Sendinblue Review

Sendinblue Review


Sendinblue Review


Sendinblue Review

Starting life as a digital agency, Sendinblue’s email marketing platform was developed in response to one of the biggest challenges faced by small-to-medium businesses: automating email marketing on a budget.

Everything, from its comprehensive feature set (which includes a CRM, marketing automation, transactional emails, SMS, landing pages and Facebook ads), to its extremely competitive pricing, shows that Sendinblue is serious about becoming a major player in this historically underserved market. It even has a very popular email plugin for WordPress.


What Is Sendinblue?

With a wide range of email templates and a dedicated customer service team, Sendinblue is designed to make life as a small-to-medium business email marketer as simple as possible. It supports Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, AOL and IMAP email accounts, along with custom integrations that allow you to build your own templates from scratch.

Sendinblue also has a team of over 2,300 talented, dedicated software engineers who put in a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure your business has a reliable and trustworthy email marketing system. Where can I learn more about Sendinblue? We'd recommend taking the time to check out the Sendinblue blog and read their excellent blog, which talks a lot about how the company's offerings can help you achieve higher conversion rates.

Based in Lithuania, Sendinblue is best known for its cloud-based email marketing platform, which includes everything you need to manage and nurture email campaigns, including one of the world’s most comprehensive SaaS marketing management platforms.

Best of all, Sendinblue doesn’t charge additional per-click fees when sending bulk emails to users, so you can send a lot of emails for less money. It's also easy to use, and, when integrated with Sendinblue's CRM system, you can automatically schedule recurring emails, send follow-up emails or do anything else that might require an email.

Getting started with Sendinblue isn't particularly difficult. After a quick sign-up, you’ll have access to the entire platform, all of its features and the ability to sign up and create your first account.

Sendinblue is a native email marketing platform built for small to medium businesses (SMBs), which will often have less than a hundred employees. Instead of relying on a host of third-party services, Sendinblue’s sole purpose is to help its clients run email campaigns.

Its list of features is impressive and includes some of the most widely used tools in the industry, including campaign building, sending, optimization, reporting and analytics. The core functionality is split into four broad categories: Email Builder, Campaign Builder, Campaign Tasks, and Post Messaging.

Important: This product is currently in beta, so expect a few bumps in the road. It has an Email Builder. Sendinblue offers a fantastic email builder that does more than most other email platforms.

How Does Sendinblue Work

How Does Sendinblue Work

Getting started with Sendinblue is easy; after the user fills in basic information about their company and their account, a few brief onboarding steps are required. This is typical of the platform’s UX, which is designed to be quick and simple. Its interface is clean and easy to use, with a modern design and an intuitive layout. It’s built on the popular WordPress CMS, so you can start building and customizing your email marketing plan without the need for a developer.

While the CMS and email platform itself are packed with features, Sendinblue offers a single dashboard for marketers to configure a variety of email-related actions and to receive email templates in real-time. A good chunk of what makes Sendinblue particularly effective is the company’s customer service, which is responsive and extremely knowledgeable. When in doubt, just message the Sendinblue support team to get answers to any questions you may have.

A feature I particularly like is the ability to send only single mail messages to a user group at a time. A small feature, perhaps, but one that’s very easy to forget when you are operating dozens of custom email campaigns per day. Sendinblue has made a number of acquisitions to bolster its arsenal of services and has been extending its services.

As with all email platforms, sending an email is just the beginning of the process. You need to decide what to send, build the list, orchestrate the automation and then get it in front of your audience as soon as possible. Sendinblue aims to make this entire process as easy as possible.

It has a great Dashboard. At its core, Sendinblue is built on a clean and intuitive user interface. When you first log in, it shows you what’s on your inbox, a list of your contacts, recent email sends and the details of the most recent campaign.

The main screen displays your inbox and lists every email sent via the platform. This isn’t just for your eyes – it’s also for your back-end email tracking and analytics system. Whenever you receive an email, the list will be updated automatically.


