Must-Know Facts Before Joining An Affiliate Program

Must-Know Facts Before Joining An Affiliate Program


Must-Know Things Before Joining Any Affiliate Program


Must-Know Facts Before Joining An Affiliate Program

Today, the internet gives you the best opportunity to grow your business. In fact, you can do all those things that were very hard and expensive to do a few years ago. Back then, when you wanted to expand your brand, you didn’t have any choice but to spend too much money and waiting for a long time to get a commercial spot on TV or Radio. Everything was exclusive.

However, the rise of the internet started to change everything. Even more importantly, social networking websites were created to make communication even much easier. Within such an innovative atmosphere, businesses and brands find new ways of advertising to get the best out of it. You might think that all these social platforms and entertainment-related websites have been designed to make you laugh or let you enjoy your moments.

Yes, to some extent, you can say the internet is fun for millions of people. However, this is not the whole picture of the story. In fact, these platforms are there to earn money. How? It is easy! They create a free platform for people to join. Then, with millions of people in their hands, they can influence their choice, style, and lifestyle. That's why millions of businesses are dying to get advertised on websites and social media.

How can businesses advertise on social platforms and the internet in general? As you might know, advertising doesn’t happen through only one or two channels. In fact, there are thousands of methods designed to send a message to the target audience as fast and reliably as possible.

To become popular and increase your sales, you might decide to go to Instagram and apply its exciting and engaging features, such as live streaming and posting stories. Or, perhaps, you start a channel on YouTube and create educational content for people interested in a specific field.

The more people get exposed to you and your products, the faster you can expand your business. However, if you want to talk about the most efficient method, you should know affiliate marketing. This is one of the best ways where all people, including business people and customers, will benefit from it. What is it? How does it work? And, if you decided to join it, what do you need to know before that? I am here to answer these questions and even more.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways of doing business because it is good for everyone. Let me explain how it works. To understand it better, you have to imagine it professionally. Let say you have a big workshop and you produce clothing items. You send them to retailers, and then they will sell them to the public. It means that you cannot sell your products as fast and efficiently as enough. Also, you have to pay for transporting your products and making sure that the customers will receive them.

However, there are better ways to increase your sales. And that's when affiliate marketing comes into the picture. How? It is straightforward! You, as the manager or the owner of the workshop, hire several people. What is these people's job? They are responsible for making your products known on the Internet.

They might advertise your products on social networking websites or other websites and encourage them to buy your products. Or, they might start introducing your products on their Instagram page so that people buy them more. The good thing about these people is that you don’t need to pay them until your goals and aims are achieved.

For example, as the workshop manager, you are going to pay them every time somebody clicks on the advertisement and enters your website. Or, you might pay them when somebody actually purchases something. We call these people affiliates. They are people who try to connect companies to customers.

As you can see, in this scheme, everybody is going to benefit from affiliate marketing. Companies that produce professional and high-quality products are going to sell more.

Affiliates or people who encourage the public to buy specific products are making higher commissions. And finally, the public will be able to get to know and buy the best products in the market at a reasonable price. Before talking about the benefits of affiliate marketing, I want to tell you how widespread affiliate marketing is.


Affiliate Marketing Is Hugely Widespread


Affiliate Marketing Is Hugely Widespread

Here are some interesting facts about affiliate marketing you might not know.

  • From all those brands active on the internet, eight out of ten are applying for affiliate programs.
  • Nearly two-thirds of affiliate marketers are greatly dependent on blogging. Blogging is crucial when it comes to generating traffic. Interestingly, generating traffic is one of the most important factors in increasing your sales.
  • Affiliate marketing is ubiquitous so that more than 90% of businesses are implementing several marketing networks.
  • The commission rates usually vary greatly depending on the network companies choose. However, nearly 15 to 30% of all sales are going to be shared by advertisers.
  • Ecommerce sales are greatly influenced by affiliate marketing. Statics show that more than 15% of the world's eCommerce sales are generated from affiliate marketing.
  • Mobile devices play an important role in affiliate marketing. In fact, half of the traffic in affiliate marketing is directed from mobile devices.
  • Social networking websites are great sources for the affiliate to advertise products and services. Although nearly 70% of affiliates use social networking websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, we expect that this number increases in the following years.
  • Affiliate marketing is worth $12 billion in 2021, reaching $6.4 billion in turnover.
  • The US is a paradise for people involved in affiliate marketing with a 39% share.
  • ShareASale is one of the biggest platforms providing affiliate marketing services by sharing more than half of affiliate marketing globally.
  • People buy online more than ever, right? Concerning online orders, the affiliate industry makes up about 16% of them.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Boost Your Sales?

