Best Products To Sell On Amazon

Best Products To Sell On Amazon

Best Products To Sell On Amazon

Best Products To Sell On Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce website. It offers a wide range of products, from kitchen appliances to toys. And it doesn’t stop there. Amazon also sells books, music, movies, and other digital items. There are millions of products to choose from, and it can be hard to decide which ones to sell on Amazon.

The Different Types of Products You Can Sell On Amazon

Whether you're a brand-new seller or someone who is just starting to sell on Amazon, it's important to know what types of products can be sold on the platform.

There are three broad categories of products that you can sell on Amazon:

  1. The first category is goods and services. These include items like apparel, music, electronics, books, and toys.
  2. The second category is digital products like eBooks and MP3s.
  3. The third category is personal care items like makeup, cosmetics, and skin-care products.


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Products To Sell On Amazon

Just like any eCommerce website, Amazon has a wide variety of categories. Many include books, music, movies, and toys. If you’re looking for a product to sell on Amazon, it would help to know what products are popular in these categories.

It can be helpful to look through the top sellers in these particular categories. This is because they are likely to have high sales volume and good reviews. You can identify which ones have the most sales by filtering out items with fewer than five reviews. We also show how many times that item has been viewed on Amazon over the past year. We’ve gone ahead and done all this work for you!

Here are some of the top products to sell on Amazon.

Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras

The Amazon Digital Camera is a popular product to sell on Amazon. With over 2,000 reviews on Amazon, this camera is one of the best in terms of features and quality.

This camera has amazing picture quality and an intuitive interface which makes it easy for anyone to use. The lens is also removable, so you can get a wider angle if you need it. In addition to being a great digital camera, this particular model also comes with a 4GB SD card and accessories such as a tripod and carrying case.

If you are looking for something that will last long-term, then the Amazon Digital Camera may be just what you need!

This digital camera is perfect for people who want the freedom of taking photos anywhere without having to carry around too much extra gear. It's also good for someone who wants to take pictures on the go with their smartphone or tablet!

This digital camera is perfect for people who want the freedom of taking photos anywhere without having to carry around too much extra gear. It's also good for someone who wants to take pictures on the go with their smartphone or tablet!

Clothing And Accessories

A quick Google search will tell you that there is a wide variety of different types of clothes to sell on Amazon. This means you can find what works for your business and personal needs. You can choose clothes based on their brand, size, or colour.

For example, if you are selling baby clothes, you could choose from brands like Carter's, Gymboree, or Gap. If you're selling sports clothing, then Nike and Adidas would be some good options.

If all else fails, just go with generic brands like Hanes and Target brands! But whatever type of clothing you choose to sell on Amazon, there will always be a demand for it.

Toys And Games

Toys And Games

Toys and Games are another popular product to sell on Amazon. Toy and game sales have seen a significant increase in the last few years. Toy and game sales on Amazon increased by 25% from 2017 to 2018.

Toys are also a great way to make some extra money for Christmas, birthdays, or any other holiday. You can make a lot of money selling toys on Amazon!

If you're looking for a way to change your career path and be your boss, selling toys on Amazon might be the perfect fit. But how does one get started?

Selling is as simple as three steps: 1) Select your products 2) Create your listings 3) Promote your product. Of course, there's more work involved than just listing items; you'll need to research keywords that are most relevant to what you sell and optimize your listings.

Baby Bouncer

This baby bouncer is perfect for a nursery or playroom. It's designed to bounce and rock so your child will love it! The seat has a safety harness in case your child wants to give the bouncer a go without supervision.

Chef's Choice Knife Set

These knives are made with high-quality stainless steel which will last you a lifetime. They're also easy to clean, stain-resistant, and they come with two serrated blades that are ideal for cutting vegetables and fruits.

Kitchen Tools

A lot of people don't think about this one, but you can make money selling kitchen tools online! Get in touch with the right people by checking out Amazon's Top 30 list of best sellers.

Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

If you've been looking for something that can do everything from a slow cook, pressure cook, steam, sauté, and brown rice as well as pressure bake, then this is the product for you! You can save time and money by using this multi-functional appliance instead of buying separate appliances–this one does it all!

Bodybuilding Products

Bodybuilding is a sport that involves the use of resistance exercise to increase muscle size and strength. It is also referred to as “building up.” There are many bodybuilding products available for sale, but some things stand out as most popular. Bodybuilding supplements, clothing, accessories, and more are common on Amazon.

With so many options available, here are some bodybuilding products to sell on Amazon!

1. Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate is a compound that helps with muscle size and strength gains by increasing the amount of ATP produced in cells. This product contains creatine monohydrate and has been used widely in sports and fitness since the late 1980s.

