The Importance Of Role Models On Social Media

The Importance Of Role Models On Social Media

The Importance Of Role Models On Social Media

The Importance Of Role Models On Social Media

Perhaps, a few years ago, people used to just get entertained on social media. They used these platforms to communicate with their family and friends, get socialized, and eventually have a good time. However, this picture has been changed dramatically as more and more businesses join social platforms.


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The final goal of having an account on these platforms is not just watching one or two funny videos or chatting with other people. Now, people are greatly benefiting from social platforms to expand and grow their businesses.

Various ways help you get visibility and make your brand as famous as possible. You can start your account, advertise, run campaigns, etc. to let people know you are there. It doesn’t matter what your profession is! Are you a retailer? Are you a consultant? Do you like to teach online? Social media have room for everyone!

As social media are growing, new phenomena and concepts arise as well. For example, there are some figures on social media who have lots of followers/ subscribers/ fans. Sometimes, they are very famous and popular because of a specific skill that they have. Or, maybe, they are very rich or attractive or whatever.

In any case, they have some characteristics which make them attractive to ordinary people. if this is the case, then, their lifestyle, the food that they eat, the clothes that they wear, the way they approach people and talk to them, the way they are raising their children, etc. become very important. Why?

Because many people start following whatever they are doing. Sometimes, if you ask them why are following somebodies' lifestyle, they might simply say because he/she is rich or attractive or famous! Yes, that's a very strong force for many people to follow famous figures on social media.

We usually call these famous people influencers or role models. So, how are these influencers influencing social platforms? Are they that much important? Yes, they are! In this article, we are going to understand how important role models or influencers are on social media. Let's get started.

What Is So Unique About Role Models On Social Media?

What Is So Unique About Role Models On Social Media?

Let me start with this simple fact. Many years ago, only actors, actresses, models, singers, athletes, and politicians were famous and known by society. Obviously, people liked to know about them and practically become similar to them physically and mentally. That's why all the advertisements on the TV were played by them.

Their choice of car, clothing items, beauty products, hairstyle, etc. was welcomed and appreciated by the public very fast. However, after the popularity of social media and the internet, not only celebrities were loved by people. And, that's how a new social class was created. They were basically ordinary people who were not necessarily as beautiful or luxurious or rich as classic celebrities.

In fact, they had something more exciting! They had a dramatic story to tell to people. For example, a man used to feed hungry animals in his backyard even though he had nothing to eat for himself. Or, a woman, who was hit by a car to save a child's life. Or, a beautiful girl with a serious disability who became a professor at Harvard University.

You see, their stories are fascinating! We call these people role models or influencers. Of course, many countries, especially third-world ones, still think of role models as sexy, attractive, and rich people.

However, thinking globally, you will realize that something is changing. So, the question is, how important these role models (those sexy attractive ones or the newcomers with different characteristics) are on social media. From now on, we will discuss in what ways role models can make the world a better place.

The Importance Of Role Models For Businesses

The Importance Of Role Models For Businesses

Roles models are helping businesses in branding and advertising their products and services. Let me give you an example. Imagine that you have an online store selling beauty products to the public. Your sales rate is not very impressive and you are looking for ways to boost it as quickly as possible.

One of the best approaches you can take is to start communicating with an influencer related to your business on social media. How? Well, you have to first find a respectful and reliable influencer. You can take the number of his/her followers, engagement rates, impressions, and other factors into account when choosing one. Then, you have to negotiate with him/her about your company.

Then, they might accept to promote your products or services in exchange for money. This method usually works because as I said before, people will follow influencers' lifestyles. It would be enough for your company when an influencer with one million followers posts a video about your products or simply gives compliments about them in a Live video.

It is a win/win situation for both your business and the influencer him/herself. However, there are lots of fake influencers on social media. How can we find a true influencer? Here are some tips for you to find influencers as a new brand:

Start With Hashtags

Start With Hashtags

Perhaps, many influencers on social media can advertise for your brand. However, in the beginning, you have to be able to find them. One of the best ways to do so is using hashtags especially when you have an account on Instagram.

When you search for hashtags, you will get posts and content related to your business. Now, if you check who is posting this content, you will be able to find influencers. After finding them, according to the number of their followers and other factors, you may want to contact them and ask for details.

Use Google

Use Google

Using google is an easy way to find role models in your business. However, when you are searching, you have to narrow your search down as possible. For example, you have a pet shop in New York and you intend to ask an influencer who is an animal activist to advertise for your shop. In this case, you definitely should include all the detail in your research.

So, you want influencers who live in NY and love animals and have an Instagram account. Your keyword for search would be “influencers+ dog lovers+ NY+ Instagram”. In this way, your advertisement will be more targeted.