There are many benefits associated with affiliate marketing for everyone. Here is a shortlist of all the positive impacts of affiliate marketing on your business. First, let see what benefits affiliate marketing has for affiliates.


Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing For Affiliates


Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing For Affiliates

Here are some reasons for you to believe why you should join the affiliate marketing industry.


Far-Reaching Industry

First of all, affiliate marketing is everywhere. All industries have understood the great power of affiliate marketing and use several platforms. So, it doesn’t matter what your passion is. You don’t need to limit yourself to specific products. You can be an affiliate for advertising your passion. Do you like video games? Promote them! Do you like the fashion industry? Start advertising fashion and beauty products. You can sell whatever your passion is.


Low-Cost Business Opportunity

You, as an affiliate, can start joining the affiliate marketing business very easily. It is not just like other jobs that require too much money in your hands. All you need is a laptop and fast internet to start making money. Of course, you can develop your business in the future by spending more money and expanding more.


No Expertise Required

Thanks to the internet, there is more content than you need everywhere. You can easily learn them by yourself and choose your campaign wisely. Also, the principles of being an affiliate are always the same. You have to attract more people to your website, social account, or wherever you are creating content. The more visitors you have, the more companies like to work with you.


A Supplementary Source Of Income

It is not supposed to take too much of your time. Accordingly, you don’t need to risk it. Sometimes, people are scared of joining online marketing because they think they will not be successful. However, you don’t need to be worried that about affiliate marketing. You can keep your current job and join affiliate marketing. If it goes well, you can keep doing it. If not, you always have the chance of getting back and starting from scratch.



This is another obvious reason why you might want to join affiliate marketing. You can do it wherever and whenever you feel like it. You can do it before going to bed or bright and early in the morning. It doesn’t stop you from doing other more important things in your life.


Limitless Techniques And Strategies

You are only limited to your imagination. You have very diverse ways to advertise products and services and encourage people to buy from you. For example, you can ask influencers to advertise for you. Or, you can ask bloggers or content creators to write in your favour.

Tips For Your Affiliate Marketing


Tips For Your Affiliate Marketing

So, how should we process with affiliate marketing? For example, how can we make the best out of affiliate marketing? Here are some nice tips for you.


Not Every Affiliate Is Appropriate For Your Business

Who should you choose? Be careful. Affiliates are in the frontline and often communicate with customers directly. So, the better they behave toward customers, the more sales you are going to make. As a rule, you have to have a good rapport with the audience. Also, affiliates usually have social media pages and websites with thousands or sometimes millions of followers and subscribers, right? Your products and services must be interested in the affiliate's audience. For example, an influencer in the same business as yours can greatly help you. Or, if your affiliate has a website, you can check their site ranking and related factors.


Offering Coupons, Deals, And Promotions

The market is greatly competitive. There is no question about that. That's why your offers must be exciting and profitable enough to make your customers buy your products and services. Customers love discounts, even a tiny one. So, both companies and affiliates should try to include a discount in their offers.


Taking The Power Of Niche Influencers Seriously

As we said before, there are thousands of influencers on social networking websites you can connect to. The good thing about these people is that if they advertise your products or services, the advertisement will not be wasted at all. Only your target audience will receive it. For example, if you are producing sports shoes, it will be beneficial to advertise on an athlete's page followed by millions of professional and amateur athletes.

How can you make sure that an influencer is right for your business or not? Well, you have to consider several factors. They include reaching, engagement, audience demographic, follower growth over time, and alignment with your brand's values and niche. When you want to work with one of the influencers, you can politely ask them to provide you with this information.


Using Affiliate Promotions From Different Sources

You should never focus on one single source. For example, there are successful influencers on different social platforms. Try to reach them all and let them advertise your brand. In this way, you will get brand awareness more rapidly.


Optimizing Your Product Pages For Conversions

You should lower down your expectations and act wisely. Let me explain to you what I mean. Affiliates are responsible for tempting people to click on an advertisement and lead visitors to your website where you can sell your products. Encouraging customers to come to your product pages is one thing, and increasing your conversions is something else. In fact, affiliates might act very well, but customers might not buy from you because your product pages are not exciting enough. You should work on them before asking affiliates to invite people to them. For example, the speed of your website and providing sufficient information regarding the process of buying products must be taken care of.


What Are The Best Affiliate Products?

Well, it is getting more interesting here. Affiliate marketing covers all the products and services in the market. However, there are some products that people always want to buy. I know! You might want to sell products that you are passionate about. However, it would be better to start with famous and less risky items to gain experience and then jump into what you want. Here, we are talking about products that people always like. You can sell them much faster and easier than other products in the market.


Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality

This is one of the biggest interests of the public. Virtual reality has found its place among the public in stimulation situations as well as video games. So, there are always demands them in the market.




This is another exciting product for ordinary people to watch your local neighbourhood or natural landscape from angles that haven’t been observed before. They are good and engaging products for children as well to satisfy their curiosity.


3D Printers


3D Printers

Many labs worldwide and scientists, students, and researchers who have worked with 3d printers know how efficient and productive 3d printers are. This is very important for people who are into science. You can find lots of buyers at technological companies and universities.


Phone Accessories


Phone Accessories

When people buy a new cellphone, they might not have enough money, and it is tough for them to afford even a simple cellphone. However, there is one solution for that. You can buy accessories that they need. As long as people need cellphones, they will need accessories as well. Why not dominating this market? You can ask your affiliates to focus on cellphone accessories.


Wireless Chargers


Wireless Chargers

Chargers are some of the most common equipment everybody needs. We often lose them somewhere or break down the wires for many reasons. The wireless charger is the answer to the problem. As long as you are taking your cellphone everywhere you go, you need the charger as well. It would be even better than a wired charger.


Security And Surveillance Systems


Security And Surveillance Systems

These products are necessary for everyone who has a car, house, or any other valuable belongings. These systems have been upgraded and become more professional. People like to buy them online, just like other electrical gadgets.


Car Vacuum Cleaners


Car Vacuum Cleaners

Are you surprised? Don’t be! People don’t have time to clean their cars manually anymore. You need something swift. Car vacuum cleaners are there for people to get rid of all the dust in their cars.

The list can go on!

  • Wearable devices,
  • Gym equipment,
  • Travel & tourism,
  • Shapewear, etc.,

are among the top most popular items for affiliates. Also, you should know that digital products and services are trendy. For example, one of the best services is hosting services for those with websites for their business.


Why Should You Join An Affiliate Network?

You might ask why you should bother by joining affiliate platforms? Well, the answer is easy! For being a professional affiliate, you need to get connected to professional and successful brands. Then, you will start advertising for them and getting your commission rate. You can find these brands on affiliate platforms. When you join them, you will start working with these brands. Here, I am going to introduce some of the most famous affiliate marketing platforms.


What Should You Consider For Choosing A Proper Affiliate Platform?

There are several factors you need to consider before choosing a professional affiliate marketing platform. They include

  • Commission rates,
  • Product/service selection,
  • Approval requirements,
  • Other fees, and
  • Cookie duration.


Commission Rates

This is very important for affiliates. The higher your commission rates are, the more money you are going to earn. So, check this factor as soon as possible.


Product/Service Selection

This is another important criterion. You definitely don’t want to sell something you are not interested in, right? For example, it would be very profitable to advertise products related to new technologies when you have millions of followers interested in the same category. So, you have to see what products each platform offers.


Approval Requirements

Some platforms require you to reach a specific number of followers or traffic to join them. So, make sure you have all those necessities.



Some networks come with fees. You have to pay to benefit from advertising and getting a commission rate. If you are a beginner, you have to start with free or at least cheap. There are so many different affiliate programs you can join for free. I personally refuse to join an affiliate program I have to pay for.


Cookie Duration

First, you should see what cookie duration means. It is basically the duration that the program tracks and gives you credit for a prospective buyer. This duration varies a lot, from 24 hrs. To 120 days.


Best Affiliate Programs

Now, let's review some of the biggest names in the market. They are particularly very nice for beginners.



This is the best overall affiliate program. Fiverr is great for online services. For example, if you are interested in designing logos, writing programs, and working on WordPress, Fiverr is the best place for you. The commission rates on Fiverr are great as you, as an affiliate, earn up to a $150 CPA for every first-time buyer or up to $1,000 per sale.


Bluehost And Hostinger

This is great for bloggers who want to make money online. In this program, you can promote web hosting services and get paid accordingly. The program offers some of the best commissions on the internet. Also, Hostinger offers another program for digital services.

Elementor, Cloudways, and HostGator are other affiliate programs you can use.



Affiliate marketing has helped people get away from their normal job and do something exciting. Affiliate marketing tries to connect companies and customers. The more companies and customers you as the affiliate marketer connects with, the more profitable your business can be.

However, just like every new technology, you have to know about affiliate marketing well before joining it. Here, in this article, we first explained what affiliate marketing means. Then, we talked about all the benefits of joining it for both businesses and affiliates. Then, we introduced some of the most popular programs and products people can choose if they want to start their affiliate marketing career.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the Must-Know Facts Before Joining An Affiliate Program. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!


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