Tailwind Review

Tailwind Review

Tailwind Review

Tailwind Review

Let me kick off this article by asking several simple questions! What is your profession? Are you running a business? How do you advertise yourself? Do you have social accounts to get visibility? What are other ways of online presence?

No matter what your job is, you have a bond with the internet anyway, don’t you? Whether you are a school teacher, cook, sports coach, guitarist, etc., you have to be online in order to keep your business running. We have felt this more than anybody, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.


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People had to participate in online classes, go shopping online, visit their doctor online, and basically do many ordinary tasks online. That's why social platforms became so popular and important. Social platforms let you create social accounts freely and expand your businesses.

These platforms are equipped with the most exciting features where you can express yourself in many different ways. You can post text, images, or videos. Also, you can share content with other users and reply to their comments and likes. Most social media have visual nature and that's the key to their success because humans by their nature are visual animals.

However, there is always a catch here. Although social media are very popular and engaging, they are extremely competitive. Why? Because everybody can have several accounts and get engaged without paying any money. So, you should be the best if you want to dominate social platforms. For example, you have to spend lots of money producing original content or generating new images.

Otherwise, people will consider you as a dishonest person who just copies and pastes others' content and benefit from it without giving any right to the original designer. Also, as the number of your followers and your impressions start getting higher and higher, you cannot handle the situation very well. So, is there any alternative for that? Can we use something other than social platforms? Yes, you can! you can start your website.

A website gives you a place where you can advertise and expand your business. So, in this article, we are going to talk about an amazing framework that lets you design your website as professionally as possible. Before talking about this great framework, you should know why it is sometimes better to have a website rather than several social accounts.

How Do Websites Help Businesses?

How Do Websites Help Businesses?

You might say that social accounts are much better because they are free. you might not want to spend your money on running a website when you can use it for something else. However, there are many reasons which show having a website under circumstances can greatly boost your business. Let's review some of them:

An Expectation From Your Customers

An Expectation From Your Customers

As a matter of fact, websites are more reliable than social accounts. Statistics have shown that customers usually prefer companies that have an official website on the internet. They can go there and check out everything including the address, phone numbers, and other relevant information. Although all this information can be found on social accounts as well, customers believe them better on the website.

Saving Customers And You Time

People don’t like to come out just for the sake of buying these days. With a reliable website, customers can sit and get relaxed at home and purchase whatever they want. Again, buying online is possible through social accounts but with more complexity and less safety.


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Being Available To Help Your Customers

You cannot predict when a random visitor decides to come and check out your website. So, you have to be prepared for all sorts of questions. If they are treated well, you are more likely to sell your products to them. As you might know, trust is the most important element in doing business. When you answer a query from a random visitor, they feel appreciated and want to become your loyal customers.

Demonstrating Your Offerings

You can introduce new products in a nice pdf catalogue. You just need to put a link to these catalogues so that your website's visitors can get the latest news from your company. Also, customers want to make sure that other customers who have already bought something from you feel OK with their products. Testimonials can be added here for this purpose. In a way, with all your offerings and other content, you have to make the new customer want to stay more. Eventually, they will start buying from you.

Increasing The Credibility Of Your Business

Increasing The Credibility Of Your Business

For starters, although it has been proven that websites act much more successfully than social accounts in some businesses, only a small number of companies have a website. The main reason why they avoid having one is being afraid of the cost of running a website. Of course, there is some extra cash you have to spend on a website. However, if you look at it in the long-term, you are a winner because a website separates you from all those millions of businesses without any.

Establishing An Online Presence

Establishing An Online Presence

Having a website is the first step in establishing your brand. After that, each time you post an article and others start sharing it, you are gaining more visibility. Gradually, your brand will be established by doing simple tricks. For example, every time you post something, but the logo of your business is next to it. Or, produce green content which may stay on the internet for years.

FAQs Will Free You Up!

You know, it is good to sit down and answer all the questions raised by visitors. Unfortunately, you usually don’t get the chance to do so because of all the limitations around you. So, there should be something to do about it. Each website has a section called frequently asked questions which organizes all the questions from visitors and answers to them in groups. Visitors can first check out these questions and ask later if the questions weren’t there.

Making your customers more aware, getting referrals including discounts, offers, or free services, creating a new customer base, having professional email for easy communication, building relationship with your customers, sending contact information database and updates, beating your competition, and boosting your sales are some other benefits of running a website for your business.

Where Does Tailwind CSS Come Into The Picture?

Well, we said websites are great, right? The next question is that whether possible to have one without paying or hiring others to do it for us? Can be learned by normal people? If you want to learn, you have to try Tailwind which we are going to talk about it.

