12 Best Social Media Content Ideas to Increase Engagement

12 Best Social Media Content Ideas To Increase Engagement

Best Social Media Content Ideas To Increase Engagement

12 Best Social Media Content Ideas to Increase Engagement

Nowadays, strategies for running a successful business have dramatically changed. Everything you do is primarily related to what you do on the internet. Not many years ago, only companies that dealt with buying and selling were hugely affected by the internet.

However, even educational and recreational businesses were greatly influenced by social media and the virtual world over the years. And, we understood the power of the online world during the COVID-19 pandemic more effectively. At some point, we realized that it seems impossible to do business if you don't have an online presence.

Yes, and this was to first step toward various ways of making money. Social media are considered the most engaging tools for both customers and business people in this context. To put it simply, social media platforms are virtual places where people get together, share and discuss their ideas, and might get the latest news.


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More importantly, Social media platforms are places for doing business. And, don't get me wrong! Business can be anything from

  • buying or selling online
  • ordering food to
  • participate in an online class or
  • holding a crucial meeting.

So, regardless of your business, you should know how to use social media to increase your benefits. Here, in this article, we will talk about the best social media content ideas to increase engagement. But, this is a very vital question to start our essay with: why does content matter so much? Let's find out.

What Is Social Media Content?

Let me explain this by an example. Imagine that you are selling digital products such as TV, cell-phone, Radio, etc., online. So, you create your online store pages on different social platforms and expect people to come and buy from you. The first thing you should be worried about is getting found by internet visitors. I mean that no one cares if you are selling the most professional products at the most reasonable prices.

Before the quality and prices of your products, people must be able to find you online. How? Well, the answer is easy! Through content. This is how you get famous on social platforms. This content doesn't have originally commercial purposes. They are there to let people you exist on online platforms. They might get interested in the content you are creating and start visiting your page. If your content is exciting enough, you have a high chance of selling your products to lots of them. Content is very diverse! Let's see how many types of them are there.

How Many Types Of Social Media Content Are Out There?

How Many Types Of Social Media Content Are Out There?

Let me ask you a question. When you visit a page on social platforms, what can you see? Probably, videos, infographics, written posts, etc., right? These are different contents with different engagement rates for different purposes. In fact, there are 12 types of content including:

  1. Written posts
  2. eBooks
  3. Links to external content
  4. Images
  5. Videos
  6. Video stories
  7. Live videos
  8. Infographics
  9. Testimonials and reviews
  10. Announcements
  11. Contests
  12. Holidays

Now, let's review each of them and explain how they can help you boost your engagement and benefit in a short period.

 1. Written Posts

This is one of the most classical types of content and probably the simplest one. Generally, these contents are not designed for the public and occasional visitors because reading something seems a bit boring for them. However, written posts are really welcomed by professionals or people who are looking for evaluating your business very carefully.

You can use written posts to introduce your company and provide vital information about it, something which makes everyone sure that you are running a trustable organization. You can write nice and short paragraphs about the history of your business or provide customers with different aspects of it.

As we said, most people get bored by written posts quickly so why we should bother ourselves creating such content? Well, for some purposes, written posts are the best. For example, if somebody is trying to buy a digital camera online and doesn't have enough information about the key parameters in buying one, he/she can get it from you and hopefully buy from you! You can create this content by yourself. However, you can hire others to do it for you. You might think it is an easy task but it is not.


2. eBooks

don't think of an eBook as something very hard to create. eBooks can be easily created by business owners if they have tried hard to create written posts consistently over a long period. For example, over the last few years, you have been creating content about comparing different clothing brands, right?

Now, you want to give it to your customers as a pack. That is called an eBook. You gather all the written contents you have created and polish them a little bit to make them more professional. Not all people have enough time to read eBooks but having them on your website is a good indicator of your passion for your business.

For example, you are an online English teacher who teaches online. You have a website to advertise yourself and create necessary information for your students. After nearly three years, you will realize that you have created…let say…400 written posts about the most common grammatical mistakes. Now, you can put them together to create a valuable source for your students. You can even sell it to them.

Links To External Content

3. Links To External Content

You don't know exactly how deep the customer will read your content, right? So, you have to think about that. For example, if you decide to have very simple content trying to explain something with having the lowest number of technical words. Well, it is good because many people will understand.