Scan Competitors’ Mentions And Tags

Scan Competitors’ Mentions And Tags

Definitely, you are surrounded by your competitors on social media. You do everything in your power to surpass them and become the leading brand. For choosing an influencer for your brand, you can use your competitors' experience with them.

For example, you might see that an influencer has advertised for one of your competitors, and weirdly it hasn’t helped the company to sell more. In this case, you might role that influencer out. You can also analyze impressions, views, likes, and other parameters before and after hiring that influencer to see whether something has changed.

Start Following Blogs And Bloggers

Start Following Blogs And Bloggers

Sometimes, blogs and bloggers can be considered role models because of the impact they have on people's choices. For example, as soon as a new product will be released to the market, they will buy and test different aspects and then write reviews about it. So, their experience is helpful for you to decide whether you buy the product. Or, you can simply ask them to use your products, and if they like them, you invite them to write some positive reviews about them.


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Use Influencer Tools Or Databases

Influencers are like soccer players. There are some databases where you can get all information you need to contact them including the email address and phone number of their agents. If an influencer doesn’t have such information you better not trust before making sure of their reputation.

Recruit Through Your Brand’s Website To Find Influencers As A New Brand

This is very interesting! Instead of asking other influencers to advertise for you, why not try to crease influencers by yourself? So, if you see somebody who is talented and loves your products at the same time, you can go ahead and invite him/her for collaboration. Through this process, he/she might become more famous while your products or services are getting attention from other customers.

The Importance Of Role Models For Society

The Importance Of Role Models For Society

Earlier we mentioned that role models can be hired by businesses. However, influencers or role models can have a more important impact than just making money. Role models can help societies to leave their bad habits and stop destroying the planet earth. Let's start with one of the most enduring problems of mankind!

Global warming! Experts believe that if many people change their negative habits, we might be able to fight back and slow down the global warming impacts on our societies. For example, if people stop eating less meat or even try to cut it off completely, many of our problems will be solved. Influencers can make this transition happen more quickly.

They can make start advertising veganism and companies that produce vegan and vegetarian food. Or, they can encourage people to save more water and know the value of it. These messages can be all conveyed to the public by influencers more effectively than any other groups like religious people or politicians.

The Importance Of Role Models For Kids

The Importance Of Role Models For Kids

Kids are inexperienced! They welcome any good idea as long as they learn it when they are flexible enough to change their attitudes. Since they love to have accounts on every social platform, it creates a possibility to let them learn good stuff. They should know that no matter what lying is bad. Or, they should know that annoying animals is wrong.

All these ideas are circulating every day on social platforms. However, children like to listen to people who have an emotional relationship with them. So, it is on the shoulder of influencers to stop always thinking about advertising and getting paid. They have to share good knowledge with their audience so that the smaller ones can learn.

The Importance Of Role Models In Breaking Down The Stereotypes

The Importance Of Role Models In Breaking Down The Stereotypes

Men are better than women at driving! Women are understanding people's emotions better than I! Women spend hours talking behind their friends' backs! Men just like to drink and watch sports! Are these statements true or false? Yes, most of these claims haven’t been proven for centuries but they are still used by people. Why? Because they are stereotypes!

Role models can change this easily. They can show all people are equal in society and when someone has an advantage/ disadvantage, it doesn’t mean that all his/her sex should have the same advantage or disadvantage. If role models start talking to people and let them be open themselves, you will quickly realize that our world and individuals are very complicated and you cannot make assumptions about them based on stereotypes.

For example, a female role model can have a live video on Instagram and ask her followers to determine who is the best driver in their family. Definitely, many will choose one of the females in their family as the best driver. In this way, gradually, people will start to think about whether it is appropriate to label others.


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The Importance Of Role Models In Giving The Power To The Powerless To Talk

A few years ago, a movement was started on social platforms called “Me Too”. In this movement, even influencers and role models used to start talking about being raped by men. At first, they might have filled embarrassed and shamed.

However, with time, more and more people found the courage to step forward and talk about these dark sides of their lives when they were raped. So, in a way, talking about their embarrassing issues such as sexual assaults made other people courageous to do the same. When a famous person can talk about it, why cannot I?

So, as you can see, influencers or role models can make their impact economically, socially, behaviorally, mentally, etc. Here, I am going to give you some vivid examples of influencers in each category. We want to start with 10 diver role models you should follow on Instagram.

Dina Torkia - @dinatokia

Dina Torkia – @dinatokia

She is one of the role models who has been responsible for shattering some badass stereotypes. She is a Muslim woman who usually talks about motherhood, lifestyle, beauty, religions, etc. She is trying to convey the idea that Muslim women are not what they have been stereotyped for so many years. She is active on both Instagram and YouTube. Perhaps, many Muslim women have the same challenges and difficulties in society and she will be a source of inspiration for them to leave all negative feelings.

