Teachable Review

Teachable Review


Introduction To My Teachable Review

Do you know what is extremely hard to do? Yes, I know you are thinking about it. Earning money in the 21st century is one of the greatest challenges for people. It doesn’t matter where you live or what your profession might be. You have to do whatever is in your power for your boss to keep you in the business.

Oh! What about online jobs? Is it possible to be financially successful without being adapted to the online market? The answer is a big NO! For example, consider the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses would have had to declare bankruptcy if they hadn’t adapted themselves to the online market.

We never know when another catastrophe strikes and ruins the economy of the world. Therefore, entering online businesses must be taken very seriously.

Teachable is one of the big names on the internet, thanks to its effectiveness and popularity. Thousands of people depend on it now. It has created an excellent opportunity for both well-informed as well as knowledge-seeking people. Have you ever heard of Teachable? Do you know what it is? Do you know what you can do about it? If you don’t know the answers, don’t worry! We are going to introduce it to you and discuss the benefits of using it.

However, before jumping into this review, we need to get some information about online course platforms. We see a great expansion of these platforms! It's good to start from here.


What Are the Benefits of Online Course Platforms?

As you might have already understood, Teachable is one of the most popular online course platforms. Regardless of the platform, you are using, the idea of online learning is amazing, right? Before discussing Teachable, let review some of the most important advantages of online learning through online course platforms.


Learning Whenever You Want

This is very obvious. First of all, traditional learning is usually associated with lots of obstacles. For example, if you live in a big city, traffic will kill you every time you go out. This means you will waste your time going to the class and coming back home. In contrast, you won't have the same problem with online learning.

More importantly, you can access the highest quality of education without dealing with the usual problems. For instance, if you want to receive the best education, you have to register in the best institutes or universities like Harvard or MIT. Well, it naturally means that you have to live in costly cities. Thanks to online learning, you will have a complete win-win situation. You will get the best education and skip over the high costs and problems associated with big cities.


Boosting Attendants' Learning Curve

What could be better than listening to your teacher while you are drinking a hot cup of coffee! Even better, what would be more exciting if you could save the class and then listen to it several times! All these possible with online learning. Also, you might not be interested in talking/chatting with the students in the class. Perhaps, you want to take the lessons, not more! So, online learning is perfect for you. All these will eventually boost your learning curve and make you more interested in gaining knowledge.


Something To Talk About in Job Interviews

Most online learning courses come with a degree at the end. This looks great on your resume. If you have them with you, the managers will consider you eager to learn more and get well-informed.


Good For All Participants With Different Abilities

Online learning lets you watch or listen to the educational content as many times as you wish. Perhaps, you get disturbed when you want to listen to the teacher and take notes simultaneously. Maybe, you feel discouraged by people who learn much faster than you. Or, you are bored waiting for slower learners to catch up. With online learning, you don’t need to be worried about these issues since you can access the content for the rest of your life.


Extremely Helpful in Fields That Require You to Talk and Engage With Other People

Your personality will change through online learning, too. Are you asking how? Imagine that you are taking an English class to improve your speaking ability. With all those in the class gazing at you, you will probably choose to remain silent and not talk. However, it's a completely different story from online learning. You can engage in conversations without being worried about others' hearing and looking at you.


Where or What is Teachable?

Obviously, you might already know that Teachable has something to do with online learning, right? Well, yes! In fact, Teachable is one of the most popular and successful online training platforms. Now we are going to talk about it and review its amazing features and capabilities. Let's get started.


Teachable 101

Here is what you see when you go to Teachable:









Their biggest slogan says, “Share what you know.” That is a very clarifying sentence showing what Teachable does. Are you a professional makeup artist trying to teach people how to do makeup? Perhaps, you haven’t been successful in attracting students. Or, you have had a few classes but are not satisfied with many things. Being a makeup artist is just an example! In fact, Teachable is a place where anybody, who is good at something, can join and teach whatever he/she knows to others. Teachable creates a platform for all well-skilled and well-experienced people to make money from teaching others.


What Can Teachable Do For You?

Teachable: Create and sell online courses and coaching

This is a nice video on the first page of the Teachable website. Although it's concise, it's amazingly dense and useful if you are really interested in what you can exactly do on the Teachable platform. In the video, Jess Catorc, who is the head of partnerships, explains very well. Let's review the most vivid features of the Teachable platform:

  • A place for independent entrepreneurs and creators
  • Letting entrepreneurs and creators offering online courses and services.
  • All courses and services can be fully customized by the owners, such as you or anybody else.
  • An excellent opportunity for all businesses to reach their audience.
  • A life-changing experience for customers who receive online courses or services.
  • Working as well as social media in boosting your brands and getting visibility.
  • It is efficient, especially for those who are planning for short-term results, probably in months, not years.

