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In this review, we are going to answer the question of what is PLR. And, more importantly, what do you need it for? Have you ever heard of PLR? Do you know what it is used for? Or, is it important for your business to have PLR? These questions and many others are the main focuses of this review.

Let's get started. If you want to know what PLR is and how it helps you expand and protect your business, I will suggest that you follow reading this blog post. I know PLR might not be as famous and popular as other topics in online marketing, but there are many advantages for you if you learn about it.

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First things first! PLR is the acronym for Private Label Rights. So, it seems a bit complicated, right? Let's see what it is and how we can benefit from it. Let me give you an example! Imagine that you are an author. You have written a book and don’t want anybody else to misuse it. For example, if your book is good and exciting, many people might start printing it without your permission and selling it to others.

In fact, they benefit from it, which is not fair because you have made an effort for it, but others are filling their pockets with it. So, you have to protect your intellectual property. The same is true for many other things. In fact, PLR is important when your product is EBooks, videos, computer games, software, digital design, content, or many other things. So, PLR is basically a license that lets you protect your digital products.

Generally, PLR makes you able to do whatever you want to do with your digital products. If you have written a very professional article, you are the one who can claim its price and the condition for selling it to other people. Or, if you have come up with user-friendly software, with having PLR, people cannot own it, and it is always yours. The legal definition of PLR depends on the author themselves. It is very cool, right?

What Are Private Label Rights?

What Are Private Label Rights?

Now, we are going to talk more specifically. Again, we will get a bit deeper. Let's start with the basics. These days, many businesses have an online presence. If they don’t have it, they will be dominated by their competitors. For example, if you have an online store, it will not be enough to open a website and expect people to come and buy from you. In fact, you have to make sure people will come to your website and find their answers.

One of the most important aspects of your website is good and professional content. In fact, you can attract your visitors with professional content. They include electronic books, email, newsletters, articles, review papers, and many more items. The more content you put on your website; the more engaging people will be with your brand.

However, there is a problem here! You are not alone on the internet. Literally, there are millions of businesses out there trying to create very nice and engaging content to attract more visitors.

It means that you have to be the best to get the upper hand in the business. Perhaps, you would say you will make search engine optimization into account and produce content that can increase your visit and make more sales. However, we are not talking about SEO here.


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Some content is good, some are great, but some others are awesome! You can just simply go and produce content about your products and business. You are not going to reach anyone. There are more important things. When people are interested in some products, they will be looking for information and news about the products. In fact, you have to satisfy their curiosity.

As we said, we have different types of content. When you go to a website, you can find ebooks, news, articles, blogs, and videos. They have to be simple, and brief with good graphics to be shared on social networking websites or other websites on the internet. Here is the question for you! How should you get this content? Should you produce it yourself? Or, can you get it from another website and just put it on your website?

If you are a big company that makes millions of dollars, you have to hire professional writers or content producers to produce content for your website constantly. Nobody likes to read an article which is from three weeks ago. Articles, blogs, and papers must be updated. However, what if you don’t have enough money to support writers and producers?

How should you supply your website with new content? Perhaps, you would say you are going to do it yourself. But, don’t do it since it is not a simple task to do. There is a solution for your business.

You have to use content that is compatible with private label rights. For example, one of the websites providing such content is Many professional writers and content producers create and edit content in compatible formats so you can use it very easily on your website.

PLR Lets You Own Digital Content

PLR Lets You Own Digital Content

Just like companies that produce specific products, digital content is also created on the internet. However, and amazingly, PLR allows you to use content from other people and label them as if they are yours. You just need to put your name next to a pre-written content and then use it for whatever purposes you want.

In this way, you can easily save time and money and use the existing content for your website, whether it is videos, articles, reviews, etc. Imagine running a pet shop. You are facing too much competition and want to dominate the market.

How? First of all, you have to attract visitors to your website. So, you will go the websites like and find the content you want. Then, you put It on your website. Visitors will come to your website more and might purchase more products or services from you.

What Is The Difference Between PLR, MRR, RR, And Personal Use Rights?

What Is The Difference Between PLR, MRR, RR, And Personal User Rights?

The situation can get a bit difficult to understand when you realize there are four different definitions. They are PLR, MRR, RR, and personal use rights. So, how can we make a distinction between them? Here, we are going to mention the differences briefly.

