31 Best Products To Sell On Shopify

31 Best Products To Sell On Shopify

Best Products To Sell On Shopify

31 Best Products To Sell On Shopify

Shopify is a digital platform that helps small businesses sell their products and services online. It's simple to use and easy to get started, making it the perfect platform for entrepreneurs of all levels. Whether you're an experienced shopper or just starting, Shopify has something for you.

If you are looking for the best products to sell on Shopify, you're in luck. Our top products to sell on Shopify are here to help you get your business up and running. If you're looking for a product that will help you grow your business, we have you covered. We've got everything you need to help your business grow, big or small.

What Are Some Of The More Popular Products?

Online shopping often brings up the question of what to buy. This is a difficult question because there are so many different products and a wide variety of items. The best way to answer this question is to think about what you're buying for.

For example, if you want to buy clothes, one of the most popular products on Shopify is clothing. You'll be able to find everything from children's clothes and women's clothes to men's clothes and size items (if you're looking for those). If you're looking for beauty products, one of the best sellers on this platform is makeup. There are also some great gift ideas if they interest you!

These are just a few examples of what you can find on Shopify. All sorts of items are available from merchants who have stores set up with this platform. You can even open your store and sell whatever it is that interests you!


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The List Of Best Products To Sell On Shopify

If you're serious about growing your business, then you'll want to invest in the right tools. Shopify is a marketplace that allows you to build and sell products on your website or through an app. With Shopify, entrepreneurs can take their ideas and make them into real-time, online businesses.

With dozens of different product types to choose from, it's easy to find something that will work for you and your business.

We'll teach you how to choose the best products for your Shopify store in this post. We'll walk you through the process of choosing products based on what products are currently trending in the marketplace. We'll also explain how to research and determine which products other merchants use and give our top picks for Shopify stores.

Toys And Gadgets

1. Toys And Gadgets

Toys and gadgets are popular to sell on Shopify. From plushies to drones to the latest iPhone case, eCommerce is a great way to start your business with these products. There are many types of toys that you can start selling online, but there are some things worth considering before you get started. One of the most important considerations is whether or not you want to work with a manufacturer or source your products.

If you think you'd like to work with a manufacturer, finding a reputable supplier for your product can be difficult. The best way to do this is by looking through online reviews and contacting manufacturers directly if necessary. You should also consider whether or not manufacturing costs will be an issue when defining your pricing strategy.

If you're thinking about sourcing your products, they must meet certain qualities – such as being high quality and durable – for them to be worth selling on eCommerce platforms like Shopify. Customer satisfaction is essential, too, so ensure that your products have been extensively tested before they go live on Amazon or eBay!


2. Shoes

Shoes are one of the most popular products to sell on Shopify. You can sell a wide range of shoes and boots, including heels, sandals, sneakers, and loafers. They're also excellent gifts for anyone who likes to dress up or stay casual.

There are so many different types and styles of shoes available that your customers will be able to find exactly what they're looking for!

3. Decorative Bottles

The first product on the list is decorative bottles. These bottles are perfect for gifting, as they come in various styles and colours, making them versatile. Additionally, these bottles are often used as wine or champagne glasses. For example, you can buy a set of 12 for $60 on Amazon.

Another excellent use for these bottles is to sell your homemade wine or champagne. This creates a unique opportunity to share your passion with others and make money from it!

And finally, if you're looking for an option that's not quite as extravagant as other products on this list, this bottle will do the trick! It's less expensive than some of the other options and offers a similar aesthetic design.

4. Projectors

Projectors are seemingly random top trending products that show up every few years and can generate huge profits while the fad is hot. Projectors are a popular product to sell on Shopify. Take a look at these top ten:

  1. Roku
  2. Epson
  3. Logitech
  4. Fujifilm
  5. Samsung
  6. OWC
  7. InFocus
  8. Creative
  9. Beats
  10. Lenovo

5. Tablet Computers

Tablet computers are becoming increasingly popular with younger generations. This is because they offer a far more immersive experience than their traditional desktop counterparts and are often less costly to purchase and maintain.

If you're looking to sell tablet products online, Shopify's built-in eCommerce features make it an ideal platform for doing so. In this post, we'll take a look at some of the best products you can sell on Shopify that are tablet-related.

1. Targus Ultra Slim Keyboard Case For iPad Air 2 – Black

This keyboard case is slim enough to fit in your pocket or bag, yet it offers protection against everyday wear and tear. It also has integrated stand support for watching movies and typing on your lap or desk.

2. Apple Smart Cover – White

The smart cover will protect both the front and back of your device from scratches, bumps, dirt, water damage, and even potential drops! It also does not interfere with how the device functions.

