How To Profit From Your Blog

How To Profit From Your Blog


How To Profit From Your Blog


How To Profit From Your Blog

Now, businesses must be active online. Back then, it was a luxurious activity to be online. It was exclusive if a business has a website or something similar. However, thanks to new technologies, the situation is different now. Nowadays, it is the norm to be online and expand your business through an online platform.

There are many reasons why this has happened. First of all, people's attitude has changed. For whatever they want to buy, they first search on the internet. They don’t want to waste their time shopping anymore. You don’t need to waste your money on gas and get annoyed by traffic with online marketing. You easily sit behind your desk and choose the best product available for yourself. So, this is very important for businesses. Do you know why? Because they can greatly benefit from people's behaviour.

You might think that people are searching for products online, right? However, it is not the case all the time. Most of the time, people are looking for information, not products. For example, if they want to buy a product, they will search to gain information about what's going on in the market.

When you want to buy a TV, there are many things you have to think about. The price, size, brand, features, electricity consumption, durability, shipping, and many other things. Maybe, you have only one thousand dollars and want to buy something that matches your needs. Or, you want to buy from a specific brand because of its style. What do you usually type into search engines to get what you want? “the cheapest flat TV,” “the best LG TV,” and many more phrases.

This seems not very special. However, it is essential to businesses. They can use this opportunity to get more visits and attract attention. Yes! The key to businesses' success is creating content. Content is one of the most important features of your business. With good content, you get more visitors to your social pages or website.

This will create an excellent opportunity for all businesses. Here, in this article, we are going to talk about something related to content. It is called blogging. We want to know what it means. Then, we want to see what the benefits of blogging are. And, I will tell you how you can use blogging to expand your business.


What Is A Blog?

What Is A Blog?

To put it simply, a blog is an online journal or informational website. It displays lots of articles on many different topics. You can see them in reverse chronological order. A blog usually has one or a group of writers who are specialized in different subjects or niches.

Let's review some of the facts and statistics related to blogs and blogging.

  • First of all, there are more than half a billion blogs globally, with nearly 30 million bloggers in the US only. Also, blogs are widespread and famous among the public. For example, right now, the number of visits to blogs is more than 400 million visits.
  • More than 20 billion pages have created such a high visiting capacity. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms people usually use for blogging. We will talk about WordPress later and explain why it is so common and popular. Anyway, WordPress is so prevailing that nearly a hundred million posts are being created and uploaded per month.
  • The contents posted on blogs are very engaging as they receive more than 75 million comments from visitors and readers.
  • English is the common language of blogging as two-third of blogging content is written in English. The length of content posted on blogs greatly varies. However, the number of words is usually close to two thousand. Studies have shown that an article with a length of twothousand words yields the best result.
  • Nearly half of the bloggers are producing content by themselves. However, the rest hand in their work to other people to review for them.
  • This is another important statistic that is very important for businesses. Some businesses have only a website, and they think it is enough. However, believe it or not, websites with a blog are much more popular as they have 434% more indexed pages. This is amazing if your business needs lots of visits from internet users.
  • Websites with a blog are generally more engaging. For example, they receive 100% more links to their website.


WordPress, The Best Platform For Blogging


WordPress, The Best Platform For Blogging

WordPress is the most common software for creating websites. Nearly one out of three websites are using WordPress for creating content. Initially, WordPress was a blogging software letting people post their blogs on the internet. There are many reasons why this software is so popular with bloggers. If you want to profit from your blog, you have to have WordPress! Here are some reasons for you to understand why WordPress is so prevailing.


WordPress Is Free

If your business is small and you are beginning your career, WordPress is the best because you don’t need to pay. Many of the plugins and themes compatible with WordPress are also without any charge.


Ease Of Use

For blogging, you have to know what you want to produce exact content. You can pay other bloggers and writers to write for you. However, nobody can do it better than you because you know your business, and you know what your blog needs to have. With WordPress, you can do it without any problem because it is very user-friendly, and you don’t need any coding language.


No HTML Editing Or FTP Software Required

As we said before, you don’t need to be a developer to work with WordPress. All your activities, such as creating a new page or blog post, formatting text, uploading images and documents, and other types of content, are done very easily after working with WordPress for several months.

  • Good control of our website,
  • Customizability,
  • Extending the website's functionality and
  • Having multiple users

are other benefits of WordPress.


