Top Link Building Strategies For 2022

Top Link Building Strategies For 2022

Top Link Building Strategies For 2022

Top Link Building Strategies For 2022

What Is The Purpose Of Link Building?

The activity of obtaining hyperlinks (backlinks) from other relevant and authoritative websites to your own is known as link building. The objective is to convince Google that your website is a reliable source of information and that your web pages appear high in search results for relevant keywords.

Why Is It So Important To Build Links?

You've undoubtedly heard that backlinks are beneficial to SEO. They are one of Google's ranking variables for determining the authority and trustworthiness of your web pages. When authoritative websites connect to your resource, Google understands that your page contains useful information and that your website is reliable.


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Backlinks may be compared to votes. The higher your website ranks on Google, the more high-quality links it will get, resulting in more organic visitors. However, Google prioritizes link quality (not just link quantity).

What Types Of Links Should You Create To Boost Your SEO?

Before we get into the link-building tactics you should use in 2022, it's critical to understand the kind of links you should create for your website.

The Referring Domain and Page's Authority

Search rankings are influenced more by links from high-authority websites than by connections from low-authority pages. Is the page that links to your website authoritative? If so, it will give your web page more authority (PageRank) and help you enhance your search ranks.

Tools like Ahrefs and Semrush make it simple to verify the page authority of any URL. Similarly, the referring source's total domain authority has an influence on the link's quality. Getting a backlink from Forbes, for example, is more valuable than getting a link from Quora or a no-name site.

When you wish to examine a domain's domain authority (DA) or domain rating (DR), both Semrush and Ahrefs come in helpful. The Backlink Analytics dashboard from Semrush displays the domain authority score distribution of your referring domains.

The Referring Website's Relevance

Another element to consider when it comes to link quality is relevancy. Would it make sense to gain a link from a high authority website in the digital marketing domain if you operate a website regarding car wash services? Not at all. Obtaining a link from authority websites that are closely relevant to your website and specialty is the key to developing meaningful connections.

Link Positioning

A backlink's location or position on the page has an influence on its quality as well. Is a piece of material including your link? Is it in the bottom, sidebar, author bio, or data sources, or is it hidden someplace else? Contextual links incorporated in the body of a page's content are more useful than links in footers and sidebars. As a result, you should strive to get in-context connections from the main body of a website or blog post.

Text For Anchors

The word or phrase that your link is put above is known as anchor text. Anchor text is used by Google to figure out what the linked website is about. This implies that the anchor text on your website should be related to the content. Using an exact match or keyword-rich anchor text, on the other hand, is regarded as spammy. The words and phrases surrounding your link, like the anchor text, should be related to the content of your website.

Links With Nofollow vs. Dofollow

A “nofollow” property (rel=”nofollow”) may be added to your link, telling Google not to transfer any PageRank or link juice to the connected website. It's the equivalent of requesting Google not to correlate the two websites in terms of ranking. Dofollow links are obviously more valuable than no-follow links since they confer authority (PageRank) and reliability to your website.

Other Often Used Link Properties Are:

Other Often Used Link Properties Are:

Rel=”sponsored” denotes that the link was purchased and should not convey link juice or PageRank.

Rel=”UGC”: This indicates that the link is from user-generated content (UGC), such as comments and forums, and that the destination website may have modified it.

2022's Most Effective Link Building Strategies

1. Produce Shareable Content

It's no secret that exceptional, shareable content is essential for obtaining high-quality backlinks. You must develop something “link-worthy” if you want bloggers, publications, and other companies to link back to your website. Although it may seem like something you've heard a million times online, few people will teach you how to accomplish it and what kind of material to publish.


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Curate Industry Information

People and brands often connect to industry-relevant data, trends, and projections in research papers, survey reports, and listicles. Many companies, marketers, and publishers, including myself, often reference their results in blog articles, social media postings, and other forms of content.

The website usually receives a hyperlink to its resource page as well. Curating industry facts and statistics is one of the simplest strategies to acquire backlinks without putting in any extra work. Conducting a survey and curating the report, on the other hand, may take some time.

