Best Freelance Platforms

Best Freelance Platforms


Best Freelance Platforms

Best Freelance Platforms

Freelance platforms help companies find and hire independent professionals for temporary job roles or special projects. These platforms offer businesses a marketplace to browsing freelancer profiles based on skills, experience, location, or other criteria. Alternatively, companies can also post a project description and solicit proposals from freelancers. These capabilities help companies of all sizes outsource work on projects that require specialized skills or additional human resources, freeing up full-time employees to focus on other business activities.


What Are Freelance Platforms?

The word “freelance” doesn’t mean the same thing in every context, but freelance platforms fit the bill for companies that hire independent contractors temporarily. The term generally refers to self-employed people, although that definition typically excludes people working on a commission-only basis. Some freelance platforms are similar to an online forum where workers can post their profiles and projects.

Others are more comparable to social media sites. Some freelance platforms are curated communities of freelance workers, whereas others feature one-off freelance jobs posted by companies. All platforms, however, offer the opportunity for individuals to connect to find jobs and collaborate on projects.

Freelance platforms connect businesses with independent contractors (as freelancers are called) who can do the work. A freelance platform provides businesses with the necessary platform to post their project opportunities, recruit freelancers from the freelancer community, and track the progress of the work.

What makes a good freelance platform? A good freelance platform should offer a unified, organized platform to manage all of a company's freelance needs. This includes a system for categorizing projects, tracking progress, and connecting freelancers with available jobs. Additionally, a good freelance platform should be user-friendly so that freelancers and potential employers can both easily navigate and perform their tasks.


How To Use Freelance Platforms

How To Use Freelance Platforms

Once a company has identified a project or task to be performed, it can post a job or request a freelancer proposal to review. Many freelance platforms offer two-sided job boards, meaning job posts can be left up indefinitely while freelancers view and apply to the position. This functionality lets freelancers manage their careers online, post new projects, and handle work around their day-to-day workload. The freelance marketplace is like an online mall, giving freelancers an opportunity to network, gather reviews, connect with other freelancers, and learn about different projects and opportunities available.

Freelance platforms are most effective when integrated into a company's business processes and remain open to usage by businesses of all sizes, even those with limited marketing resources. They provide companies with various ways to meet freelancers and propose projects for hiring, including the following: If you're an employer of choice, recruiters can find and reach out to freelance professionals on your behalf, handle project logistics, and generate reports.

If you're an employer looking to hire freelancers, you can search freelance profiles based on industry, job role, or skill and learn about the skills and experience of freelance professionals within your target niche. Because freelance platforms use a variety of engagement tools, you can integrate your job.


Choosing The Best Freelance Platform

Choosing The Best Freelance Platform

Many freelancing platforms fall into one of two categories. There are task-oriented platforms, like UpWork or Fiverr, where freelancers are assigned tasks regularly. These platforms might only be useful for professionals in one particular industry or for those who are more comfortable with one-off freelance work.

Additionally, many freelance platforms only offer services in one language and one location, leaving a language or geographic barrier as a potential barrier to entry. Other platforms provide full-time professional services or add-on services that freelancers can contract to supplement their regular salaries. These platforms typically allow businesses to request proposals from freelancers.

Before you dive in, consider the following questions in terms of running a business and hiring freelancers. How many freelancers do you plan to hire? Hiring a team of freelancers can be a complex process, so before you head to an online marketplace, discuss hiring needs with your team first. Is each candidate freelancing on your behalf? In some instances, companies contract the services of multiple freelancers to handle a single project. In others, a single company works with multiple freelancers to carry out multiple projects simultaneously.

What type of software does each freelancer use? When working with contractors, choosing the right software tools for each job is crucial. For example, if you need someone to create multimedia content for your website, a WordPress platform may be more appropriate than a freelance website creator.




Best for any job in multiple industries, Free for anyone to use and publish, Fiverr lets small business owners and freelance experts bid for work from large companies or other freelancers. The company's tools include “FiverrBot,” which offers cash and points bonuses for completing tasks on the go so that you can get paid fast without the hassle of cash.

The company also offers white-glove customer support, which helps businesses prepare for paying freelancers. Fiverr also integrates with larger third-party applications, such as Microsoft Excel and Word, so that freelancers can send files directly to the platforms.

Fiverr is a top freelance job site with web development, translation, writing, marketing, editing, and other professional services. Users post their services, and the site posts them to users based on various filters and demand-matching algorithms. According to a 2018 study of consumer freelancing behaviour by Freelancers Union and Upwork, about 40% of US freelancers use Fiverr as a job platform. is one of the leading freelance job boards with a good selection of jobs posted by companies and freelance projects posted by freelancers. The company is one of the largest freelance job sites and has more than 400,000 active users registered on its site.’s marketplace makes it possible to select the tasks required by a client and search through a wide range of freelance projects posted by qualified candidates. The company offers several tools to match a prospective client and a potential freelancer and develop a relationship. is one of the most well-known freelance platforms in the world. The website's “free site makes it easy for freelancers and companies to find each other online and connect to fill temporary needs.” The company does a good job of using smartly designed templates that allow workers and companies to create accurate resumes and cover letters. The platform's API enables custom apps to integrate with other platforms, including Gusto, ZenDesk, and Xero.

