Best Twitter Tips For Beginners

Best Twitter Tips For Beginners

Best Twitter Tips For Beginners

Best Twitter Tips For Beginners

It's never a bad idea to learn new ideas and methods to set yourself up for success, whether you're just starting with a new Twitter account or have been entrusted with expanding an account for an existing business.


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That's why we put up a list of some of our favorite Twitter beginning advice. We've got you covered on everything from avoiding embarrassing Twitter blunders to increasing engagement and figuring out what to tweet.

1. Tweet Frequently And Early

If you're starting with Twitter, this advice is very vital. You don't have benchmarks for how often to tweet or when to tweet in the early stages. While there are some broad principles (we've done our own study), the truth is that you won't know when the optimum moment is to reach out to your audience unless you explore.

It would be best if you also kept in mind that not all of your followers use Twitter simultaneously. Some folks may check in the morning and then wait until later in the evening to check again. Instead of attempting to get all of your tweets out during business hours, consider tweeting throughout the day to maximize your reach.

2. Recognize When You Are Over-Saturating Your Audience With Content

You want to avoid going overboard while sending out all those tweets. For your followers, tweeting every five minutes can be a little much. The last thing you want is for your followers to get irritated by all of your tweets and unfollow you to reduce the noise.

Tracking your engagement is an excellent technique to see whether you're tweeting too often. In one of the later recommendations, we'll go over this in more detail. If you increase the frequency of your tweets and find a reduction in interaction, it might indicate that you're bothering your followers.

3. Involve Your Audience More Than You Broadcast

Brands seem to have forgotten that Twitter is a social network, not merely a content delivery medium, somewhere along the way. Consequently, Twitter feeds are clogged with marketers and businesses just posting links to their own websites.

Sure, some bigger firms can get away with broadcasting messaging continuously throughout the day. However, you must interact if you want to grow your following or utilize Twitter for more than simply conveying marketing messages. Ask questions, participate in Twitter polls, or participate in public discussions.


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4. Take Advantage Of Current Trending Topics That Are Relevant To You

Joining in on current subjects is an easy way to get started when it comes to interacting. Take a peek at Twitter's popular topics, which are usually accompanied by hashtags. Then, when it's appropriate, join in on the dialogue.

Many corporations and organizations, for example, utilize Twitter to promote causes and movements like Women's History Month. Don't be scared to think outside the box when participating in discussions regarding hot subjects.

It's important to remember that the subject doesn't have to be directly relevant to your goods or services. It might be something that relates to your brand's values or just something amusing and unique that you can use to develop content.

Use The 280-Character Limit To Your Advantage

5. Use The 280-Character Limit To Your Advantage

The character limit on Twitter was increased from 140 to 280 in 2017. While individuals may disagree on whether it was a good or poor idea, the fact remains that it allows you to put more information into each tweet. Take nothing for granted. You may now go beyond a handful of phrases in your tweets and explain a little bit, just like MoonPie.

6. Serve As A Resource For The Industry

This Twitter tip is probably quite similar to what you're already doing. Since the beginning, content curation has been a critical component of many businesses' social content strategies.

However, we've included this advice on the list to urge you to be more thoughtful about what you curate. Take the time to hand-curate the material you share rather than automatically tweeting every new article from a blog's RSS feed.

7. Make Decisions Based On Data

Is it simply your gut sense when it comes to modifying your Twitter strategy? Making crucial choices solely based on “feeling like it” might backfire in the long term. Rather than doing things on the spur of the moment, spend a few minutes reviewing your Twitter statistics and seeing what's working and isn't.

Then, using your facts, devise a strategy for achieving your objectives. For example, suppose you look at your statistics and see that tweets with a video get 50% higher interaction than tweets with simply a link. In that case, it's an indication that you should start integrating more videos into your Twitter content strategy.

8. Participate In Twitter's Community

One thing we emphasize a lot is that Twitter isn't simply a platform for sharing material. It's a social media platform that businesses may use to engage with their customers. Being a member of the community is a big part of it. Too many businesses mistake wasting time learning about the Twitter environment.