3. Logitech Type+ – Wireless Keyboard

If you need a keyboard that works with your tablet or laptop computer with Bluetooth connectivity without needing additional software installed, this keyboard is a great option!


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6. Water Bottles

If you're selling any product, you'll need to have a shopping cart set up. Shopify offers a free two-week trial and an easy-to-install paid upgrade that can make setting up your shop a breeze.

But what about products? What should you sell in your shop? That's where this list comes in.

If you're looking for something to start with, water bottles are perfect for your business. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and easily customized to fit any brand or company. Plus, people always need water!

7. Kitchen Towels Are An Obvious Choice

Kitchen towels are one of the most popular products you can sell on Shopify. They're inexpensive, easy to ship, and people will be sure to buy them because they know that they're getting something valuable and practical.

Kitchen towels are also incredibly versatile. You can make your designs with various colours and patterns and then sell them on your website or social media page. Or you can choose from a list of pre-made designs with lots of colours and styles to choose from.

You could also use kitchen towels as a way to promote your brand. If you have a logo or other design featured prominently on your towel, people who see it in their kitchen will likely remember your company name every time they clean up after dinner.

8. WordPress Themes

WordPress is the most popular content management system and blogging platform globally. It's also one of the most flexible platforms around and very affordable—so it's easy to see why WordPress themes are such a great idea for selling on Shopify. With hundreds of free themes available, this is one product not many people will be able to resist trying out. Plus, with over 5 million active installs each day, there's no shortage of potential customers who will be interested in buying your theme!

9. Home Décor

In the home décor category, you can sell anything from throw blankets to wall art. Home décors are products that many people purchase for themselves or as a gift for their loved ones. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes to set up an online store and get started with this category on Shopify.

10. Clothing And Clothing Accessories

Clothing is one of the most popular items to sell on Shopify. From t-shirts to dresses to jackets, you can find clothing in all shapes and sizes. All that's left to do is customize your products with embroidered logos or witty slogans.

Office Chairs

11. Office Chairs

Office chairs round out the top ten trending products. We're undoubtedly witnessing a rise due to the current work-from-home trend, similar to other trending products in the home goods sector. If you want to increase your business online, Office chairs are the best products to sell on Shopify.

12. Pants, Shirts, And Skirts

The best thing about Shopify is that you can sell just about anything you want. From T-shirts to trousers, the possibilities are endless. That's because Shopify makes it easy for your store to be your shop, whether you're a designer or an artist, and you want to sell your creations. Even if you've got a small business with an inventory, Shopify has the tools and functionality to help you run your store seamlessly. And if you need help with marketing? No worries — we have an in-house design team that will help make sure that your products get seen by the right people.

13. iPhone Cases

One of the most popular product types to sell on Shopify is phone cases. It provides a fun product that can be modified by potential customers who want their unique design. It's easy to modify an existing design or create your custom case in no time at all.

14. Skincare

Skincare products are always in high demand, as they tend to be essential for health and beauty. This is an outstanding product category to sell on Shopify.

15. T-Shirts

Another popular category on Shopify is T-Shirts. Whether you're looking for wholesale t-shirts or local t-shirt designs, this is one of the easiest ways to get started on Shopify without needing any technical know-how or advanced design skill sets.

16. Jewelry And Jewelry Accessories

Jewelry is always a good investment. It's versatile, timeless, and can be worn for any occasion. You can also find jewelry accessories that will go with your pieces.

17. Gaming Supplies

Selling video games could be a game-changer for your online store.

Here are a few best selling gaming products to sell online:

  • Gaming mouses and keyboards
  • Gaming chairs
  • Gaming PCs
  • Gaming laptops
  • Gaming desks
  • Video games
  • Gaming monitors
  • Gaming headphones

18. Beauty And Beauty Accessories

Beauty and beauty-related products are always a top choice for new entrepreneurs. These products, such as makeup, skincare, haircare, and so on, have a high demand in the market, and they don't require a lot of inventory.

The best part about these products is that they're often in high demand with a short shelf life. This means that if you want to start an online business with this product line, you won't need to worry about excess inventory or to have your shelves full of unused products.

Further benefits to this business venture are that beauty and fashion trends change quickly. This means that you will always find the latest trend in the industry by investing in fashion or beauty-related accessories.

19. Toyota Prius

If you want to start or grow a new business, sell this product on Shopify. It's an electric car that proves it's possible to drive long distances and looks beautiful doing it. This is one of our top 10 best sellers because it's sold over 1 million units since its release in 2010.

