7 Best Strategies To Make Content Go Viral

7 Best Strategies To Make Content Go Viral

7 Best Strategies For Making Your Content Go Viral

7 Best Strategies To Make Content Go Viral

A big part of today's economy is based on all the financial trades happening on social networking websites and other social platforms. All tasks which need to be taken care of in order to achieve profit from businesses can be done on the social networking website. If you want to buy or sell online, advertise your brand, get popularity, communicate with your customers, adsorb new ones, manage your international offices, you shouldn’t be worried about anything. All of them can be easily done as long as you are part of that vast social network platform.


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Sometimes, you open your social apps and start wondering why there are millions of content being published every day. What's the point? Why are we constantly adding content? Are they just for the sake of getting information to people? Or, there is a more vital role they can play. Believe it or not, the power of the content in your business, is, sometimes, more crucial than the quality of your products or services. Asking why? Let me explain how it is even possible.

The importance of content relies on the fact that customers are feeding on them. They might not be necessarily the primary goal of customers but they definitely make a difference in your income. Perhaps, you would say the mentioned fact only applies to businesses that produce products. However, this is not true. Every business, regardless of its nature, can benefit from producing professional content.

Here is the example I wanted to talk about. Imagine that you are very good at photography and you have plans to teach it. You open your social page on Instagram or YouTube, or other platforms and expect people to come and register for your classes. Now, how content is going to help you? Well, you start posting amazing and professional images of your work on a daily basis. People will see and get interested in them. As it goes, the number of people who are interested in photography will be increased.

This means your target audience is noticing you and you are getting online visibility. The more professional content (images in your case) you post; the more popular you become as a professional photographer. From there, people start asking you questions like “do you have online classes?” or “can I learn photography with you”. And, this is what you have been waiting for, haven’t you? If you are a good teacher, you can be sure that your business is going to be a success.

So, you can adopt the same rule for all other businesses. For a teacher, his/her educational content is the key. What about a dancer? his/her dancing videos. What about an author? His/her written texts. So, in this article, we are going to first explore what content is and what best strategies for making your content go viral are. Let's get started with a simple definition of content.

What Is Content

What Is Content?

Content is simply whatever you are sharing with your audience. The topics and types of your content greatly depend on your business and the goals you are trying to reach by posting them. It doesn’t matter what your platform is. You might have a website, blog, or social page. You can have content in all of them. Written texts, videos, images, and a combination of texts, videos, or images can be considered as content.

Why Is Content Important For Your Business

Why Is Content Important For Your Business?

You might have already guessed why content is very crucial to your business. However, I am going to list them for your convenience.

Content Helps You In Conversion

Content Helps You In Conversion

What is conversion? Here is a simplified version of conversion. For example, during the last 24 hours, 5000 people have visited your online store. However, only 300 of them made a purchase and actually bought something from your store. It basically says the more visitors you have, the more sales you are going to make. If you have 10,000 visitors, 600 individuals would buy from you! In conversion, you will try to advertise your business so that instead of 300 out of 5000, 1000 people make the purchase.

Content is the key player here. Studies have shown that professional and appealing content always leads to more sales. You might disagree with me and say that the quality of the product or service is more important. However, I would argue differently. Imagine you and your competitor are trying to sell the same LED TV model from the same brand.

Then, shockingly, you will sell, let's say, 20 TVs per month but your competitor 50 TVs. Why? It is because of their original and powerful content. Then, you will check their online store and realize that your competitor has a blogging website about different types of TVs with amazing images and texts associated with all types of LED TVs. Yes, content can do magic!

Content Helps You Gain Online Visibility

Content Helps You Gain Online Visibility

Again, in addition to the high quality of your products or services in your business, you need popularity too. Your audience should be able to recognize the logo of your business. Let me give you another example from another business. Imagine that your company is producing software and applications for cellphones, computers, and laptops. One of the best types of content for your business is tutorial videos.


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Tutorial videos are usually designed in order to learn something step by step so that non-professionals could understand. In your business, many people are searching for tutorial videos. So, if you start producing too many of them, sooner or later, people will recognize you. A very efficient way to let people get familiar with your brand is to put the logo or the address to your website in the tutorial videos.

Content Helps You Generate Leads From Everywhere

Content Helps You Generate Leads From Everywhere

Earlier we said that conversion is very important to your business. However, you might not get enough impressions on your website. you can create lots of content and post them not only on your website, but also everywhere else such as social networking websites.

