A Comparison Of CreativeLive vs Skillshare

A Comparison Of CreativeLive vs Skillshare

A Comparison Of CreativeLive vs Skillshare

A Comparison Of CreativeLive vs Skillshare

Regarding online learning platforms, CreativeLive and Skillshare are popular choices, each offering unique features and advantages.

CreativeLive emphasizes live interaction, expert-led classes, and a focus on creative disciplines. At the same time, Skillshare boasts a vast library of on-demand courses covering a wide range of topics and community engagement features.

In this comparison of CreativeLive vs Skillshare, we'll explore the strengths and weaknesses of both platforms, helping learners make informed decisions about which best suits their learning needs and preferences.

What Is CreativeLive?

What Is CreativeLive?

CreativeLive is an online learning platform offering various classes across creative disciplines. Founded in 2010 by Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson, CreativeLive has become a go-to destination for individuals seeking to enhance their photography, design, music, crafting, business, and more skills.

The platform operates on a unique model. Classes are broadcast live for free, allowing viewers to interact with instructors in real-time. After the live broadcast, the classes are available for purchase or through a subscription model.

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One of CreativeLive's standout features is its roster of expert instructors, comprising industry professionals and leading figures in their respective fields.

These instructors excel at providing novices and seasoned practitioners with top-notch, captivating instruction on various subjects.

With its focus on creativity, accessibility, and community engagement, CreativeLive has empowered countless individuals worldwide to pursue their passions and develop new skills conveniently and affordably.

What Is Skillshare?

What Is Skillshare?

Skillshare's online learning community offers thousands of classes on various subjects, primarily focusing on creative and entrepreneurial skills.

Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Malcolm Ong launched Skillshare in 2010 as a platform for professionals and novices to exchange knowledge and learn from each other.

The platform features graphic design, illustration, photography, writing, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more classes. Classes are presented in video format and typically include hands-on projects.

One of Skillshare's key features is its subscription-based model, which grants users unlimited access to all classes for a monthly or yearly fee.

This allows learners to explore various topics without committing to individual course purchases. Skillshare also fosters a sense of community through features such as class discussions, peer feedback, and student projects.

Additionally, it empowers creators by providing them with a platform to share their expertise and earn revenue through class enrollments.

Pros Of CreativeLive

Pros Of CreativeLive

Those who want to improve their abilities and follow their passions will find CreativeLive appealing because it offers a dynamic learning environment that blends professional education, interactive involvement, and flexibility.

Here are the pros of CreativeLive:

1. Live Interaction

CreativeLive stands out with its live classes, fostering direct interaction between learners and instructors in real time.

Students can actively engage with the subject being delivered and ask questions for clarification.

Engaging in live contact enhances the learning process and fosters a dynamic learning atmosphere where learners can work together and benefit from one another's questions and perspectives.

2. Expert Instructors

CreativeLive features a distinguished lineup of expert instructors comprising industry professionals and leaders in their respective fields.

This ensures that learners receive high-quality instruction and gain valuable insights from individuals with real-world experience and expertise.

By learning from these seasoned professionals, students can acquire practical knowledge and relevant skills applicable to their creative pursuits.

3. Diverse Topics

CreativeLive offers extensive creative disciplines, from photography and design to business and personal development.

This diverse array of topics empowers learners to explore multiple interests and cultivate various skills.

CreativeLive provides a rich learning environment that caters to diverse interests and aspirations, whether one's passion lies in the arts, entrepreneurship, or self-improvement.

4. Hands-On Learning

CreativeLive classes often incorporate hands-on projects or exercises, promoting experiential learning and enabling students to apply concepts practically.

This hands-on approach reinforces learning and enhances skill development and retention. By actively engaging with the material through practical application, learners gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter and are better equipped to transfer their knowledge to real-world scenarios.

5. Flexibility

CreativeLive offers flexibility by recording live classes, accessible for purchase or through a subscription model.

This allows learners to tailor their learning experience to their schedule and pace, accommodating busy lifestyles and diverse commitments.

Whether accessing content on-demand or participating in live broadcasts, learners can engage with CreativeLive classes in a way that best suits their needs and preferences.

6. Affordability

CreativeLive's affordability is evident through its diverse pricing options, including individual class purchases and subscription plans.

This accessibility ensures high-quality education is within reach for learners of all financial backgrounds.

Whether opting for single-class purchases or subscription-based access, CreativeLive enables individuals to invest in their personal and professional growth without financial barriers, democratizing access to valuable learning opportunities.

7. Community Engagement

CreativeLive fosters a vibrant learning community through various engagement features, such as class discussions, peer feedback, and student projects.

These interactive elements facilitate collaboration and provide networking opportunities, allowing learners to connect, share insights, and support one another in their creative journeys.

By cultivating a sense of camaraderie and collaboration, CreativeLive enhances the learning experience and encourages ongoing engagement among its diverse community of learners.

8. Convenience

c, enabling learners to access classes from any location with an internet connection.

This eliminates the need for travel and accommodates busy schedules, allowing individuals to pursue their educational goals without disruptions.

