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The Beginners’ Guide To Kartra


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Introduction To The Beginners Guide To Kartra

As digital marketing is developing, users are taking steps towards a better and faster way to enhance their business. Kartra is a well-known name in this field, but what is it really? Funnel? Affiliate? Karta is an all-in-one marketing platform. Karta is a powerful competitor for its equivalents.

Joining Kartra is like diving into a new world. If you are looking to know how to join Kartra here, we discuss the complete guide of Kartra, so you are at the right place. There are awesome features included in this platform that can be a bit scary to use for you as a beginner, but you will realize how easy Kartra is. Let’s get to know Kartra better first!

What Is Kartra?

Kartra is a shopping cart system. Beyond that, it is an email marketing, list building, web hosting, and business management platform for online entrepreneurs who want to sell their products and services. It changes to various platforms because it takes the entire bundle approach.

It demonstrates that Kartra merges your arrival points, online courses, sales pages, participation locales, email framework, and installments. When using Kartra, you do not have to interchange between several platforms because it serves various capacities.

The Kartra platform, other than being well-organized, provides helpful tips for beginners. Kartra’s final goal is to set up your products in an online store, so your customers can have access to them, and then your online sales will improve quickly. The services and products for an online store can include clothes, gardening equipment, tutoring services, fitness coaching, and whatever else you can think of.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Kartra

  • Having the whole framework in one place so it is simpler to manage your business.
  • The online store’s owner can learn about the customer purpose that they are dealing with it. It can be in email groups or for another participation purpose.
  • It is simpler to track your marketing aims because the whole frameworks of your online business, such as select structures, recordings, courses, greeting pages, and payments, are across the board place.
  • If you are a beginner or do not have a functioning email list, you will struggle to fit in and waste money.
  • Some individuals who do not have a functioning email or strategy for using Kartra to make sales put resources into Kartra.
  • In the lack of unmistakable technique to sell your products or without traffic, it is better to concentrate on creating traffic first.


How To Use Kartra? Getting Started

You don't know how to use Kartra? This is a step-by-step guide on how to use Kartra. First, you need to log in or sign in to Kartra. You will then see an empty, clean layout. There is a navigation bar right there on the left side.

Several various modules are in the middle, as you can see, that will follow and record your sales and subscriptions. These modules will also follow your traffic and conversation. There is a help desk that customers can reach you at. Here you can encourage them to shop further. There is a profile button to access the uppermost top right next to the alerts section and contact number.


Kartra Beginners Guide


Now, let’s dig into the method and exact procedure on how to build and develop an initial funnel with more details, in only five easy steps as follows:

Step 1 – Creating And Developing Your Profile

You need to create and develop a profile for yourself in the first place. Do it by clicking on the profile button. As mentioned above, the profile button is in the top right corner. When you hit the button, you will have access to your personal page. Here you can upload a photo for your profile. Scroll down and fill out the security questions boxes. Do all the simple tasks that you probably have done on many profile pages before.

Step 2 – Create Your Customer List

The second step to set up your online store is to create your own customer list. Click on Campaigns in the left blue section. Making a customer list is going to be your official entry to becoming part of an online business.

You don't know how to make a list? Do not worry. There is an info section in a pale yellow box at the top of the convenient page and explains how to do that.

You will get to know how to categorize your list into customer base or customer leads as easy-to-access groups.

You can start with three lists for your business, for instance:

  • one list for your prior customers who already have purchased your products.
  • one list for expected customers who have looked into your products.
  • and one list for email subscribers who want to receive updates about your products or services.


Kartra - Make Your Customer List

Step 3 – Set Up Your Kartra Payment System

In this step, you will integrate your Kartra with a payment system so clients can easily and trouble-free pay you for your products and services. However, you are not going to make any money in this step.


Kartra - Get Yourself Paid


It is also possible to integrate Kartra with other types of platforms, like SMS and memberships. In this step, you just set up the system so you can get paid in the future.

