Top Affiliate Companies In Canada


Top Affiliate Companies In Canada


Top Affiliate Companies In Canada

An Affiliate network is an intermediary and resource/technology that enables Advertisers and Publishers (affiliates) to work together far more effectively. The Affiliate Network provides tracking mechanisms on banners and links so Advertisers can track if and how affiliates are driving traffic.

Affiliate Networks also provide payment mechanisms, a sort of escrow service, where advertisers make payments to the network and the network, in turn, pays affiliates. Some Affiliate Networks also provide a directory of potential affiliates to work with. This way, advertising can reach out and recruit for their affiliate program.

Several lists and awards are naming the top affiliate networks, but these are either for the USA, Europe, or worldwide. There has never been any focus on listing them specifically for Canada. The time has finally come where the size and growth in Affiliate Marketing in Canada dictates more attention.


What Are Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are different from the major search networks instead of paying a search engine to show your ads. You pay an affiliate to show your ads. They can be known as direct response networks or referral networks. In this case, the term Affiliate is used in a more general sense to refer to any transaction in which an independent company directly connects customers to a service or product (usually a unique, branded offering) in return for a commission.

Affiliate networks are also known as “Direct Response Networks” or DRNs. According to Canadian Visitors to Google, some of the top affiliates in Canada: Ladylogue is a small network and Vancouver's premier blog network. It is home to many of Canada's best-known blogs. There are over 500 blogs in Ladylogue.

Growth hackers and marketers often point out the value of an affiliate network when speaking to the SEO community. Affiliate networks allow you to double your revenue without even moving a single webpage. Basically, you put a banner on your site, you add a little bit of affiliate code, and your website will begin to earn affiliate commissions.

The revenue is automatically tracked, and, at the end of the day, you have exactly how many affiliates you had earned money. If your affiliate traffic increases, you keep getting paid. There’s no way to cheat on your affiliate agreements. You earn a cut of the profits, but there are no strings attached, no “rush” of payments to make you “happy” because it’s already happening.


What Is An Affiliate Company?


What Is An Affiliate Company?

An Affiliate company is a company that employs an individual who, through direct or indirect means, advertises and/or sells products/services. Affiliates are organizations or individuals who run advertisements on websites to generate revenue for themselves. The affiliate websites are typically published on an advertising network (ad servers) that sits on the internet's domain (.com, .net, etc.).

When a visitor looks at the ad, a tracking mechanism tracks their IP address and compares it to the IP address of the landing page (URL) that contains the affiliate advertisement. If the IP address is in the same range as the landing page (or greater), an affiliate receives a credit from the advertiser. Affiliates often also offer free products or discounts in exchange for the visitor clicking on their advertisement.

The Affiliate Company in Canada is the parent company for any Canadian Affiliate. The parent company runs the business while the affiliate partners operate the sites related to their affiliate network. The terms Affiliate Network and Affiliate Company are often used interchangeably.

Under Canadian law, for sites that do not have live, interactive elements or make clear that the affiliate is not driving traffic to the website, such sites are classified as the affiliated sites. However, other sites with basic interactive elements, such as shopping carts, will be classified as advertising sites and not affiliated sites.

How Can I Join an Affiliate Network? To join an affiliate network, you must register with the affiliate network, which is done using their website.


What Do Affiliate Marketing Companies Do?


What Do Affiliate Marketing Companies Do?

Essentially, you sell and buy in your own Adwords account – the client has the ability to limit the amount of traffic the affiliate has access to based on their own business and the affiliate’s traffic requirements. Affiliate Marketing also enables a platform to share a third-party entity for executing campaigns, such as a CTR system, which works by putting an ad on a website, displaying the ad, and receiving a click through to a target site. However, affiliate marketing is more than just advertising. It is a network of people, third-party, technologies and processes to enable Advertisers and Publishers to do business together for mutual benefit.

They connect the Advertiser with the Affiliate. When an Affiliate knows how many clicks their banner got last month or how much traffic their site got, that’s what they report back to the Advertiser. That way, when the Advertiser has paid the Affiliate, the Affiliate knows exactly what they received for their efforts.