It is a good resource for discovering freelancer candidates, as the site offers both individual freelancer websites and dedicated career centers that showcase hundreds of job listings. The site provides businesses with access to a network of freelancers to draw on when working on a project. also features a job board with over 100,000 active job openings and 60,000 active freelancers. Businesses can check out the site to research potential freelancer candidates by answering a few simple questions, including education, experience, and skills related to the potential project. is a multichannel platform that combines a full-service marketplace with an array of industry-specific tools, such as data on freelance job trends and top freelancers in certain fields.




Upwork is one of the most well-known freelance platforms. Upwork is best for quality work. Upwork offers a range of project- and client-matching tools, from quote-to-cash to invoicing to reputation tracking. This company makes it easy for businesses to post their project and pay freelancers for their services. The service offers 30,000 skilled freelance professionals in various fields ready to work on a project immediately and on flexible hours.

This platform also allows companies to automate their freelance procurement process to save time and resources. For example, Upwork provides a tool that helps businesses gather an unlimited number of freelancers who can work on a project and perform pre-screening, assessment, negotiation, and pay negotiation steps. On the other hand, businesses can also post a project and get quotes from freelancers easily and efficiently.

Upwork is another prominent online freelance job platform. It hosts a marketplace of 10 million workers across 110 countries and 40 industry verticals, including healthcare, healthcare technology, marketing, software development, and writing and editing. Upwork offers payment services and a payment gateway for its clients to accept credit cards. Upwork offers an online marketplace for freelance professionals and companies alike. The company was launched in 2005, and Upwork has facilitated $5 billion in net payment volume since its founding.

On Upwork, users can search for freelance opportunities, pay their bills, track and manage their work progress, collaborate with colleagues, and upload documents to their profile. Freelancers sign up for the platform through the Upwork portal and accept payment through debit or credit cards or PayPal. Freelancers on Upwork are found using keywords or by selecting among the industry-specific skill sets. Freelancers can also upload their portfolios. Freelancers can choose from roles in various industries, including finance and accounting, creative design, education and training.




Contently is one of the oldest freelance platforms on the market. Originally founded in 2008, the platform is geared toward writers looking to build a portfolio and generate supplemental income. Contently publishes on multiple platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Snapchat, where employees can request assignments for freelance writers looking to earn extra cash. In exchange for submitting articles, writers are paid a retainer fee based on each piece's length and page views. Contently also offers an unlimited publishing option, so writers can remain independent and keep a more centralized system for managing pitches and payments.

Based in New York City, Contently is a freelance marketplace for professionals. Its portfolio of more than 250,000 freelance writers, editors, designers, developers, and other digital professionals help brands (including Microsoft, Fortune, Forbes, and Reddit) keep tabs on trending topics, share stories to social media, and contribute to blog posts and more.


Dribble Hiring


Freelance platform Dribble allows users to connect with various freelancers, including graphic designers, marketing professionals, and digital marketers. With many freelancers regularly providing service via Dribble, it is useful for companies looking to hire new employees. As a larger freelancer network, Dribble can offer a wider variety of freelancers and project providers. Project providers can post their work-for-hire projects on the Dribble platform, giving companies access to a much wider pool of qualified freelancers than if they were using the platform to post project descriptions.

Dribble Hiring offers the largest marketplace for video content creators, from experts to amateurs. More than 4.5 million creatives from 60 countries upload their work every month. This includes the works of animators, video editors, musicians, and artists. Plus, brands can upload their own assets to the platform to create branded content.

Freelancers can post projects and sell their skills through Dribble and receive commissions based on the sales from their clients. The platform was founded in 2013 by Colin Doherty, Dan Schoenbrun, and Nick Goldman. Dribble is headquartered in New York City.

Dribble is a platform for businesses and freelancers. It was founded in 2014 and has since added more features to help companies find and hire freelancers. On Dribble, freelancers are shown jobs with availability and projects with client requirements. Once hired, Dribble freelancers work on that client's projects as needed, with a potential fee increase in the future based on each client's performance.




FreeeUp is a freelance platform specifically designed for women. With FreeeUp, businesswomen can sell their skills and talents to companies, earn a portion of the sales revenue, and grow their income by 40 percent. FreeeUp offers affordable project management, accounting, and marketing services to build clientele on a personalized platform. There's no need to worry about pay – FreeeUp handles everything, from project proposal to payment. The platform is also great for freelancers seeking to keep their clients satisfied.


The freelance economy is highly beneficial for businesses because it offers a range of cost-savings, flexibility, and employee benefits. The low-cost structure of freelance work makes it well-suited for small businesses understaffed or looking to shift more work to a part-time employee. Businesses that run on a small budget and can't outsource as many jobs can still work with freelancers to fill in for vacant positions or fill in for workers who are on vacation.

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