2. Whey Protein Powder

The healthy blend of whey proteins with natural ingredients gives you protein that will keep your muscles performing at their best. The low-carb, low-fat protein powder can be mixed with milk or water to help meet your protein needs while you're on the go.

3. T-Shirts & Compression Shorts For Men

These cotton t-shirts have drawstrings on the waistband for a secure fit around your midsection while compression shorts target areas like your quads, thighs, and calves for more efficient blood flow during

Acer Predator, Gaming Laptop

Acer's Predator gaming laptop is a great product to sell on Amazon because it has an attractive design and high-quality components. It also comes with a lightweight yet sturdy design, making it easy for buyers to carry around with them. This laptop is perfect for anyone looking for a powerful gaming experience that won't weigh them down too much.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – 128GB

Samsung's Galaxy S8 Plus is a great product to sell on Amazon because it offers top-of-the-line features at a reasonable price point. It features the lightest and thinnest premium smartphone in the market today, along with a 12MP camera and 4K video recording capabilities for excellent photo and video quality. With the latest Android Oreo operating system and available storage options, this device will provide your customers with everything they need in an affordable package.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is one of the best products to sell on Amazon because it offers unique gameplay that can't be found anywhere else. This hybrid console offers portability while still giving players access to their favorite games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Splatoon 2, both of which are exclusive titles only available on Amazon.


If you're looking to make some money on Amazon, your best bet is to buy electronics and keep them in stock. According to a recent study by Decluttr, the average Amazon shopper purchases 25 items per month, making it one of the most popular categories for selling on Amazon. Products like MP3 players, headphones, and speakers are in high demand and have a great ROI.

Be sure to check out our top five electronics sellers of 2019 article for more ideas!

Home & Kitchen Appliance

In terms of sales volume and profit margins, selling home goods has become one of the most lucrative categories on Amazon. If you're looking for an easy way to sell something that will always be in demand (i.e., kitchen appliances), consider this category.


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Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are inexpensive, easy to use, and customizable. They're perfect for individuals who love to cook but hate having to constantly monitor the stove and watch their food cook.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

A handheld vacuum cleaner can be used in the car or around the house. It's a great tool for those with allergies, pets, and children who create a lot of messes and hair. It's also very versatile because it can be used as a regular hand vacuum or an upright vacuum.


These headphones are perfect for anyone looking to listen to music on the go without all of the wires and bulkiness of standard earbuds. Plus, they won't fall out in your bag! These headphones are affordable and come with a lifetime warranty so you know that if anything happens to them, they'll replace them for you.

Ionic Pro Air Purifier

An air purifier is a good choice for those living in smog-heavy cities like Los Angeles or London as it removes harmful pollutants from the air that could otherwise make people sick or even cause cancer. This specific model comes with its device charger.

Cell Phones

Cell phone accessories like chargers, cases and charging cables are popular items that many people are looking for. One way to make sure you’ll get as much as your product is worth is by selling them in bulk. The more you sell, the more money you can make!

Health & Beauty Products

Health & Beauty Products

The good news is that this category has seen explosive growth over the past few years, with no signs of slowing down. It's also a great place to find products that are in demand (i.e., vitamins). You'll earn more money by selling personal care items like makeup or perfume than via other types of products.

The top three products in the health and beauty category on Amazon are:

1. Relieve Your Pain Joint Formula

2. Face Mask Kit

3. Dermology Advanced Formula Serum

DVDs & Blu-ray Discs

DVDs and Blu-ray Discs are easy to sell because they come in durable packaging and often don't need any assembly. If you want an easy way to make money, these products will give it to you! Just ship them out and put your feet up after that one

Car Parts And Accessories

Car parts and accessories are some of the most popular items on Amazon. As a result, they’re also some of the easiest to sell. You can sell them directly on Amazon or you can use third-party marketplaces like eBay to sell your items faster.

If you’re looking for something specific, check out Amazon’s list of top 100 best-selling car parts and accessories. They have all the top sellers listed with info on what people are buying and why.

If you want to get started, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure your product is authentic and original – If it's not, don't expect to sell well on Amazon.
  • Find ways to lower the cost of your item. Lowering the cost will make it more likely that people will buy from you instead of an alternative seller.
  • Always provide photos with every listing (even if it's a product without any packaging). This makes it easier for customers to view and compare products before they buy them from you.



Books are another popular product to sell on Amazon. Books are a hot commodity on Amazon. Many people use the site to sell and buy books of all types, like textbooks, fiction, and non-fiction. If you have a book that’s rare or out of print, these are your best bets to sell your book on Amazon and make some serious cash.