In this way, people might not have any information about your business website. But, you can put the link to your website under all your content on your social pages. Or, you can send an email with very nice content and then encourage them to click the link to your website. Basically, wherever there is a trace from your content, you can introduce your business and ask people to join.

Content Helps You Become A More Knowledgeable Person In Your Business

Content Helps You Become A More Knowledgeable Person In Your Business

There is a misunderstanding among businesses. They think creating content is an easy task and everyone can produce them. Also, some others have a not honest strategy of copying other people's content and pasting them on their social platforms. However, you should think that way at all. Not only because it is not professional to do so, but it doesn’t help you to become of more prestigious businessman either.

Let me explain. One of the most important features of your content is originality. I mean they should be yours not from other people. So, if you want to produce original content, you have to start reading books, talking to other professionals in the field, gaining information, etc. all these tasks, by themselves, are very important to your personal growth. So, by producing original content, you can grow the popularity of your brand and improve your own business personality at the same time.

How Many Types Of Content Do We Have

How Many Types Of Content Do We Have?

This is another question you have to ask yourself. How can I create exciting and appealing content? The key to your success is diversity. I mean, you have to make the nature and type of the content as much diversity as possible. What do I mean by the nature of the content?

I mean you should not just stick to, for example, written posts. You have to have images, infographics, videos, GIFs, or a combination of several of them. By type, I mean the topic. You should not just focus on a narrow topic. Instead, you need to bring too many related topics so you can have a better chance of adsorbing new visitors.

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What Is Viral Content

What Is Viral Content?

Now, we are getting closer to the main topic of this article. Sometimes, after you start your day in the morning, you are coming across a piece of content everywhere. For example, you open your Instagram account and see a video of a cat that tries to save a baby. Then, you will get the same video on YouTube and other platforms too. The video could even go to the national news if millions of people have watched it.

This is practically what we call viral content. Or, sadly, videos or images containing violence go viral very fast. For example, do you remember what happened after George Floyd was killed by the American police? Millions of people shared the video which leads to a fundamental change in the US laws and regulations.

Viral videos are among the best-established methods of gaining popularity over a very short period. So, as soon as your content becomes viral, you have just hours to make the best out of it. If you don’t use it properly, the opportunity will be lost forever.

What Are The 7 Best Strategies For Creating Viral Content

What Are The 7 Best Strategies For Creating Viral Content?

So, what are the most important characteristics of viral content? What does it need to have in order to be liked, shared, and commented on by millions of people? I know, most of the time, viral content is created by just an accident. However, if you know what needs to be included in viral content, you can create one.

These important aspects include visual spectacle, universality, reality, controversy, humour, emotion, or bandwagon. I am going to briefly example each of them because they are important in adopting the best strategies for making your content go viral. Let me add that viral videos are among the most influential types of content. So, in this article, we will focus on viral videos.

Visual Spectacle

1. Visual Spectacle

Some business managers think that it is impossible to create visually appealing impressive content when you are short on budget. However, this is not what I am trying to convey here. What do we mean by impressive and appealing content? Well, there is no definition! You have to be creative enough to come up with your own version of spectacle content. For example, here is me trying to build a viral idea for your company.


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Your company is producing mattresses and trying to create a killing viral video about it. Also, your company doesn’t want to spend too much money on it. This is the first idea coming to my mind. You can use a cellphone camera with the ability to film in slow-motion mode.

Then, you can ask people to jump into your mattresses from a height and film as soon as their faces hit the mattress. It would be funny to see people's faces get twisted in a funny way as soon as they touch your products! Amazing, right? Depending on your business, there is no limit to viral content.


2. Universality

Well, you have to stay away from typical ideas which you think become viral. Giving compliments about your products, filming in luxurious places, hiring attractive men and women to be part of your video content. Instead of these superfluous features, you can think of something that everyone across the globe is related to.

Common concerns and trends can be nicely implemented in viral videos. Here is an example to understand what we meant by commonness and universality. What do women have in common? What are their most important common concerns? For example, most women don’t like the fact that job opportunities are much more for men than for them.

Or, they don’t like to be bullied by men at work anymore, right? A video has to have the universality element if you want it to be viral. If you are producing beauty products and shampoos and trying to make a viral advertisement, you can take into account empowering women. You can show that if a woman consumes your products, she will be powerful enough not to be bullied by men. That's! Sometimes, even the simplest but the most common ideas can go viral.


