Rakuten Review

Rakuten Review

Rakuten Review

Rakuten Review

This review will teach you about the Pros and Cons of shopping and selling through this e-commerce company. You will read what customers have to say about their experience with Rakuten.

To sell a product, you have a couple of options.

  • You can sell them in front of your house, or
  • to the shops that take second-hand things, or
  • promote them on several websites, such as eBay and Rakuten (consumer-to-consumer sales), and such alike.

eBay is one of the best-known e-commerce companies on the internet.

However, here we want to discuss another one known as Rakuten. We will review Rakuten and try to give you a comprehensive article, so no questions remain at the end, including

  • An introduction to the company, its legitimacy
  • How it works, and
  • Trust or not to trust the company

What is Rakuten?

As we have briefly mentioned above, Rakuten is like an internet marketplace where you can buy or sell certain products. It can be your phone, clothes, or anything else. If you used eBay before, you would get the hang of it rather quickly. But we are not really here to talk about eBay, are we?

Currently located in Japan, this store will access millions of customers worldwide by shipping to several countries, e.g., U.S., Spain, Finland, Australia, etc. Rakuten doesn’t stop there. Thanks to its Cash-Back program, you will get both commission and bonus from selling and buying products from the company.

How Can You Use Rakuten?

Using the website is straightforward and being a member is free of charge. After your gain your membership, all you need to do is find the store and seller, choose the product, and click “Shop Now.”

To find the stores or sellers, you can arrange the stores in alphabetical order or search by name if you already know what you are looking for.

Since you have an account, your purchase or sale commission will be directly deposited into your account to be withdrawn later. By clicking on the name of the seller, you will be directed to the website. There is a trick here. If you purchase directly from the seller, there will be no cash back and bonuses. However, if you are directed to the seller from the Rakuten website, you will get a commission from the sale. Pretty neat.

In addition to the above-mentioned methods, you can add the Rakuten browser extension to the browser, which is available in most browsers, e.g., Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other types of browsers you may have on your pc, making it available everywhere. When you visit a certain website that Rakuten is correlated with, a pop-up will appear alarming you about the possible cashback from the purchase.

Have you ever wondered why Rakuten offers cashback services? Well, it is pretty obvious. This is the customers' motivation to come back to the company and sell or buy on their website again. By providing this feature for you, the website and the customer and seller will also earn money. In other words, this is a win-win scenario.

Rakuten Products

Can You Trust Rakuten And Its Products?

I mean, you better have a good definition of trust. Trust in the company will be discussed later in this article. However, I believe trust in the product is another subject since Rakuten is a website like eBay. They don’t guarantee that the sellers send the final product’s authenticity and safety. In that case, we better trust our gut feelings, am I right?

Well, at least they have told us this before purchasing a product. They don’t even take responsibility for the quality of products, the damage that may occur during shipment and authenticity. To reduce these kinds of troubles, they recommended that the customer establish an agreement with the seller directly. However, I believe that such an action will be complex and difficult to accomplish, am I right?

Despite all these, it is impressive to mention that Rakuten is working with quite reputable companies, e.g., Cabela’s, Several Travel Sites, Bath and Body Works, Ace Hardware, etc. So, the chance of getting a good service or product will increase. The company announced that the number of stores that joined their website is 2,500. By considering the above number, the company assured the availability of everything the customers desire.

It definitely shows legitimacy since no company wants to ruin its reputation by joining something non-legit. However, I leave the final judgment about this matter to you.

Now that we have a brief introduction to Rakuten and how it works, we will continue the article by reviewing the company's advantages and presenting you with reasons to trust or not to trust.

It is important to note that this article promotes the website and is based on comments and reviews of different customers. I did not take any sides.


One of the most important parts of a website dealing with a variety of customers is its security. Most of the customers, even myself, don’t want to reveal their identity mostly because of fear of information disclosure. This fear, although seemingly irrelevant but we cannot deny it.

Good news Rakuten's customers. You don’t need to enter all your information, such as payment information which makes the customers skeptical about the authenticity. All you need to have is an active E-mail through which the company can contact you and send the necessary E-mails.

The company website is approved by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI), ensuring that the sensitive data is sufficiently encrypted. No one accesses it but the company and the customer himself/herself.

Is Rakuten Legit or Not?