Nikita Dragun – @nikita_dragun

Nikita Dragun – @nikita_dragun

She is simply a makeup artist. However, in a way, she is not an ordinary makeup artist. She is a transgender makeup artist and that's what makes it so special for her audience. Most people are not open about their sexual life and would rather be silent about it.

However, Nikita is openly discussing her lifestyle and letting people know that there is nothing wrong if their sexuality is not the one and public expect them to have. When you check comments that people have said about her, they are full of F words. However, she is inspiring other people that they should not give a damn about what others might think about them.

Laura Micetich – @theirongiantess

Laura Micetich – @theirongiantess

Many of you might criticize me because I talked about Laura. She was fat but with hard work, she could shape her body. However, I am not mentioning her as a role model because she has a beautiful body now. No! If you check her content, you will realize that she has been inspiring for many people. Also, she is always full of positive thoughts and tries to convey them to others as well and that's what makes her a role model quality woman.

Sophia Hadjipanteli – @sophiahadjipanteli

Sophia Hadjipanteli – @sophiahadjipanteli

She is also another woman who is fighting against norms among girls. Currently, they have the impression that their eyebrows should be perfect all the time. However, she doesn’t accept this and encourages the girl to forget about their eyebrows and be relaxed. She has created a strong movement in which people are OK to be different or not to follow the norms.

Blair Imani – @blairimani

Blair Imani – @blairimani

There is an impression which says all Muslim individuals are against the LGBTQ. Blair is a Muslim woman who says differently. She also considers herself as a queer which means she is not heterosexual or cisgender.

Manny Gutierrez – @mannymua733

Manny Gutierrez – @mannymua733

This is a cool one. One popular stereotype in society is that men should not wear makeup. Manny disagrees. He believes that men should be able to express their beauty just as much as women. He is a makeup artist and is active on YouTube. He is the first male brand ambassador for the makeup brand Maybelline. Can you see? Even these wired ideas are welcomed and advertised by men.

The Importance Of Role Models In Changing People's Diet And Food Habit

Now, many influencers are trying to advertise veganism and vegetarianism. I agree with them because the current food industry is cruel to animals. Millions of livestock must be killed every day to let us get fed! The following influencers are against this.

Fearne Cotton- @FearneCotton

Fearne Cotton- @FearneCotton

She is probably the most famous vegan in the UK with nearly 3.5 million followers. She is also a professional TV broadcaster and presenter. She has written and published two cookbooks about how to enjoy vegan meals. Her last book is Happy Vegan which was published in 2019.

Niomi Smart - @NiomiSmart

Niomi Smart – @NiomiSmart

She is also a hardliner when it comes to veganism. She is a member of the vegan community online who follows a vegan diet, vegan lifestyle, and is in favour of cruelty-free makeup and sustainable clothing items. On her page, she always advocates vegan food because of its sustainability and ethical comfort.

The Family Fizz – @familyfizz

This is another page for popularizing veganism and a happy lifestyle. Here, we are not dealing with only one person, but a whole family. They have shared their journey along the way of becoming vegan.

The Importance Of Role Models In Global Warming

Global warming is another serious problem of mankind. However, influencers haven’t been very active in familiarizing the related issue for the public. Here, I am going to introduce you to some of the most famous influencers as climate change activists.

Xiye Bastida

She has been responsible for running the Fridays for Future Youth climate strike movement. The good thing about her is that she is just 17 years old. So, many people, especially the younger generations, will listen to her. Although she doesn’t have too many followers (only 18K). But her engagement rate is 3.37% which is one of the best on Instagram.

Alexandria Villaseñor

She is also very young, only 14 years old. She joined the US Youth Climate Strike movement after a smoke cloud from the November 2018 Camp fire in California. as you can see even teenagers can be very influential role models even for people who are older than them.

Luisa Neubauer, Vic Barrett, Wyn Wiley, Nadia Nazar, and Lizzie Carr are some role models for people who want to care about nature a bit more. In addition to all these role models, we are still suffering from those naïve people who fall in love with fake celebrities. They have nothing be an appearance that makes them so appealing for many.



Choosing how to advertise your business on social platforms is one of the hardest tasks. However, one great solution which has always worked is asking role models or influencers to promote your businesses. In addition to commercial purposes, influencers are vital in changing people's lifestyles and behaviours.

In this article, we reviewed the importance of role models on social media. They can learn our children and make us leave our bad habits. Global warming and our food habits are currently very problematic. However, with the help of influencers, we might be able to protect our planet and secure the future for generations to come.

I trust you enjoyed this article about The Importance Of Role Models On Social Media. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!



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