Moosend Review - Details, Pricing, and Features

Moosend Review – Details, Pricing And Features

Moosend Reviews - Details, Pricing, And Features
Moosend Review – Details, Pricing, And Features

Moosend Review – Details, Pricing And Features

The following article will explore and review ‘Moosend,’ one of the simplest tools to help you with email marketing services. In the following review, I will give you details about this platform, pricing, and features for the users. But why is email marketing so important for marketers?

Believe it or not, email marketing is the heart of e-commerce, and it will always be the first thing that comes into the mind of marketers. Sure, you can use other methods to reach the users and potential customers, but we cannot really deny the power of email marketing.

Before the emergence of social media, companies used to send emails to the customers to keep them aware of the new products and services, establish great relationships with the customers and turn them into loyal ones. This is also happening with companies again, and it won’t stop. A question for you, will you give up such a solution? I guess not!

The only issue you might have with email marketing is about choosing the most suitable provider. The marketers need to choose the right provider among more advanced solutions or simple marketing automation systems. For this reason, I chose to review one of the email marketing service providers known as ‘Moosend.’ Let’s see how good or bad it is.


An Introduction To ‘Moosend’
An Introduction To ‘Moosend’

An Introduction To ‘Moosend’

It is interesting to note that Moosend is considered to be the oldest email marketing automation platform. It was established in 2011, with its headquarters located in London.

You might ask yourself how Moosend can be any help to you and your business. Running a business is not an easy job, and you will be required to do the tasks that might seem repetitive to you, but they are also important for running a successful business.

When you use Moosend, you will be able to focus on essential tasks for your business, such as product and service innovation and manufacture, establishing a relationship with the customers, etc., and leave other repetitive tasks to this platform by making them automated.

In other words, you will have a great deal of time to perform other essential tasks in a timely fashion in the most suitable way possible.


Moosend Review
Moosend The Oldest Email Marketing Provider


Although Moosend is an old and advanced platform, the developers of this platform have worked a lot to make this platform a user-friendly one, meaning that you won’t have any problem finding your way and work with this platform.

Another good thing about Moosend that you must know of is about the plans and pricing structure (it will be discussed later in the article). If it is the first time you sign up on this platform to create your first email campaign, you will enjoy its plan. Although some other platforms don’t offer such a feature, you will be able to enjoy its features for free before becoming a regular user of the Moosend platform.

I can claim that due to the simplicity of this email marketing service provider, creating your campaign can be done in a manner of moments. All you need to do is to use the most suitable template for your business and then apply any changes you need using the tool provided by Moosend.

In general, I can divide the advantages and disadvantages of using this platform as follows:


Advantages Of Using Moosend For The Users

  • The platform is equipped with different tools for e-commerce and CRM. I believe that you can find whatever tool you may need on this platform.
  • Whether you are a new or old user of Moosend, you can really tell how cost-effective pricing plans are.
  • You can enjoy a free plan if you begin using the platform.
  • If you don’t know where to start, Moosend has provided you with the different templates that you can use for your campaign.


The Downsides Of Moosend

After reviewing the Moosend, I realized that the only downside of this platform is the landing page builder. You won’t be able to build your landing page for free and will be required to pay at least $10 for each feature per month.


A Comprehensive Review Of Moosend Different Sections


A Brief Review Of The Moosend Features

In this section, I will briefly explain some of the features of Moosend, and since the major feature of this platter is email marketing, I only explained tools related to this feature.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user of Moosend, this platform enables both groups to enjoy the most advanced and simple tools. Some of the tools you can use are segmentation options, data analysis, etc. You will also generate the sales funnels and get help above the action you must take in your email marketing campaign.


Now, let’s see what other features and tools are provided for the users of Moosend:
A Brief Review Of The Moosend Features


Now, let’s see what other features and tools are provided for the users of Moosend:

  • An advanced and user-friendly e-mail marketing interface
  • Being able to build customized landing pages
  • Being able to create customized marketing emails for different groups, especially customers
  • Product recommendations
  • A quick and easy email marketing segmentation
  • Email funnels and workflows
  • Different types of attractive and appealing templates
  • Highly secure website against bots and fast loading pages
  • And many other tools


A Brief Review Of The Moosend Interface

Even when an email marketing service provider has many powerful features and tools, it won’t have value without an easy interface. This is exactly happening for Moosend, whose strong interface is straightforward to use for email marketing purposes. Just look at the following image, which is taken from the Moosend interface:


A Brief Review of Moosend Interface
A Brief Review Of The Moosend Interface


As you can see on the homepage, there is a list of tabs which you can see on the left side of the page and are as follows: campaign, generation, mailing list, automation, reports, and integrations.

