23 Proven Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

23 Proven Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Introduction To 23 Proven Free Ways  To Drive Traffic to Your Website

Today, people are attracted to digital marketing, running a website, having a virtual store, and making money online. Although people encourage taking it as an easy way to earn money, keep in mind that monetizing online is not easy. It requires you to put effort and time into it. Especially at the beginning of your career, when you are just starting your blog or website. The most crucial thing is how to get visitors to your website. Two categories help you drive traffic to your website: free and paid.

Here in this article, we provide you with 23 proven free ways to drive traffic to your website.


23 Proven Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website?

Setting up a website or starting a blog is not a difficult task for most people. However, they have to figure out how they can drive traffic to their digital destination. In the crowded space of the internet, it is getting more difficult to attract attention. That's why it is essential to drive traffic to any website because there is so much going on online, so much noise.

To reach over that noise online, you will need to know a few basic principles. It is not just about using the latest secrets to drive traffic and open your way to the top of Google’s search result pages. This is about establishing a tested and proven method that the biggest digital marketers utilize to create authority and drive traffic.

You need to have authority to obtain Google’s trust because trust reproduces authority over time. It will not happen overnight, so you should put a real effort into that. But there are some ways you can drive traffic to your website and hit a profit once you understand some of the basics behind how traffic works. These are things like SEO, email marketing, social media, and so on.

Although traffic is good, it can be useless if you do not grab those people as leads and drop them into your sales funnel, which can assists you in selling your products. When you understand some of the rules behind what drives users to buy from you, you can comprehend some of the methods for driving traffic to your website or blog.


Understanding the sources of the website traffic

There are effectively two groups of free and paid ways that you can drive traffic to a website. This article is meant to be discussed about those free approaches, so let’s leave the paid ways for now. Free methods involve search engine optimization or SEO, setting up a blog, and social media marketing.

If you do not track where your traffic is coming from, you waste your time marketing online. You need to understand where it is coming from to scale your efforts.


Organic Traffic Methods

Organic Traffic Methods

Do you want to know how you can drive traffic to your website? Following, you can read some traffic-driving strategies in organic nature. These are absolutely free, and you will not have to pay a single dollar for traffic that drives. However, you will have to spend your time. Regarding that time is money and even more valuable than money, there is still a significant cost involved based on your skill level.


1) Implement Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today, SEO is essential, and if you do not understand it, you will waste your time and effort. To involve in the right type of traffic delivery strategies, find out the nuances of SEO. It is not about bending or breaking the rules. Besides that, by having a comprehensive understanding of SEO, you can oversupply your results. Please take a good course or audiobook about SEO and learn it quickly.


2) Write Insatiable Content

Content is prominent. When you create unsatisfiable content on your website or blog, you will keep the visitors coming back repeatedly for more content. Additionally, the better your content is, the more involved your visitors will be. They will share your valuable trustful content for you, engaging in advertising your site on autopilot.


3) Answer Questions on Quora

Use a helpful platform like Quora for driving traffic to your website. Answer the questions on this platform and link the right keywords to original content on your website or blog. But do not use this platform to spam. Be sure that your answers are exact, and be informed about what you are talking about.


4) Create YouTube Video Tutorials

Social media is a great place for driving free organic traffic to your website. YouTube is one of the best among them. Perhaps because Google loves YouTube and is the second most popular search engine globally, gaining exposure on YouTube could be huge. Make practical tutorials and videos that add an immense amount of value, and be sure to link to your content through the description.


5) Get Social on Instagram

Another social media that work great these days is Instagram. Everyone knows that Instagram is a wildly popular platform for sharing photos and reach other people from around the world. However, only a few people know how to use Instagram to affect people and drive traffic to their website. Yet, many people have created multi-million dollar businesses only through using Instagram as their basic approach for driving traffic.


6) Leverage LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

Putting the content already on your website into LinkedIn’s publishing platform is a great promotion method. Publish a unique, high-quality post on LinkedIn that creates a huge amount of value. Be sure to link that content to relevant content on your blog or website to gain that all-important authority attached to your original post.


7) Post on Medium.com

Medium is one of the most platforms for marketing your content and developing another authority-site domain that provides you with the versatility of link-dropping the way you regularly do in any blog post on a CMS like WordPress. Use Medium to affect people and create intuitive content marketing posts that link back to your original posts on your website or blog.


8) Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent approach to drive traffic to your website or your blog. It is also good to advertise any offers; however, it also means that you should have a list to market to. If you do not have created a lead magnet and generate a sales funnel, do it immediately to create a list that you can finally market any of your offers.


