The 6 Most Common Blogging Problems

The 6 Most Common Blogging Problems

The Most Common Blogging Problems

The 6 Most Common Blogging Problems

How do you present your business to your potential customers? If you could name one method which has been working great for you, which one would it be? Are you still looking for old-fashioned methods of advertising your products and services? What do you think of online presence? Do you think it is helping your business to grow faster? You might ask how these questions are related to blogging? In fact, if you follow us until the end, you will understand that the main purpose of blogging is expanding your business and making Internet visitors familiar with your brands.

So, for the sake of argument, let's imagine that blogging is one of the most important aspects of your business. How should you engage in blogging anyway? If you don’t, you will be cast out by your competitors very quickly. in this article, I am going to show you what blogging is and how it will help your business.


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Then, the most common blogging problems will be discussed so you can learn how to deal with them. Let me emphasize the fact that although blogging is a very delicate and complicated task, you can do it by yourself if you learn the basic principles of it. In this way, you don’t have to hire somebody to do it for you. So, let's get started.

What Is A Blog?

What Is A Blog?

To put it simply, the blog is similar to a website in many different ways. A blog is a place where a writer or several of them share their content for visitors. When you open a blog, you usually see the latest content followed by older ones. Blogs usually focus on one topic while others talk about everything. the number of blogs used by companies and individuals is increasing rapidly. For example, there are more than half of billion blogs in 2020.

What Is Blogging?

What Is Blogging?

Blogging is the act of producing content on blogs. The content is not limited to written posts. All sorts of media including photography, video, and text can be considered blogging. It depends on what business you are running. Let me give you an example. If you are a teacher, you can create videos explaining the lessons and post them online. If you are an amateur photographer who likes to be in the wild, you can share your greatest moments by posting your images on your blog. Or, if you are a social or political activist, you can use your blog as a stage to distribute your ideas and become famous in the public.

Perhaps, you are a traveller who visits many different countries throughout the year. You can establish your blog and let people know of your amazing experience while you are travelling. Or, more importantly, if you are producing products or offering services to people, a blog will be a friendlier version of your main business website. For example, you can tell the story of your business, or share the greatest and hardest moments of your business with your visitors. If you do blogging professionally, definitely, your engagement rate on your social accounts and official website will be positively influenced by it.

What Is The Purpose Of Blogging?

So, why should we have a blog? What is it good for? How can we get the best out of it? Here, we discuss three of them.

Providing The Information Requested By Visitors

Providing The Information Requested By Visitors

You should understand people's behaviour in order to grow your business. Let me explain what I mean. Well, people usually use search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. to find what they want. Whether you are trying to find an answer to a question, buy home appliances, register for a professional English language class, or things like that, you have to use keywords to find what you want.

And, that's exactly when your blog can get thousands of visitors! How? It is simple! by providing original and exciting information. For example, when people decide to buy a digital camera online, they might not necessarily search for the best digital cameras. In fact, they will search for information that can help them decide better. If you have an online store selling digital cameras, you should understand people's searching behaviours.

You can write different articles about important parameters in buying a digital camera and post in on your blog. Writing about the history of a brand, posting tutorial videos about how to take photos in different conditions, interviewing with successful businessmen or businesswomen, etc. are some nice ideas for your blogs. When people get the information they want, they might be interested in checking your online store and perhaps becoming your loyal customers.

Boosting Your Engagement Rates

Boosting Your Engagement Rates

A good engagement rate usually starts with increasing the number of visitors. For example, perhaps, at the beginning of your business, 5000 people used to check your online store daily and only 200 of them purchase from you. However, the more advertisements you make; the more visitors you will receive which naturally causes your sales to be increased. How does your blog help you increase your engagement rate in your business?

Practically, you can advertise your online store, social accounts, and any other platform on which you are active. However, you have to be careful not to do it excessively because it repulses people. For example, you are trying to write an informative article about different cities in Europe and encourage your blog's visitors to travel to these cities. If you are successful in that, you can easily put a link to your website where you offer travel packages to the same cities. Or, after sharing some professional images about your beauty products' brand, you can direct people to your Instagram account.

Becoming An Autoreactive Figure In Your Business

Becoming An Autoreactive Figure In Your Business

When you dedicate time and energy enough to your blog, people will quickly understand it. So, what is it good for? I mean, if you write novel and original content and care about the quality of it, people will start to understand you as a real business manager who knows what he/she is talking about.