You will be able to see the different templates for your email address. You don't like the templates you see? Easy, you can select other categories such as articles, hotel, accommodation, etc., and you will see that the template for that category will appear on the page. So far, so good, and you don’t have any problems.

Look at the following image where the templates for all categories are given, and you need to click.


Look at the following image where the template for all categories are given and you just need to click.
A Brief Review Of The Moosend Interface – Continued – Look at the following image where the templates for all categories are given, and you need to click.


For example, if your email contains news about a certain article or you need to advertise a product or service to the new customers, you can choose the template related to the subject and then choose what to say on the e-mail.

In addition to templates, you will be able to check out this list of your customers and email marketing campaigns you have right now. By clicking on one of the campaigns, you will access different campaign types such as regular campaigns, RSS campaigns, repeatable HTML campaigns, automation campaigns, and split test campaigns.

You will create your first sender signature, mailing list and import subscribers from external sources by clicking on the automation tab. You will also have access to different kinds of sequences and triggers that you can choose based on your needs. The following image shows exactly what the automation tab will show to you.


A Review of Moosend Templates
A Review Of The Moosend Templates


A Review Of The Moosend Templates

As mentioned in the above section, Moosend provides users with different templates that they can use based on what they need. Also, as you saw above, you will have many categories and options to choose from. Users have simpler routes, and time- and money-saving options will always be better than taking the long route.

Did you choose your email template among the hundred templates provided for you on the website? All you need to do now is to drag-and-drop the element you need for your email page, and that’s it. You are good to go. The drag-and-drop system is one of the best things provided by Moosend. No more complicating yourself with things you don’t understand, and Moosend simplified the marketing process to the greatest extent possible.

Once you finished the design of your email template, you can use this platform to send the email to the set customers and users in an automated way.


Automate Your Emails Using Moosend An Email Automation

As mentioned in the blog post's introduction, there is a good reason why marketers are looking to automate marketing emails. Business owners won’t have much time to do all the actions sending the marketing emails. Therefore, they will require a tool to help them send those emails without interference from the business owner or other individuals.

I can really claim that Moosend is a platform designed to automate emails and workflows.

For example, you can create an automated workflow based on the templates provided for you on this platform for someone who just joined and four. When they sign up to your website, you can get an email sent to the user and ask the user to wait a maximum of 24 hours before the registration is complete (you can change the time based on your needs).

Once this time is finished, you will send an email informing the user that registration is complete, and you would give them an introduction on how to use the website.

Another example is related to websites that are equipped with cart options. If a customer abandons their cart (trigger), which contains different products and services, you can send them an email reminding them of the situation and ask them whether they want to continue the purchase or abandon it. Using Moosend, you can use various automation steps that Moosend already designs to help you in these situations.

If you are new to automated emails, I can guarantee that using this platform for automating is much easier than other platforms. You need to choose your email templates, create the email you want, change the content based on your needs, and send them. If you have other triggers for your multiple websites, they must be connected to the Moosend account to activate these automated emails.


A Review of Pricing Structure at Moosend
A Review Of The Pricing Structure Of Moosend


A Review Of The Pricing Structure Of Moosend

I believe that a little research on the pricing structure of this platform and other platforms such as MailChimp, GetResponse, Mailjet, and MailerLite can tell you a lot about their difference. I have better news. By clicking on the following link, you will be directed to the page on ‘Moosend’ where there is a comparison between this platform and other related platforms, like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, and SendinBlue. Don’t you think it’s a bold move to compare yourself with other platforms directly on your own website? Good job, Moosend.

This action of Moosend shows that this platform is pretty assured about its pricing structure and features and tools it provides to the users in return.

Based on what I have seen, Moosend provides more competitive prices and advantages for the users. For example, Moosend doesn’t charge a penny for subscribers up to 500 and 1000.

Although the first two plans are the same for Mailchimp, other platforms such as Active Campaign and ConstantContact charge you $15 and $45 per month, respectively.

As the number of subscribers increases, we see some changes in the plan prices. For example, for the number of subscribers of more than 2,001 to 3000, Moosend will charge you only $20. However, the numbers increased significantly for MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and Constant Contact to reach $50, $89, and $95, respectively.