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Engaging in relevant Twitter conversations is one of the most acceptable methods to become accustomed to and interact in the community. Whether you're wondering if it's okay to participate in Twitter discussions from your brand's handle, the answer is yes!

9. Make Graphic Templates That You Can Reuse

Creating graphic templates is simple with all of the fantastic design tools out today, such as Canva or Adobe Spark. Choose one quotation template and use it consistently. Create a template for publicizing the event if you hold many of them.

Examine your company's blog articles if you have one. Choose three quotations for each article that you believe will pique someone's interest and make them want to learn more. Create the corresponding three quotation images using the template. Save these images in a well-organized folder.

Finally, start scheduling your article several times throughout the next few months. When the New York Times pulls quotations from their articles, they always utilize white lettering on a black backdrop. It's worth noting that the typeface and colour scheme is consistent with the company's identity.

As you employ quotation images more often, your audience will recognize them as being from your company. You may also put a little text and/or logo in the corner for any of your photographs. While the logo is evident in the images, a decent template will gently prompt the reader to notice the statement.

10. When It Makes Sense, Automate

Social media automation has both positive and negative aspects. It may be a useful tool for increasing productivity, or it might convert your Twitter account into a full-fledged chatbot that no one wants to deal with. The key to getting the most out of Twitter automation is to be cautious about what you automate and how you automate it. As a general rule, try to automate time-consuming chores that don't need a lot of physical labour.

11. Don't Try To Be Like Other Companies

When you're just starting on Twitter and trying to grow your brand, it's typical to do some competitive research to discover what's working for your rivals. The issue arises when, rather than being inspired by what others are doing, you duplicate their whole method.

For example, after hearing all of Wendy's adoration for her intelligent and caustic responses, you could be inspired to adopt a similar character. If that isn't your brand's personality, you shouldn't feel forced to adapt your approach to fit the current trend.

Retweet And Leave A Comment

12. Retweet And Leave A Comment

When you wish to share something fascinating that someone else tweeted, it's become a somewhat normal practice to Retweet individuals or businesses. However, instead of retweets with remarks, you may go further and layer on interaction by using retweets with comments. The distinction is that you may add comments to the retweet rather than merely retweeting what someone else said. It becomes more tailored and valuable to your audience as a result.

13. Use Tweets To Optimize Your Blog Post Titles

Similarly, when tweeting an article, you don't have to mention the blog post's title in your tweet. Change it up and make it unique to your audience.

14. Stop Judging Your Success By The Number Of People Who Follow You On Social Media

The following Twitter tip is more of a general best practice than a strategy. One of the most popular ways companies judged a success in the early days of Twitter, before we had access to all of the data and analytics tools we have today, was by follower numbers. If you were gaining more followers, it was assumed that your technique succeeded.

But it's 2018, and we've moved on from the days of focusing all of our efforts on gaining 100,000 Twitter followers. Instead, you might develop goals aligned with your overall company goals. There are lots of measures to help you keep track of your progress. Begin by considering what your company aims to achieve on Twitter. Then identify what metrics you'll use to track your success and develop objectives around them.

15. Don't Forget About Video On Twitter

Brands continually seek methods to reach their audience without paying for advertisements in a world where organic interaction is falling across almost every social network.

Using Twitter videos is one of the most effective ways to do this. Video material is seen by 82 percent of Twitter users. It's also preferable to share native videos rather than YouTube videos through Twitter.

In comparison to third-party videos, native Twitter videos generate 2.5 times the number of responses, 2.8 times the number of retweets, and 1.9 times the number of likes, according to Twitter statistics.

In a pay-to-play environment, Home Depot is recognized for its video marketing efforts, utilizing films to create organic interaction.

16. Recognize When It's Appropriate To Keep Conversations Private

Customer service is one of the most common applications of Twitter for businesses. That makes sense, given that customers' preferred customer service method is now social media. When utilizing Twitter for customer service, it's critical to know when to move the discussion away from your Twitter feed and into a direct message or email.