How do Advertisers and Publishers work together? The Advertiser chooses the Affiliate Partner. They determine what the Affiliate will do. And then, they see that conversion.

How do the Fees Work? When an Affiliate Partner receives payment from the Advertiser, they automatically pay their affiliates. That’s how the affiliate network works, and that’s how it should work. Don’t let the fees scare you – they’re not detrimental or as bad as they seem.


What Are The Best Affiliate Networks To Work With?


What Are The Best Affiliate Networks To Work With?

So, what are some of the best affiliate networks to work with? – This Canadian affiliate network is a large and vibrant one with thousands of advertisers and affiliates. also provides a “registrar” service where affiliate programs can register as either a “business” or an “affiliate program” without any further setup or fees.

Affiliate Earnings – Affiliate Earnings offers an integrated advertisement inventory and payment platform with detailed affiliate reporting. All of this allows a third-party traffic management system to better target advertising to the right audience. This is particularly useful for smaller affiliates that may not be able to manage their own traffic.

As you can imagine, there are many affiliate networks available. Each network has its own perks and pitfalls, but there are a few good reasons to choose an Affiliate Network. For example, some networks have eCommerce functionality that allows affiliates to make money through click-throughs and unique visitors.

Another benefit of using an affiliate network is that many of them offer rewards programs which can sometimes make affiliate advertising more lucrative. In fact, some have reporting and analytics tools that make tracking your traffic more intuitive and easier than ever before. And lastly, some networks make it easier to distribute affiliates’ offers. Affiliates sign up with affiliate networks by creating an account or completing a demo and obtaining an approved Affiliate.


Benefits Of Working With Affiliate Companies

Ease of integration into current marketing solutions Network of Affiliates allows a better match between Brand and Customer, allowing for a higher click rate on the advertisement.

Affiliate Companies offer more control over traffic to your site. More Traffic Equals More Advertiseability. According to data provided by Velocity Media, each $1 spent by an advertiser on the affiliate network generates $35 in quality traffic back to the advertiser's site. Affiliates can create their own channels on ad networks, using their own payment processing and channels. Affiliates can create a transparent marketplace for advertising. It is much easier to track traffic and view your ROI as affiliates own the affiliate marketing systems, and they work for you.

The benefit of Working with Ad Network Companies is that virtually all Advertising Agencies offer a syndication option for affiliates. Affiliates can create their own ad networks with their own tracking systems, channel payment.


What Are The Best Affiliate Networks In Canada?


What Are The Best Affiliate Networks In Canada?

Here are the top affiliate networks in Canada. Cartoon Allie – Affiliates can build their own website, rent hosting space and select software. Allie lets you affiliate with their network, so you only work with the customers interested in your product and search keywords relevant to your product.

Affiliates can create and maintain their own brand, and once they have the traffic they’ve been hired to drive through affiliate links, they earn a percentage of the affiliate revenue. As a whole, they have a rigorous affiliate program, they have certain content on their website, they do not allow affiliates to have multiple websites, and there’s also an audit and review process that all affiliates must undergo before they are even accepted.

Here are the best affiliate networks in Canada, according to MPA Canada:

AdRoll Networks. Claim your percentage in everything you do in Search, Social, Display, Email, SEO, Display, Video, Newsletters, Infographic Sharing, Content Sharing, Live Streaming, Mobile App Advertising, Referral Marketing and Promotional Marketing.

Affiliate Solutions. Claim your percentage of everything you do in Search, Social, Display, Email, SEO, Display, Video, Newsletters, Infographic Sharing, Content Sharing, Live Streaming, Mobile App Advertising, Referral Marketing and Promotional Marketing.

The best affiliate networks in Canada are found by answering three key questions: Who is the Affiliate Network? Are the Affiliates working as effectively as they could be? And are they paid adequately?

The first question is easy to answer: most Affiliates do not work as effectively as possible. In fact, when you start looking at some of the best affiliates in Canada, it’s clear that some networks are completely broken, and the performance of Affiliates on other networks varies greatly. So it is with a serious amount of skepticism that any Canadian Advertiser begins their search for the best affiliates.