Whether at home, at work, or on the go, learners can engage with CreativeLive's classes at their convenience, making quality education accessible and adaptable to diverse lifestyles and commitments.

9. Skill Progression

CreativeLive supports skill progression by offering classes tailored to beginners and advanced learners.

This comprehensive approach enables individuals to start with foundational concepts and gradually advance to more complex techniques within their chosen field.

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CreativeLive empowers learners to continuously expand their knowledge and expertise by providing a structured pathway for skill development, fostering growth and mastery over time.

Cons Of CreativeLive

While CreativeLive offers many advantages, it also has some drawbacks. Here are the cons of CreativeLive:

1. Limited Interactivity

Despite its live format, CreativeLive's interactivity can be limited. Due to time constraints or class size, not all questions may be addressed, affecting the depth of engagement.

This variability in interaction levels could impact the overall learning experience for participants seeking more direct engagement with instructors.

2. Cost Of Premium Content

Accessing CreativeLive's premium content can be prohibitive for frequent users. While some classes are free or available for individual purchase, unlocking the full range of content necessitates a subscription or purchasing multiple courses, potentially leading to high expenses over time.  Students on a limited budget might need help navigating this price structure.

3. Dependence On Internet Connection

CreativeLive's online platform requires a stable internet connection, which could be problematic for learners in regions with poor connectivity or during technical difficulties.

Reliance on internet access may disrupt learning experiences, causing frustration and hindering participation, particularly for areas with unreliable connectivity or temporary technical issues.

4. Fixed Class Schedule

CreativeLive's fixed class schedule may inconvenience learners, as live interactions occur at specific broadcast times.

Despite recordings being available for later viewing, this scheduling requirement may only sometimes align with participants' availability.

This can limit their ability to engage in real-time interactions with instructors and peers and potentially affect their overall learning experience.

5. Quality Consistency

CreativeLive's quality consistency may fluctuate between classes despite having expert instructors. Instruction quality variation can result in consistency in content delivery and educational experience.

Learners may encounter differing levels of engagement and effectiveness across courses, which can impact their overall satisfaction and learning outcomes on the platform.

6. Limited Course Offerings

Despite covering various creative disciplines, CreativeLive's course catalogue may need more depth and specialization found on platforms dedicated solely to specific subjects.

Learners seeking highly specialized or niche topics may find the platform's offerings limited, potentially necessitating supplementation from other resources to fulfill their learning needs comprehensively.

7. No Offline Access

CreativeLive's lack of offline access restricts learners to streaming classes solely when connected to the internet.

This limitation hampers engagement with content during travel or in areas with poor connectivity, preventing seamless learning experiences in offline environments.

Learners dependent on offline access may find this constraint inconvenient and disruptive to their learning routines.

8. Lack Of Certification

CreativeLive's absence of formal certification or accreditation upon course completion could disadvantage learners aiming for career advancement or professional recognition.

Different from platforms offering recognized credentials, completion of CreativeLive courses may hold a different weight in certain industries or educational contexts, potentially limiting learners' opportunities for career progression or academic recognition.

Pros Of Skillshare

Skillshare offers a comprehensive learning experience that is affordable, flexible, and engaging, making it an excellent platform for individuals looking to expand their skills, explore new interests, and connect with a global community of learners and creators.

Here's a detailed exploration of the pros of Skillshare:

1. Diverse Course Catalog

Skillshare boasts an extensive course catalogue covering various topics, from creative arts like illustration, graphic design, and photography to practical skills such as business development, marketing, and technology.

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With offerings for learners at all levels, this extensive range ensures that individuals with diverse interests and skill levels can find courses tailored to their needs, fostering a rich and dynamic learning environment that offers opportunities for personal enrichment and professional growth.

2. Affordable Pricing Model

Skillshare's subscription-based model offers exceptional value for money. For a flat monthly or annual fee, users receive unlimited access to the company's extensive library of courses.

This affordability makes quality education accessible to a broad audience, particularly appealing to enthusiastic learners eager to explore diverse subjects without financial constraints.

By providing unlimited access at a fixed cost, Skillshare empowers individuals to pursue continuous learning and skill development without worrying about additional expenses for each course.

3. Hands-On Learning Experience

Skillshare prioritizes practical, hands-on learning, offering courses that engage learners through assignments, projects, and exercises.

These activities enable students to apply learned concepts in real-world contexts, fostering deeper comprehension and skill mastery.

Skillshare creates a dynamic learning environment that allows people to gain real skills and self-assurance in their talents by promoting application and active engagement.

4. Community Engagement

Skillshare cultivates a dynamic learning community, facilitating connections among learners to share insights, provide feedback, and collaborate on projects.

Peer reviews, group projects, and class discussions are just a few elements that allow students to connect meaningfully and improve their comprehension and appreciation of the material.

This dynamic community creates a nurturing atmosphere where people grow as a group in their academic endeavours, broaden their viewpoints, and learn from one another.

5. Flexible Learning Schedule

Skillshare's on-demand model enables learners to access courses conveniently, accommodating diverse schedules and lifestyles.

Skillshare lets you learn quickly, and it provides flexibility and adaptability to individual tastes, whether you prefer to study late at night or early in the morning.