What Is Tailwind CSS?

What Is Tailwind CSS?

let me start with two not impressive news about Tailwind. First of all, it is not free! So, you have to pay to use it. Second of all, the learning curve could take a while as you need to learn lots of new stuff. When you understand who to work with it, you will realize that you have done such a nice investment. I don’t want to make things unnecessarily complicated. So, we are going from the simplest concepts. Well, Tailwind is a CSS framework. So, what does this mean? What is a CSS framework? Let's answer this first.

What Is A CSS Framework?

What Is A CSS Framework?

User Interface developers use CSS frameworks as tools to do things more conveniently. Frameworks let developers spin up user interfaces when a new project comes along. In this way, user interfaces are not required to be designed each time a new project is going to be done. With just tweaks, UI will be ready to be used.

CSS frameworks are practical when teams have many members. These frameworks also give a theme to the developer which can be revised according to the given project. One negative point about CSS frameworks is that they are often complicated and not welcomed by amateur users. This is due to all those buzzwords and descriptions associated with the frameworks. It is always hard to pick the right framework to start with. Here is some more information about CSS frameworks in the simplest terms:

  • CSS framework lets users do web design using the cascading style sheets language.
  • JavaScript frameworks are also very popular among users, right? So, what is the difference between CSS and JavaScript frameworks? Well, first of all, most CSS frameworks have at least a grid. Also, they are mainly design-oriented and focused on interactive user interface patterns.
  • Different modules and tools are offered by CSS frameworks as follows: grid especially for responsive web design, web typography, set of icons in sprites, styling for tooltips, buttons, elements of forms, part of graphical user interfaces, and equalizer to create equal height content.

Getting Deep Into Tailwind

Getting Deep Into Tailwind

Let me start with an example. For creating an application, you need many different styles, right? Tailwind has all these styles available for you. To understand Tailwind, you have to figure out what approaches Tailwind has to let you create an application. Tailwind's API is a collection of CSS class names.

The methodology that Tailwind uses is called atomic CSS or utility CSS. So, it works like this: for every specific style that you might use for a page, there is a specific Tailwind class name. On its website, you can see that Tailwind has classes like flex, pt-4, text-center, and rotate-90. One of the things that you might have difficulties with is learning all these class names.

On the Tailwind website, you will find core concepts and customization which boost your ability to design or redesign any application. In core concepts, you will have utility-first, responsive design, Hover, Focus, & other states, dark mode, adding base styles, extracting components, adding new utilities, functions & directives. In customization, you will have configuration, just-in-time model, theme configuration, breakpoints, customizing colours, customizing spacing, configuring variants, plugins, and presets.

So, we can say that Tailwind CSS is a Utility-First CSS framework for rapid UI development. It has several single-purpose utility classes which are there to control things like font size, font colour, borders, paddings, and margins. It is different from Bootstrap which means, in contrast to Bootstrap, it doesn’t have predefined components. Therefore, cards and nav bars are not available on Tailwind CSS. Instead, single utility classes are used to build a website from the scratch.

The good thing is that you are not limited to any style. Everything that you need is added and everything you don’t like will be cast out. Therefore, these custom components are easily made even if the learning curve is a bit steep and it takes time to set it up initially. That's one each piece must be added one at a time.

Why Tailwind Is Better Than Bootstrap?

Why Tailwind Is Better Than Bootstrap?

Tailwind and Bootstrap are both CSS frameworks. However, many people prefer to use Tailwind. Why is it the case? Well, let's dig into it. The first reason is that Bootstrap is not genuinely a CSS framework. In fact, it is a hybrid between a CSS framework and a component library. In the beginning, it was more of a component library but started to act like a CSS framework later.

However, currently, thanks to their huge array of CSS utility files, it seems that they are moving toward being a CSS framework. And, let me talk about another contrast between Tailwind and Bootstrap CSS frameworks. When you use Bootstrap components you are basically using a component basis. Buttons, dropdowns, navbars. These are individual things you are using from Bootstrap.

However, with Tailwind, you are thinking about spacing (how far away should things be from each other), colours, box-sizing, z-index, etc. So, with Tailwind, you have much more flexibility and control over what your application looks like. For example, with Tailwind, you have to design everything by yourself which is not the case for Bootstrap.

Every detail of components of your application can be exquisitely designed by you. Another interesting benefit of Tailwind is Taylon's approach with preflight which is that it stripes most styles by default so that every browser that you see tailored in has the same baseline which is nothing at all.