Another example is related to the number of subscribers between 8,001 and 10,000. While this number for Moosend increase to be only $40, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and Constant Contact experienced a significant increase to $80, $139, and $125, respectively. Well, I can see who the winner of this competition is.


Good Job
So, based on the comparison given on the website, we can conclude that Moosend is actually offering the most reasonable prices for its users.


So, based on the comparison given on the website, we can conclude that Moosend is actually offering the most reasonable prices for its users. If you want to calculate the amount of money you will pay considering the number of your subscribers, you need to increase or decrease the number of subscribers using the slider tool given just above the plans. You will also be able to pay the resulted due on a monthly or yearly basis. Choose based on your needs.

As mentioned above, for subscribers up to 1,000, you can sign up for the ‘free’ plan and enjoy all the tools and features simultaneously.

Do you know what the bad thing about free stuff is? You won’t have full access to the thing you just downloaded freely on the internet. You have seen many times when a picture is downloaded from Google. It may contain some advertisements and logos. This means that you won’t use the full picture without the logo until you pay whoever designed that image.

In Moosend’s case, this is not true at all for the free plan that you just bought with a maximum of 1000 subscribers. In other words, there won’t be any logo or advertisement of Moosend on the email you just created. Create your email and entire campaign, and don’t worry about anything else. Enjoy it while you can.


Does Moosend Offer Good Support For The Users?

I believe that support is a crucial part of every organization. Whether you choose to work with this platform or any other platform on the internet, you might encounter a problem in learning and working with these platforms and find no one to help you with this problem. Surely, you will end up finding a website where they offer some solution to your problem but trust me, not every solution is a good one, and you may even complicate the process of solving this problem in the end.

I have good news for you. Moosend will support you and answer any questions that you may have via live chat. Whether you are on a paid plan or a free plan, you will be able to enjoy the crucial support from Moosend. Are you having a problem with upgrading your service? No problem, an account manager will come to your help.


Moosend Offers Live Chat Support
It seems that I am not the only one who thinks highly about the support from Moosend.


It seems that I am not the only one who thinks highly about the support from Moosend. This platform has gained a lot of attention due to its competent and knowledgeable support. If you are having any problems related to this platform and its features, you won’t need to wait a long time to get an answer for your problem.


What Other Features Does Moosend Offer To Its Users?

I believe that I have covered almost all the features provided by Moosend. However, there are a couple of features that knowing them can help you choose this platform over one of the many others. Of course, I know your answer right now, but again, it won’t hurt to know more.

You will be able to personalize the content of the email. Not every customer will require the same message, and you will need to change the content based on their needs.

Using tools given by Moosend, you will monitor your customers' behaviours and what they have done in the past to shape the emails. In other words, you have the option to update the email based on events in the past days, weeks, and months.

What if I told you that you are capable of tracking your customers’ behaviours and actions? You will improve your online store to attract more customers and encourage them to make more purchases.

Some of the features that can help you with this objective and others are included. On Moosend, there are trigger-based automation links to CRM and e-commerce platforms.

It may seem impossible at first, but with the technology today, you can actually say where the customers come from and what type of devices they are using to access the internet and your website.

Moosend is equipped with a data translator solution that you can actually use to find out about the customer themself. You can tell how many times they have visited your page using links, left and join your website, etc.

Using this knowledge and information, you can actually create a good experience for your customer and, therefore, improve the efficiency of your business.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

In the current article, I gave you a comprehensive review of the email marketing service provider that is known as ‘Moosend.’ The reason I chose this article is that the popularity of this platform has grown significantly since its establishment date in 2011 and now, you can find it as one of the most powerful platforms among other marketing service providers.

This platform consists of a wide range of customization tools to help you understand your customer and create the best experience for them after visiting your website. Moosend can create an automated workflow and has many other options that you must work with to understand the full power.

In addition to features, Moosend is most popular due to its pricing structure due to it being more competitive than other email marketing service providers.

Designers of Moosend believe in the power of this platform to a great extent that they even included a comparison between Moosend and other platforms that you can find on the internet, such as ActiveCampaign. It turned out that Moosend is more cost-effective than similar platforms and, at the same time, is providing more advanced services and better features for the users.

I trust you enjoyed this Moosend Review: Details, Pricing, and Features. Would you mind staying tuned for more articles to come? Take care!


Your Opinion Is Important To Me

Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? I would love to hear from you. Please leave me your questions, experiences, remarks, and/or suggestions about this Moosend Review: Details, Pricing, and Features in the comments section below. You can also reach me by email at

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