This adaptability enables students to customize their education to meet their specific requirements and schedules, making their educational path more accessible and pleasurable.

6. Expert Instructors

Skillshare partners with seasoned professionals and industry experts to develop and instruct its courses.

Learners gain invaluable insights and practical knowledge from these instructors, providing them with skills applicable to real-world scenarios.

Students receive top-notch training from professionals in their disciplines, giving them the know-how they need to thrive in their personal and professional endeavours.

7. Skill Progression

Skillshare's courses cater to learners of varying skill levels, offering content suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.

This tiered approach, which proceeds from basic principles to increasingly sophisticated skills, allows students to start their learning journey at their own pace.

This progression framework fosters continuous growth and improvement, empowering learners to develop their skills incrementally and achieve their learning objectives effectively over time.

8. Creative Inspiration

Skillshare's courses are rich with innovative projects, creative challenges, and inspirational ideas, igniting creativity and fostering experimentation.

Through exposure to new perspectives and approaches, Skillshare inspires learners to unlock their creative potential and enthusiastically pursue their passions.

By encouraging exploration and pushing boundaries, Skillshare empowers individuals to embrace their creativity and embark on transformative creative journeys.

9. Accessible Platform

Skillshare's user-friendly platform ensures accessibility and ease of use, featuring intuitive navigation and seamless integration across various devices.

Whether you're learning on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, Skillshare provides a consistent and enjoyable experience.

This accessibility empowers learners to engage with content anytime, anywhere, enhancing flexibility and convenience in their learning journey.

10. Opportunities For Collaboration And Networking

Skillshare facilitates a collaborative learning environment through connections, networking, and collaboration with peers who share interests.

Through project collaborations, community engagement, and networking opportunities, individuals can seek feedback, find collaborators, and connect with like-minded enthusiasts.

This supportive and inclusive environment encourages interaction and fosters meaningful connections, enhancing the learning experience and facilitating personal and professional growth.

Cons Of Skillshare

Prospective learners must consider the factors alongside Skillshare's benefits when deciding if the platform aligns with their learning goals and preferences.

Let's delve deeper into each of these potential drawbacks:

1. Quality Variability

While Skillshare endeavours to maintain high-quality content, the decentralized nature of course creation means that quality can vary.

Some courses may need more depth, clarity, or production value compared to others. Learners may encounter instructors needing more expertise or to convey complex concepts effectively, detracting from the overall learning experience.

2. Limited Certification

Skillshare does not offer official accreditation or credentials after a course is completed. This could disadvantage students looking to progress their careers, further their education, and obtain recognized qualifications.

With formal certification, learners may be able to demonstrate proficiency or validate their skills to employers or institutions.

3. Subscription Dependency

Skillshare operates on a subscription-based model, meaning learners lose access to courses if they cancel their subscriptions.

Although flexible and reasonably priced, this strategy can annoy people who would rather purchase or access courses permanently.

This is especially true if they want to review content or reference materials after cancelling their subscription.

4. Content Overlap

With thousands of courses available on Skillshare, there may be some overlap in content between classes.

Learners who enroll in multiple courses on similar topics may encounter redundancy, with instructors covering similar concepts or techniques across different classes.

Learners looking for diverse content may become frustrated by this repetition, which could lower the value of the learning experience.

5. Community Engagement Challenges

While Skillshare fosters a sense of community through features like class discussions and project collaborations, interaction levels among learners may vary.

Sometimes, learners may need more engagement or feedback from peers and instructors, reducing the collaborative learning experience.

This lack of active participation can hinder knowledge sharing, networking, and peer support within the Skillshare community.

6. Instructor Quality

While many Skillshare instructors are experts in their fields, not all may possess the same expertise or teaching ability.

Learners may encounter instructors who need more depth of knowledge, teaching experience, or effective communication skills, resulting in subpar course delivery and content comprehension.

Inconsistent instructor quality can diminish the overall learning experience and impact learner satisfaction.

7. Limited Offline Access

Skillshare's on-demand model requires an internet connection to access courses, limiting offline learning opportunities.

Learners with consistent internet access or those who prefer to study offline may need help accessing course materials when offline.

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This limitation could hinder learning continuity and convenience for individuals who rely on offline access for studying during travel or in areas with limited connectivity.

8. Subscription Cost Over Time

While Skillshare's subscription fee may initially seem affordable, the cumulative cost can add up, especially for learners who maintain their subscription for an extended period without utilizing it fully.

Over time, learners may find themselves paying for access to courses they no longer use or need, leading to potential inefficiencies and wasted resources.


Both CreativeLive and Skillshare offer valuable opportunities for online learning and skill development.

CreativeLive excels in live interaction, expert instruction, and a focus on creative disciplines, while Skillshare stands out with its extensive library of on-demand courses and vibrant learning community.

Ultimately, the choice between CreativeLive and Skillshare depends on individual preferences, learning goals, and desired features.

Regardless of which platform learners choose, CreativeLive and Skillshare provide accessible and engaging platforms for lifelong learning and personal growth.

I trust you enjoyed this article about A Comparison Of CreativeLive vs Skillshare. Please stay tuned for more articles. Take care!


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