One word of caution: Be careful about flooding the market with copies of the same book for sale. You don't want to create a glut in supply and drive down the price to a point where no one would be willing to purchase it.


Food is one of the most popular items to sell on Amazon. Not only does it have a high demand and wide variety of options, but it's also easy to ship. Plus, people want to buy food from sites that are safe, healthy, and sustainable.

If you want to make some extra money by selling food on Amazon, these ten products are perfect for you:

  1. Organic fruit and vegetables
  2. Organic whole-grain bread
  3. Organic coffee beans
  4. Organic flour tortillas
  5. Nutritional supplements
  6. Herbal tea blends
  7. Protein powder packs
  8. Bottled water or other natural drinks
  9. Prepared snacks and meals kits (e.g., macaroni & cheese)
  10. Hot sauce products

Home Decor

  • Pillows
  • Hangers
  • Jewelry
  • Comforters
  • Towels
  • Bath Towel Sets
  • Shelves and Closet Organizers
  • Shower Curtain Liners and Tumblers
  • Coffee Makers
  • Kitchen Utensils



If you're looking for quick cash, especially if you have furniture that's been sitting around for a while, Amazon is a good place to sell. When it comes to furniture, people are always looking for new options. What better way to capitalize on this than to promote your old furniture on Amazon?

One of the most popular products to sell on Amazon is mattresses. People love mattresses because they come in all shapes and sizes and are made from different materials. If you've got a mattress that needs a new home, make sure to submit it to this category.

With over 50 million products available on Amazon, there's no denying its popularity. So why not get in on the action by selling your old furniture?


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Regardless of the make, model or year, buying or selling a car on Amazon is a great way to make money. Cars are one of the largest products sold on Amazon and have an average price of $24,000.

In addition to cars, you can also sell items like motorcycles, boats, RVs, and more. The top-selling items on Amazon are beauty and personal care items. With over 500 million people using Amazon every month to buy these items, there's no better time than now to become an affiliate marketer and sell these products on your site!



Appliances are a good choice for sellers on Amazon. Whether you’re selling a vacuum cleaner, toaster, or air-conditioner, appliances can be an easy way to make some extra cash. Just make sure you take care of the warranty and shipping fees when selling these products.

Computer Accessories

Computer Accessories

Computers, printers, monitors, headsets, microphones and many other computer accessories are an excellent choice to sell on Amazon. We live in an online world and we all need computer accessories.

Craft Supplies

Craft supplies became very popular during the pandemic. More people are working from home and are homeschooling their kids. People have more time to do crafts.

Home Services

If you're looking to make some quick money on Amazon, selling home services is the way to go.

When it comes to choosing a product category to sell, home services are typically the best option. This is because you can sell almost anything related to your house here! You can sell cleaning services, window washing, and snow removal services just to name a few.

You'll also want to stock up on cleaning supplies that people might need when they're trying to clean their homes.

In addition, if you have expertise in something like carpentry or painting, you can easily create an Amazon storefront where people can purchase your services.

Audio Books

In the last few years, audiobooks have become a popular way to kill time. Instead of sitting in the cab on your way to work or driving around town listening to the radio, you can now listen to an audiobook on your commute. It’s a great option for those long commutes when there isn’t much else to do but listen. As a result, Audio Books are a lucrative item to sell on Amazon.

These days, there are tons of different types of audiobooks and genres that are popular. Here are some of the best-selling audiobooks on Amazon:

Books by J.K Rowling (Harry Potter series)

Know What Types Of Products To Sell On Amazon

When it comes to selling on Amazon, there are two primary types of products: physical products and digital goods. Both types offer different opportunities for you to make a profit. They also have different check-out processes that might be more beneficial for your business.

First, let's take a look at the most popular type of product sold on Amazon: physical goods. These include items such as clothing, electronics, furniture, home decor items, and kitchen appliances. These goods generally have an FBA-type program where they ship directly from the manufacturer to Amazon warehouses and customers can purchase them with no shipping fees or other additional costs.

The second type of product sold on Amazon is digital goods (also known as eBooks). This includes books, reports, courses, and even music. Digital goods have a more complicated process where they must be listed on the Amazon marketplace before being available for sale to consumers; they are then shipped directly from the vendor to the customer's home when purchased by them.


Amazon is the go-to website for most people when it comes to buying and selling products. Selling on Amazon is a great way to get your products into the hands of as many people as possible. Amazon is a huge marketplace where it is easy to sell products. There is a wide variety of products to sell, and Amazon has built a successful business around providing this platform for sellers.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the Best Products To Sell On Amazon. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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