What Is Commun-it And How To Use It Effectively

What Is Commun-it And How To Use It Effectively

What Is Commun-It And How To Use It Effectively?

What Is Commun-it And How To Use It Effectively

Commun.it is a social media management and intelligence platform that is here to change the way professionals, small business owners, and large companies approach social media. Instead of focusing exclusively on engagement, Commun.it is here to help companies leverage their social media as a powerful performance marketing solution.

What is Commun.it?

Commun.it is a platform that provides users with a single dashboard to better manage their social media strategy. At its core, the platform allows users to view the performance of their brand as well as access analytics and insights. It works by allowing users to make use of one unified social media platform that includes

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Pinterest,
  • and more.

The software allows users to create new social media accounts and post as often as they please.


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The platform also allows users to link to their social media profiles from other locations. By default, Commun.it is a WordPress-based platform, but it also supports a number of third-party social media platforms. Commun.it offers a number of different options that help users get up and running. The Commun.it platform was first developed in 2011 to analyze, manage, and utilize social media as a powerful performance marketing tool.

Now, the platform is equipped with an impressive set of tools designed to increase performance. These include:

  • Audiences – Commun.it allows you to build and maintain one-to-one audiences with interactive tools that are easy to use and allow for rapid segmentation. You can build a public audience, an email list, or a Twitter list.
  • Engagements –  With these engagement tools, you can easily capture audiences based on various triggers. Commun.it is a suite of analytics and monitoring tools designed to enhance your social media presence. It is all in the name of measurable ROI. At its core, Commun.it provides;
    • Big Data Social Analytics,
    • Social Reputation Management, Actions on Social, Custom Media Management (enhanced), E-commerce Marketing, Lead Scoring System,
    • Monetization Engine,
    • Messenger and
    • Website.

Commun.it has always strived to be a solution that helps businesses leverage social media, but that is about to change. The team behind Commun.it wants to help small businesses grow to their full potential while being able to stand out among larger competitors.

This is what is making them switch up their entire approach to social media management. In order to fulfill this goal, the team is launching the Social Performance Marketing Association, which will be composed of communicators from industry leaders like

  • Salesforce,
  • Google,
  • Starbucks,
  • Hubspot, and
  • Eventbrite, among others.

This will give small businesses the ability to have more direct access to their industry experts and tap into their knowledge and resources, helping to elevate the way businesses think.

Commun.it is an intelligent social media management platform that uses machine learning to grow brands on social media. It helps businesses have better conversations with customers and automate all the things that you do manually so you can concentrate on what you do best: innovating. Commun.it is a platform that does two main things: Keep your social media accounts up to date by saving all the updates and posts and Analyze your social media accounts to understand and analyze their performance.

These two features are only the first half of Commun.it’s story. Commun.it’s current product offers an extremely powerful and highly configurable social media management and analytics solution. Once you’ve subscribed to the Commun.it platform, you have the ability to manage over 200 social media accounts in real-time and access relevant data related to them. Commun.it is a social media management and intelligence platform that helps companies leverage their social media as a powerful performance marketing solution.

Companies can integrate and manage their social media accounts from one easy-to-use dashboard. It’s also incredibly easy to use and will take only a few minutes for a company of any size to use. Integration with all major social media networks, including

  • Instagram,
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn, and
  • YouTube,

as well as internal social media channels such as Slack, Yammer, and more, are all free. Commun.it also integrates with a wide range of tools that help businesses increase their engagement and improve the performance of their social media accounts. These tools include analytics, paid advertising, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and more.

Using the Commun.it platforms you can build the engagement, information, and tools that are unique to you. And most importantly, you can share your story with the world from the platform that you have created. Commun.it is a fully integrated social media marketing platform.

They do everything from helping you to share your posts to managing your contact list. Commun.it is the preferred social media management and marketing solution for brands like Airbnb, Pinterest, BuzzFeed, Uber, Eventbrite, Perez Hilton, The Huffington Post, and thousands of others.

How Does Commun.it Work?

How Does Commun.it Work?

Here's an example: the world-renowned tennis company Yonex uses Commun.it to manage over one hundred brands on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ every day. In order to do so, Yonex uses the platform to pinpoint their audience on each social network and reach out to them with key messages on a targeted basis.

By implementing the knowledge derived from the platform, Yonex is able to improve their search engine results, increase their brand and ultimately, sales. Now, that may not sound like much, but it is in fact an incredibly efficient way to improve online engagement and conversion rates. Commun.it provides complete management of your social media presence without having to understand what each of your social media platforms is.

Commun.it helps companies implement social media strategies by offering: Advanced Social Media Analytics & Automated Engagement, Responsive Business Intelligence Reporting, User Performance Monitoring, Multilingual Support, RESTful API Integration, Simple and Easy-to-use, and Social Intelligence Engine.