What Are The Different Types Of Blogging?


What Are The Different Types Of Blogging?

Depending on your business, you can choose different types of blogging. You should know that blogging is there to help you increase your reputation. If your business is related to the food industry, you should create content about it. Or, if you are running an online shopping store selling electrical gadgets, you can create content related to new technologies. Generally, food, travel, health & fitness, lifestyle, fashion & beauty, photography, personal, DIY, parenting and music blogs are among the most popular ones.


How To Make Money From Blogging?


How To Make Money From Blogging?

Now, we are facing this important question! How can we make money from blogging? It would be boring to create content only for information purposes. In fact, you have to get something out of it. There are many ways you can earn money from your blogs. I want to mention them here.


Using Affiliate Marketing On Your Blog


Using Affiliate Marketing On Your Blog

Do you know what affiliate marketing is? It is straightforward to understand. Affiliate marketing happens when you decide to cooperate with a company for selling its products. How? You try to encourage people to buy products from the company. In exchange, the company will let you take a small share of every sale coming from your advertisements. Doing affiliate marketing is very easy! Let me explain.

Imagine that you have an online store and sell cell phones to your visitors. Also, in your blog, you are creating reviews, analytical, and descriptive content about popular products in the market. You are doing this to increase your visits which eventually leads to increased sales. However, you can benefit from blogging even more.

You can start being an affiliate for a famous brand or affiliate platform and advertise as they want. For example, if you are writing a paper about the best high-quality cameras in cellphones, you can introduce the product you are advertising. More people will buy that product which means more commissions for you. Many affiliate platforms are offering very diverse types of affiliate programs. You can easily join them and start making money from your blogs.

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Adding Banner Adverts To Your Website

Usually, you can find several spaces in your blog that is always empty. Using it for sales or advertising banners is one way to occupy the space and receive money for it. These spaces are often found across the top of blog pages or in the sidebar. However, you should discuss how you are going to get paid. CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand) are two ways that you can get paid. In CPC, you will get your commission rate every time a visitor clicks on your advertised link. However, in CMP, you will get paid as soon as the link receives 1000 impressions.


Writing Advertorials And Sponsored Content

This is another way of making money out of your blog. However, for this, your blog needs to have several features. The most important one is that your blog must have a niche audience. What does it mean? It means that your visitors shouldn't be random!

They should have a primary interest and seek that interest in your blog. For example, you might be interested in sneakers. In your blog, you create content related to sneakers. If your content is exciting enough, you will start having a niche audience. I mean, only people who are interested in sneakers will follow your content.

If you are good concerning niche audiences, some companies might offer money in exchange for writing supportive articles. For example, the brand Reebok might pay you, and then you have to write several positive reviews about its products. In this way, people might get interested and check the link you have offered them.


Charging For Sponsored Social Media Posts

You might think that blogging only happens on websites and blogs. In fact, blogging is ubiquitous on social media as well. This is another exciting opportunity for bloggers to earn money. Again, you have to have a reputable online presence and followers. Then, you can be the sponsor for a brand by posting different types of content about them. We will discuss it in the next section because there is a huge potential for blogging on social platforms.

Selling digital products on your blog and your blog's newsletter space and getting employers' attention as a blogger are ways you can secure your payments from your blog.


The 8 Essential Elements Of A Successful Blog Post

I was reading an amazing article on Forbes about how to create a killer blog post. There are, in fact, eight essential elements your blog must have to attract attention which might end up encouraging visitors to buy something or click on a specific link. What are these elements? Here, we are going to review them.


A Killer Magnetic Headline


1) A Killer Magnetic Headline

Let me be frank with you! After checking your headline, people won't hesitate to get out of your blog when they don’t get interested. The headline is crucial to keep them for several more minutes. Maybe, two or three minutes will be enough for the visitors to get hooked and start buying something for your advertisement.

A killer headline helps you do that. The headline must be a combination of sometimes contradictory affinities. For example, it must be brief and informative at the same time. In addition, the headline has to be a very nice indicator of what has been written in the article.


2) Compelling Lead Or Introduction

Your headline is often followed by a paragraph trying to convince readers why they should continue reading the article. You have to present all the information you want to cover in the article you are trying to write.


