The 9 Best Phone Apps For Blogging

The 9 Best Phone Apps For Blogging

The 9 Best Phone Apps For Blogging

The 9 Best Phone Apps For Blogging

Blogging is a great way to share your experiences, adventures, wisdom and musings with the rest of the world. With most of us leading busy lives, constantly on the run from one place to another, it can be difficult to set aside time when we get home to update our blogs regularly, which is why many have turned to writing and managing their personal archives from their mobile phones. Here are 5 apps to make the process of running a blog from your phone not just painless but fun.

1. The IFTTT App

IFTTT is an automation app that lets you connect different services and devices. Several services have been brought into the app’s repertoire, including Netflix, Wunderlist, Spotify and Last.FM. With it, you can create automation and “recipes” that act on your actions. For example, you can create a recipe that turns on the phone’s “notifications” system, and when it’s connected to your Spotify account, when you enter a specific mood, IFTTT will play a Spotify playlist when you get back home.


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You can also create a recipe that takes 10 photos every time you put on some “warmer” lipstick, then puts it into a collage on your phone. There’s also a “blogger” app that automatically posts your new entries to your blog. You probably already use IFTTT daily and think nothing of it. Still, it is a simple and free online tool that allows those new to the app to do neat and nifty things like sending yourself an e-mail whenever you open your favourite app or service.

The IFTTT app can be used to control your smartphone's ringer, flashlights, and even ringtones, among others. It's the perfect tool to add to your phone's collection of handy apps, and since you can also use it for your laptop, Windows PC and tablets as well, you will have your entire digital life at your disposal when it comes to blogging. First things first, IFTTT is an ‘If This Then That' app that uses artificial intelligence to make all your digital life a little easier.

The IFTTT app works with dozens of services and products to provide a simple and easy way to automate actions. By selecting a trigger or action you want to take, the app can connect to all the apps or services in your digital life, triggering or acting accordingly. In this case, a simple ‘tap' trigger (like saying ‘text your editor' on your mobile) or event (like the time of day) will trigger a special action.

Some of the more popular triggers include WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Slack, and you can manage the apps you have set up here. For those who have never heard of IFTTT, it's a free app that will help you connect and automate the action of a whole variety of smartphone apps. For example, if you regularly create and edit pictures on your smartphone, IFTTT can help you create a schedule so that your camera will snap a photo of the current weather when you wake up in the morning and send it to Facebook.

Buffer App

2. Buffer App

Using the Buffer app to manage your website’s social media profiles is the simplest way to post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more, without having to worry about integrating your site’s social media accounts. You can set up auto-posting in advance to various social media accounts, or you can manage posts in batches, populating a list of social media outlets that you’ll be posting on at set times.

However you decide to use it, Buffer is a simple and effective way to post to the social media accounts of your choice. Buffer is one of the best and most convenient mobile apps for writing an informative blog. The app has different modes for you to select depending on what you’re blogging about – those which you set up manually or those set by the app itself.

Creating a profile in the app creates your posts for you in one seamless, automated way so that all your content is available to your followers in real-time, on whatever platform they are on. This means that you can post as many or as few as you want at different times of the day, and your content is always available to them. Buffer is a free, time-saving app that lets you share your blog posts, social updates and more with others, all in one place.

The Buffer app lets you create different “buffer zones,” where you can share different kinds of content. You can create it with a couple of clicks or add a custom description to each of your zones. Each zone is displayed as a banner at the top of your home screen, and each one can be customized by the owner with custom colours and buttons. You can also choose how long you want a zone to remain displayed.

All of this is done without leaving your current activity or using up your battery. Buffer is one of the many online services that allow you to schedule and automate your social media marketing and publish content to your various online accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. With Buffer, you can schedule different blog posts that will automatically appear in your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Open up the Buffer App and log in to your Twitter, Facebook, and Google account to use this app. Then you can schedule the date, time and duration of each post. In addition, you can share the content on all your social media accounts and have it published automatically. Buffer is great because it takes some manual effort from publishing and scheduling content on social media. All you need to do is create a personal blog and social media.

WordPress App

3. WordPress App

Not all bloggers want to code, so you can probably thank WordPress, the world’s most popular blogging platform, for the WordPress App that takes the stress out of blogging. And there’s a reason WordPress is the top blogging software. With the WordPress App, you can easily create and manage a personal website for yourself, your business, or a third party. With a full-page builder and publishing options, you’ll never again be a self-proclaimed micro-blogger without a WordPress website.