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With Commun.it, you can now access a wealth of high-quality, informative content that can help your business improve customer engagement and reduce bounce rate to minimal levels. You can then use these insights to direct your social media marketing efforts or to hone in on the perfect keyword to drive website traffic. There is also an added bonus to the platform that will help you reach a global audience — all with one website and minimal infrastructure requirements.

Commun.it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine the best times to launch marketing content and receive the best responses. Commun.it allows users to manage their social media accounts in one place. The platform offers a variety of tools that allow brands to manage different social channels in one location.

Features include:

  • Easily find content from social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo).
  • View a profile overview including total likes, follows, comments, responses, etc.
  • Find the most popular content from each social network.
  • Create personalized recommendations based on the interests and activities of the users (similar to Google Analytics).
  • Search for keywords to promote content on each social network.
  • Set a schedule for posting content from one social network to another.
  • Clear and intuitive interface (an icon with a view of most recent tweets and likes is placed at the top.
  • Commun.it offers social media management services that help businesses of all sizes boost traffic and sales.
  • The Commun.it platform analyzes a company's social media channels and analyzes how people engage with your content and news. This gives companies insights into which posts are generating the most interest, and which posts aren't working at all. By tracking which stories are driving your most traffic and sales, you will be able to utilize this information to deliver more targeted content, and boost sales.
  • Each month, Commun.it's Intelligence Team puts together a report that features several statistics about your business and brand. You will receive an overview of the company's performance across a variety of metrics including:
    • Reach,
    • Engagement,
    • Conversion RateShares, and
    • Follow.

Advantages Of Using Commun.it

Advantages Of Using Commun.it

Commun.it's business model is 100 percent software as a service model where all its clients get access to a full stack of integrated social media management and web analytics software. The software is provided in a subscription model with users paying based on their specific needs and based on the needs of their target audiences. All content is free to view and analyze and to share with others.

Commun.it offers a lot of the same benefits as other platforms that have built up following, but for one thing, it is much more powerful in that it creates an environment where all of the information about the social profiles is combined into one place. By allowing users to manage their social profiles through one place and automatically integrate with various marketing tools, there is the ability to tailor their social profiles to better fit the needs of each customer.

For example, if a company that sells guitar amps had a Facebook profile that was simply dedicated to customer service it would have a much smaller chance of converting a potential customer. Other advantages of using it include:

  • Powerful Lead Capture – As this inbound marketing platform was designed with the sole purpose of social media marketing in mind, it comes with an overwhelming set of capabilities that could drive significant results for business owners and professionals looking to compete.
  • Authenticity – The way that social media is currently managed, brands are seen as purely transactional entities. For businesses looking to integrate social media into their current marketing strategy, Commun.it will help businesses take a much more holistic approach to their strategy. Commun.it does more than just manage social media. They manage the relationships between brands, consumers, influencers, media outlets, and other sources.

Best Features of Commun.it

Best Features of Commun.it

The CEO and Founder of Commun.it, Christo Kuerti, provided some insight into what makes their platform so unique and can be used to increase a company's revenue and brand awareness:

  • Providing Unified Social Marketing Coverage: Commun.it helps businesses manage a large number of social channels by making it easy to manage and publish content across multiple social channels.
  • Maximizing Twitter Activity: Commun.it uses AI and machine learning to identify the best influencers on Twitter and then organizes their content to drive the right conversations, which generates more engagement and leads to real business. Commun.it features several cool features which make it stand out from the rest of the crowd.
    • The one that jumps out at me the most is the app's ability to allow you to schedule social posts in advance. This way, you can use that time to grow traffic and conversion levels for the most important day of the year – the first day of the calendar year.

Your website can be planned out ahead of time in a way that will make sense for the first day of the new year. This year, that is January 1. Simply select your schedule and everything is set to go. Posting at the right time and making sure that the content is high-quality is just one aspect of the process, however.

What's even more important is posting at the right time for the audience. By monitoring data trends, Commun.it is able to predict successful hashtags and the next steps of trending topics. These statistics can be used to connect with their audience and create conversations. The platform is also easy to use and works for organizations of all sizes. Due to its simplicity,

Commun.it offers users a plethora of features. These include:

  • Unlimited content integration,
  • AI-driven trending reporting,
  • Personalized Twitter and Facebook posts,
  • Messaging applications, and
  • A robust analytics dashboard.

Commun.it runs in the background of your social media management account. These features are automatically updated as changes are made to content, audience, or strategy. When the platform is turned on, it updates every time you post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

Share Profiles With Team Members

Share Profiles With Team Members

Commun.it will also allow you to add other team members to the system so that everyone can collaborate on work items. This means that you'll get alerts when you have a conversation started or a shared opinion, article, or insight. Even better, Commun.it will update your team with the latest updates and comments so that you can respond in real-time.

As part of the platform, Commun.it will send an alert to your inbox if someone makes a comment before or after a certain time frame. If you know for a fact you aren't available, you can pick a time zone that works for you. In this way, you won't be bombarded with notifications during times you aren't available.

