Email Marketing – How To Get Your Emails Opened

Email Marketing – How To Get Your Emails Opened

Email Marketing – How To Get Your Emails Opened

Email Marketing – How To Get Your Emails Opened And Read

What Does Open An Email Rate Mean?

The email open rate is the proportion of your mailing list's subscribers who have accessed a given email.

Consider that you have 100 individuals on your mailing list. If on average 70 of your subscribers read your emails, your email open rate will be 70%.

Divide the number of subscribers who opened your email by the total number of subscribers to get your email open rate. Then double your response by 100%. Similar to the preceding illustration, (70 subscribers 100 subscribers) 100 percent.


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Your email open rate provides an overview of the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. It's also a fantastic technique to determine if your emails are attracting the attention of your readers.

It is one of the most essential metrics you may use to determine whether your email marketing plan needs modification. For instance, a low open rate indicates that your client is not progressing as intended through your sales funnel. This is not something to be taken lightly.

So, let's examine the variables influencing your email open rates.

The Top 5 Aspects Influencing Email Opening Rates

The Top 5 Aspects Influencing Email Opening Rates

A mix of elements will influence if a certain email message will spark the recipient's attention. These include the relevancy of your emails to your subscribers, urgency, the number of words, and the time of day you send them. In addition, these variables will impact if your audience has a motive to receive your emails.

However, the top five elements that determine your email open rate are as follows:

1. Relevance For Your Intended Audience

Individual subscribers have specific desires and requirements. They belong to a variety of categories and are motivated by interests that might vary considerably. The quality of the material included in your emails is a factor that might restrict their open rate.

Sending an email with little or no information of interest to the recipients will almost probably result in your following emails being unread.

People like information, but they adore it, even more, when it has practical applications. One of the reasons why your email ends up in the trash or is labelled as spam is because you sent irrelevant emails to the recipients in your list.

Therefore, it is essential to particularly target those who are interested in what it has to offer. This will result in them seeing it, like it, and opening it.

2. Email Content

Another key component is the email's content. Is it anything that your subscribers anticipate? Or is it something they prefer not to have? This talent is taught in creative writing and storytelling classes.

Few experts who provide the ‘do my essay for cheap service and assist students with their writing projects to report that less than half of all papers, even those produced by pros, are on-topic. You should adjust the content of your email messages to both enlighten and amuse your users.

3. Quality Of Email Distribution Lists

If you can get your visitors to opt-in to your email list, you can be certain that they have at least a passing interest in your offerings. However, tricking people into signing up for emails is a simple method to have your emails ignored, discarded, or reported as spam.

4. Period Of Time

When is the optimal moment to send an email? In reality, there is no ideal moment. Depending on their lives, some individuals prefer to check emails in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution, determining when to send emails may be challenging. Therefore, try sending your emails at various times of the day, determine the optimal time, and stick to it.

5. Topic Lines

More than a third of your subscribers decide whether or not to open an email based only on the subject line. Your subject line is your first and often only opportunity to capture your readers' attention and pique their curiosity.

Therefore, create your subject line with care, keeping in mind that it is mostly responsible for your email's open rates.

Your topic should be concise yet provide as much information as possible about the substance of your email. It should also be able to immediately capture the attention of your subscribers.

Overall, Chillifruit believes that personalization is the most important aspect of any email outreach campaign. I saw a considerable rise in both the quantity and quality of answers. It also helped me develop stronger ties with others.

Effective Email Subject Lines To Boost Open Rates

Effective Email Subject Lines To Boost Open Rates

Getting an email opened by a subscriber is half the fight in email marketing. To enhance the likelihood of capturing the attention of your subscribers at a glance, here are five kinds of email subject lines that are shown to boost the open rate.

1. Subject Lines That Spark Intrigue

Curiosity is fundamental to the human condition. When your subject line piques their interest, they will want to know more. Keeping your readers interested is an effective method for increasing your email open rate. This email from Digital Marketer piques your curiosity about “the secret.”


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2. Customized Email Subject Lines

Did you know that tailoring your email subject line may increase your open rate by as much as 50 percent? Personalizing the subject line of your email helps you establish rapport with your readers. This ultimately enhances their faith in your brand.

