OPM Wealth

OPM Wealth Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

OPM Wealth

OPM Wealth Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

If you want to make money online, you may have heard of the OPM Wealth website as an easy way to make money. My OPM Review will show you the pros and cons of OPM Wealth.

OPM Wealth is just one of the thousands of sites you will find with a Google search “make money online.” Many of them are scams and are short-lived.

The OPM Wealth system claims the ability to stabilize and generate cryptocurrencies for the users' financial accounts.

  • Is this claim true?
  • Is OPM wealth a scam or Legit?
  • One of the claims about this platform is that you can access it for free.
  • But think about it for a moment. Why do you think this site should offer you something for free?
  • Before investing in this site, you must ensure it is reliable.
  • In this article, I review the features of this site, so stay tuned.

Getting To Know OPM Wealth

What is OPM Wealth?

Website: https://members.opmwealth.com/opm-registration/

Cost: Starting at $ 2000 and going up to $ 27,500 and more

Score: 2/10

OPM Wealth is a fairly new program that aims to make money by investing in money raised.

At OPM Wealth, you can create an independent online business. The process of this platform is such that you use the money collected for your investments.

OPM Wealth draws on and follows Robert Kiyosaki's methods of investing. Robert Kiyosaki says: “earning money is possible in two ways:”

  • “You can use your own money: to earn money this way, you need financial knowledge and basic training.”
  • “You can use other people's money: In this way, you should have advanced financial knowledge, but you will earn money faster.”

OPM Stands for Other People's Money.

As the name implies, with OPM Wealth, you can earn money other people raise. If you cannot pay for your membership in this group, OPM Wealth will teach you to use other people's money to generate income.

This site is an MLM pyramid scheme. People who have just entered the online trading market can use it as a good way to earn a few hundred dollars.

Working with the OPM platform may seem simple, but you need the training to get into it. This site is suitable for individuals who want to start their business with cryptocurrency. If you are one of these people, you can achieve a high income in a few months and in the shortest time with this platform.

Who Is The Owner/Founder of OPM Wealth?

The owner/founder is not mentioned anywhere on their website. Stefan Dessalines acts as the main activity and marketer for OPM Wealth. You might have come across some of OPM's commercials by now.

On this site, you can contact Stefan Dessalines for free after watching a short online movie. After watching this video and completing your user profile, you can watch three more introductory videos.

At this stage, you can get help from a consultant. The consultant offers you different packages, and you can choose and buy one of them.

If you do not have the cash to start, OPM Wealth will provide you with a credit.

After purchasing these packages and logging in, your access to the instructions and tutorials section will open. This section will teach you how to hire others to earn a commission.

OPM Wealth - How Can I Benefit

The Cost Of The OPM Wealth Packages

First of all, it is good to know that on this site, you can watch many free instructional videos about OPM, how the system works and how to start access. Therefore, in the initial stages, there is no need to pay any fees. After watching these basic videos, it is your choice if you want to work with OPM and earn money from it. In this case, you need to buy one of the following packages.

  • Hermes – costs $ 2,000 – pays $1,200 commission on level 1 and $200 on level 2
  • Apollo – costs $ 5,000 – pays $3,000 commission on level 1 and $500 on level 2
  • Athena – costs $ 8,500 – pays $5,100 commission on level 1 and $850 on level 2
  • Poseidon – costs $ 14,500 – pays $8,700 commission on level 1 and $1,450 on level 2
  • Zeus – costs $ 27,500 – pays $16,500 commission on level 1 and $2,750 on level 2

As you can see, these packages are sorted from low to high. The higher the level you choose, the higher the packages' cost, and the more you have to pay.

To Earn Money From OPM Wealth

  • You first join the program for free and advertise.
  • You can also buy one of the above designs.
  • You need 5 sales per level to join for free and receive a commission.
  • You will receive a commission from the sixth sale onwards when you are a free member.
  • However, it is not clear what level you will reach after surpassing the 5 sales.

How Does OPM Wealth Work?

There are different opinions about this platform. Some people say that OPM Wealth is a scam site, and others think it is a great way to make money online.

After purchasing the first package, the following tutorials will be activated for you:

  • What is OPM Wealth?
  • How it Works
  • How to Start
  • Digital Franchise
  • Other People's Money (OPM)
  • Excellent Credit
  • The Truth About Money
  • Time Management
  • Basics of Cryptography
  • Encrypted Currency Transaction
  • Change the Pattern
  • Power of Systems
  • Compensation
  • Rules of Life
  • Save More Money
  • 7 Steps to Financial Freedom
  • 20 Rules of Money
  • The Power of Mindset
  • Financial Independence Pt / 1
  • Financial Independence Pt / 2

These educational videos explain the process of earning money from this platform. After watching these tutorials, it is time for you to encourage different people to join OPM Wealth to receive a commission for them.

A commission pays for each new member you enter into OPM Wealth.

Note that you only receive a commission when your people buy the same package you purchased. For example, if your choice was the Apollo package, your proposed member must also buy the same package, and if he buys another package, you will not receive a commission. So for your income to reach its maximum value, we suggest you buy a few of these packages and upgrade them over time. So by now, you know that OPM Wealth is a pyramid scheme.

Your commissions are paid in Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum, and you can withdraw them whenever you want.