3) Useful Subheadings

Subheadings have many benefits for your blog post if you use them wisely. First of all, the reader can easily go through it and review what you have included in the post. Also, breaking up the text by using subheads is more appealing to people's eyes. They might not see text everywhere. Subheadings are very important for search engine optimization as well.


4) Informative And Engaging Body

This is where the important things happen. You have to explain the main idea in this section. However, there is something you need to know. People often think that putting keywords in the text is the most important thing to do. However, the number of times you use keywords or their distribution is not very important for search engines such as Google.


5) Appealing Graphics

No matter how professional your text is, you have to think about professional images and other visual content. Believe it or not, people are much more interested in visual content than other types. So, why not use such content? However, you need to be careful about several things. First of all, images must be informative to attract people.

Infographics are the best! You can summarize a large body of data with one single infographic. The next point to remember is that you must not just simply copy and paste other people's works. It is much better to hire someone and pay them to create original content for your blog. This gives you ingenuity and creativity to your blog.


6) Powerful Call-To-Action

The main idea of posting an article in your blog is to attract attention. This attention doesn’t help you unless people actually do something. For example, it is very nice to write professional papers and post them on your blog. However, your contractor expects you to increase the number of their visitors. Or, they might expect an increase in their sales after you introduce the products on your blog.

Sometimes, the material you give to your visitors is great, but they get confused about what they should do next. For example, you introduce and advertise a product very professionally so that people want to take action and buy the product. But they might leave if you don’t implement a powerful call-to-action.


7) Relevant Internal Links

This is one of the principles of SEO to have appropriate internal links. This is one of the easiest and simplest ways to advertise yourself. However, the link must be relevant. Otherwise, Google is smarter to get fooled by irrelevant internal links.


8) Good Meta Descriptions

Sometimes, the first or second line of your article will be shown in a Google search. This is often called the meta description. So, you have to write it as exciting as possible.

Actually, this is a chance Google is giving you to attract people and encourage them to click on your blog. If you want to have your meta description, you can get help from plugins such as Yoast. They are designed to make your meta description appealing.


Different Blog Post Types

Now, we are getting somewhere interesting. We can use the post for different types of content. Each one has its application. Here, I will mention some of them and explain how they will help your blog make more money and get more visits.


How-To Guides

This type of content is very popular. Millions of people are searching on the internet to learn how to do new things. For instance, you might want to know how to play the guitar, but you don’t have time and money to do so. Thanks to YouTube, you will have access to millions of tutorials and related content. However, it doesn’t mean they are enough. In many fields, we have lack information. So, by posting tutorial content on your blog, you will naturally get more visitors.



Infographics are other great tools we have in blogging. Thanks to it, you will be able to compress a huge amount of information into just one simple image. You just need a kick-ass meta description and good subheading to attract attention. Infographics usually include statistical data shown in a very engaging way.



Imagine that people know Mr. X because of his role in creating a movie, novel, or even video game. So, fans want to know about his lifestyle, ideas, and many other things. You can use their fame and put a nice and brief interview with him on your blog and see how visitors come. Athletes, influencers, social activists, vegans, journalists, models, etc., can be interviewed.


Guest Blogging

This is kind of a win-win situation. For example, you are a relatively famous blogger who writes about tourism. On the other hand, some good reputable tourist agencies want to work with you. You can write for them and publish your words somewhere away from your blog. So, it brings more visitors to your blog. And, it is beneficial for the agency too because the visitors will trust the blogger.


Personal Stories

You can share the story of your success with your visitors. When they go through your life and realize who you are, they will be engaged to know more. And, after believing in you, you can encourage them to buy something that you recommend to them. This can be a great source of money for you. However, to be professional, you need to know how to tell stories to be interesting to others.


Case Studies

This is another type for getting more views. Case studies are responsible for guiding visitors to understand all the details of a product or service. For example, somebody might start writing case studies and compare every detail of cars from different brands. Or, the case study might be simply a retelling of what happened in the past concerning all the factors influencing the success or failure of something.





Blogging is one of the most important parts of the internet. People will look for the blog's contents while they are deciding what to do with their future or what they can do in the future, etc. They have a high commercial value for big industries because these contents can change people's life.

Here, we first defined blogs and blogging and explained all the benefits and ways to maximize the profit from doing commercial activities on your blog. In the following articles, we will discuss these issues more deeply. Stay with us if you want to read new articles.

I trust you enjoyed this article about How To Profit From Your Blog. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!


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