How To Choose A Blog Topic

How To Choose A Blog Topic

How To Choose A Blog Topic

How To Choose A Blog Topic

The most crucial choice you must make when beginning a new blog is selecting a topic for your posts. There are many options, and it's impossible to predict which one will work out at this early stage. Even if your subject is good, are you confident it will be both narrow and long-lasting?

People use the Internet to get information, learn new things, accomplish goals, and/or for entertainment (sometimes all of the above). Find a subject that interests you and is narrow enough to attract a devoted audience while catering to those reader objectives if you want to build a successful blog that stands out from the competition.

How To Choose A Subject For Your Blog

How To Choose A Subject For Your Blog

Everything you write, podcast, or create videos about on your new blog will be based on your blog subject. It might seem like a lot of pressure when you're just starting out, but that's completely natural. Making the best decision you can now and getting started are the only ways to overcome the pain and fear, and then make adjustments as you gain more knowledge over time.


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Making a list of all the subjects you believe you would love writing about is the first step in developing a great concept for a blog topic. Now is not the time to focus; simply jot down anything that comes to mind. Listed below are some questions to ask yourself if you need a little assistance with brainstorming:

  • When no one advised me what to do as a child, what did I occupy my time with?
  • What do I like doing?
  • What do I do in my spare time?

What subject could I talk about for hours if my friends or family wanted me to talk about?

  • What kinds of courses in high school or college did I like?
  • What topics do I want to read about and research?
  • What would I do if I could do one thing for the rest of my life, regardless of pay?
  • Which subject have you been interested in learning more about?
  • What would I do with my extra time if I had it?

Next, ask yourself, “Is one of the goals of my blog to assist me financially?” When selecting a blog subject, it may seem strange to ask yourself this question, but knowing the answer can help you qualify or eliminate ideas from your list. Perhaps the goal isn't to “earn a livelihood,” but rather to “generate more income” or “assist me in increasing my savings.” However, as long as there is a financial objective, your subject should contain these three key characteristics:

  • You should be interested in the subject;
  • You should be knowledgeable about the subject, or at least have a desire to become more knowledgeable over time;
  • Other people should respect the subject enough to pay for goods or services that are linked to it.

I wouldn't worry too much about it right now since there will always be an audience that loves knowledge on any subject. Let's start by concentrating on your areas of interest and competence.

Of course, it helps to be engaged in what you are writing about. Don't choose a subject just because it's popular or everyone is talking about it. No matter how well-liked the topic, if you don't appreciate it, the blog won't succeed.

Your material is fake and will be obvious to your intelligent readers. So, regardless of what is now trending, stick to what you are interested in. (The implication is that if you're truly interested in a trending issue that's gaining popularity, it would be a fantastic match.)

Expertise is one of your most advantageous qualities as a blogger. You can educate yourself more effectively the more you know about a subject. But just because you lack knowledge doesn't mean you can't start a blog on a subject you're interested in. The converse would be true: the better you understand a subject, the more you can teach about it. A “leading learner” is a term that has been used to describe this.

Never give up on picking a blog subject simply because you lack prior knowledge. It will be harder than if you already have the knowledge, but it is still achievable if you're eager to study.

How To Choose Your Blog Subject With More Emphasis

How To Choose Your Blog Subject With More Emphasis

Once you've decided on a blog subject, check to see whether you've narrowed your focus sufficiently to begin. The current trend is toward niche blogs. It could seem like a terrible idea to focus your knowledge and expertise on a particular subject, yet this is how you get devoted fans. More trust is developed with an audience due to your blog's dedication and specific focus. Here are some suggestions for narrowing your specialization.

1. Be Genuine

The beautiful thing about the blogging business is that your distinctive personality, combined with your distinctive audience, offers you an even more distinctive angle on your subject. This implies that even when five blogs on the same subject contain the same information, they may seem to be quite distinct blogs.

2. Make It Specific

Asking, “more precisely, what do I want to address about this topic?” is an excellent approach. Making your blog subject a little more specialized will enable you to set your blog apart from all other blogs.

For instance, it would be difficult to assume that a certain individual is an expert in all kinds of baking. It is considerably more credible to claim that you are a bread-making expert.


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3. Establish Categories

Your subject will be more organized if you use categories. Therefore, the more clearly you can concentrate on your subject, the more defined your blog categories are. Create blog categories to assist you in communicating to your audience what part of craft beer you are discussing in each article, for instance, if you were launching a website about it. Posts about brewing methods, where to obtain craft beer in Nashville, Tennessee, and tasting comments are all quite different categories.

Your blog categories may include IPAs, Wheat beer, Stouts, Lagers, and Belgian beers if you want to concentrate on the many kinds of craft beers. However, your blog categories might be Microbreweries, Regional Craft Breweries, and New Breweries if you want to concentrate on breweries. By establishing these blog categories, you'll make your blog about craft beer stand out from the competition and concentrate your content creation efforts.

Setting up your content schedule, coming up with new ideas for blog posts, and assisting your viewers in finding what they need on your blog will all benefit from being clear on the precise blog categories of interest your readers may have relating to your issue.

Finding a blog subject requires effort and careful thought. Before deciding on the specialty you believe is best for you, you will probably take into account a number of options. You are more likely to succeed if you pick a subject that you are knowledgeable about and are passionate about than if you chose it because you believe it would be lucrative.

A wide audience of readers who are interested in the same things you draw from your work when you are passionate about it. Please bear in mind these five suggestions while you search for new blog topics. By directing you away from poor decisions and toward what works best for you, they'll assist you in achieving your blogging objectives.

