How To Get More Visitors To Your Blog

How To Get More Visitors To Your Blog

How To Get More Visitors To Your Blog

How To Get More Visitors To Your Blog

How often have you checked your blog's traffic statistics and wondered when all of a sudden, people will start flocking to your site? Your content is excellent, and you have something to say; however, despite your best efforts, website visitors are not increasing.

But I'm here to tell you that this doesn't have to be the case and that you can get significantly more visitors to your blog.


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If you implement even a few of these strategies, you could see a 425% increase in traffic (it has been done).

Your ultimate objective should be to attract qualified visitors, and the methods outlined here will help you do just that.

It's one thing to want more traffic, but there has to be a reason, and knowing what you want readers to do once they get there is a big part of that.

Once you know what you want readers to do on your blog, you can make adjustments to increase the likelihood that they will take that action.

Picking A Subject Area (Niche)

You can have excellent writing but still have trouble attracting readers if you focus on a topic with little to no interest.

The question then becomes where one might find inspiration for article ideas.

While it's true that reading other blogs and forums can be a great place to start, there are also many useful tools available.

Successfully competing for attention online requires carefully considering your target audience and the topic at hand.

Choose An Appropriate Form Of Content

Some forms of content may be more popular than others.

According to research conducted by BuzzSumo and published on Noah Kagan's blog, infographics and list posts are the most popular forms of online content to share.

Most of the content that has been shared the most on my blog is a list, and it is also the content that has brought me the newest readers through links in other articles.

Market Your Blog

Market Your Blog

After settling on a topic and a content format, you should now consider how to make your work more noticeable.

In all likelihood, there are already numerous blog entries elsewhere that cover very similar ground.

You need to determine what it is about your material that makes it unique.

That could mean taking a novel approach, going into greater depth, providing more detail, making the interface more user-friendly, or simply providing more data.

Many articles have been written about what makes a great headline, but there are two main points to keep in mind:

  • A promise made in the headline must be kept.
  • Regardless of style, your headline must raise a question.
  • While there are tools to assist with headline creation, ultimately, your best bet is to rely on something that can't be automated: your creativity.

Prioritizing which blog posts you update is a good idea; to do this, you could do any of the following:

  • Examine your data to find articles that aren't generating as much interest in search engines as they once did.
  • You can find keywords on page two for which you're currently ranking well but could use an improvement by checking your Google Webmaster Tools account.
  • Don't just fix the facts; think about how you can make the post easier to use without sacrificing any of its usefulness.

When the article is complete, you can publish it as a new post using the same URL or a different one (and add a 301 redirect from the old URL to the new one).

Keep in mind that if your post is already getting traffic from Google, changing the URL will result in the loss of most social share counts (e.g. the number of tweets will no longer be visible).

Make Your Content More Visual

The graphic was made using a free program called Canva in under 5 minutes.

Use mentions to let influencers know they've been mentioned in your posts.

You may be starting from scratch when you launch your blog, but there are likely to be influential people in your niche who you can learn from.


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Just What Is It That You Ought To Do Now?

  • You can let influencers know you've mentioned them in your next blog post by linking to their posts that you think to add to the conversation and are a good fit.
  • A word of caution, though: don't drop the names of influencers in your post just because you can. Do so only if doing so will genuinely benefit your readers.
  • Generally, information that makes its sharer look good is widely disseminated. Consequently, if you say something nice about them in a post, they are more likely to show it to their followers. This is not the case always, but it happens occasionally.
  • You can use whatever method you like, but Twitter and email have worked well for me in the past.
  • Instead of constantly asking people to share your content, just let them know you mentioned them.

Discuss Your Topic With A Popular Blogger

Discuss Your Topic With A Popular Blogger

As a reader, you can gain new insight and be inspired by the thoughts and experiences of the interviewee.

These interviews can be set up in a variety of ways. You can conduct the interviews either in writing or as a podcast. John Lee Dumas, who talks to successful businesspeople and shares their stories, is a great example.

It's a great way to get the ball rolling on relationship building, and the influencer will likely spread the word about the interview among their audience.

Keep An Eye On Current Events And Create Story Ideas

  • Writing about what's trending at the moment is a great way to boost readership.
  • The secret is to keep an eye out for emerging tendencies and report them before anyone else.
  • There are a few approaches, but one that I see a lot of people taking is following major publications, waiting for them to cause a stir, and then publishing a post in response.

Use Your Existing Content For A New Purpose

  • Finding new readers is easy when you repurpose your content.
  • The truth is that there is no single ideal method of instruction. However, others may learn better from visual or auditory media.
  • Infographics and SlideShare presentations are other options to think about.
  • The group interview example post is a fantastic illustration of this principle in action.