WordPress is not an app per se, but the WordPress App does provide the platform for setting up your website, so you can then use WordPress as your blogging platform. Most blogging apps for smartphones and tablets support WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) available for web publishers. So, if you're a big fan of the popular blogging software, it's a good idea to start your life-of-the-blogging with WordPress as it comes with a set of handy editor extensions that give you even more capabilities to manage your blog more efficiently.


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WordPress is an excellent blogging platform to use if you're serious about your blog and using WordPress on your website. The app allows you to customize your blog to the way you like it. The drag and drop interface will help you easily create a stunning website, which is easy to update and customize. This app allows users to manage their WordPress website on their phones with just one click.

It is capable of syncing the content from your WordPress blog with any device. This is especially useful if you have a WordPress-powered website where you upload your posts. You can also upload your photos, which will automatically be converted into WordPress posts, thus eliminating the need to upload to your phone. The app also has a bookmarking and photo browsing feature, which allows you to browse and bookmark any content directly from your phone.

Evernote App

4. Evernote App

Evernote is a powerful app that can help you save, organize, and share many different kinds of information with others. You can use this free app for everything from storing your business cards to your shopping list.

This app also supports syncing across your devices so you can read notes, upload photos and do whatever you want, whenever and wherever you want. It is a must-have app for anyone who wants to make their life more organized and who relies on mobile phones for all of their day-to-day transactions and communications.

Writing your notes in Evernote from your mobile phone is seamless. The app allows you to save text, images, and media, so you can instantly access them from any device. The files are sorted by different categories such as pictures, web, videos, and audio. The app also lets you categorize your notes, label them according to the source, and add tags for ease of search.

The best part is, you can easily share your notes with Evernote users, including people who don’t have the app, by creating shared notebooks. Evernote is probably one of the biggest apps on the market today. It allows you to take notes anywhere and then sync them across all of your devices. It’s a brilliant app for bloggers who keep their blogs online for people to read and also a great way to write blog posts and articles.

You can add links, images, videos and pull up a list of keywords to help with research. Evernote allows you to access and save your notebooks from any phone or computer using your online account and also allows you to write and search through your notes using the pen icon on your keyboard.

When you need to do some quick blogging activity, you can start a notebook or upload an image from your camera roll. If you want to write a long-winded post, you can add various tags and create a separate notebook for that particular post. The best part about the app is its storage flexibility. If you have an enormous notebook and multiple notes to add, Evernote automatically allows you to organize your notes in various categories.


5. HootSuite

With this app, you can have full control over what’s happening on your blog while on the go. HootSuite also tracks social mentions and shares from worldwide, so you can respond and respond fast! It can also give you insight into your followers, such as if they have accounts on more than one service, so you can learn more about them and try to find common ground to interact with them! You can also save, edit and share your articles easily, and it syncs with other social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+.

HootSuite has a robust, intuitive interface and plenty of customization options. HootSuite is an app used to manage multiple social media accounts, which can be separated into an account on each and every popular social media site. You can manage your profile on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus, Pinterest, and YouTube with the app. This app has a nifty feature that keeps track of social media posts and includes your latest updates on the home page for easy access.

HootSuite is a Twitter and Facebook app that allows you to manage multiple social accounts at once. Besides managing multiple accounts, you can schedule tweets, update your content and create reminders to write and post once you’re on a particular schedule.

The app is useful as it allows you to view and update multiple accounts from a single device, all of which you can access from a single profile page. Additionally, HootSuite can also aggregate social feeds from their mobile website and manage subscriptions to those feeds if you're using it for other websites. For simple and quick Twitter management, HootSuite is one of the best apps.


6. Tumblr

Tumblr is a platform that allows you to share your thoughts and connect with other bloggers, podcasters and other online content creators. It has become a key platform for bloggers, being a great place for you to share your content and collect a wide variety of people from all over the world to connect with. Tumblr has also recently added the ability for users to post images, videos, and GIFs to their blogs.

The one downside is that Tumblr is still a growing and developing platform, making it difficult to find a perfect community to connect with or find the best information or links. So it’s probably best to play it safe and search until you find the right people. Tumblr is a popular social blogging and networking platform that many people use to share articles, stories and other things they find online.


