Jaaxy Review

Jaaxy Review

Jaaxy Review

Jaaxy Review

In my opinion, the most important tool you need to attract traffic is a keyword search tool. In my Jaaxy review, you will find out how amazing Jaaxy is and how it can help you find the perfect keywords for your blog posts.

What is Jaaxy?

After creating a site and fixing SEO-related issues, you need to create appropriate content for your site. One of the most important steps in generating content is a keyword search. This article will explain how to do keyword research, the importance of doing so, and the right tools for searching for keywords and the nuances and essentials.

Tools do a large part of the keyword finding process, but the Google search engine also shows excellent statistics in its search results. You can also use Google to find keywords. Powerful and suitable tools are the consequential factor in finding keywords. In this article, we are introducing one of these tools. Stay with us…

How to Search for Keywords?

Finding the right keywords is a great start to optimizing a site because it determines what keywords your target audience uses to search. Finding the wrong words and creating a low-value list will keep your site from getting traffic.

Jaaxy Sample Keyword Search

Set Your Goal

Before doing anything, you need to think about your goal. Therefore, consider the following questions:

  • What is the main goal of your business?
  • What makes your work special?
  • Where do you want to go?

Once you can fully answer these questions, take the first and most important step in your keyword strategy.

Make a List of Keywords

The second step is to create a list of keywords you want. Depending on your mission, try to figure out:

  • What does your target audience want?
  • What are these people looking for?
  • What kind of terms do they use to search for your service or product?
  • Which of their problems does your product solve?

Write down the answers as detailed as possible.

If your mission is clear, you will have a complete picture of your unique points of sale (the things that set your business apart).

This data will allow you to evaluate how important these topics are to your audience and how many different topics you need to create content to succeed with that keyword.

Research Your Keywords

After creating the first list, it's time to dig a little deeper into your keywords. Fortunately, some tools make your keyword search easier.

Now that you have a few topic groups that you want to focus on, it's time to identify some of the keywords in them. These keywords are important for ranking on search engine results pages because your target customer is probably searching for those terms.

The first tool is the Google search engine. Google displays keywords that are relevant to your search. These are the things that different people have asked Google!

You can check “Related Searches” on the Google results page. As you type your phrase and go to the bottom of Google results, you will notice some suggestions for searches related to your main input. These keywords can trigger other ideas for other keywords that you may want to consider.

Jaaxy Keyword Search

What is the Purpose of a Keyword Tool?

A keyword tool helps SEOs identify words or phrases that users enter into search engines such as Google to get the information they are looking for.

The advantages of these tools include the following:

  • Provide information such as word search volume, how competitive they are, and other metrics.
  • Provide suggestions and ideas for keywords related to your business and produce useful and user-friendly content based on them.
  • Identify the keywords by which your competitors are ranked.
  • Identify terms that are less searched but can attract targeted audiences to your site and are usually easier to rank well (long-tail keywords).

With that said, you now realize the importance of using keywords to get your website up and running in search engines. With the Jaaxy tool, you can get the needed keywords to rank in Google. This tool ranks the data in search engines. Based on this, you can find the right keywords for you. In this section, we are going to introduce you to the Jaaxy tool. Jaaxy is suitable for people who have just entered the world of online business.

This tool is one of the most up-to-date keyword search tools, and it is easy to use. Jaaxy has the following features.

History of Jaaxy

Kyle and Carson, founders of Wealthy Affiliate, created this tool. These two are experienced, affiliate marketers. Therefore, one of the most important points of this tool is that experts have designed it.

What is Jaaxy, And What Does It Do?

Jaaxy is a useful keyword search tool. Jaaxy helps you access the list of keywords you need in seconds. Note that preparing this list manually takes a lot of time.


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With Jaaxy, you can search and find the keywords you want. Finding the right keywords in Jaaxy will increase your ranking in Google and other search engines.

Jaaxy checks information in search engines. It then introduces you to up-to-date keywords.

Jaaxy suggested keywords have the following features:

Jaaxy Keyword Research

The Traffic

Jaaxy keywords are chosen to improve your site traffic and increase your ranking in Google.

QSR (Quoted Search Results)

QSR is used to search for keywords accurately. Try to keep the QSR as low as possible (below 100).

KQI (Keyword Quality Index)

In this section,

  • The red colour indicates the keywords that have been used a lot and are not appropriate.
  • Yellow indicates a medium quality keyword and,
  • Green indicates words that you can use to rank higher in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this section, a score is set for keywords. The more, the better, and it has a positive effect on your SEO.


This tool displays competing websites (such as YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, HubPages) that have used the suggested keywords. You can choose the right keyword for your site by examining competitors.


With Jaaxy, you can find domains related to your keywords.


