All You Need to Know About Google Plus Hangouts For Business

All You Need to Know About Google Plus Hangouts For Business

All You Need to Know About Google+ Hangouts For Business

All You Need to Know About Google Plus Hangouts For Business

The Google-created social network, Google Plus, is a relative newcomer to the online community. The social media behemoth, the second-largest social media network after Facebook, was established in 2011. Since May 2013, the site has grown from 190 million to 300 million active monthly users.

Here are some helpful hints for Google+ hangouts. Some claim it is a marketing game-changer that offers many benefits. One is Google Hangouts, a stylish and user-friendly video chat service that lets users engage in real-time video discussions.


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Hangouts on Google+ MavSocial business social media software The host and nine other participants may communicate with each other at once, and an infinite number of people can watch live and recorded broadcasts of what is known as “Hangouts on Air.”

Additionally, it is free for individuals who have a Google account. A hangout is a fantastic tool for companies to show their thought leadership and develop better relationships with their clients. Here are a few excellent Hangouts tips you may utilize to further your professional goals:

Make Live Presentations

Use the Hangouts feature to host brief interactive seminars where you can show people how to use your goods and services. Invoke crowd engagement by posing a question to the audience. Watch the video in real time on Google+.

One of the unique aspects of Hangouts is the ability to record the video for later replay while simultaneously streaming it live on Google+, your YouTube channel, and your website. This may be done without any specialized tools. Your potential audience is enormous, even though you can only invite nine individuals to join a Hangout at once.

To reach a youthful, tech-savvy audience globally, the UK-based confectioner Cadbury launched a Google Plus campaign. One of its strategies was hosting Hangouts, where customers could engage with chocolate tasters, take part in the development of a replica Google+ page made of chocolate, and converse with Olympic athletes.

The outcomes were extraordinary. The initial target for Cadbury was to get 20,000 new followers. They made contact with 1.2 million individuals. This resulted in a 7.5% increase in traffic from Google sites and helped the company's new Bubble Bar generate £8 million in sales since its introduction.

Up Your Customer Service Game

Excellent customer service is one of the main things that drives sales and generates business buzz. You may interact directly with your consumers on Hangouts and assist them in resolving product-related problems. You may manage complaints, provide advice and instruction, and solicit consumer feedback with this function.

Organize Q&A Sessions

Allow your nine participants to ask you any questions they may have about your sector, services, and products in the video chat room. You are an authority in your profession and are well-versed in every aspect of your company.

A Q&A session is a great opportunity to demonstrate your extensive knowledge and position yourself as an authority on the topic. Although only nine individuals may participate through a webcam, all of your viewers can communicate with you by text using the chat option.

Google+ Badge Another successful example of using Hangouts is BakeSpace, a digital network for foodies situated in Los Angeles. More than 40 Hangouts, including culinary ideas and cooking advice, have been held thus far. 360,000 individuals have added BakeSpace's business page to their Google Circles as a consequence of them. Compare this to the Facebook page for BakeSpace, which has around 14,200 fans.

Send Out Significant Announcements

Use Hangouts to tell the world about important events occurring at your firm. It is comparable to holding your own news conference. You may even have a launch celebration for a new item.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Invite your consumers to participate in a casual Q&A session with you so you can find out what they want to see from you more of and what they don't like about your existing offers. This may be especially helpful for monitoring the success of a new product or service after it has been introduced.

Personal Moments

Although there are many more alternatives, these are just a few. Visit Google's Shared Calendar Events and browse the daily schedule of online events to get some ideas for what you might conduct in your Hangouts.

Intimate settings like Google Hangouts provide plenty of room for creativity and one-on-one connections with your clientele. Enjoy speaking with your fans directly and the further exposure it may provide.

Use Google+ Hangouts To Expand Your Business For These Reasons

Use Google+ Hangouts To Expand Your Business For These Reasons

Have you joined Google+? If you are not currently engaged in Google's social network, you are passing up a potent business tool. Hangouts, which lets you conduct a video conversation with one or more individuals in your Circles, are one of Google+'s greatest features. (A collection of individuals with a shared interest is called a circle). You might, for instance, create Google+ Circles for your favorite news websites, influencers you want to get to know better, and your favorite tech writers.

A “Hangout” is comparable to a webinar or even a video conversation on Skype. Relationships may be significantly deepened when we add the face-to-face multi-chat LIVE video to the business. Here are some justifications for joining Google+ and using Hangouts to improve your social media marketing.


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#1: Have Client Meetings Inside The Workplace

Your day is lost to business travel, which is frequently inconvenient. You can eliminate unnecessary downtime between trips and maintain high efficiency by utilizing Hangouts.

#2: Network With Influential People

On Google+, many major influencers may often be seen “hanging out.” It's incredibly simple to join Hangouts that are currently going on using the platform. Create circles around the influential people you want to network with, and pay special attention to when they are holding Hangouts that you may attend. To get notifications when certain individuals you're monitoring are in a public Hangout, you may even install a Chrome extension like Hangout Canopy.