When it's time to get down to business, Twitter is a fantastic place to start, but shift the discussion to a more private channel. It will help secure sensitive client information, prevent disgruntled consumers from ranting on your Twitter account, and allow you to learn more about the incident.


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Delta does an excellent job of first absorbing concerns through Twitter and then moving the discussion to DM to go further into the issue. You may utilize a social media management solution like Sprout with a built-in Zendesk connection to create a smooth transition from Twitter to a higher level of customer care for your clients. If you need to escalate a client complaint from Twitter to another department or representative, none of the contexts from the initial interaction will be lost.

17. Use Twitter Lists To Stay Organized

You may use Twitter lists to put together accounts that you're interested in. For example, you could have a list of influencers you'd want to connect with or consumers who follow you on social media. One of the most challenging aspects of Twitter is the massive volume of information that is pushed at you all at once.

As soon as you open the app, you're confronted with hundreds, if not thousands, of tweets from different accounts, all of which are disorganized. This may be overwhelming. You may begin to construct a process after you've organized everyone into lists. For example, you may start with your “Customers” Twitter list and then go on to your “Influencers” list. Instead of viewing the most recent tweets from everyone you follow, you may prioritize mini-streams.

Use Twitter Search to Locate Your Ideal Clients

18. Use Twitter Search to Locate Your Ideal Clients

Twitter is a goldmine when it comes to finding fresh prospects. Consider that for a moment. People use Twitter to express their thoughts, concerns, and frustrations about everything that is going on in their lives.

You may find a lot of individuals talking about challenges your goods and services can help address by conducting a few fast searches. Let's imagine you own a network of Reiki studios specializing in migraine treatment. You may look for folks who are complaining about headaches on Twitter.

19. React To People Who Mention You On Twitter

When companies neglect customers on social media, it is one of their top pet peeves. If a company does not respond, 15% of customers will unfollow them. You may not be able to respond to every mention if you're a significant business that gets hundreds or thousands of tweets daily.

Customers' mentions, media mentions, and other high-priority tweets should be prioritized. The better your response time, the better. According to our research, customers want a response from companies on social media within four hours, yet most brands take an average of ten hours to respond.

20. Assume That Everything You Tweet Is Irreversible

We've all heard horror tales of corporations sending out improper stuff on Twitter or responding rudely to consumer concerns. One of the simplest ways to prevent these scenarios is to tweet with the expectation that it will be seen.

Also, if the tweet contains information you don't want to be made public or contradicts your brand's values, don't publish it. Even if you keep a tweet up for two minutes before deleting it, there's always the possibility that someone may capture it and post it widely. To cut a long tale short, please tweet responsibly.

21. Incorporate A Secondary Link Into Your Bio

Another Twitter tip that might help you obtain more traffic or leads is to use hashtags. Did you know that you may include a link in your bio in addition to the primary “Website” link on your profile? There are several methods to take advantage of this.

For example, one link may go to your company's blog, while the other leads to the main page. Alternatively, one may go to a landing page for a particular campaign, while the other is for your newsletter. As an added plus, if your company has many Twitter accounts, list them in your bio so people can easily find them.

22. Don't Feed The Trolls

While Twitter may be a valuable tool for connecting with your audience, providing customer service, and networking, it also attracts trolls. Trolls on Twitter are accounts that aim to bait or criticize your brand for no apparent purpose other than to attract your attention.

You may be wondering why we include this advice on the list because it seems obvious. The challenge arises when attempting to distinguish between a valid consumer complaint and a troll. The distinction isn't always obvious if you're unsure if a customer complaint is legitimate or a troll, the best course of action is to respond politely and wait for a response.

23. Make It Simple For Others To Contact You

As we previously indicated, customers often use Twitter as a customer service channel. Make things simpler for them by making yourself accessible. Warby Parker does a fantastic job putting their official customer service handle in their profile.

They also made it possible for anybody to contact them, regardless of whether Warby Parker is following you or not. Customers will be more irritated when they talk with a representative if you make it challenging for them to reach you. And the last thing you want is to be known as a firm with lousy customer service. It will deter prospective consumers.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the Best Twitter Tips For Beginners. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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