For example, using the generic “Hello, valued subscriber” sounds disconnected, but utilizing the user's name quickly grabs their attention. In addition, customizing your email content based on personal information such as relationship statuses, birthdays, and surfing histories helps establish a connection that is essential to the success of your email marketing.

3. Subject Lines Announcement Of Free Gifts

Who doesn't like freebies? They serve as incentives to motivate people to act. Sending your email subscribers free freebies, promotions, and prizes will not only encourage them to read your emails but also keep them on the lookout for your subsequent emails. The subject line prompted me to open the email.

4. Witty Subject Lines

Humour is an excellent conversation opener. Frequently, the purpose of the majority of emails is to inspire recipients to take action. Therefore, a comical email subject line will stand out like a sore thumb in your subscribers' inboxes. Humorous subject lines will attract the reader's attention, may elicit a grin, and generate the interest necessary to enhance email open rates.

5. Intriguing Subject Lines

Unexpected statements are a fantastic method to capture a reader's attention. Controversy does attract interest. The subject line “Google is NOT God” by DM Insider is the last thing you would expect to receive in your inbox. Using stunning or controversial topic lines may seem simple, but this strategy demands caution. It is essential to disclose alarming information in an honest manner. Avoid making your subject line clickbait or include things that your readers may find offensive.

Tips For Improving Email Open Rates

Tips For Improving Email Open Rates

1. Trigger Curiosity

The primary reason for sending emails to your subscribers is to encourage them to take some kind of action. Using a subject line that piques their interest will increase the likelihood that they will click on your CTAs.

Making your subject line a teaser, for instance, would undoubtedly pique their interest and motivate them to read your email. Creating a unique subject line can lessen the likelihood that your email will be discarded by your subscribers.

2. Use First Names

Rather than generating a sense of anonymity, focus on establishing a personal relationship with your subscribers. Using a subscriber's first name will be of great assistance.

It's almost as if you had a custom-written email sent to you. This will ensure a good response from your readers and motivate them to learn how your email may assist them. If you address your subscribers by their first name, they may really open more of your emails.

3. Employ Humour To Your Benefit

A hilarious email might improve the day of your recipients. This may even cause people to anticipate getting emails from you and search for fresh material that you provide.

Create a connection with your subscribers via the use of comedy. Having emails that do not seem too distant, impersonal, or dull is an excellent way to increase your open rate. Whether you go for sarcasm, satire, or pure humour in your emails, make sure they are also valuable.

4. Watch Out For Spam Filters

Spam emails have little to no probability of getting opened. Thus, you must exercise care while composing emails; otherwise, they will be captured by spam filters. Actually, spam filters have become more intelligent. Therefore, it is not necessary to send a spammy email to be classified as such.

The good news is that you can take steps to prevent your emails from being classified as spam. Here are several examples:

  • Avoid spam phrases like “free” as much as possible in your email subject line.
  • Use only lowercase characters in the topic line. Using all capital letters in the subject line might result in your emails being marked as spam.
  • Authenticate your email account to avoid impersonation.
  • Include an opportunity to unsubscribe.
  • Request to be included in your subscribers' contact lists.
  • Do not utilize the email addresses of your subscribers for any reason other than the one for which they signed up.
  • If you can avoid the spam filter using them, your email open rates will rise.


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5. Use Emojis

Many think that the usage of emoticons in email is inappropriate. We strongly disagree. Emoji usage in email is neither impolite nor unethical.

Therefore, feel free to utilize emojis in your communications. They demonstrate emotion, persuade subscribers that they are not getting spam emails from machines, and establish a lighthearted, personable rapport between you and your subscribers. Using emojis in your topic line will add colour and make you seem more approachable.

6. A/B Test Virtually Everything

Have you ever prepared a few potential subject lines and then wondered which would elicit the most reaction from your readers? You need not guess; just A/B test them.

A/B testing offers the feedback necessary to determine which content or content part is optimal for an email campaign. You may test not only subject lines but other components of your email content like CTAs, graphics, etc. By testing several versions, you can determine which strategy is most appealing to your subscribers, which is an ideal method to enhance your email open rate.