Pros Of Using Sendinblue

Pros Of Using Sendinblue

  • Deliver an excellent email marketing experience
  • Scheduled, personalized email campaigns
  • Functionality for social media management
  • Affordable pricing
  • Cons of using Sendinblue: No direct marketing capabilities
  • Other tools

Want to know more about email marketing tools that we consider great? Check out our comparison of the best email marketing platforms! Sendinblue is a powerhouse tool that offers every email marketing tool a small business could need.

A fully customizable tool that looks like a web analytics tool and is designed to power modern-day business communications, it can be used for A/B testing (simultaneous changes in a single email and a landing page) and A/B testing without coding skills.

After migrating from another popular email marketing platform, Sendinblue's features shine. It delivers a great blend of functionality and cost-effectiveness. The best part is that it's highly configurable, and the support team is very responsive.
Sending personalized emails is as easy as switching on the necessary fields in the back-end:
  • Creating a highly personalized email message is very easy using Sendinblue's autoresponder feature. Users can easily set custom emails and messages and send them to targeted recipients. Without having to register for an account, users can send bulk emails without wasting bandwidth or processing power on sending mass emails. All they need is a suitable email address. When we reviewed Sendinblue, its competitive pricing made us fall in love with this.
Several advantages of using Sendinblue include:
  • It is very affordable,
  • The free trial period,
  • Lots of integrations,
  • Excellent support.
Sendinblue can handle a variety of email types, including standard campaigns, where a campaign is triggered by a click, signup and purchase on an eCommerce site or an update to an existing account.
Additionally, Sendinblue offers more granular segmentation options than the competition, such as custom labels and customizable return-path parameters. This means you don’t have to manually set up specific triggers for each customer – you can create one group that applies to all contacts who have opted in to receiving marketing communications (presumably with the intention of later converting to a paying customer). Sendinblue offers a list of pre-built campaigns that, because they’re predefined, can be easily customized to suit your company’s needs.


Cons Of Using Sendinblue

As mentioned in the pros section, there are some cons associated with the service. One of the biggest has to be the small scope of its onboarding process.

I’ve seen many small businesses struggle to figure out how to use the platform in a way that makes sense for their business. For example, most small businesses simply don’t have the resources to hire in-house help to manage all the different integrations and deliverables available to them.

That’s a real problem because the more you add to the platform, the more expensive it gets to maintain. Another con to be aware of is Sendinblue’s reluctance to provide users with separate logins for each marketing channel. This can be both tedious and error-prone, which is why many smaller businesses that are serious about email marketing avoid it.

The cons of using Sendinblue are as follows: Sentinblue is only available for both Windows and Linux, so there's a small barrier to entry.

So how does Sendinblue compares to competitors? It's no secret that Sendinblue is the undisputed market leader in this space. But how does it stack up against competitors? To get a feel for its features, we compared the email marketing services offered by Sendinblue to MailChimp, Adaptive Insights and Blue Apron.

Each email marketing service listed provides tools for automated email marketing campaigns, particularly for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Their pricing models differ substantially, too, so it's worth comparing their features.

It’s extremely aggressive, and that can turn some customers off. For instance, it can take over five minutes for an email to reach recipients if you don’t tag a user.

Go-To Platforms: Sendinblue is available for both personal and business users, but if you’re only looking for personal users, MailChimp might be a better choice.

Hot Tools: It’s an A+ on Moz’s review site, earning the title of the No. 1 email marketing tool out of 7,000 sites tested.

Sendinblue’s drag-and-drop interface can be finicky at times. While its mobile app is an important component of your email marketing strategy, the responsive design in Sendinblue’s mobile app only supports email and not SMS, which means you will only be able to access it on your desktop or smartphone.

It is also unclear whether Sendinblue has a dedicated SMB marketing team that can help you mitigate any problems that may occur due to Sendinblue’s size.

Overall, Sendinblue makes an excellent choice for beginner-level companies. It’s one of the few email marketing solutions that still offers a full API and relatively low costs. Furthermore, Sendinblue provides an excellent foundation for basic transactional emails, giving it an edge over many competitors. Its support is excellent as well.