How To Start Your Business on Teachable?

Then, in the video, she amazingly and very well explains how you can set up your online courses or services within four simple steps. Here are the steps you need to take to start your business on Teachable.

Step One: First, you need to create your course home page. The good thing is that you are free to customize it as you want it to be. Depending on the courses you have, you can change and modify the page to engage your customers more.

Step Two: Then, through your sale page, the customers will know what they can achieve by taking your courses or services.

Step Three: Next, your actual course is going to be hosted by Teachable.

Step Four: Finally, you need to pay the fee, and then Teachable won't leave you until you can gain some profits out of your business.

As you can see, with Teachable, you don’t need to get yourself entrenched with all the nitty-gritty things like designing the page, arranging the courses, etc. Teachable will take care of them so that you can focus on the real business. So, what are the features of Teachable? How can it make the process of running your online courses or services easier?


The Most Interesting Features of Teachable

They have nicely categorized their features into several classes. Each class has been created to satisfy your courses/services in some way. Let's take a look at them.



If you are, let's say, a musician who is planning to teach students, it will be imperative to have your courses/services specific to your needs. For example, you might like to play the piano or guitar in front of your students so they could impersonate. Obviously, your needs would be different from a professional writer who teaches how to write novels to his/her students. Teachable is great in this point of view.

In this context, creating multimedia lectures, linking your webpage to Teachable, and integrating with a long list of partners are some of Teachable's services. Also, you can track sales and students' insights.


Learning Tools

Again, each person needs something different. Teachable gives you whatever tools you need to maximize the efficiency of your teaching. Unlimited courses and coaching services and students, running one-on-one sessions, scheduling, gathering student feedback, and creating success stories are services.


Making Money Is Easier Than You Imagine

With Teachable, you as the teacher can give your students several options to get them more interested in registering for your courses, such as offering coupons and giving a bonus for subscriptions. Interestingly, you can get help from affiliate marketing tools too. They make your name and brand more famous gradually. Not to mention the fact the Teachable accepts more than 130 currencies. So, you can have many international students. They also don’t need to think of paying you with one or two specific currencies. Finally, tax is not going to be troubling for you anymore with Teachable.


Making Your Students Trust the Courses or Services They Are Using

Security is one of the most important issues associated with online courses, especially with children. You don’t like anybody to access your information. Or, you don’t want anyone to distribute your contact information for marketing goals. You can be sure Teachable takes care of security for you.

First, all platforms are constantly being watched. Secure login and checkout and instant upgrades are excellent in protecting everybody's privacy while using the platform.


Is Teachable Better Than Its Rivals?

There are many rivals in the online course business platforms. One of these powerful rivals is Thinckific. There are sharing many similar features, even though there are some differences too. Both platforms provide excellent services. For example, Thinkific is famous for its easy setup, giving the users complete control, great design, working without HTML and CSS, excellent customization ability, and effective marketing and analytical tools. On the other hand, Teachable is proud of having nearly 85000 teachers with more than 23 million students in 2014. Building a website very fast, calculating your ROI, optimizing web pages, and having specific marketing pages are features of Teachable.




Nowadays, no one can escape online courses and services. If you want to cope with the current situation, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, you'll need to consider learning through online learning platforms. There are many of these online platforms providing you with many different services. Teachable is one of the most prominent online learning platforms for boosting your educational level and not getting behind.

There have been several criteria reported to show the superiority of one Teachable platform. In this blog post, we tried to explain what Teachable is and what it can do for us. As you saw, it's a very engaging platform making it possible for both instructors and students to join and take care of their needs. Fortunately, Teachable is one of the best concerning several factors, including being user-friendly for course creation, marketing features, data analytics, and customer support. Additionally, video hosting doesn’t cost you anything. We should also mention that Teachable has a nice iOS app.

However, there are some minor cons associated with it too. For example, for every transaction you make, you have to pay fees. Also, in terms of pricing options, Teachable is not diverse enough compared with other platforms. Not to mention that it's sometimes hard to bulk sell courses.

Now, it's in your hands to decide what online learning platforms to use. We highly recommend you to go for Teachable. It wouldn’t disappoint you in the end. Take care!



I would love to hear from you. Please leave me your questions, experiences, remarks, and/or suggestions about this Teachable review in the comments section below. You can also reach me by email at Jeannette@WorkFromAnywhereInTheWorld.com.


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