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Tapping into Tumblr will give you instant access to all of the amazing things you can find online, and it also provides an easy way for people to share these things with you. You can add a story or a photograph to an existing blog, and it will show up alongside it and appear on your account. However, you can also create your own blog on Tumblr, so you don’t have to visit a particular blog every day, and you can even follow other users too.

Tumblr is like Twitter, but for bloggers. The website can share anything related to a subject and is one of the most popular social media sites for bloggers. With Tumblr, you can add any media or blog post to the site in an easy, natural way, which makes it extremely simple to post or write on your blog.

If you're interested in using Tumblr for blogging, several apps can help you manage your blog account from your phone. You can set up your accounts and make them private so that only you can see what you've posted. There's also an app for uploading photos and managing your blog or blog archives.

BlogPad Pro

7. BlogPad Pro

A simple WordPress-like blogging app that comes pre-installed with your phone. Though most bloggers use WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, and Blogger for their blogs, this app remains the most popular. Tapping into an exciting blogging opportunity that was previously unexplored, this mobile app enables you to keep all your blogs in one place.

The basic features of this app include not just updating your profile and removing negative comments but also in-depth posts that enable you to share extra information on your blogs like recipes, recommended books and other ideas that enhance your life and blog.

While this app has only been out for a few weeks now, it has already gained popularity, with thousands of users uploading great content every day. For those who like to keep their blog diary brief, BlogPad can be used to write and publish blog posts from your phone.

BlogPad has an abundance of ready-to-use templates for users to choose from, all of which are optimized for small screens. Users can also customize and personalize their blogs, using their choice of colours, themes, fonts and widgets. Once you’ve finalized your layout, upload your images and content via Google’s ‘Drive’ or ‘Picasa.’ Once uploaded, the app will let you download your finished work to a virtual drive, saving you the hassle of importing and exporting content later on.


8. BlogPress

The blogging tool from WP Press is an interesting hybrid of many online blogging tools, including WordPress, Tumblr and more. However, it does have a hefty price tag at $12 a month or $100 for a year, but it offers some pretty powerful functions that could be used to build an online blog.

You can install the app on both your iOS and Android device and, in theory, can post on multiple platforms at once. It has several interesting features, such as the ability to post images or text and pages, which opens up some pretty powerful opportunities if you happen to be using WordPress.

You can also use the app to create social media posts, enabling you to share your content more easily. Website designers are always looking for ways to make content creation and publishing as quick and easy as possible from their websites. One way to make this easier is to use a mobile app that lets you browse your sites from anywhere in the world.

BlogPress, which recently launched an iPad version, lets you create and publish blog posts from anywhere in the world. A nifty feature in BlogPress is that the app will automatically sync any new content you write, even on Android devices, so that you don’t have to copy over content from other devices manually. BlogPress is perhaps one of the most popular blog editors available.

You can create an account using your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to import your existing blog posts. Once you’ve imported your blog posts, you can publish the new blog post and start connecting with your existing audience on various social media platforms. Blogs from BlogPress look really polished and professional.

The editor is quite similar to WordPress, allowing you to add several sections, change the font, or style your blog posts without any hassle. You can also access blog posts from your phone’s home screen. Blogs from BlogPress are formatted automatically, giving you a nice easy-to-read and edit experience. You can also add any of your own images to enhance your blog posts.


9. BlogTouch

Create and publish blogs from your phone. The interface is similar to that of a blogging platform, easy to navigate and customizable. It's also integrated with many social networks. It's currently available for Android and iOS devices. By far, the easiest and most elegant way to update a blog from your phone is to use the top-rated BlogTouch app.

BlogTouch allows users to publish to multiple blogging platforms, including WordPress, Medium, Tumblr and many others, without any of the tedious customizations involved with these platforms. BlogTouch lets you set up posts, manage metadata, manage comments, set up feeds, and publish from any device.

The only requirements are that the blog has to have 100 or more subscribers, and the user has to have WordPress installed on their smartphone. If you have used Blogger or WordPress, then BlogTouch is the app for you. It integrates your blogging content onto one simple website that is updated and synced from your laptop and desktop. You can categorize your content into multiple categories and categories.


We hope you found these apps helpful! Do you have any personal favourites in the field of mobile technology? Do you use them? If you do, what are they?

I trust you enjoyed this article about The 9 Best Phone Apps For Blogging. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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