9) Update “Expired” Content on Your Website

Refreshing old and outdated content is a good action, especially if some of your content has expired. It does not involve re-doing your content or write them again; refresh the content to bring it current if it is not already evergreen content. Search for ways to update outdated content on your website to attract more traffic through visibility on search engines like Google.


10) Create a Free Online Course

Making a free course is an intelligent way to drive traffic to your website. There are many websites out there to help you do this, such as Udemy, Teachable, and so on. Ensure the course delivers a huge amount of value and then pushes and links students to more content and offers on your website.


11) Create and Share High-Quality Infographics

An infographic collects images, charts, and short text that provide an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. Creating high-quality infographics is one form of clickbait. There are plenty of clickbait examples that you can use, but not all of them create the same result. However, if you can create an excellent infographic that many people will link to, you can essentially make an automated marketing machine for your website. Hire a professional designer to do this.


12) Build Industry-Specific Surveys

It is a smart idea to link to industry-specific surveys in the content of your website. Delivering something valuable is a great way to draw in droves of links. Ensure that it is specific to your niche and related to your website or blog content, and then share that survey with others.


13) Focus on Mobile Usability

Do you eagerly want to drive traffic? Then you should make sure that your website is responsive. To check the friendliness of your mobile layout, you can use Google’s Page Insights Tool and see if it conforms to guidelines. Also, check that all your posts and content are AMP-specification ready.


14) Implement CDNs and Browser-Caching Tools

Content-Delivery Networks (aka CDNs) are a perfect way for speeding up page delivery around the world. Search engines, especially Google, are essentially concerned about the speed of your website and page content. Use Amazon’s AWS, MaxCDN, or other existing tools to use CDNs accompanied by browser-caching tools like WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, etc.


Create Free Webinars

15) Create Free Webinars

Consider free webinars as an important platform to drive traffic to your website. There are webinar platforms, such as Demio, GoToWebinar, and others, that you can automate your sales presentation with those.


16) Post Useful Content on Reddit

Reddit is another way to drive traffic to your website. Reddit is a well-known platform to share useful information and be involved in conversations with millions of people worldwide. This is a useful way to boost your visibility across the web.


17) Develop SlideShare Presentations

SlideShare is a platform to deliver powerful PowerPoint presentations that are Google-friendly, eventually improving your visibility. When you do it in the right way, and people watch your presentation, which is possible through this platform, and if you link that presentation to your site, you will drive a huge amount of free traffic.


18) Write Irresistible Headlines

The headline is the most crucial part of the content. Even the most extensive content will be left unread without a compelling headline. Be professional in headline writing. Content writers at BuzzFeed and Upworthy, for instance, often write upward of twenty different headlines before finally settling on the one that will drive the most traffic to their website. You should also think carefully about your headline before publishing it.


19) Target Long-Tail Keywords

Once you got covered your high-intent keyword and popular keyword bases, it is time to target long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are responsible for a majority of web searches and will drive traffic to your blog.


20) Start Guest Blogging

There is misinformation about guest blogging, but you should know that true guest blogging is not dead. Holding a guest post on a reputable website can enhance blog traffic to your website and support build your brand into the bargain. During the recent eighteen months, the standards for guest blogging have changed, and spammy tactics could result in rigid penalties. Go forward with caution.


21) Implement Schema Microdata

Implementing a microdata format, such as Schema will not necessarily increase traffic to your website on its own. Still, it can make it easier for search engine bots to find and index your pages. The second advantage of using schema for SEO is that it can result in better rich site snippets, increasing click-through rates.


22) Link Internally

The power of your link profile is not only determined by how many sites link back to you; your internal linking structure is also affecting that. While creating and publishing content, make sure to monitor the opportunities for internal links. Other than helps with SEO, it results in a better, more useful experience for the user.


23) Interview Industry Thought Leaders

If you think interviews are only for the big leaguers, then you are wrong. Just ask people for an interview, and you would be amazed how many people will be willing to talk to you. Send out emails asking for an interview with some leaders in your industry, and post the interviews on your website. The name recognition will boost your credibility and increase traffic to your website, as well as the interviewee will probably share the content too.



More people attend digital marketing, run a website, have a virtual store, and make money online. Setting up a website or starting a blog is not a matter of concern for most people; the fact is how they can drive traffic to their digital destination. The most crucial thing is how to get visitors to your website. Here we provided you with 23 proven free ways to drive traffic to your website.

I trust you enjoyed this blog post about 23 Proven Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website. Please stay tuned for more articles like this to come. Take care!




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