#3: Provide Consumers With Free Trials

Why not create brief Hangouts with a defined purpose? For example, if you offer specialist cookware, you might build Hangouts that demonstrate how to use it in detail and invite clients to raise questions and original recipe suggestions. They will value the added service, and you may also answer their questions.

#4: Get Responses Quickly

Any firm may profit from customer feedback. This can include asking customers their opinion on how the last job went. It can include input from team members, so they feel more confident about moving on with their most recent work. It can even include asking clients for comments on the ordering procedure you just added to your company website.

Allow consumers to contact you directly via Hangout. Regardless of their inquiry topic, they will react to excellent service and a kind grin. Because you're doing something unique—and, some could argue, something brave—you'll stand out.

#5: Present Extra YouTube-Publishable Material

The best feature of Hangouts is the ability to upload the clip to YouTube. This implies that you may immediately add new material to your YouTube channel, expanding your company's audience.

#6: You May Expand Your Circles By Adding Additional Individuals Using Hangouts.

When more individuals participate in your Hangouts, you'll also be able to arrange your Circles better. Add a potential client to a Circle if they join a Hangout giving widget guidance. Add them to the current customer Circle if they have made a purchase and want to know how to care for it. Make the decisions that are best for you and your company.

#7: Have A Meeting With Remote Workers

More and more companies are employing employees who at least sometimes work from home. Of course, you may own a company and hire independent contractors to help with part of your task. In either scenario,

Hangouts are great for actually meeting your team members. Use Hangouts to conduct meetings and ensure everyone is productively engaged in their tasks. (Remember that you may limit who can join your Hangouts to certain Circles.)

Simplify Business Training

#8: Simplify Business Training

Even some companies are utilizing Hangouts to organize crucial corporate training sessions. It won't always work, but you may still have fun coming together for various training needs in this fashion. Would it be practical for your company and staff? Test it out and see.

#9: Make A Point Of Being One Of The Few Companies Using Google+

Every day, more companies sign up for Google+. (Google+ has 100 million users already!) However, not many companies have used Hangouts yet, much alone tried the different strategies I've listed here.

This is the perfect opportunity to join in and prove your worth. What results are possible? How can you differentiate yourself by connecting with others in your various Circles utilizing Hangouts?

#10: Expand Your Audience By Using Hangouts On Air

A Hangout is limited to 10 participants, which includes you. However, you can ensure that everyone on Google+ can watch Hangout by utilizing this new “Hangouts on Air” function, giving you a far larger audience. It won't work in every Hangout, but it will in some.

Do You Currently Use Any Of These Techniques?

Which ones do you employ? Which ones are you hesitant to employ? Which ones would be ideal for expanding and developing your company in the future? Even though Google+ has been available for more than 10 months, many companies are still adjusting to its capabilities since everything new takes some time to get accustomed to. You can see how Google+ Hangouts may significantly improve your communication with clients, customers, and coworkers.


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How To Make Business Use Of Google+ Hangouts

One of Google+'s most intriguing features when it first debuted last summer was Google+ Hangouts, particularly for company owners. SMBs can stream live broadcasts from their website, YouTube channel, or Google+ profile with only a few clicks and no extra software by using Google+ Hangouts.

Better still, they could upload their saved Hangouts to their website. This was a fantastic, cost-free opportunity to try out webinars or live videos if you were interested in doing so.

But how have companies utilized these Hangouts now that a year has passed? How can we utilize them to grow client engagement and establish our brands? Here are a few recommendations.

1. Business Gatherings

Many individuals hate meetings because they are so inconvenient. They are often pointless and ineffective; if you're not cautious, they may gobble up an afternoon's worth of production. And because of this, at least one business has chosen to utilize Google+ to alter this.

Lisa Girard describes how InQuicker, a healthcare IT business, started utilizing Google Hangouts to transform their in-office meetings in an article for InQuicker discovered that their less formal meetings were more effective and happier when they gave their 10-person team the option to utilize Google+ to share the screen. They found it helpful to cease seeing meetings as “speed bumps” to keep everyone's attention on the job.

2. Idea-Generating Sessions

Sometimes, having two (or three or four) heads might be preferable to having only one. Planning your next product, choosing which conferences to attend, creating your content marketing calendar for the month, or coming up with local activities for your neighbourhood are all examples of this throughout the lifespan of your business.

It enables everyone to get together and submit ideas in a rich, collaborative atmosphere by organizing virtual brainstorming sessions. Employees, other company owners, clients, or well-known locals might all be invited to join. Allowing everyone to speak while seated allows you to hear more viewpoints than possible if you were to cram everyone into your meeting space.