Top CSS Frameworks To Check Out

Top CSS Frameworks To Check Out

In addition to Tailwind, some other platforms are using CSS frameworks. Let's have a look. As we said earlier, Tailwind CSS is a more modern way of building a website for your business. With Tailwind CSS you don’t have to leave HTML editor.

Everything is doable there. You just need to work on the codes so you get the design you want to have on your website. everything such as colour, size, font, position, etc. is easily changed through Tailwind CSS. Another CSS framework is called Bootstrap. This is also one of the most popular CSS frameworks. It is great in terms of the documentation meaning to say that everything is laid out neatly.

They have simple templates for you in which you can easily copy and paste. They have also example pieces of content that you can select and implement directly. The next one is Google material design. You can use Google for UI and then design different components and UI elements such as ripple effect. Bulma is another modern CSS framework that works perfectly. It is just plain CSS and you don’t need to have JavaScript. There are many premade components and styles ready to be used. Foundation is the next CSS framework I am going to introduce.


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The front-end framework is a bit more advanced than the previously mentioned frameworks. It focuses on compatibility and works for both email and websites. They have two different sections for sites and emails. Four elements make Foundation unique and species. Firstly, they have a semantic approach. Secondly, they have prioritized cellphones over laptops or PCs. Their blocks are completely customizable. And finally, their design looks very professional.

Another framework is Semantic UI. It is one of the best options when it comes to company organization. Most companies are using semantic UI because it gives you features which you need in a company or office. You can have an admin tool, administrative section, etc. the documentation is also very easy to follow.

What's next? It is called Pure.CSS. what does make this framework unique compared to other frameworks? First of all, it has a very small footprint. The grip is also different from other frameworks. You can have 5 or 20 units. The last framework I am going to talk about is UIKit. Generally, they have a bit more specific codes.

What Do People Say About Tailwind?

What Do People Say About Tailwind?

Now, we are going to check out what internet users are saying about Tailwind CSS. Tailwind CSS has received very positive reviews on producthunt.com. Its score is 4.7 out of 5.

One of the users, Matt Stauffer, is a partner & technical director. He has used Tailwind CSS to redesign his site. He is interested in utility classes for years and he has found Tailwind as the best of the bunch. He then explains what Tailwind can do for you. he says it is both a utility framework and very configurable. Also, he enjoys the fact that Tailwind is a pretty modern platform. He considers the simplicity of Tailwind as its pros.

move on you Daniel Li who is a full-stack JavaScript developer. He talks about the separation between structure (HTML), styles (CSS), and interactions (JS). He thinks that when you embed these classes into HTML, you will basically try the style into the structure. This makes your website more professional. That's what Tailwind can do for you. Also, he considers it less opinionated than Bootstrap and it is also much more flexible.

Another review comes from Max Pshenichnikov who is an Indie developer making business apps says Tailwind is the best choice if you are designing your screens and coding them simultaneously and alone. Also, with respect to its negative impacts, he says that sometimes your templates look a bit messy. But he mentions that it is fine since you have no stylesheet files which are usually messy anyway.

Also, Zoltan Flamis who is a web app writer believed that it is very comfortable and easy to design for all back-end developers out there. He says Tailwind is a better way to use CSS compared to other similar products.

Another website that gives reviews about platforms like Tailwind CSS is stackshare.io. On the website, there are some pros of Tailwind CSS including: highly customizability, versatility, consistency, sematic, quick setup, great documentation, customizability, very light, utility first styles, fast, open-source, and responsive. Some users have also commented on Tailwind CSS.

Babak Khademi who is a frontend developer at freelance says Tailwind is the fastest developing US CSS framework coupled with angular material. Another guy named Syed Khadir wants to redesign his application which is now based on Bootstrap. However, he has planned to use Tailwind CSS to do so.

Tailwind YouTube Page

Another advantage of Tailwind is that they are pretty active on social media. For example, they have a nice and active page on YouTube with nearly 38000 subscribers. Their videos have been categorized into three classes including Tailwind CSS: From zero to production, What's new in tailwind CSS?, and Tailwind talk. For example, in the second class, they take a quick look at some of the new exciting features added to Tailwind CSS. Their last video is the announcement of Tailwind CSS v2.0 explaining all its new features.


Running a website is one of the most essential parts of your business. In addition to having several social accounts, if you have a website, you can separate yourself from millions of others that don’t have one. People often think that it is hard to run a website or perhaps very expensive.

However, there are many platforms on which you can design your website easily. Tailwind CSS is one of the most famous platforms which allows you to build your website from the scratch. Here, we introduced the platform and explained some of its features.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the Tailwind Review. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!



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