Who doesn’t want to earn money while sitting at his house from purchasing things online and reselling them to add a little to his income? I mean, money is money, am I right? Even USD 5, which can make 5 hotdogs! Or even save money for someday that you may need it. Rakuten offers such a feature. But is the website legit or not? Here is a review of the company's advantages and disadvantages.

Moderate Support

As an international company, the person charged with support services must be acquainted with English so he or she can answer telephone calls or e-mails. Most of the customers who have been working with this company have announced their satisfaction.

However, it seems that only higher levels have a good education with this language, and the more you go to lower levels, their level of education is also lowered.

In general, you can trust the support from the company itself to get informed about your shipment and delivery dates. But unfortunately, the company denies granting a guarantee for the safety of products.

Lenovo Is One Of The Rakuten Stores. Here You Get 9% Cash Back.

Rakuten Pays a Good Share of The Money, but….

What is a company most known for to its customers and employees? Well, you guessed right. To pay them well at the right time and without any delay. A company must have competitive pay to attract more individuals, keep its employees' motivation at a higher level, and improve production and income. The company offers great pay and benefits to those working as both customers and sellers regularly based on the employee and customers saying.

Also, it seems that Rakuten also has a referral program. In other words, the customers will get a commission by introducing someone to the website and asking them to make a purchase. For each person to a maximum of three persons, the company will give USD 25.

How does the company pay? It is not like you will get a monthly salary from the company, it is not a workplace, and no boss tells you what you should do and how much you can earn on a specific date. It all depends on you and your purchase and sale value. Also, the company doesn’t pay you monthly. Instead, you will receive an email every three months regarding your payment check. The minimum value as stated by the company is USD 5.

Some may think of this share as a good motivation to start working with the company. But it seems that some customers have been encountering problems in receiving their share.

  • Several customers complained about receiving their commission late despite having sent several tickets regarding it ‘Where's My Money’ a couple of times.
  • They complained that their account was closed after they introduced someone to the website. However, it seems that they did not get paid and the account was closed. The latter doesn’t really mean that the company is not legit because there might be other problems that customers didn’t mention. So, we hope that customers will leave more comments to know more about their experience.
  • Some customers complained about managers and employees. Unfortunately, there were several complaints regarding bad management and poor choice of staff. Staff only work well when they are under the direct control of the manager. But it seems that some customers weren’t pleased about these individuals and the lack of cooperation between departments.

Do you know what the worst is that may happen with a website? To be compared with another one just like its own, only faster, such as eBay.

Well, Rakuten must spice things up before it is too late, and they start losing customers since payment is the only reason most customers come to their website for.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits and several complaints, there are things you must be cautious about while purchasing from this company that are explained as follows:

  1. Just because the website is working with hundreds of markets, you must always keep your plans, not what the company offers. I know the sight of something shiny or new can be quite tempting; however, if you don’t want to exceed your budget and buy unnecessary things, it is better to stay with your original shopping list.
  2. As we mentioned above, you can directly contact the store, make arrangements with it, and even negotiate the price. However, you must know that some prices are fixed, and you cannot barter with the seller to bring down the prices. These items include prepaid phone cards, medication, optical purchases, and gift cards. Of course, these items and prices can differ from store to store, so you better choose wisely before shopping.


After giving a comprehensive review on Rakuten, it seems that this website is a legitimate website that you can trust. However, several website comments have shown that the company lacks the good support and staff to solve customers’ problems.

I hope that the company will solve these important issues as soon as possible so that the number of customers remains steady and even increases.

To better understand the company's advantages and disadvantages, we have briefly listed the things you will observe in this company. Note that this article is not promoting the website. It is just written for more information.

  1. Ease of use. Using the website will be straightforward and doesn’t need special skills. You can easily use the website by entering your e-mail and other information and start searching for stores.
  2. Contains different stores. As one of the reputable websites, numerous stores and products will be available for customers.
  3. Cashback programs. This program will allow you to get a commission on every sale or purchase. Just remember that the company pays every 3 months.
  4. Impulse buying. Working with many stores doesn’t really mean an advantage when you are attracted to buy things that you don’t really need. Of course, things that you may not have found easily will be available. However, the chance of impulse buying or choosing to buy just after seeing something on the website will increase.
  5. Accounts can be disabled without prior notice. Unfortunately, several customers have experienced this case due to unclear reasons resulting in a decline in customers.

We hope that Rakuten will consider the above issues and offer better support.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the Rakuten Review. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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