The OPM Wealth Back Office

The OPM Wealth Back Office is an enlarged session. You must select a specific day and time to participate. This session will ask questions about your financial goals, how you currently earn your income, what attracted you to OPM Wealth, and so on.

After this initial call, more videos will open for you, and OPM Wealth will send you a link to attend the next session.

This process will continue until all the locks on your support screen are unlocked. It may take a month or more.

Positive Aspects of OPM Wealth

  • Joining this community is free.
  • There is revenue potential on this platform. If you form a good team, you can have a lot of monthly income.
  • OPM Wealth markets with many affiliates.
  • OPM Wealth holds many sessions to help you set your goals, understand bitcoin, and teach you how to buy bitcoins.
  • People interested in this program are interviewed to get acquainted with its general features.

Some OPM Wealth Problems

Expensive Packages

You need to spend at least $ 2,000 to earn money from this program. If you can attract new people who buy the same package as you, this problem will be solved by receiving a commission.

No Product Offer

OPM Wealth does not offer value products, and therefore is prohibited in many of the 50 states.

Worthless Movies

You can find some of the movies offered by OPM Wealth for free online.

Is OPM Wealth a Scam or Legit?

For some reasons, I think OPM wealth is a scam:

It is a Pyramid Scheme

As I mentioned, I think that OPM wealth is a pyramid scheme. In this collection, you do not sell products, and you can earn income by getting other people involved. Because of this, I suspect that there is a possibility that fraud is involved, and it is illegal. Pyramid subsets are illegal in most parts of the world.

Suggests That You Borrow Money if You Don't Have the Cash

While this may be interesting at first, borrowing to invest in a pyramid scheme still does not seem like a good idea.

However, you can invest money and earn some by borrowing from other people.

Hidden Costs

  • OPM wealth requires a lot of investment and costs for online advertising.
  • These costs may increase rapidly.
  • If you do not get enough training, you may lose your shirt.
  • It is also good to know that the hidden costs of this platform are not mentioned in advance.

Its Founders Are Unknown

So far, no names of the founders of OPM Wealth have been announced. There is Stefan Dessalines. He seems to be at the forefront of this website. Many of the videos were published by him.

OPM Wealth Is Not Stable and May Collapse At Any Time

  • Because OPM wealth is a pyramid scheme and you have to bring in new people to make money, this process may take some time.
  • Also, not everyone who joins it can make a profit and may leave the program again.
  • With the departure of any of the people you recruited in this pyramid, you will fail in OPM wealth.

The above are just some of the reasons why OPM Wealth seems to be a scam. I wonder if this is the case in reality. Maybe OPM Wealth is completely legal!

People have different opinions about this. If you pay attention, you will see that people would not join it if it were a scam. OPM Wealth is a test application with many members. This platform has been around so far, and people are still making money from it.

However, before joining it, I recommend that you spend some time studying the marketing of affiliate companies and then decide whether this platform is right for you or not.

Ultimately, it is your decision whether to use this program or not.

If you decide to enter this platform, you have to deal with the following:

  • You have to accept the fact that it is a pyramid scheme.
  • You will need to attract others into this pyramid scheme to get a commission.
  • You need at least $ 2,000 to enter.
  • Remember, since this is a pyramid scheme, it might collapse.


In this review, I showed you all the positive and negative features of OPM Wealth.

I hope this review has been useful for you. Finally, we learned that OPM Wealth is a pyramid scheme and, like other pyramid schemes, needs to attract more and more people. Otherwise, it fails.

This plan's main idea is for you to update different packages to open the commission levels and add others to your subset.

You need to invest $ 2000 to start and convince others to invest a better chance of success.

Technically, OPM Wealth is not a scam but a pyramid scheme, and we know pyramid schemes are illegal.

So I can not recommend OPM Wealth to you. In fact, there are better possibilities to make money online.

I personally don't think that OPM is a secure asset and a legal alternative to earning money online.

If you want to use something safe that has been tested and approved by thousands of people with confidence, I recommend my top-rated platform, Wealthy Affiliate.

Unlike OPM Wealth, with the WA program, you will have access to the right training, tools, and opportunities to start a legitimate affiliate marketing business.

I know that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online because you do not have to buy products to promote them to others. You recommend them instead.

In this program, you can use 100% affiliate and free programs, access millions of different products, and benefit from training courses such as Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to earn money with affiliate marketing.

I also started a successful affiliate business a few years ago by joining WA. After reading this review, I hope you can start your affiliate business and be satisfied with it like me.

I trust you enjoyed this article about All You Need to Know About Google+ Hangouts For Business. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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  1. Hey there, thanks for sharing this review. There’s no doubt about it, OPM Wealth is nothing but a pyramid scheme and therefore, a scam. Those products inside are simply a coverup for a pyramid scheme. Moreover, you have to buy them all individually to get qualified for commissions and to get access to resources. The worst thing about this scam is that they lead people into borrowing money to fund this scam! It’s unbelievable what some people are willing to do to take advantage of good people on the internet who just want to make some honest money online. Your recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, is a great program. It’s one of the rare that is 100% honest and sticks to the legitimate business model. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks so much, Ivan. You nailed it with your comment. Sadly, there are so many scams out there taking advantage of honest people trying to make money online. I love the Wealthy Affiliate platform. They have so much training, showing you how to make money online in a legitimate way.
      Thanks for stopping by

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