Sendinblue Pricing

Sendinblue Pricing

Sendinblue’s Standard Plan is $39.95 per month for 200 monthly subscribers. For $39.95 per month, businesses get email marketing, lead nurturing, cold email, landing pages, transactional emails, one-to-one email marketing, email trackers and unlimited email services. Of course, the base email marketing service comes with some limitations and limitations.

For instance, you’re limited to one account per business. But what you can get without going any higher is Sendinblue’s Referral Plan. With Referral Plan, you can get email marketing, lead nurturing, cold email, transactional emails, landing pages, one-to-one email marketing, email trackers, and up to 50,000 contacts.

Sendinblue offers a host of pricing options, ranging from free to a premium level that lets you build a team of 1-6,000 subscribers. For the very first plan, $50/month, all the features are included (even marketer credits), and there are no limits on the number of emails you can send every month. It's definitely better value than most of the other providers we reviewed.

For $75/month, you get enhanced features such as unlimited senders and templates, better reporting, email segmentation, and scalable multi-channel management (whatever that means). A no-obligation $200/month Extended plan comes with all that as well as performance analysis, real-time reporting and an all-in-one platform for up to 8,000 emails a month. Note that Sendinblue doesn't charge you any penalties or termination.

You can pick Sendinblue up for as little as $14.99 a month. On average, companies utilizing this service can expect to pay around $15 per thousand (MMC) of inbound mail sent. You get all this for half the price of HubSpot, MailChimp and other competitors. Sendinblue plans start at $16.99 a month, but our testing showed that it doesn’t cover all of the essentials (like email tracking). For this reason, the $20.99 price point is ideal.


Why Sendinblue Is Different

Why Sendinblue Is Different

For starters, Sendinblue has adopted a multi-channel approach to email marketing, which allows it to reach email users no matter which device they’re using to receive marketing messages. It’s not surprising, then, that its monthly users have a 50 percent to 70 percent conversion rate.

That’s significantly higher than most platforms’ rate of conversion. Also, Sendinblue has been around for nearly 10 years, and with that, has garnered a large collection of loyal users.

As such, it has put a lot of thought into its platform’s user experience, which is delivered on a mobile-first basis. Plus, the platform includes two simple integrations with PayPal and Google Express – two areas of importance for many marketers.

When you’re up against the likes of Campaign Monitor, Campaigner, and MailChimp, you need to do a few things differently if you’re going to stand out from the crowd. That’s precisely what Sendinblue has done – you get an email marketing platform with an incredible level of customization, which also has a whole host of other useful marketing features that can’t be found anywhere else.

For example, Sendinblue doesn’t only help you automate your email marketing campaigns and deliver real-time tracking. It’s also at the forefront of mobile marketing, integrates with other major social media platforms, and offers a fantastic dashboard that gives you all the tools you need to reach your customers. Even its relatively low fees are extremely competitive, especially considering how much you get from it.

Sendinblue’s software is not as intuitive or well-designed as some of the more contemporary tools. However, it is a solid option for small-to-medium businesses that want to scale up their email marketing without needing to spend more money, time and effort than they have to.

Sendinblue also has some strong features that take the process to the next level, including a customizable Facebook account for customer engagement. The software’s built-in surveys and chat can help you gauge interest, and the automated marketing activities make it easy to create great campaigns that produce real results.

With so many competitors out there, the key to success for Sendinblue is to carve out its niche and make sure that it continues to get the trust and business of loyal customers that it has earned.


Why Should You Use Sendinblue?

Why Should You Use Sendinblue?

Flexible pricing: Sendinblue offers three pricing plans, each with a different number of users. You can pay for one person to receive up to 10,000 emails per month (both per recipient and contact), $3,000 to receive up to 15,000 emails per month (per recipient and contact), or $20,000 to receive up to 50,000 emails per month (per recipient and contact).

Sendinblue offers three pricing plans, each with a different number of users. You can pay for one person to receive up to 10,000 emails per month (both per recipient and contact), $3,000 to receive up to 15,000 emails per month (per recipient and contact), or $20,000 to receive up to 50,000 emails per month (per recipient and contact).