For example, if you have a blog about online businesses and always provide your audience with the best quality educational materials written by yourself, it will be much easier for them to trust you. And, as many people say, trust is the first step toward a successful business. Perhaps, people will check on your blog more frequently not to miss anything. Also, you can have direct communication with them in your blog easily.

The 20 Different Types Of Blogs

The 20 Different Types Of Blogs

In the previous section, I gave you some examples to understand what we are dealing with. Here, we are going to check different types of blogging more organized. There are basically 20 different types of blogs including:

  1. food,
  2. travel,
  3. health & fitness,
  4. lifestyle,
  5. fashion & beauty,
  6. photography,
  7. personal,
  8. DIY craft,
  9. parenting,
  10. music,
  11. business,
  12. art & design,
  13. book & writing,
  14. personal finance,
  15. interior design,
  16. sports,
  17. news,
  18. movies,
  19. religion, and
  20. political blogs.

Let's have a brief overview of some of them which we didn’t mention in the previous section.

Food Blogs

Food Blogs

It is for people who are professional at cooking. They can run their blog explaining different recipes to the public. If you are a cook and want to become famous, a food blog is a right thing for you as you can freely express yourself as a professional. In this way, people might get interested in trying out your own food.

So, they will come to your restaurant or café which basically means more money. If you get popular enough, you can get paid to go to different restaurants and score their meals. Since people rely on your specific opinions on food, there is a good chance of them going to the same restaurant, if you give compliments about it one or two.

Health And Fitness Blogs

This type of blog will be usually very interesting for women as they often care about their look and appearance more than men. If you have a health & fitness-related college degree or any international certificate, people will come and read your content eventually. You can introduce people to healthy diets or practical training plants to lose or gain weight.

Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle blogs are getting more attention as people are trying to explore new ways of having a more exciting life. You can run your blog and present the latest trend regarding lifestyle. For example, if you write about lesbian or gay marriage, lots of Internet visitors come and read your article. It requires too much reading because the originality of your content must be there! Otherwise, you will be another guy who just randomly copies and pasties already existing articles.


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Personal Blogs

Personal blogs are for individuals who are little be known by the public. Therefore, the more popular you get, the more people want to know about your life. In personal blogs, you have to let the audience get closer to you and that's how you direct people to know about you and your brand.

For example, you can talk to them about the first time you had a huge success and what were the reasons. Or, if you have already recorded videos from the romantic, sad, or exciting event of your life, you have the chance to share them with your audience. Just like trust, love is another magic element in the success of your business. It will be hard for people not to buy anything from you when they love you. Are you looking for love? Just start the blog.

We can go on and continue talking about other types of blogging but I think that would be enough. Now, we want to see what types of common problems are associated with blogging. Sometimes, it is hard to generalize blogging problems as they significantly vary among individuals. However, we can have a glimpse into these problems and come up with some sort of solution.

The Most Common Blogging Problems

The 6 Most Common Blogging Problems

Here is a shortlist of the most frequent problems you might be facing while blogging. I will also try to come up with suggestions to get rid of those problems as well.

Not Choosing The Right Niche For Your Blog

1. Not Choosing The Right Niche For Your Blog

Your blog must be relevant to your business. It is not an issue when you think about it but many blogs crash quickly as you can find practically everything in them. So, you have to first determine what your final goal of having a blog is.

For example, if you have a plan to expand your blog in the future and monetize it, you have to go for a single topic blog as it will be easier for making money, SEO, and readership. Also, there are many analytical tools out there that help you choose your niche properly. For example, it could be the case that the car renting niche is much more popular than beauty products in your country. So, just go with it.

However, if your own business deals with different niches, it will definitely make sense to have a blog with as diverse topics as possible. This approach especially works for big online stores that sell everything to the public. Therefore, my suggestion is to just sit down and decide what you want to get out of your blog. Then, choose the niche(s) properly and start producing content.

Not Very Impressive Content

2. Not Very Impressive Content

Don't just copy and paste content from others. I know this is the easiest way to fill up your blog with content and at the first glance, it looks terrific. However, you will lose your customers and readers one by one as they gradually understand that you don’t care about your business and don’t put some time and energy to come up with practical articles.

If you learn about your niche and business, you will find a lack of knowledge in many different fields. Then, you have to just sit behind your desk and express your thoughts. Again, don’t copy anything! Not any article and any multimedia content. Create them for yourself and you will see how people get attracted to your personality.

