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LiquidWeb vs GoDaddy


Introduction To Our LiquidWeb vs GoDaddy Review

The internet has greatly influenced the economy of our world. In fact, the internet has transformed the way we run our businesses. Buying/selling, advertising, marketing, generating leads, and getting visibility are all happening inside the internet.

This is mainly due to the high availability of the internet and increased business managers' knowledge. For example, you cannot find any businesses without having one, two, or even more social accounts. Social platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc., have made advertising much easier for everyone than traditional ways of doing business online.

With free-charged pages on social platforms, you can draw attention by producing engaging content. Step-by-step, people will start sharing your products, and more people will come. You can apply all those SEO techniques to maximize your profit. Also, you can outsource your advertisements to other pages or influencers to do the job for you.

More importantly, you can build a website and put all your content in it. In contrast to social platforms, you can have a website as the main hub for your business without worrying about violating the rules and getting blocked by the owners. However, there are many aspects involved when your website is supposed to sell your products and services.

Here, we will discuss these aspects and then introduce two of the most popular platforms called LiquidWeb and GoDaddy. They will help you overcome or at least minimize the challenges faced by business managers.


Challenges In Your New Business

Establishing a business and opening a website for it is vital to your career. However, it is not enough. Other issues are coming in the way. Marketing, sales, and customer services are some of these big challenges. First of all, how do you want to advertise your business? What marketing strategy are you going to apply.

What should you do to boost your sales? And more importantly, how can you gather information from your customers? How can you follow up on them? Unfortunately, all these challenges might lead to losing money. So, you have to do something about it. One way is to hire people to do the job for you. But this costs lots of money and doesn’t make sense.

In fact, there is another way worth trying. Outsourcing all your tasks to one single platform. With one single platform, your time is not going to be wasted. Also, you will get rid of all the stress, and anxiety business managers usually deal with. Here, the issue of web hosting becomes critical.

With professional web hosting, all challenges can be managed under an organized system. LiquidWeb and Godaddy are two of the most popular platforms dedicated to web hosting. They have been in the market for several years. So, from now on, we will focus and introduce their basics.


Click On The Image To Go Ro Liquid Web


This company was established in 1997. It mainly focuses on growing businesses and the designers, developers, and agencies who create for them. LiquidWeb provides web hosting to businesses that are dependent on their website financially. It helps them expand their reach and popularity through online shopping, content creating, funnelling, etc. LiquidWeb hosting is fast, secure, and very reliable. So, you don’t need to work with any other platforms if you choose LiquidWeb for your business.

What Exactly Does LiquidWeb Do For Your Website?

LiquidWeb helps you in several areas, including software update, hardware management, pricing, security, and network management. Tasks such as server administration, hardware management, network management, operating system, and pre-installed software support are taken care of by LiquidWeb.



Why Should Businesses Choose LiquidWeb?

There are many reasons why we should believe in LiquidWeb. Here, we are discussing a few of them.


LiquidWeb Is A Fully Managed Host

  • The company promises not to leave you in many stages of the business. This includes pre-order and throughout the order.
  • In the pre-order stage, LiquidWeb gives you 24 hours support. Also, LiquidWeb has access to professional technicians. Moreover, the staff is very knowledgeable and knows everything about selling. Cancelling is possible at any moment with clear pricing. The list of your inventory is always up-to-date.
  • Beating industry standards, setting up the environment you want to like Windows, Linux, etc., ordering verification from setup technicians, reviewing your hosting environment, and ensuring privacy by HIPAA/PCI certifications are taken care of throughout your order.
  • Migration is happening very easily. If you decide to migrate your data from your current host, a professional team of technicians helps you do so.
  • Identifying and blocking cyber threat activity, providing custom host vulnerability management, ensuring advanced host protection, and utilizing industry-leading network protection technology are some of the features securing your website safety.

Our Liquid Web Family Of Brands

LiquidWeb is not alone! Your online potential content, commerce, and applications are all available. In addition to LiquidWeb, three other tools help you build your business. They include NEXCESS, ithemes, and interWORX. NEXCESS is a cloud solution for optimizing Magneto, WooCommerce, and WordPress sites, stores, and applications. The next one is ithemes which is a premium WordPress SasS and plugins. This tool helps you manage all WordPress sites. Finally, servers, websites, domains, and emails are all controlled and managed by interWORX.



LiquidWeb Products

LiquidWeb products are divided into six classes. It includes dedicated cloud, VPS, CMS & eCommerce, Enterprise Hosting, and add-ons. Each class has several subclasses designed to build your business. It is not the scope of our article to review all the products. So, let's discuss a few of them.

Dedicated HIPAA Compliant Data Centers & Solutions

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Is your business related to this act? If yes, LiquidWeb will be a great help for you. HIPAA wants related businesses to protect all health information. LiquidWeb ensures the protection with managed dedicated VPS and offers dedicated solutions compliant with HIPAA guidelines.