The world of business is full of constant change, and if you’re not moving with the times and constantly optimizing your social presence, you’ll be left behind. Commun.it provides a means for businesses to easily share their Facebook profiles, Twitter profiles, LinkedIn profiles, and YouTube channels with team members, brand ambassadors, and target audiences.

Commun.it allows you to consolidate all of your social profiles under one user account, all of your Facebook pages under a single profile, and all of your Twitter accounts under a single profile. Invest in marketing automation.

Commun.it connects your brand to all of your networks and devices and allows you to set up triggers to deliver messages to your customers, employees, and other target audiences when they respond to your content. You can customize the message based on various input parameters like time and location, which makes the process extremely easy and intuitive.

Engaging And Evaluating Members Activity In Commun.it

Engaging And Evaluating Members Activity In Commun.it

The members in a community have unique profile information, avatars and content. Each member is measured on a variety of social media statistics. When new members sign up for a community, a review of their profile information is performed. You can also perform an anonymous social media profile review to enhance the profile for both new and existing members. It is very important to thoroughly review each member’s profile.

Reviewing all members' profiles and properly analyzing the results are key elements of Commun.it to deliver the best possible social media platform. The major component of the platform is a community development dashboard where you can create new communities and manage existing ones. Commune.it allows anyone in the world to create and manage personal and business pages on social media platforms.

This allows companies to set up corporate social media accounts for employees and promote their brands to all of their company’s followers. The platform also allows individuals to use social media for marketing purposes and monitor the progress of their advertising campaigns from the comfort of their own homes. Through this tool, consumers can easily see the growth in their social media follower base and the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Within the dashboard, customers can see a wide range of analytics that will help them understand their marketing campaigns on social media. Commun.it is essentially automated social media management and analytics tool for growing your business. Commun.it automates your social media engagement to help you do the most important thing – engage, convert and lead – with your audience.

Commun.it functions by pushing your content into various social networks with your audience. Using the advanced analytics provided by Commun.it, you can see how many people are interacting with your content, how much they are engaging, and what your page is resonating with. Once you have created high-quality and engaging content, you can directly target these members and make them part of your targeted network. These targeted members are then shown relevant content in your feed.

Analyze Your Posts And See What Works

Analyze Your Posts And See What Works

No matter how innovative your company is, no one is going to pay attention to you if you only post updates sporadically. It doesn't matter how amazing the marketing team is, if they can't prove what they're doing through sales or customer conversations, all their hard work will go to waste.

When you sign up for Commun.it, you can use an in-depth knowledge base, community, and educational resources to help improve your digital marketing efforts. For example, you can analyze your company's website and blog to see what your audience is most interested in and which content is performing well. Once you have those insights, you can make a business-focused plan and target your content toward your audience accordingly.


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It actually uses AI-powered tools to track what you post on your social media pages and actually generate engaging content. Optimize your posts in real-time, all with one app. You can edit posts in real-time, choose from several auto-posting modes that let you set up a schedule for regular posting or daily posting and use post filters to set up variables that may help you choose the best time to post.

This is great for people who want to post but only want to do so when certain events happen, or who may want to post regularly but maybe don't want to post on the same topic each day. Or if you want to post to a smaller group of people but want to review the effectiveness of that post in aggregate, you can do that too.

Manage Multiple Profiles At Once

Manage Multiple Profiles At Once

You can add multiple profiles to your dashboard by simply clicking on the + button in the top right corner. With each profile, you can manage all your accounts, create and schedule tweets, and easily organize them into different feeds. Commun.it makes managing social profiles simple with one interface that lets you manage multiple profiles in one place. Every user has their own content, hashtags, and personal profile style to navigate through.

Commun.it allows users to manage several accounts at once, so you can easily manage each account individually or as part of a team. Users can log in via a mobile device, as well as the web and via a desktop client. Manage all your social media profiles, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more at once! Minimize social media fatigue. All your accounts are managed from a single dashboard, where you can manage all your social media interactions in one place.

Schedule posts

Commun.it's posts scheduler makes it easy to get your next social media post scheduled and promoted. The platform's users can schedule posts on social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Users can also schedule and publish posts directly to Google Calendar or Apple's iCalendar, among others.

The platform's advanced scheduling tool lets users, for example, schedule posts for optimal performance. Commun.it allows you to schedule content for later publication, which means that you can publish an article to your website or blog whenever you have time to promote it.

You can either schedule content by creating a post in the SitePanel or by creating an account and following the admin dashboard to schedule it manually. You can also schedule your content with the Tweet widget so that you have a fixed tweet count, increasing your website’s social presence.


Thanks to the amount of powerful social media management tools now available, it can be difficult to know what is the right tool to use for your organization.

I trust you enjoyed this article about What Is Commun.it And How To Use It Effectively. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!



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