Compile Webinars And Tutorials

3. Compile Webinars And Tutorials

Presently, webinars are popular. They're popular since they let company owners disseminate specialized knowledge to their audience from any location. We may now meet with our audience without having to leave the convenience of our home office.

Google+ Hangouts allow you to do this for nothing if you've ever considered creating your own webinar series or offering video courses to go along with the services or goods on your website. There is no software to learn and nothing to download.

However, the first time you use it, you will be required to install the Google video chat plugin or app. This process is quick and simple. Start a Hangout+, give it a name, and you're up and running. You don't even need to bother about recording software since Google will record and post your Hangout+ to YouTube for you. Pretty amazing.

4. Subject-Specific Question And Answer

Although webinars are fantastic, maybe all your clients truly want to do is ask you a question. Why not encourage your customers to join, discuss, and bring their questions to a monthly Question & Answer Hangout? If you're a financial adviser, you may want to host themed Hangouts where you ask participants to bring questions about certain subjects.

One week's Hangout can cover the various IRA options and their advantages and disadvantages. Next week, you may respond to questions on the best equities to buy depending on your age and risk tolerance. Themed Question & Answer Hangouts may also assist you in grouping and segmenting your clients for subsequent targeting.


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5. Provide Consulting Times

Do you recall your college days when your professor would have office hours so students could get individualized assistance? Why not provide the equivalent of a consultant's feature? Maybe it entails providing personalized coaching services or substituting weekly 20-minute video chats between your team and your clients for daily emails and calls. Using Google+ to provide virtual tutoring can help you stand out from other suppliers.

6. Interviews With Team Members

As a customer, I like discovering additional details about the individuals or companies I currently deal with. Additionally, Google+ Hangouts gives us another chance to welcome behind-the-scenes guests to our company. Consider the case of a neighbourhood café that takes satisfaction in helping the neighbourhood.

You hold an open mic night for nearby bands to perform and sell artwork created by regional artists. Why not hold a Hangout where you interview the artists or musicians to promote such events and get more customers to your café? Or maybe do interviews with your clients or staff to expose them to your audience?

Or host a weekly talk in which you discuss your company's plans? We like looking closely at the individuals we should let into our social circles. To accomplish it, use Hangouts.

7. Hold A Lesson

With Hangouts, you may host a live broadcast and invite as many guests as as you want. Without having to worry about getting everyone into a single room or cooking for 50 people when only 10 people show up, you can teach your own online class. Why not establish a class or workshop now that Google has reduced the administrative burden associated with doing so?

Maybe it's a writing workshop where everyone brings a little essay to read and get feedback on. Or you might teach a culinary class and demonstrate how to prepare your renowned firehouse chilli. Alternatively, it may be a Web design course where attendees come, and you do live site assessments for them. There are many opportunities to interact with and benefit your consumers.

8. Make Publications

To promote her new album, Taylor Swift recently organized a Google+ Hangout. Taylor fielded questions from fans all across the globe, revealed what to anticipate from her album, and unveiled the album's first track during the live chat.

Later that evening, when her track was made available on iTunes, it became the fastest song in history to reach the top spot. Have important news to make? Google now allows you to conduct your own Town Hall event without charging you anything.

A revolutionary product rather than an evolutionary one may sometimes come to market in the world of technology. I think hangouts, Google's video chat platform, is one of those ground-breaking innovations. As more people become aware of it, hangouts are becoming more and more popular. They may be used to host group meetings, teach people, and promote messages, among other things.

In terms of business, the options are almost limitless: I've used Hangouts to host industry talks with speakers from different parts of the nation and broadcast those discussions live to viewers worldwide at least 50 times.

You may employ specialized functionality by adding third-party plug-ins thanks to Hangouts' open design. One service I've used is Webinarjam, which allows you to send notifications before and after an event while gathering participant names and email addresses for a future event.


There are several methods for small company owners to interact with their audience and generate enthusiasm with Google+ Hangouts. Check out the Google Live Events calendar if you haven't already to get some inspiration for your ideas. You may also add your events to the calendar to broaden your appeal.

Google likes to see its products used and shared, so although they don't explicitly state it, if you were to use Google+ Hangouts to promote your website, you would probably see other benefits, including an improvement in search page rankings. Using Google+ will not only make you more visible to more potential and current customers but will increase your website traffic.

Taking notes during meetings and Hangouts involving customer service is an excellent idea. Open your preferred word processor or note-taking app, and record the crucial information carefully. You could even wish to record the chat if no one objects in the Hangout.

Group presentations may be held online using Hangouts, and they can be automatically recorded for YouTube and archived for later access. With just a few clicks, you may stream live broadcasts straight from your website, YouTube channel, and/or Google+ profile.

Even better, you may upload your saved recorded Hangout movies to your website. Because Hangouts are entirely free to use, if you want to test out giving webinars, this is a cost-free method.

I trust you enjoyed this article about All You Need To Know About Google Plus Hangouts For Business. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come?

Take care!




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