Sendinblue’s highly customizable features will make your life much easier in terms of writing emails. To start with, you can create emails that are optimized for multiple recipients, meaning your message will be displayed on the email clients your prospects are already using – such as Outlook or Apple Mail. To help you with this, the platform includes a clean look-and-feel system that allows you to easily set up emails across different platforms.

Email templates, meanwhile, can be designed in no time at all. When your customers get to read your emails, your solution also integrates with the CRM, enabling you to understand the demographics of each customer (and provide each person with a tailored solution based on their profile).

It is Everything you need to build a successful email marketing campaign. It incorporates best practices to create a robust, scalable solution, optimizes for higher volume, provides an affordable solution, Promises 24/7 support, Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, Sends inbound links for easy integration, and Provides fully customizable email templates. You can avail all this for just $10 a month or $99 per year.

What makes Sendinblue different? Pay-As-You-Go. For those looking to quickly onboard with the rest of their marketing team, Sendinblue has a huge discount for that. For as little as $10/month, new users can get access to the entire feature set, and as little as $99/year they can integrate the entire Sendinblue suite into their own WordPress site.

Sendinblue Core Features

Sendinblue Core Features

Email marketing tool Sendinblue has a broad feature set, which includes a robust mailbox format, templates, endless templates, an integrated newsletter server, delivery engine, and other creative options. If you’re using an average web designer or developer, then Sendinblue isn’t the best platform for your project.

However, if you’re a web developer and you want to automate an entire marketing campaign for a small- to medium-sized business, Sendinblue is an excellent choice. Because it runs in the cloud, Sendinblue has a lot of services integrated into one. From support to team collaboration tools, it takes care of all of the little touches that are needed to run an email marketing program for a small business.

Sendinblue core features include:

  • An intuitive and versatile mobile-first user interface,
  • Built-in tracking of event-based triggers to ensure the 100% valid delivery of the sent emails,
  • Great integrations with Facebook Ads Manager, Mailchimp and Constant Contact,
  • Batch-and-flow workflow for the automation of transactional emails,
  • Partnership with Zapier to make integrations easier and smarter,
  • Easy customization using drag-and-drop,
  • An easy-to-use mobile interface,
  • Offers real-time feedback on email hits with auto-reply options,
  • An option to send an SMS or SMS-based email,
  • Integrated Facebook Ads Manager, MailChimp and Constant Contact,
  • Generate valid HTML code in the email with an unlimited number of images,
  • Ad-free with no ads visible in the UI or on the landing page, and
  • A free 14-day trial.


Sendinblue Email Marketing

Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to upgrade your existing marketing arsenal, the Sendinblue platform is the perfect platform for your business. There’s a lot to take in here, so we’ll keep this post as short as possible. There are three main sections:

  • Sendinblue Home (above) enables you to create a fully functional sales funnel, email autoresponder sequences, landing pages and other basic functions.
  • If you’re ready to step up your game, you can enable more advanced features like email targeting,
  • lead scoring and email conversations. And you’re ready to do it.

Sendinblue Review

CRM Every customer is unique. Every customer wants something different.

The Sendinblue email marketing platform is one of the cheapest and most feature-rich solutions available.

It’s well-thought-out, regularly enhanced and flexible enough to meet any budget. Instead of doing one-off emails, you can automate the entire process and send multiple emails a day to your list. You can also create landing pages to convert visitors into customers.

With Sendinblue, you can quickly and easily send promotional emails for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and many other services. If you have a Twitter account, then you can use it as a platform to retarget people and create cross-platform campaigns. The platform can manage multiple websites and automatically collect and sort all of your email addresses and customer data into a unified form.


There are several templates available with Sendinblue’s platform. Check out the HTML8 template. This will give you a good sense of how Sendinblue works and helps you to choose a template for your small business. Sendinblue Email Service Checklist includes Signup with a valid email address, Complete a setup questionnaire, submit new contacts and create a sales and marketing calendar,

Set up email templates and campaigns, Create campaigns and send messages, Create events and send invitations, Create tasks and send reminders, Create form fields and add events, Create A/B tests and send reports, Send reports and performance reports, and Send surveys and send SMS messages.

I trust you enjoyed this article about this SendinBlue Review. Would you mind staying tuned for more articles to come? Take care!





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