However, perhaps, experts and more interested people want to learn more. How can you satisfy them? It is easy! Introduce links to external content. For example, when you are giving details about a product, you might need to use some technical words. The best way is to put links for people who are looking for the definition of those words. Also, introducing external links is another good way to generate leads if that link is yours.

You can talk about products that you are selling in your content. Then, you can put links to your online store where people can go and buy them. In a way, you are advertising yourself. Be careful, don't put too many or very few links in your content. In this way, your visitors might think of you as someone messy and without any plans. Also, be careful about the links you are sharing. They might belong to your competitors on the internet.


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 4. Images

There is no doubt that using images will be definitely a great help for your business. The engagement rate associated with images is higher than written content because you can get the main idea of it in just a few seconds so they are not time-consuming at all.

Studies show that the combination of written posts and images can greatly influence the time people spend reading or checking your content. However, some issues need to be considered first. First of all, Google is a great source for finding images related to your business.

However, by using these images without their designers' permission, you are violating the laws. Also, customers don't feel OK if they realize that you are just copying other websites' images. If you could learn how to design professional images or hire somebody to do it for you, it will have a great impact on your impressions and sales.

Thanks to smartphones and lots of tutorial videos, you can easily learn professional photography. Just like every other type of content, originality in images makes your customers consider you as somebody who is taking care of them.


5. Videos

You probably know this but videos are the most engaging content on the internet. part of it is that humans are visual animals by their nature. It means a motion picture, or as we call it a video, is much more appealing than focusing on lines and lines of words.

With videos, your eyes and ears will be focused and that's why you don't get confused or bored as frequently as when you are reading something. All social platforms have great capacity in producing exciting short and long videos with lots of effects to make them as unique as possible.

The topics of videos are also very different. For example, tutorial videos are among the most common ones when experts show people how something is done.

There is a catch here though. Social platforms are mainly free which means everyone can create videos. It tells that your video contents must be the best of the best if you want them to be circulated the word. Funny games, jokes, pranks, etc. are some other popular topics.

 6. Video Stories

Instagram is one of the leading social platforms concerning visual content such as images and videos. The feature Story is another engaging content you can exploit to adsorb more visitors. Stories can be all types of content or a combination of several of them. However, Stories last only 24 hours and then disappear.

So, they create a sense of emergence and make people visit your page more often. Advertising new products, announcing events, or celebrating something are some of the purposes of sharing stories with others. You can do all sorts of other things with Stories to increase your engagement rate by mentioning or tagging others.

Live Videos

7. Live Videos

Social platforms give you the chance to communicate with your customers directly. They can just send you messages and get an answer instantly. However, Live videos are awesome for this purpose. Imagine that you are the manager of a new business that is yet to be trusted by customers.

So, you have to assure them that your business is a reliable one. A short Live Video can greatly help you in that direction. How? When you are recording Live Videos, people can see you as what you truly are. They might trust you better if you show them a bit of your personality.

If they see you as someone who is not only looking for their pockets, they will come around and buy from you. In addition to one-to-one communication happening in Live Videos, you can use them to introduce your business, show your new products, explain some of the most frequent questions, etc.

 8. Infographics

We have already said that visual contents are much more appreciated by the audience, right? At the same time, they want to get lots of information in the shortest amount of time. In this case, infographics will satisfy them completely.

An infographic is basically a professionally designed poster with images, numbers, and very short sentences to convey some ideas and statistics about something as quickly as possible. For example, if you are selling digital currencies to people, a very simple figure showing how these currencies have become more and more valuable over the last decade will greatly intrigue them to buy for themselves.

>>>Please click here to find out how to create infographics<<<

Testimonials And Reviews

9. Testimonials And Reviews

Testimonials and reviews are similar to written content but with a very big difference. The difference is that you don't write them, other people will write about you. For example, you have produced a new product and many people are buying and using it.

Naturally, many will start sharing their experience with your product. If your product is good enough, you will get lots of positive reviews with, of course, a few negative ones. Then, you can refer to those positive reviews and put them somewhere on your platform so new customers see and get intrigued to buy from you. Another content that matters from the perspective of the customers is a positive testimonial.

What are they? For example, you buy a camera online and are fully satisfied with everything about it. Then, the company will politely ask you to write about your nice experience so they could share it with others. the more positive testimonials and reviews are; the more people trust your products. So, always check up on reviewing the website and highlight the positive ones.