Rakuten Affiliate Network


Rakuten Affiliate Network

Rakuten is the largest Japanese e-commerce company with 17.7 million active users. The company also has a massive affiliate network. The Rakuten Affiliate Network has affiliates across the globe, including Europe, Asia, South America, and North America. One of the Rakuten Affiliate Network’s biggest affiliates is The Shopping Network.

They have been a top affiliate network for quite some time, and their sales and profitability have been growing steadily since 2012. At present, Adestra Technologies leads the Canadian Affiliate Network Industry. With Adestra’s millions of active users, significant research and development initiatives and solutions, and top-notch service and support, we are proud to lead the Canadian affiliate network industry with a global perspective.


CJ By Conversant


CJ By Conversant

CJ by Conversant is one of the best Affiliates Networks in Canada. They provide Traffic Plugins, Affiliate Prospecting, Website Testing Tools, AdSense Registration and tracking, Web Analytics, Google Apps Support, and more. SponsorHUB SponsorHub is one of the most popular Affiliate networks in Canada, according to ClickHub.

Based in Victoria, British Columbia, the company aims to help increase the number of online business customers using online promotion. They are widely regarded as one of the best Affiliate Networks in Canada. Clickbuilder Affiliates ClickBuilder is a real estate affiliate network based in Saskatoon.




Amazon is an e-commerce marketplace through which you can buy physical products and digital products, including apps and downloadable content. You can find apps on Amazon and physical products from well-known brands like J. Crew, Home Depot, Lands End, Staples, Levi’s, Target, and plenty more. You can also buy games, toys, music and more on Amazon.


Wealthy Affiliate

I am part of Wealthy Affiliate, an amazing platform. The owners are Canadian and I wanted to include this excellent company in the best affiliate companies in Canada.

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing platform with the tools and community to help people learn how to create a website and make money online with an online business. It is not a “get rich quick scheme” and it is not an easy program. You really have to work hard, following the training, creating your website and start monetizing them.


What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is more than a course, but is a community where you can grow your business on a large scale. It is a popular learning destination and one of the most known earning sites. What makes the program worth it? It includes some interesting case studies on top of the hands-on content.

The instructors and writers are qualified to give you the actual knowledge and the best methods to become rich. There are two different courses that are useful to get started in affiliate marketing and the easiest one is the “Online Entrepreneur Certificate Course”. This course is a step by step training on how to create a website, write content efficiently, do SEO, Social Media Marketing, and finally monetize your website.

There is plenty of information on affiliate marketing as well as social media marketing. In this course, you will also get some insider tips on how to become a celebrity online and use influencers.


The Benefits of Joining Wealthy Affiliate

The program has a two-hour introductory class. This gives people who are beginning to learn about affiliate marketing a start. Rather than wasting a ton of time and money on online ads and webinars that don’t seem to work for the right reasons.

The program has many “gold” affiliate programs (or in other words, thousands of ads) that can be used as a “test drive” for the program. So rather than spending a month or two just do “trial and error” you can jump in now and experience some success. You also get access to forums and a lot of research tools for free. This makes the program much less intimidating for beginners who are getting started with affiliate marketing.

The bottom line is, Wealthy Affiliate is the absolute best place I have ever seen to get the training and all the tools you’ll ever need in one place.



Marketers can establish websites, customize banners, and activate Pay Per Click to drive traffic to their online product or service. A brief research will reveal that the biggest challenge faced by marketers in the past years was to find the right size of banner ad, the ability to search for those banners on the Internet, and the right targeting parameters of those ads.

With the utilization of AdSense and Pay Per Click, marketers don’t face those challenges as much. Affiliate marketing is definitely a competitive marketing tactic. However, success is determined by one’s determination to make it successful. Using AdSense and Pay Per Click, marketers can generate higher revenues and visitors for their online product or service by charging advertisers.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the Top Affiliate Companies In Canada. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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