This section displays keywords related to your main search. This will get you a lot of suggested keywords.

SERPS Website

This will show you the top 10 results for your desired keyword in search engines. For each result, page data is provided to you.

Affiliate Programs

This feature searches affiliate networks (Link Share, Zanox, Digital River, and ClickBank). It will inform you if there are any affiliate programs relevant to your keywords.


This section can be useful for you if you need new ideas to generate content for your website. With this Jaxxy feature, you can see a list of popular topics on various websites (Twitter, Yahoo, Google, and Amazon).

Alphabet Soup

Jaaxy uses Google Instant and Google Autocomplete. With this Jaaxy feature, you can see the results for “Keyword + Alphabet.” This will give you more keyword ideas.

Who is Jaaxy Suitable For?

If you are an online marketer who constantly needs to upload new content to your site, you need to use the Jaaxy tool. This tool helps you to find keywords with accurate metrics to increase your site traffic significantly.

But if you are a professional marketer and have several successful websites, Jaaxy is not for you. Although Jaaxy is a professional tool, it cannot meet your needs in this case.


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Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The trial version of Jaaxy is free and can have 30 keyword searches.
  • Jaxxy is a tool that is easy to use and does not require special training.
  • Jaxxy provides you with competitive data to easily compare your site with competitors and choose the right keywords.
  • This tool provides you with the highest quality keywords. The criterion for determining Jaaxy quality is search engine optimization and SEO optimization.
  • This tool analyzes the data of all search engines.
  • You can find affiliate programs using Jaaxy.
  • Jaaxy software is online and does not need to be downloaded to use it. With this feature, you can use this tool whenever you need it.
  • In Jaaxy, you can keep a list of the most useful keywords for you.
  • Jaaxy has many features and is a versatile tool that is easy to use. This tool includes everything you need, and you do not need to refer to another tool.


  • This tool can be expensive for beginners in internet marketing.
  • The user interface may be a little confusing at first, and you have to work hard to get the most out of it.
  • Keyword results are based on a global scale and are not suitable for local data acquisition.
  • Vague SEO score: In this software, a score of 100 means easy keywords.
  • Jaaxy collects data from the top three US search engines. For this reason, it may not be suitable for non-Americans.

How Much Does It Cost?

Jaaxy costs are divided into four different groups, which are described below.

Free (Starter)

Jaaxy allows beginners to try it for free. For this section, you have 30 searches to use Jaaxy and determine if Jaaxy is right for you. In this plan, in addition to accessing keyword searches, you have access to all the features of Jaaxy. This section is free, and you will not be charged. You will not lose anything by joining it, so try it now.

Pro ($ 19 per month)

This plan is suitable for beginners and those who have just started their online business.

Enterprise ($ 49 per month)

This plan is suitable for marketing professionals. This design has all the previous design features, but the information provided in it is more and faster. It also has an automatic loading feature that saves you time. In general, it can be said that this plan is not much different from the previous plan and does not offer anything new.

Lite (Free with Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership)

This plan is the same as the Pro plan, except that it is free for all Wealthy Affiliate Premium members.

In Summary, Jaaxy Has The Following Features

  • Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool that is superior to its competitors. It performs better than other keyword search tools, so it is highly recommended.
  • Jaaxy is very easy to use, and it is easy to find low-key keywords.
  • This tool is suitable for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and online businesses.
  • Jaxxy is a tool that is available to everyone, and you can use it when needed.
  • This tool gives you billions of keywords.
  • Jaaxy helps you compare yourself to your competitors and choose the best keywords for your site.
  • This tool determines the ranking of your site in terms of SEO.
  • With Jaaxy, you can find different domains and track items related to your website.
  • Users' negative comments about this tool are rare, and most people seem satisfied with it.
  • If you want to try this tool, you can use the free version first and then sign up for one of the monthly plans.


Keyword research and choosing the best keywords is one of the most important steps in SEO. As you know, this is a time-consuming task, but fortunately, there are powerful tools available to help SEO professionals who have made significant progress in recent years. In this article, we have introduced you to one of the best tools in keyword research.

Jaaxy is the world's most advanced keyword tool built for internet marketers. Use Jaaxy to discover the best and most profitable keywords online. Jaaxy is an excellent keyword research tool.

In addition to keywords, Jaaxy can do other things and get more information. This makes it superior to other keyword tools in the market. Jaaxy helps us save time because of usage. It is straightforward, and the results it gives are accurate and practical.

If in doubt, subscribe to Jaaxy. Just try it for free. I assure you that if you try it once, undoubtedly, it will be your first choice.

First, choose the best tool for your business, examine your company's budget, and then your SEO strategy. Thank you for being with us until the end of this article.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the Jaaxy Review. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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