You will need to have a business account in the platform you want to integrate. For instance, if you have a personal PayPal account, you will not integrate it until you go into PayPal and upgrade it to a verified business account.

Step 4 – Put Your Products On Kartra.

Regardless of what kind of services or products you are selling, from coaching courses to producing handy crafts, it is essential that you integrate and create it accordingly into the Kartra system. Click the “My Products” in the blue sidebar located on the left. Then hit the green colour plus icon to add your product. You should follow a series of steps in Kartra to put your product or service on a virtual page.

You require selecting an internal name and an official name, as well as a short description for your product in the basic info section. To proceed to the next step, hit the confirm button on the top right of the configuration screen.

If you feel unsure about any step, like your product landing page URL, for instance, you can return whenever you wish and configure it later.




When you have done, you will receive a great congrats bar, along with an HTML code. Add this code to the part of your product’s main landing page. This enables Kartra to count single visitors, calculate conversion rates, etc.

Step 5 – Opt For An Opt-In Form

You should collect your customers' information with opt-in forms to attract leads. Karta will help you to create these forms. The Kartra platform is full of numerous newly created templates. Users can utilize those templates to create a form. You should put these forms on your marketing websites, regardless of where your website is hosted, whether by Kartra or other platforms.

An opt-in form enables possible customers to subscribe to your mailing list or contact you for your services and products. Click on My Campaigns in the blue sidebar, hit the Campaigns in the top navigation, then pick Forms in the sub-navigation.




You should select your form fields. It can be only a name and email, or if you want to add a city and phone number too. When you configure your opt-in form, you can change and edit it whenever you want.

Kartra Features

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing software for everything you need. The Kartra features with the starter price are listed below:


The Kartra platform is full of secure and safe checkout forms. It enables you to make and process your credit card payments and also cash payments.


There are drag and drop page builders in Kartra. It has numerous user-friendly and professionally designed templates. These templates are totally responsive.


Kartra enables and permits you to build your leads. You can easily keep track of your prospectus and also customer information.

Funnels and Campaigns

You can make a multi-page funnel flow for your business on this platform. This approach immediately converts your visitors into leads and transforms them into customers and eventually into recurring buyers.


Through this feature, you can make automated email/SMS marketing campaigns.


With Kartra professionally designed, drag and drop membership portal builder, you can deliver your content, course, or training material.

Help Desk

Through this feature, customers can access you. It is accompanied by support ticketing and live chat. The help desk feature is fully integrated with Kratra’s checkouts, to the playlists and much more.


You can use this feature to organize your scheduled sessions with any of your clients and customers.


Lead capture forms. Using this feature enables you to make forms that are designed with powerful
tagging properties.

So What Difference Does It Make When You Use Kartra?

Your online store needs many different approaches that must be linked together, often leading to unwanted results. It is really bothering if the checkout page does not automatically add new customers to the mailing list. The help desk portal may not connect with the contacts database. Or the membership site will not be automatically updated when a user requests refund payments, etc. All separated sections of Kartra are linked together, so they easily communicate without each other and herewith configuring an integration.

The tracking is global, so this means that Kartra is marked and identified as an all-in-one ecosystem. It is exclusive and only one platform that can make your virtual store a hit. There is a support team and also one single point of contact for instant communication. So what is this platform’s particular strength? The Kartra platform is equally geared and fits beginner-level users who have no experience and seasoned users.


Kartra is a shopping cart system. Beyond that, it is an email marketing, list building, web hosting, and business management platform for online entrepreneurs who want to sell their products and services. It changes to various platforms because it takes the entire bundle approach.

Kartra is a famous and trustworthy online marketing platform. It teaches you the essential marketing tactics and sales tools. You can grow your business efficiently, effectively as well as profitably with minimal effort by using Kartra.

I trust you enjoyed this blog post about Kartra. Please stay tuned for more articles like this to come. Take care!




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