the world. All the jobs advertised by Jobpresso are remote. They have technical jobs such as software development and web design and less technical jobs such as customer service and copywriting jobs.
  • Sometimes, you need to be in a similar time zone or have to meet face-to-face. However, most of the jobs are remote.
  • One of the negative points about this website is that it doesn’t give too many options. There are on average only five jobs per week which are going to be occupied very soon. You are less likely to find a job because you are competing with people from all over the world.
  • Also, most of the jobs are greatly specialized.
  • As we said, because it's an international website, the competition is high. It's not the problem of Jobspresso.
  • You can join affiliate marketing and make money too.



2) Weworkremotely

  • This is one of the best in the market, way better than Upwork. You have to pay 300 dollars if you want to post a job on this website.
  • One of the problems with this website is that most people want to hire full-time employees. So, it is not completely a website for finding freelancing jobs.
  • A good point about this website is that you can send emails to advertising jobs without paying any money.
  • Again, if you go to the Categories, you will see the option “Contract.” You can see that the contract is only available for full-time jobs, not for freelancers.
  • There are three or four jobs available every day.
  • The website has a cool and minimalistic design. You don’t even need to register for the job. There is only a list of jobs, and when you click on it, which directs you to the company's landing website. In fact, the website is one of the simplest I've ever seen.


We Work Remotely


  • On their front page, you can see that they have the experience of working with more than 140 companies.
  • There is a section called recent remote jobs. Here, you can access the jobs available for you. English teacher, content marketing manager, and quality assurance analyst are some of the jobs available for people.
  • The good thing about the advertisements is that they have sub-heading showing the nature of the jobs. For example, online teaching jobs, remote marketing jobs, remote IT jobs are examples of professionals on the website.
  • The website provides nice online courses for the customers.

4) Flexjobs

  • You should know that you need to pay if you are going to use this website. Fortunately, they have 50% off for the description. So, it is economically beneficial for the users. It gives one of the longest lists of available jobs.
  • More than 5,700 different companies are working with the website.
  • All the jobs offered are completely legal.
  • There are four different plans with different prices. For example, using the website for a week costs seven dollars.
  • The website always offers promotions and holiday offs.
  • It has a satisfaction guarantee. It means if you bought a service from them and didn’t like it, you can return it freely.
  • They will find the most related jobs for you based on your resume submitted to the website.
  • It's a premium job board that offers all types of jobs, including remote, part-time, and other flexible jobs.
  • You can freely access the job summaries. However, you have to pay 15 dollars per month if you want to go for premium plans.
  • There are nearly a thousand new jobs available per week.
  • A good thing about the website is the option of search by practical filters. For example, it has international search capabilities.
  • Some say it doesn’t offer jobs from small companies.
  • Only members can get discounts.
  • Also, it can help you with your resume.
  • There are over 170 skills available on the website.
  • What kind of jobs does it offer? In fact, the jobs are very diverse. Bookkeeping, education, and insurance are the most popular jobs on the website.
  • Some renowned companies work with this website as partners. They include Dell, Audible, Grammarly, Sittericy, Costco, etc.
  • You are not annoyed by any advertisements on the FlexJobs website, just jobs.

5) Pangian

  • This website has free and premium listings.
  • You can apply for some jobs freely. However, for the premium plans, you have to pay at least 10 dollars per month.
  • The number of jobs available on the website is good enough. In fact, you will receive more than 130 flexible jobs every week.
  • Some users have reported that browsing on this website is a bit slow. Also, it's not as user-friendly as it should be because it's sometimes confusing.
  • Websites such as FlexJobs and Virtual Vocations have more jobs available than Pangian.
  • So far, they have shared more than 24000 jobs.

6) Virtual Vocations

  • This website is just for finding remote work jobs located in the US.
  • You can first check jobs and apply for just a number of them freely. However, for premium plans, you have to pay 16 dollars per month.
  • The price is a bit higher than FlexJobs. However, job descriptions are not satisfactory—also, no need to mention that it doesn’t offer any jobs outside of the US. 

7) PeoplePerHour

  • It has both remote and normal jobs in your city.
  • The website is very popular with freelancers. So, the atmosphere is very competitive.
  • Escrow is responsible for financial transactions. You can buy or sell services by just having one account.
  • However, some people reported a weak interface. Also, the commission fee is very high. In fact, it has one of the highest commission rates in the market.

8) Fiverr

  • The best thing about Fiverr is the cheap fees. That's why it's super popular.
  • There are four seller levels available on Fiverr. They include New Seller, Level one seller, level two seller, and top-rated seller. People with low experience start with the new sellers.
  • If you work hard and deliver the services on time as a freelancer, you will reach the top level very soon.

9) Freelancer

  • You can get nearly 100 dibs per month which is very good compared to other websites like UpWork that only offers 30 bids.
  • The filtering function is poor and confusing. So, it would be a bit hard to find jobs.
  • Freelancer has five different types of memberships, including intro, basic, plus, professional, and premium. The prices are also reasonable, starting from 0.99 euro for the intro and 39.95 euro for premium memberships. This is better than UpWork that has only two membership types, including Basic and Plus.


10) Toptal

  • This is a website for experienced developers.
  • You will get personalized recommendations.
  • Toptal is an established brand name in the market. So, people usually trust it.
  • However, it doesn’t have satisfying customer support and doesn’t offer small projects.

You can continue the list with a lot of other freelance websites. They are very diverse. It requires you to go online and check them out yourself. Try to find out how to search there and whether they offer jobs that you like to do.


Well, freelancing is one of the latest trends in our world. Due to economic and cultural changes, we have to learn to work in a new way. Working far away from the company you love and delivering projects to people you don’t know or hiring people to work for your company without being worried about health care and other issues are all possible now. We owe this to freelancing.

Freelancing lets people work for other people or companies more effectively. It's more profitable for both companies and job-seekers. Here, we review ten of the most famous and practical freelance websites on the internet. Every website comes with its own pros and cons. However, it is up to you which one works best for you.

We reviewed Jobspresso, Weworkremotely,, Flexjobs, Pangian, Virtual Vocations, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, Freelancer and Toptal for you. Some have great search capabilities enabling you to find your dream job faster. Some others are limited to just some countries or some special jobs or skills.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go online and assess them one by one. I added the links on all images to their respective homepages.  I'm sure you will figure out very fast which one suits you the best.

I trust you enjoyed this blog post. Please stay tuned there are lots more articles to come. Take care!



I would love to hear from you. Please leave me your questions, experiences, remarks, and/or suggestions about the top 10 freelance websites in the comments section below. You can also email me at


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