Produce Infographics And Other Visual Materials

How often have you used a chart, diagram, or infographic to help you grasp a complicated process? Because visuals make it simpler to assimilate complex information, they are very easy to connect to. When you develop a great infographic, chart, or other visual product to deliver helpful information, your chances of gaining more links grow.

Many of these connections are likely to originate from high-authority websites in your industry, which can help you improve your search ranks. The greatest thing is that the majority of the links will come from individuals who have directly put your infographic on their websites and linked back to you as the source.

You won't even need to contact them. Simply perform research on a subject relevant to your specialty, create an infographic, and post it on your own website. Also, provide an embed code that other websites and media may use to effortlessly share your infographic. Of course, you may advertise your infographic further and utilize it to generate connections to your website.

Create Practical Tools For Your Industry

Tools, in addition to data, case studies, and graphic materials, naturally draw connections from hundreds of sites. If you create a helpful product for your sector, brands and industry experts are likely to utilize it and speak about it. This indicates that you will get more backlinks.

You may quickly earn lots of traffic and backlinks without writing guest articles, developing infographics, or conducting link-building outreach by providing something worthwhile for free. Another excellent technique for attracting connections from industry experts and other professionals is to launch a free utility or a product with a few free features.

Make Comprehensive Guides

According to the above-mentioned Semrush Content Marketing research, publications with over 7000 words generate 4x more traffic and 1.5x more shares (links) than articles of ordinary length (900-1200 words). 1.5x shares are also received by “how-to” articles and in-depth tips, such as this one (links). This is because long-form content articles provide readers with a wealth of information in one location, making them the go-to reference for that subject.

Make Use Of Guest Blogging

2. Make Use Of Guest Blogging

Guest posting is one of the most often used link-building techniques. However, the best way to approach guest blogging has changed. You must be smart and sincere in your approach if you want to receive SEO benefits from guest posting. You can no longer aspire to increase your search engine results by writing a mediocre article for an irrelevant website.

You're not going to go anywhere like that. If you want to get high-quality backlinks, improved organic search and referral traffic, and more qualified prospects, you should: – Choose your guest blogging websites carefully. Make sure they're niche-relevant and have a high domain authority (DA).

  • Choose themes that are relevant to the website's readership, have not been addressed on the website before, and are linked to your expertise.
  • Make a one-of-a-kind piece of content that can assist individuals in doing something better. Share your own experiences as well as tried-and-true approaches.
  • Include a link to a resource that adds to the topic's value. Focus on content rather than link development. Concentrate on providing value.


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3. Submit To Directories

Your link-building approach should also include online directories. For white hat link building, however, only employ relevant and focused web directory submissions. Businesses have always been listed in yellow pages (printed business directories). When you need a product or service, you now most likely use search engines to locate a local company. To earn backlinks, boost search visibility and reach, and improve ranks, you should include your company in high-authority directories.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind while registering your company in web directories:

  • Select directories that are related to your specialty and target demographic.
  • Think about submitting your company to directories with a high domain authority (DA).
  • Make a descriptive listing using the directory submission system's capabilities. Some directories just need NAP (name, address, phone number) information, while others include images, customer reviews, and ratings.
  • Maintain consistency in the information you offer to various directories about your company. At the very least, the NAP information should be consistent throughout the internet.

4. Send Link-Building Emails To Bloggers And Publishers

If you want to create white hat links from prominent publications in your industry, you'll need to apply link-building email outreach strategies. To do so, start by looking for chances to establish links and identifying individuals or media who are likely to connect to you. The simplest approach to do so is to use Google to search for your chosen term.

5. Leave Relevant Blog Comments

Starting to comment on other blog entries on related websites is another powerful link-building method. You'll need to incorporate a hyperlink in your remark with care. The remark should not seem forced. While you're doing it to create links, your main goal should be to establish a positive connection with the post's author by leaving a thoughtful remark.

You can: – Thank the author and brighten their day.

  • Provide valuable insight into the issue and provide a resource that will enhance the post's worth.
  • Start a debate by asking a question or expressing your view on a subject raised in the author's piece.