 10. Announcements

Content can be used for introducing something new. It could be a product, celebration party, change of working hours, and basically whatever customers need to know as fast as possible. Announcements let you share important news with your customers first so you could observe their reactions. Written posts, images, and videos are all useful here.

 11. Contests

This is an exciting one! You can excite people by asking them to play and get rewarded. For example, you will design a 10-question online questionnaire and invite everybody to participate. You can put a link with direct people to your website and enter the game. You will make it as interactive as possible so customers feel they are experiencing something unique and extraordinary.


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12. Holidays

What's so important about holidays? Each of them comes with a specific tradition and customs, right? For Christmas, you should buy new clothes and toys for children. For Valentine's day, you should buy lots of romantic items with chocolate and a Teddy bear. Why not use that opportunity to sell more? You can create professional visual content about holidays and simply introduce a link to your online store when people find lots of items related to that special occasion.

Each of these contents can be verified to a large degree. So, the only thing you need to have is pure imagination. With that, you will be able to come with original content and build your page. Here, I am going to be a bit more focused and propose some nice ideas coming for all those abovementioned contents.

Share Other People's Contents

I know! Social platforms are highly competitive and you don't want to intentionally advertise for your competitors, right? But networking should be always taken care of. Consider sharing other people's content from time to time. When you build relationships with people in your niche, you are naturally networking with them because they will share your content as well. For example, you will share their videos and advertise for your new products. This giving and taking is a normal part of every business, online marketing included.

Make Your Customers Feel Engaged

Your content must be intriguing, controversial, and full of challenges so that people start getting engaged. To do so, you have to see what are the most exciting topics in your niche. For example, if you are selling soccer sneakers on your page, a question like “who do you like the best, Ronaldo? Or Messy?” will keep your customers engaged for hours! Or, if you are teaching English through your social media platforms, put a Story and ask your students to say what the most difficult part of English is for them. Don't just post something just because of sending something daily.

Don't Forget About Green Content!

Don't Forget About Green Content!

What are green contents? Let me explain. Some contents are always useful. For example, if you make tutorial videos, they don't get old even years after their production. So, green content is welcomed by the public and you should have them according to your business. For example, grammar in English doesn't change, right?

Why not create videos and learn practical grammatical points? These videos have their viewers even after several years. Or, there is a lot of stuff that you can do at home by yourself in order not to ask somebody to do it for you and receives lots of money. Checking your car's engine, painting your house, fixing a broken home appliance, etc. are some of the topics which you can choose and create content about.

Add Relevant Hashtags (#) To Your Posts

Add Relevant Hashtags (#) To Your Posts

One of the most important aspects of your social pages' visibility is being found by the customers. For example, I might need spearfish for my holiday and want to buy one from Instagram. Even though you are selling the most exquisite pieces of equipment, nobody buys until they discover your presence.

Hashtags are there to help you with this. So, whenever you post something, think carefully and choose related hashtags. People search on social media by hashtags. So, they will find you faster if you use them wisely. For example, Valentine's day is near and you want to sell! This is a combination of very helpful hashtags for captioning under your posts: #Teddy_bear, #happy_valentine, #best_gift_for_valentine, etc.

 Post Wisely

I have seen lots of people who just leave your page when they realize you are bombarding them with posts! Not too much, Not very few! You have to determine one for all that how many posts you will send every day. Supported by analytical tools, you probably know what time of the day is the busiest one in terms of your visitors' presence.

So, post in only those periods and leave your customers alone for the rest of the day. Don't rush into anything because it makes everything worse. If your business is new, don't spend too many posts because very soon you will be super busy and don't have time for it and your customers don't like to see these fluctuations in you.

Responding to All Comments, appreciating when people give you likes, chatting with interested followers, mentioning your loyal followers, organizing a giveaway, etc. are some other ways of creating content and increasing your chance of getting visited by more customers. As you can see, every saying “thank you” to someone who gave you alike is, by definition, a piece of content.



In digital marketing, contents are the most important tools people have to increase their engagement and expand their business. In this article, we introduced 12 different types of content to make you able to increase your engagement. As we mentioned several times, the time and passion you put into crease original and exciting content can be easily noticed by your visitors and might persuade them to get close to you. Perhaps, they become the most loyal customers of your business. So, don't miss any chance!

I trust you enjoyed this article about the 12 Best Social Media Content Ideas To Increase Engagement. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!



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