You can hire either somebody who knows about content creating to do it for you at the beginning. You can then learn and create the content by yourself. In any case, you should always create content by considering all SEO rules. Your content must be SEO-friendly. What is SEO? And why do you need to care?

No Comments From Visitors And Readers

3. No Comments From Visitors And Readers

You might think that the quality of your content is good enough but people still are not interested in reading your article. Also, even after reading, you don’t get any comments or feedback from them. if you don’t get enough visitors who want to comment on your content, you will eventually stop creating them. So, there is a solution to that and it is very simple.

To receive comments and feedback, you have to do it first. I mean you have to do something which you expect others to do for you. Go to people's blogs and read their content accurately and come up with some nice and professional comments. Then, try to indirectly mention that you have your blog full of articles like the one you have read. In this way, if visitors find your comment interesting, they will check up on you too. That's how you can get visitors and comments.

Also, try to be positive with saying sentences like “it is a great article” or “I was surprised by…” or similar ones. People usually return your favour by reading your blog and commenting under your posts. And, when visitors put a link in their comments, they probably expect you to go and check their material. Please, do this since it could be the beginning of a professional relationship. What else can you do to let people comment under your posts in your blog?

It is easy! Ask them to do it for you. For example, at the end of your article, ask them for their ideas and direct them to the comment sections so they can express their ideas and feelings about your content. More importantly, try to embrace even the most disgusting comments. Finally, the topic of your posts matters a lot too. It is completely obvious that if you write about controversial topics, you will get lots of comments.

Not Enough Traffic

4. Not Enough Traffic

Bloggers always worry about the quality, originality, and novelty of their content. However, there is something else you should consider too. Without traffic nothing matters. You write the most sophisticated article, but it doesn’t matter when nobody reads it. You see! Bloggers don’t pay attention to the fact that advertising and getting visibility should come first and then originality and novelty make their impact. So, how can we solve this problem?

The first thing you need to do is re-evaluate your posts. Are they original? Aren't they short? Are the pictures OK? Is the quality of the video satisfactory? Perhaps, an SEO expert will be able to pinpoint the problems associated with your content. Another method is asking other bloggers for posting on their blogs as guest writers. In this way, you are using somebody's else fame to make yourself popular.

You just need to approach the right person for the job. If the person you are asking doesn’t have a good reputation, then, even with nice content, you will get a bad reputation too. Additionally, use the power of social media. If you have several social accounts, re-formulate your content and add the link to your posts so people click and enter your blog.


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5. Nobody Knows What Your Deal Is

Look, whatever we are doing, there is a reason behind it, right? The same is true with blogging. However, sometimes, bloggers' articles are confusing so that you cannot tell what they have in their mind while writing such a post. Are you trying to just advertise your products?

Do you want to increase the knowledge of your visitors about your products? Do you want to get closer to your potential customers? Or, are you looking for getting visitors' emails? For each of these tasks, you have to choose a different writing style. So, what if the content of our blog is not clear enough?

The first thing you can do is think accurately about the primary reasons for opening your website. This will show you the topic, the tone of your content, and the target audience you are trying to adsorb.

6. Very Few Repeat Visitors

Do you know how normal visitors become loyal customers? By coming to your blogs several times. However, sometimes, you have very few visitors who have checked your website more than once or twice. Fortunately, this problem can be taken care of too.

First of all, it is important to ask your visitors subscribe by leaving their emails or through RSS. In this way, next time you post something, they will be notified and if your content is exciting for them, they will come and check them out too. Another email-related activity you can do is establishing an email newsletter.

You will ask visitors for their emails if they are interested in your newsletter. So, you will send them a professionally designed email and ask them to enter your blog. Another important factor is how many times you are posting and whether if the content is posted regularly. For example, try to just post three times a week, not more. And, stick to your plan because people don’t like disorganized bloggers.


Blogging is now one of the most important parts of all businesses. Blogging is just simply posting the article daily for your visitors to keep them informed about your business. Blogging can turn your business upside down if you apply the correct topic and produce professional content.

The content is not just written posts but it could be an image, a clip, or an infographic. In this article, we talked about the most common problems in blogging. Then, we also offered some ways to resolve the issue. Whatever you do, don’t think of blogging as magic that is supposed to make you a millionaire overnight. It is a very gradual phenomenon that requires time, delicacy, and patience.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the 6 Most Common Blogging Problems. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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