Cloud Servers

First of all, the servers are high-speed and can be launched in a minute. You will have access to a 10Gb public/private network with a powerful API. The cloud servers have integrated firewalls. High I/O redundant storage, Acronis Backups included, and building on OpenStack Technology are other features of cloud servers. Two other cloud servers include VMWare Private cloud and Cloud dedicated servers.


CMS & eCommerce Managed WordPress Hosting

LiquidWeb has the complete solution for your WordPress websites. First of all, LiquidWeb shows the highest level of performance using Nginx, PHP7+, image compression, and configurations. It also gives you faster membership sites, stores, courseware, or blogs.

Also, you might have installed lots of plugins on your website, which need to be updated regularly. However, you don’t need to be worried about plugin updates again, as LiquidWeb does it for you. Finally, you will not need to pay anything if you want to migrate your site.





First, let's see what Godaddy is. Imagine that internet is the entire world, and each website is a house in that world. So, people can come to this world and buy houses or websites. GoDaddy guides you through the process of buying a website (house) on the internet. So, GoDaddy is a service that hosts domains. Now, what are domains? Well, it is easy! Domains are pieces of the internet that you can buy. Who can buy it for you? Godaddy!

Imagine that you want to buy a domain. Your domain must have a name. You can go to and search your target name and see whether it's already been taken. If it is not taken, you will have your domain on the internet. Website must be purchased later after buying the domain. To summarize, Godaddy provides you with the domain and website.


Some Interesting Facts About GoDaddy

  • Currently, they have nearly nine thousand employees with more than 20 million entrepreneurs.
  • So far, they have sold more than 80 million domain names.
  • Their products are related to domains, websites, WordPress, hosting, web security, and many more.
  • It is a website providing services to businesses to grow naturally.
  • The good thing about Godaddy is that it has all the requirements you will need to set up your business.
  • It builds your brand online using a domain and professional email.
  • Also, the hosting is high-speed, secure, and online.
  • It gives you and other businesses to sell their products online without any geographical laminations.
  • Marketing is possible on your website with Godaddy's supports.



GoDaddy provides services related to domains, including finding a domain, domain services, auctions, and domain investor tools. Each class has a few subclasses too. For example, domain investor tools are domain backorder and domain investing. Or, auctions include domain auctions, list a domain, and pricing.


Find A Domain, Domain Name Search, Domain Transfer

You can search for the availability of your target domain name. Also, you can choose from different domains, including .site, .co, UK, Xyz, .live, .com, .tel, and many more. Also, transferring domains is easy, cheap, and fast. You don’t need to have technical information for transferring. Moreover, by transferring several domains at the same time, you are going to get up to a 31% discount. Transferring domains is not limited to one or a few domains.

Godaddy always checks that the domains are up to date. Centralizing multiple domains and easy management are other benefits of GoDaddy.



This is one of the main services of Godaddy. It offers website-related services in three categories, including websites + marketing, WordPress, and Expert services. So, let's briefly mention several benefits of these tools.


Websites + Marketing – Website Builder, Online Store

You might think you need to be well-skilled to be able to run a website. However, thanks to GoDaddy, you can create a beautiful and engaging website from scratch. Fortunately, there is no coding language involved here. Most of the time, people decide not to buy from you not because of your products. In fact, they don’t feel comfortable with your website. They might not like the colour, pattern, or font used in your website. GoDaddy allows you to encourage users to stay and make a purchase.

Also, visitors mustn't get lost and confused in your online store. So, first of all, your store must be big with enough diversity. Thanks to GoDaddy, your online store can have up to 5 thousand products. So, diversity is secured. You have to design the purchase funnel so that buying happens very smoothly without leaving the customers stranded. There are also some marketing tools associated with GoDaddy that are responsible for advertising a company's products.



Nearly one-third of websites all over the internet are using WordPress to create their website. The same is true with GoDaddy. Here are some of the tools provided by WordPress:

Personal & Business – WordPress Hosting

The websites have a simple setup. Also, there are all SEO-friendly. Moreover, the security has been considered, too, which includes a pre-installed SSL certificate. There are four plans available here, including basic, deluxe, ultimate, eCommerce.

They cost 2.99. 3.99, 10.99, and $12.99, respectively. Even the basic plan comes with many features, including 30GB storage, a good option for 25K visitors per month. Also, the website is being scanned for everything so that there is no virus attached to your site. 99.9% uptime promise and a money-back guarantee, access to thousands of free themes and plugins, and free business email for the 1st year are some of the benefits of WordPress hosting benefits.



Web hosting services are very diverse these days. These services are essential parts of today's economy because many would like to stay home and buy their products online. Among all these websites GoDaddy and LiquidWeb are two of the most popular web hosting services. Here, in this article, we first talked about the challenges faced by people. Then, we discussed these two platforms and explained what features they have.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. There will be more coming. Take care.



I would love to hear from you. Please leave me your questions, experience, remarks, and/or suggestions about this LiquidWeb vs GoDaddy Review in the comments section below. You can also reach me by email at


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