7. Focus On The Interest Of Your Subscribers

Increasing sales is, of course, the primary reason for having an email list in the first place. But you shouldn't make it the center of your email's content. There are more methods for increasing sales.

Instead, focus your material on what is of interest to your readers. This is the optimal method for maintaining their attention and engagement throughout the sales funnel. In addition, people will continue to read your emails since they know there is always something in it for them.

8. Inquire Why A Subscriber Unsubscribes

Have you ever attempted to leave a mailing list? You were likely taken to a website with a form asking you to choose a reason for unsubscribing from the mailing list.

People often unsubscribe from a mailing list when the communications become irritating or boring. Therefore, when a member chooses to unsubscribe from your email list, they are often dissatisfied with something.

Finding out why they unsubscribed not only gives you the opportunity to redeem yourself but also enables you to remedy your errors and avoid further subscribers from leaving.

9. Ask For Help

While it is beneficial to examine your emails before sending them, you may overlook your own errors. Since you created the material in the first place, your mind may develop a prejudice against your own errors, causing you to overlook them.


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A second view is not harmful. Before sending out your emails, enlist the aid of family, friends, and coworkers to assist you to identify and correct any issues.

10. Check The Grammar Of Your Emails

According to specialists at the renowned writing business Essay Tigers, proofreading is grossly undervalued. After composing an email, it is crucial to evaluate all you have written.

Examine the document for mistakes, incorrect information, and any other areas that need to be modified. Editing is grossly undervalued. After composing an email, it is crucial to evaluate all you have written. Examine the document for mistakes, incorrect information, and any other areas that need to be modified.

The majority of individuals are turned off by even the tiniest grammatical error. It is not worth losing subscribers because you omitted a punctuation mark or used ‘is' instead of ‘has'. Therefore, take proofreading extremely seriously and use grammar and spelling checkers such as Grammarly as needed.

Conclude Your Email With A Question Designed To Arouse Curiosity

11. Conclude Your Email With A Question Designed To Arouse Curiosity

It is a good idea to generate an air of intrigue at the beginning of your emails, but it is also beneficial to do so towards the conclusion.

Questions encourage subscribers to engage with you. You may also offer to respond to my inquiry in a future email. This will make your readers eagerly anticipate your next communications.

12. Don't Wear Out Your Subscribers

Avoid sending too many emails immediately. We recognize that you can't wait to share the fresh stuff you've just created. However, avoid the temptation to email them all at once.

Allow your subscribers time to assimilate the material and maintain their interest. Spread out your emails and constantly attempt to leave your subscribers wondering, so they can't help but await your next message.

13. Forward Unread Emails

Sometimes, your email open rate is poor because your readers overlooked your email in their inbox. Typically, this is due to a bad subject line. Simply resending these emails with a stronger subject line is one option for addressing this issue. It's that simple.

14. Give Your Subscribers Control Over When They Get Your Emails

Allowing your subscribers to pick when they would want to receive your emails is a further method for boosting your email open rate. Consider: if you allow people to choose the days, times, or intervals at which they want to receive your emails, you will increase the likelihood that they will be opened. The greater the open rate, the more power you provide your subscribers over receiving your emails.

15. Create Anticipation

Utilize your subscribers' fear of missing out on really exceptional material to your advantage. This may be accomplished by giving them valuable material or exclusive deals. This may need a great deal of consistency, but it will make your readers eagerly anticipate your emails.

16. Develop Useful Content

This is a really crucial point. Create material that is dependable, valuable, and relevant for your subscribers. Your subscribers are interested in your topic for a specific reason; thus, you should only present them with relevant and quality content.

17. Utilize Opt-In Forms To Construct Your Email List

Do not compel anybody to join your email list. That is the incorrect approach to connection building. You should see your email list as a long-term relationship and manage it accordingly.

When subscribers opt-in to your email list voluntarily, they are more likely to open your communications. Utilize an opt-in form so that consumers may choose whether or not to receive your emails.

Adoric provides free opt-in form templates, such as this one, that may be used straight or modified to produce excellent leads.


I trust you enjoyed this article about Email Marketing – How To Get Your Emails Opened. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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