Yoga Mats

20. Yoga Mats

Yoga mattresses are in high demand due to the growing popularity of yoga around the world. According to Google trends, demand for yoga mats has increased in recent years, and the yoga mat business is predicted to exceed $17 billion by 2025. Due to the increased demand, companies offering yoga mats will have a steady rate of orders. A yoga mat costs about $15 on average in stores. As a result, it has earned a spot on the Best Shopify Products to Sell list.

21. Smartphone Accessories

Smartphones, like laptops, have become indispensable in our daily lives. Customers purchase online various mobile accessories to make their cellphones more functional and durable. Mobile covers and screen protectors, for example, are in high demand. Selling such items online assures a consistent sales rate. In addition, some purchasers choose to over-accessorize their phones to stand out from the crowd. Offering Top Shopify Products to Sell online can help businesses make a lot of money.

22. Rollers Of Jade

Jade rollers are thought to relieve edema, improve blood circulation, and help goods penetrate deeper into the skin. Customers are constantly on the lookout for high-quality jade rollers. As a result, selling them can help you raise your sales.

23. Guns For Massage

Massage guns are purchased by health and fitness enthusiasts to help with muscular discomfort, injury prevention, and pain treatment. Selling massage guns is an excellent method to boost your sales.

24. Food Products

Food products are an excellent niche for your Shopify store. Why? The rationale is simple: we all need to eat to survive. As a result, food demand will continue to grow at a healthy rate indefinitely. Therefore, it will be wise to add food items to your store to sell on Shopify.

Here are a few products ideas:

  • Packaged snacks
  • Coffee and tea
  • Pickles
  • Keto food items
  • Spices
  • Muffins, bread, cookies
  • Instant mixes
  • Chips

25. Car And Bike Accessories

It is very fashionable among teenagers to embellish their cars to stand out and improve their performance. Automobile accessories such as mobile holders, headlamps, fog lights, seat coverings, steering covers, and car scents are highly demanded. Therefore selling them is a fantastic alternative for businesses. It also provides a steady stream of money because the products are popular all year.

If you decide to sell car accessories from your store, here are trending products sold online:

  • Mats
  • Covers
  • Fresheners
  • Blinds and sun shield
  • Seat covers
  • Car vacuum cleaners
  • Tire inflators
  • Car cleaning supplies

26. Laptop Holders

Laptop stands have a lot of uses. They are used for a variety of purposes. A few examples are bringing laptop screens closer to the user's eyes, increasing typing ergonomics, and preventing computers from overheating. Selling laptop stands on the internet is a great way to boost sales.


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27. Maternity Supplies

If you're unsure whether to sell or not offer pregnancy products, you should start adding them to your product portfolio. The North American maternity care market is expected to reach $3 billion by 2023, with a healthy compound annual growth rate.

The following are the best-selling items in this niche:

  • Maternity clothes
  • Belly support band
  • Body pillow
  • Supporting bra
  • Pregnancy books
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Hot water bottle
  • Compression shocks

28. E-Sports Accessories

Online gaming has exploded in popularity over the last several years worldwide. The ability for gamers to live to stream their activity on platforms as Twitch and YouTube has resulted in a surge in demand for various gaming equipment. Online store owners can sell various products on their eCommerce platforms, including gaming headsets, gaming chairs, consoles, keyboards, and many other Top Shopify Products to Sell.

29. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are one of the best options for entrepreneurs looking to sell their products. With this type of store, you can build an app that features your product or service.

You could also create a game app or offer consulting services through this platform. You can even upload videos onto your app to promote it for free!

The number of opportunities available with mobile apps is endless. It's a great way to have an online presence without spending money on marketing.

This is one of the best businesses for someone just starting because there are no upfront costs involved in creating this kind of store. If you're looking for another option, check out these five Shopify stores that are great alternatives to mobile apps.


30. Electronics

Electronics are an excellent product to sell online. They offer some of the best margins and don't require a lot of expensive inventory upfront.

Many people on this platform will also be looking for electronics because they're continuously upgrading their phone or desktop computer. This means that you can easily find customers on Shopify who want to buy electronics, and they're always in demand.

If you're looking for a way to grow your business, electronics may just be what you need!

31. Household Items And Appliances

Stocking items for your home and appliances for your kitchen is a great way to gain exposure. With the rise of the Internet of Things, more and more people use their phones to search for products they need. And if you're selling household items and appliances, the chances are high that people will find what they need in your store.

This type of product can be sold at any price point. But it's essential to make sure you know the market value of these goods before setting a price.


There are many great products to sell on Shopify. However, not all products will be a good fit for your specific business. The best way to decide which products to sell is to focus on your niche and select products that align with your brand and serve your target customers.

No matter what product you decide to sell in your store, be sure to take the time to do your research and find the best supplier for your needs.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the 31 Best Products To Sell On Shopify. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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