Find A Subject That Interests You

Find A Subject That Interests You

Readers can tell when a writer is passionate. Blogging on a topic, you are enthusiastic about will likely draw readers who share your enthusiasm, which will help the topic gain popularity. Selecting a blog subject you are passionate about and really love can help you maintain that motivation for a long time. A successful blog is regularly updated. Make sure you regularly update your blog content to keep it engaging and offer it the greatest chance of success.

Consider how you spend your spare time, what you read, any courses you've done, topics you already know a lot about, and your interests when picking a subject you're enthusiastic about. There is already a blog for everything, so don't worry too much about if there are other blogs on your topic. You'll draw visitors to your site when you add personality and information.

Find A Conversation Topic You Enjoy

A two-way dialogue between you (the blogger) and your readership is necessary for successful blogging (your readers). Be open to readers who contact you through email or blog comments to discuss your topics in further depth.

Your ability to foster a feeling of community around your blog will determine its long-term success. Discussing a blog topic and engaging with readers when you select one you already like talking about is simple.

Pick A Subject You're Comfortable Debating With Others

Pick A Subject You're Comfortable Debating With Others

Visitors to your site will come from various walks of life and have different perspectives, so some of them may not agree with what you post. Successful bloggers love debating the subjects of their blogs from various perspectives and find the argument stimulating, increasing blog viewership. Avoid picking a subject that makes you feel awkward in front of others. Find a subject on which you may express yourself freely.


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Pick A Subject That Isn't Very Controversial

Some readers may disagree with you so vehemently that they attack you personally in the comments as your site gains popularity and more readers. You'll need a thick skin to fend off insults and vehemently disagreeable viewpoints. Avoid touchy subjects if you'd want to avoid this kind of readership and conversation.

This sort of reader may be drawn to certain subjects more than others. Political and religious topics often elicit criticism from readers who aren't interested in debating the issue or altering their beliefs; instead, they're simply interested in vehemently attacking your writing.

If you do decide to write on a contentious issue, be ready to explain why you feel the way you do and to consider your readers' points of view. You must also know when to end a conversation so it doesn't get too acrimonious.

Pick A Research Topic You Find Interesting

Pick A Research Topic You Find Interesting

The capacity of blogs to provide new, insightful information and conversations on a broad range of subjects is one of their distinctive features. You should like reading about the subject of your blog and being current on news and events linked to it if you want your blog to be successful.

You'll maintain your blog's material engaging and relevant for your readers. You assume the position of subject-matter authority on your blog. Choose a subject you are interested in learning more about since you will spend a lot of time maintaining that position.


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After selecting your subject, it's time to start writing. A blog post may be written in 5 simple steps. Keep your postings relevant as you write by keeping them on-topic. One of the best blogging secrets for success is to stick with your chosen specialty.

Choosing a topic for your blog might be simple or difficult: A blog is a great platform for information sharing, life journaling, interest exploration, and expressing enthusiasm. The secret is being selective about what you write about on your site.

When starting a blog, keep the following in mind:

  • Pick a topic that piques your sincere interest. Don't choose a subject you believe will interest you or draw in many readers. As the person who will be writing for the blog, it greatly helps if you are passionate about the topic. Your readers will be able to see how passionate you are, and it will keep them coming back.
  • Determine which subjects are off-limits. Bloggers who maintain private journals for their friends and family could choose to keep certain topics off the Internet's public arena. Do you really want your partner to read a candid description of your make-out session from last night, for instance? What about your boss or mother?
  • Be mindful of your prospective readers. They, who? How can you engage them and persuade them to follow your blog in the future? Do you even give a damn about your readership? If so, what do you need to demonstrate, impart, or query to them?
  • For the majority of bloggers, success is defined as gaining, maintaining, and expanding a readership of engaged readers—ideally one that engages with you and other readers by leaving comments.
  • Some topics have previously shown to be well-liked and effective blog topics. You may compete with the crowd and launch a blog about.
  • Even if baby albums are no longer popular, you may write about your child's development in great detail. The practice of “mommy blogging,” as it has come to be known, is rapidly expanding.
  • Your interest or pastime: Feel free to use your blog to join a group of people who are passionate about the same things as you are, whether it be knitting, sport fishing, geocaching, woodworking, or anything.
  • Technology: It's fantastic that so many of the early bloggers choose to concentrate on technology. Today, technology and technological challenges are of great interest. After all, everyone struggles with utilizing their MP3 players, personal computers, and mobile phones, which are becoming increasingly common.
  • Politics: A handful of well-known political bloggers have successfully transitioned their internet punditry into lucrative conventional media professions.
  • A few well-known blogs make use of the numerous bizarre websites by giving links and brief explanations of the sites on their blogs. It's the laziest way to browse, and if you want to share the strange things you discover, you'll undoubtedly find a market for them.
  • Specialized news: Provide your busy readers with a service by compiling all the news on a certain subject, along with concise summaries and links to sources. This is applicable to both serious and lighthearted subjects; for example, it may be used to discuss cranial surgical methods or the newest adolescent craze.
  • A personal diary: You may continue with the tried-and-true blog if your life is interesting enough to read about. You may draw readers who will become friends by having a distinctive voice and producing excellent articles.

Conclusion To How To Choose A Blog Topic


The first step in starting a blog is selecting the appropriate blog subject. You'll be more likely to remain loyal to your path later on by deciding what you will like writing about and considering if it will be beneficial to your audience. If you haven't already, start compiling a list of all your potential blog subject ideas and start writing them down. Do you have any ideas for categories or ways to put a special twist on the subject?

It might be challenging to choose a blog subject; to make it easier, start by thinking about your audience and what they like reading.

To understand how your audience would search for the blog post you're trying to publish, be sure to do your study on themes and examine keyword search traffic. Also, remember that choosing blog themes you are knowledgeable in and confident your readers will find interesting can help your writing stand out to them.

I trust you enjoyed this article about How To Choose A Blog Topic. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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