Blog commenting, in addition to link building, is an excellent method to establish and maintain connections with other bloggers, writers, and publishers.


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6. Include Your Links On Resource Pages

One of my personal favourites is the following technique on our list of link-building tactics for 2022. You should look for and contact resource sites to see whether your postings would be a good fit for them. Resource pages are sites that provide links to great material on a certain subject.

Their goal is to become the most authoritative source of knowledge on a certain subject. Because it contains multiple useful links and is optimized for different relevant keywords, a resource page is also known as a “pillar page.” You should initially concentrate on discovering suitable resource sites before adding your link to one. Examine each resource page individually to see whether obtaining a backlink from them is worthwhile.

It's simple to determine if a website or resource page is a suitable match for your articles. However, relevancy should not be your only consideration. You should also consider the resource page's page authority and the website's reputation. If everything fulfills your link-building requirements, you may contact the resource page editors and ask for your content to be included on their page. You may also submit an article that is a suitable match for their resource page to several resource sites. Make sure your link improves its resource page before approaching resource sites for link adding.

Recover Broken And Lost Links

7. Recover Broken And Lost Links

Links break or disappear over time for a number of causes. It's possible that the author accidentally removes a link when amending a post, or that the website to which the link was directed has been removed. One of the most common link-building tactics is broken link construction. Why is that? Instead of asking for links, you're really assisting someone in repairing broken links on their website.

You must locate relevant industry sites that may connect to your resources. Check for any broken outbound links and contact them to urge that they replace them with a link to a related resource on your website. Monitoring your competitor's backlink profile and looking for broken links is a simple approach to achieving this.

Then request that the editors of the site replace them with links to your resources. The only broken link-building plan you have is to take advantage of your rivals' broken links. You should also concentrate on recovering your own damaged and missing connections. If you don't, your rivals will use them against you.

8. Convert Brand Mentions Without Links Into Backlinks

Someone may or may not connect to you when they mention your brand in a post. However, you may gently urge them to convert your unlinked brand mentions into backlinks. The difficulty now is how to locate these unrelated brand references. Track who is talking about your brand with Google Alerts, BuzzSumo, Brand24, and other social listening tools. Also, take advantage of those brand mentions to establish new linkages and partnerships.

9. Participate In Podcast Interviews

Writing guest articles is a typical way to get connections, but developing original material takes a lot of time and work. On the other side, you may just make a subject outline, chat to a podcast host about it, and voila! They'll also provide you with a backlink. Podcasting is really popular these days since you can listen to them while on the move and learn new things. There's also a podcast for practically any subject you could think of.

10. Attend Expert Roundtables

Have you seen long-form articles such as “101 Experts Share Their Top Link Building Techniques”? An expert roundup is a kind of article in which the publisher simply curates perspectives on a certain issue from multiple industry experts. The greatest aspect is that each of these entries includes a link to the website of the expert who contributed to the discussion. This creates a win-win scenario for both the experts and the curator of the roundup.

11. Reclaim Links Via Reverse Image Searches

Many sites may be utilizing your picture or infographic if you've generated infographics or other shareable visual assets connected to your industry. Have they given you a link, though? They may have or could not have. You may use Google Images to do a reverse image search to find URLs that use your picture or graphic. If they haven't given you credit, send them an email and request that they include a link to your original material. Most publishers would gladly do it with little effort.

12. Make Use Of Q&A Platforms

You may also develop links to your website by using Q&A sites like Quora and Reddit. They may also aid in the diversification of your link profile. Engage with relevant community members and questions, and make sure your responses are valuable. Remember that the key to developing high-quality links is to offer relevant material that answers the user's inquiry, not just any link. To get a relevant backlink, you may and should add a link to a relevant resource on your website in your response.

13. Participate In Social Media

In 2022, social media networks might be an excellent complement to your link-building plan. You can increase engagement and get your material seen by more individuals who can share it with their target audience by being active on social media. This may assist you to enhance your link profile and increasing your overall exposure.

I trust you enjoyed this article on the Top Link Building Strategies For 2022. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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