3. Reality

Viral videos must be based on reality. So, it means that you cannot plan for them in advance. A scene you are waiting for a long time might appear accidentally and if you are not clever to film it, it will be gone forever. People don’t buy fake videos anymore. They must be real to be believable by your target audience.

Of course, technical elements such as the angle of filming, light, sounds, etc. are important factors to make viral videos are real as possible. For example, you are producing drinks and you want to produce a viral video about it to show how people get refreshed as soon as they drink the first sip. So, perhaps, it requires too many videos from people when they open your drinks and get emotional as soon as they drink it. probably, you should throw thousands of videos away until you find the best one.


4. Controversy

Controversial topics are always interesting for the public. Thanks to the explosion of the internet and social networking websites, every day, tens of thousands of controversial topics are emerging. Some of them have been rooted in history. Differences between men and women, racism, religiosity, etc. are among the most controversial topics. However, controversial topics look like walking on a double-edged sword. I mean if you go too far, people start hating your brand and don’t continue communicating with you.

In a way, you, at least, should not take it aside. You have to just open the discussion and let people talk about it. If you want to take a side, you should be careful because people who are on the other side might hate you quickly. Here is another viral idea. You can interview people and ask their opinion about the most successful race in the world! In this way, without taking a side, you let people talk about racism. Some crazy ideas might appear which draw everybody's attention. Or, you can ask men and women to criticize their opposite sex and start a fire.


5. Humour

Humour might not be applicable in all viral videos however it is sometimes the most important element. For example, a funny video of a child trying to talk and pronouncing words wrong, an adult getting angry in a funny way after getting bitten by a small cat, or things like these could get viral quickly. As you can see, physical humour is often more appealing than verbal humour as it is very hard to communicate verbally with an audience from different nationalities.


6. Emotion

This is also another valuable element in many viral videos. This is a scenario that gets popular very fast. For example, your company offers services to the elderly. Every day, you have to keep them fed and clean their rooms in the senior hall building. You want to advertise your company as an honest and professional brand.

In a way, you want to let people know you take care of their elderly relatives professionally. So, you can hold a party for all senior citizens somewhere and surprise them by inviting their children and grandchildren. Definitely, you will witness some of the most dramatic and emotional scenes as the elderly will face their relatives without expecting them to be there.


7. Bandwagon

Some people believe that it is not honest to use Bandwagon. However, I think there is nothing wrong with it if you use it properly. For example, tell me, what is the most famous TV series right now? Probably, the Korean TV series, Squid game, right? You can easily jump in the wagon of Squid game's popularity and advertise your own business. You can create a video while people have worn it just like players in the TV series.

Or, if a politician says something extremely idiotic, you can say funny or sometimes idiotic with your voice pasted on that politician's face! It would be hilarious, right? In a way, you are taking advantage of the current wave. So, you have to always be ready for implementing your own idea when a movie, a TV series, or a song, or whatever becomes famous.

Examples Of The Most Successful Viral Videos

Charlie bit my finger again! children interrupt BBC News interview, leave Britney alone, Rebeca Black-Friday, daft hands-harder, better, faster, stronger, Miss teen USA 2007-South Carolina answers a question, Numa Numa, shoes-the full version, evolution of dance, and Time and Eric-Celery man are some of the most viral videos of all time.

Of course, many of these moments have happened by accident and the person who has recorded them hasn’t expected to capture something like that. However, if you search among these videos enough, you will be able to come up with ideas for creating such moments naturally. It depends on the nature of your business, your target audience, and many other parameters.



Online presence is the most important aspect of your business. No matter what you do, what you sell, and what services you offer, online visibility helps you grow faster and more efficiently. As a result, internet visitors will be able to find you easier and trust you more. There are many ways for gaining such popularity. Advertising on different platforms, asking influencers to promote your products, sending emails to customers, etc. are some methods to become famous. However, nothing better than a viral video can boost your business up.

Viral video is content that receives unusual attention from millions of people in a short time. Here, in this article, we talked about seven elements that you have to use in your strategies if you want to get the best out of them. Tell me about the viral videos you have been impressed by! What are the underlying elements associated with each of them? Don’t forget to follow us as we will talk more about viral videos in upcoming articles. Take care.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the 7 Best Strategies To Make Content Go Viral. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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