Revamp Your Web Page

Revamp Your Web Page

  • Simplify the layout of your website.
  • People are more likely to return to a website with an appealing design.
  • When things go well, other blogs and websites may point to you as an inspiration.
  • The good news is that you can have a professional-looking blog without coding or design skills.
  • WordPress users can count themselves fortunate because of the abundance of beautiful themes available for their sites.
  • You could use a free theme, and there are some good ones out there, but the premium ones are typically the best.
  • Check out this post if you're looking for a fantastic theme to use on your WordPress blog.

Get Rid Of The Clutter From Your Blog

Maintaining your current audience is crucial to your blog's success, so before you start putting in the effort to attract new readers, ask yourself: do I need all of these features?

You must ensure that every element of your blog works to further your objectives.

Do you, for instance, have any badges for blog directories that aren't bringing you any traffic? Or perhaps you're displaying ineffective cost-per-click (CPC) advertisements.

Make Your Blog Faster To Load

  • Time spent loading is crucial.
  • Studies have shown that a significant drop in conversion rates occurs when pages take too long to load.
  • While it's true that Google and other search engines use page load speed as a ranking factor, this is only a small part of their overall algorithm and is unlikely to result in a major increase in traffic.
  • Websites that load quickly attract and retain more visitors, which is where their true value lies. In what way? Your readers will be more likely to buy from you and visit your website again.


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Add Buttons To Share Your Blog On Social Media

  • To increase your blog's exposure, make it simple for readers to share your posts.
  • However, there is a risk that adding too many sharing buttons will have the opposite effect.
  • Finding out which social media platforms are most relevant to your target demographic is essential.
  • Including a LinkedIn share button could be useful if your content is aimed at local businesses.
  • How do you embed social media sharing buttons into your blog?
  • If you're using, you can choose from a wide variety of plugins to create beautifully designed share buttons that stand out from the crowd, even though most blogging platforms will include their own in-built options.

Use Marketing Via Email

Use Marketing Via Email

The key is to concentrate on growing your email list.

The other methods discussed here are all good, but this one is the most reliable.

No matter what happens to social media, your email list will always be yours.

The key factors in expanding your email list are:

  • Get your readers on your mailing list by making it simple for them to do so.
  • Provide them with an enticing incentive to sign up for your list.
  • The truth is that there are a ton of different approaches you can take to accomplish this, so it's in your best interest to read this post to learn more (you probably won't need to read another post about list building after doing so).

If you can amass a sizable mailing list, you can use that to drive a lot of attention to your most recent articles.

Just One Focused Email, Please

A common practice among internet users is to inform their contacts via email of their most recent work, usually by linking to a few articles.

It's effective and will bring you visitors, but you might find a more efficient strategy.

For instance, I always have a specific objective when I write an email.

I won't make my subscribers jump through hoops to check out my latest entry. Yes, usually!

Recently, I decided to test out what would happen if I emailed my subscribers and asked them to read 3 or more of my posts.

What Results Did You Get?

What Results Did You Get?

The number of clicks decreased by nearly half.

I can't promise that this will work the same for you, and there may be times when you need to send links to several different blog entries in one email if you send out too many emails to your subscribers, as can happen if you publish a lot of content.

Include A Link To Your Blog In Your Email Signature

You can get more people to visit your blog if you include a link to it in your regular email correspondence.

In addition, you can take it to the next level by pointing to your most recent blog post, which is simple to do with programs like Wisestamp.

Affirmative (With Your Signature)

Take advantage of other blogs and websites.

In other words, you should stay away from any link-building strategies that could be harmful.

I know what you're thinking: How can this possibly help people find my blog?

The plain truth is that anyone who uses questionable link-building tactics will get less traffic from Google than someone who doesn't.

Before attempting any link building, it's helpful to ask yourself, “Would I still want this link if Google didn't exist?”

Maintain A Presence In Online Social Communities

Gaining traction on social media can be an excellent strategy for expanding your audience, but it requires active participation.

Your online influence and fan base will expand proportionally to the time you spend communicating with other people.

Use LinkedIn As A Direct Publishing Platform

Due to LinkedIn's recent rollout of its publisher platform, Pulse, it is now possible to post blogs directly to the social networking site.

It's possible that articles picked up and featured on the Pulse will generate a lot of readers. This is something to consider if your content was created with businesses in mind.

Contribute A Guest Blog Post To A Different Blog

Contribute A Guest Blog Post To A Different Blog

One of the best ways to get more people to visit your blog.