What Can You Do With PLR?

Here, you are allowed to edit the content. This is true with ebooks, email content, article, and reviews. You can edit as much as you want. The only limitation you have here is that you cannot ask for the copyright because the content is not original, and many others can do the same.

Also, PLR is not exclusive to anybody, and in fact, it belongs to everyone. Also, you should know that PLR products cannot be resold. Here, I just need to mention that in contrast to PLR, MRR and RR can be resold. We will talk about them a bit later (although some providers don’t let you do that). 

Common Uses Of PLR

First of all, PLR content can be added to your membership site. Also, you can use PLR products as a bonus for people who visit your website and do some specific tasks. For example, you can give products to people when they buy something from your online store. As we said earlier, you can edit content as much as you want.

For example, you want to edit an article so that your brand's name will be mentioned several times. Or, you want to highlight some features of your business in the article. All these are possible with PLR. Clearly, content can be added to your site or blog.

More importantly, you can translate the product from one language to another one. Interestingly, if you are a teacher or mentor at a university, you can benefit from PLR content and teach them to your students.



It stands for Master Resell Rights. What does this mean? To put it very simply, with MRR, you will make your customers benefit from the resell rights as well. PLR holders can pass on the master resell rights. In this way, your customers will be able to do the same too. You, as the master resell rights holder, can only sell resell rights to your consumers.

With MRR, you must not resell the PLR. It means that you have to make sure your products are not editable. When you sell them to consumers, they will not edit or add or even remove anything from it. So, editable files are not allowed. For example, if you are reselling content, it must not be in a docx file format. Or, for graphics, the content should not be a PSD file.


These are Resell Rights. Here, you have permission to resell the product with personal use or read-only rights. No rights can be passed on. For example, you put an ebook on your website, but people can come and read it without downloading it.

How Can You Make Money With PLR?

How Can You Make Money With PLR?

Is it possible to make money with PLR? Yes, it is. Here, we are going to show you how you can increase your sales using PLR. Here, is a shortlist of what you can do with PLR. There are basically seven different ways to do so, including:

1) Creating A Mega Pack

Well, how does this work? What do we mean by the megapack? Let me explain. For example, you are selling bicycles online. However, people might have lots of questions about repairing, the structure of bicycles, how to improve their speed and quality, and many more topics. You can provide your customers with the mega pack.

How? You will go on the internet and start searching for all related articles about bicycles. Then, you create a pack including all this content. Many people are willing to pay and have this pack instead of searching for hours and finding nothing good. So, if you are good at finding practical content related to your business, start creating a pack and selling it to people.


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2) Affiliate Sales: Offering PLR Products As Bonuses

People always talk about ways to increase conversion rates. One of the best ways to increase it is to offer PLR products as bonuses. For example, you are selling makeup products in your online store, right? Here, you can pack a very nice and practical series of articles related to the products. When you are selling beauty products, you can bonus people with nice articles and reviews about the beauty industry and the pros and cons of wearing different makeup products.

Selling PLR Products On Fiverr

3) Selling PLR Products On Fiverr

Fiverr is the place to sell your digital products like logos, articles, videos, and many more things. PLR products can be sold on Fiverr too. However, sometimes, we have to be careful as the PLR license comes with specific terms and conditions.

So, you have to learn these terms and conditions and then put them on Fiverr. Basically, Fiverr is a platform that makes you able to put PLR products on it and make some sales. The good thing about it is that you can first edit the product to be more compatible with your business and then sell it on Fiverr.

Building An Email List

4) Building An Email List

You can get help from PLR products to build an email list. For example, you can offer a pack of PLR products to your customers in exchange for asking them for their email. Then, you will be able to have a long list of emails attracted to your business. Then, you can sell the list to businesses related to your brand.

Also, you can use this email list for making brand awareness. For example, when people buy your products, you can ask them to leave their emails, and then you will send them some nice PLR products for free. Also, other businesses related to your brand can reach out and pay you in exchange for the email list. They can use it for advertising purposes.

Creating A Membership Site

5) Creating A Membership Site

Now, many businesses are turning into subscription-based brands. What does it mean? It means that you can use website products and services after you pay and become a website member. For example, you can watch TV series on Apple and Netflix only after you pay per month. So, you can start a PLR membership. How does this work? They will pay for the membership, and you send them practical and informative PLR content.