Let me be clear: the time and effort put into this strategy will not pay off in a huge influx of visitors.

The importance of building an online presence, rather than just traffic, is why guest blogging is a viable strategy in this case.

One of the main advantages is the opportunity to increase your profile and credibility. In the long run, this will be beneficial.

You may need to begin at smaller blogs before moving on to larger publications; however, if you stick with it, you will see your blog's readership increase rapidly.

How Do You Decide Which Blogs To Post To?

Many people use Domain Authority (DA) and other SEO metrics, but in reality, there is only one thing you should be looking for.

You can use Google to find “top lists” of blogs in various niches, but using the people you already know is smarter. Instead of cold emailing random blogs, reach out to those who already cover your niche and have a rapport with you.

How do I approach other bloggers with my pitch?

Get to know the blogger and their blog by connecting with them first (via social media, comments, or email).

To increase your chances of getting your pitch accepted, focus on the value you can bring to the reader in your initial pitch.

For further information on blogger outreach, please read this post (it includes a really effective process that works well).

Improve your blog's visibility by learning how to utilize guest posts effectively.

There is one thing I would change about my early experiences as a guest blogger.

And one way to do that is to add their names to an email list.

So How Do You Go About Compiling An Email List?

So How Do You Go About Compiling An Email List?

  • Create a lead magnet in the form of a free download.
  • Put it on a landing page and sell it.
  • In your author bio, provide a link to the landing page.

Commenting On Other Blogs

Participate in the blogosphere by leaving helpful comments on the blogs of others

There is a right way and a wrong way to go about this strategy for increasing your profile within your specific field.

Commenting on blogs to get a link back to your site or opening with “hey you should totally check out this tool/site [insert link], you should add it to your post” will do more harm than good.

While it's true that comments won't bring in much direct traffic, that isn't the point.


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Make an effort to add value to the blogger's post and connect with them through your comments. Although the benefits will be more subtle and gradual, your relationships will eventually lead to new opportunities.

Profit From Advertising

  • Despite popular belief, not all methods of attracting new visitors are equal in terms of cost.
  • What you're paying with is your time rather than cash. To add insult to injury, your time is priceless.
  • The good news is that you can easily acquire high-quality traffic without breaking the bank by using specific platforms.
  • My experience with Outbrain has been positive, and I use it occasionally to get my work featured below articles in reputable media outlets.

Other Strategies For Boosting Visitor Counts

Other Strategies For Boosting Visitor Counts

  • Find a need, and fill it with a free resource that everyone can use.
  • This is a tricky strategy, but it has the potential to pay off in a big way.

Input Source For Potential Content

  • It's hard for me to estimate how many people use this tool, but the fact that it has received links from 1,100+ referring domains and 1,000+ social shares suggests that it could be quite popular.
  • Because it's free and addresses a genuine issue, this has proven to be effective.

Explore Current Successes And Expand On Them

  • It's simple to overlook one of the most efficient strategies because there are so many to choose from.
  • The next time you want to know which channels or websites are sending you the most traffic, open your analytics tool and take a look.
  • If you're using Google Analytics, you should start by checking to see which referral sources are producing the most clicks.

Assist A Reporter

  • All over the world, journalists are searching for credible experts to quote in their articles.
  • Simply create an account for free to start receiving opportunity emails. Look for a publication that would be interested in your work, and contact them.
  • Your pitches should be short and to the point, so emphasize your strengths.
  • Every single response only took me about 10 minutes to write, which isn't too shabby, considering I was able to land features on HuffPost, CIO, and other outlets.
  • Simply asking your network to share a post can frequently yield significant results.
  • But be careful about overusing this; other bloggers' inboxes are probably already stuffed with requests for favours.
  • Avoid overusing it, and think carefully about where in your pitch you put it.
  • This strategy will work best if you've already helped or offered to help your contacts. As an email closes, you could say something like, “Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you; I'd love to return the favour!” ”
  • Goodwill must be earned and can be depleted quickly if people are constantly asked for assistance.
  • It's time to develop a plan to increase traffic to your website.
  • You now have a wide variety of options for increasing blog traffic; however, it is crucial that you select the most suitable strategies for your blog that will bring in the most targeted readers.
  • Make sure you have an analytics tool in place if you haven't done so already. Get a third-party tool like Google Analytics set up instead of relying on the stats provided by your web host.
  • You could employ several strategies, but I find that zeroing in on one is most effective.

Conclusion To How To Get More Visitors To Your Blog


Thank you for reading this post.

I trust you enjoyed this article on How To Get More Visitors To Your Blog. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come?

Take care!




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