6) Creating An Electronic Book Store

This is another good way to make money using PLR products. Here, you shouldn’t be general. You don’t have to put anything in the bookstore. You have to be specific. For example, you can create a book store that has all the books related to your business. Make sure that the books you are putting in your book store follow the rules of PLR products.

Because creating an electronic book store is very popular and famous, you are probably wondering how you can find electronic books related to your business. Well, here, I will introduce some of the best sources for finding such content and selling them as PLR products.

7) Using

This is one of the best sources for accessing PLR electronic products. The good thing about this website is that it has been in the business for more than seven years. Also, it is unlimited in terms of access and downloads. Also, you just pay once, and then you have access to the content on it forever. Every day, they are updating their products and offering new electronic books.

In addition to electronic books, there are thousands of videos on their website. They are always offering discounts as well. The prices are very reasonable; you can have monthly or lifetime memberships. They cost 17 and 98 dollars, respectively.

Also, there are three other plans, including monthly, annual, and lifetime membership, which cost 27, 97, and 197 dollars, respectively. Their options and accessibility are a bit different from the main plans I told you about.

Can you tell me more ways? What is the way that you can use PLR products to make more money? I am sure you can think of many other things.

We have come a long way to introduce This is another cool website for you if you want to access PLR products. Concerning the quality of the products, is one of the best in the market. The website was founded in 2008. You will have many different options on this platform, from paying per download or purchasing the annual membership. It is good for both people who have long and short visions for their business.

Right now, they have more than 15 thousand PLR products with more than 400 bundles and amazingly 69 categories. Also, it has 25 product types with 85 new products added monthly. They have twelve years of experience too.

Here you can see the price you need to pay:

  • Pay-as-you-go Plan – $22
  • 100 Monthly Plan – $99/month
  • 400 Annual Plan – $299/month
  • 800 Annual Plan – $499/month
  • 2500 Annual Plan – $990/month

There are both pros and cons associated with Let's start with the positive features of it.

  • First of all, the quality is the best in the market.
  • Second, if you are looking for just one or two products, you will not pay, and it is completely free.
  • It is very user-friendly.
  • And, more importantly, you are given very nice and compatible advanced search options.

This is very important to you because you have to be able to search and find your products as fast as possible. Also, provides you with 13 different tools to help your business be the best in terms of marketing. Their customer support is amazing, and you will get your answer very quickly.

However, there are negative points too.

  • It has only PLR but doesn’t offer to resell,
  • Master resell, and
  • Personal use rights.
  • There is no direct cash payment. Instead, it works on the credit system only. Products Products has a very nice categorization. There are a lot, but some of the top categories are

  • Anxiety,
  • Depression & Panic Attacks,
  • Motivation & Passion,
  • Parenting & Family,
  • Self-Improvement,
  • Stress Management,
  • Weight Loss & Fitness,
  • Dating & Relationships,
  • and many more.

With each category, you will have access to thousands of contents.


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As I said, you can benefit from the tools as well. They are divided into three categories, including

  • Content marketing tools,
  • WordPress plugins, and
  • Productivity tools.

For example, you will have an auto slide deck, pdf brander, product showcase, and video sales letter generator in content marketing tools.

Or, in the category of WordPress plugins, you will have dupe examiner and WP Swipe & deploy.

What about productivity tools? A virtual fax machine, image animator, and PayPal link generator are some of the tools in your hands to boost your PLR business.

Also, you can get tutorials if you don’t have any idea about the PLR business. For example, you can learn

  • How to use PLR content,
  • Content marketing training, and
  • Content inspiration gallery. Competitors is not the only provider of PLR content. There are many other platforms in the market doing the same. For example,

  • IDPlr is one of the best PLR membership sites,
  • Resell Rights Weekly is one of the cheapest PLR sites,
  • Download PLR Products is the best marketing PLR site, and
  • Master PLR is the best for health & personal development PLR are some of the options you can get benefit from.



PLR products are contents that can be edited and re-used by people who have created them. You can easily find them in many different sources and edit them and make money out of them. In this article, we first talked about the concept of PLR and then explained how you could make money out of it.

Finally, we introduced the website and briefly introduced its products and categories, and tools. I hope you have understood what PLR products are and have been able to make the best out of them. We will come up with more related content in the future.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the Review. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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