Kartra Review

Kartra Review – Details, Pricing, And Features

Introduction To My Kartra Review

In the following article, we will give a comprehensive review of Kartra in which you can find all the details, pricing plans, and features of this all-in-one application with ease. Please note that all this information is gathered based on previous customers and user’s experience with this platform. To check this information, read our article.


Kartra Review

What Is Kartra, And What Is The Purpose Of It?

Most of the time, you will be required to hire a professional or an expert to assist you in creating, marketing, and launching your online business. You will need an initial budget to hire these individuals. What happens if I told you that there is an all-in-one application that you can use to do all the above tasks yourself, and you require a budget that is less than what you were expecting?

Being able to offer an all-in-one tool is the reason why Kartra developed this application. Using Kartra, you will conduct email marketing and build a list of marketers and customers. In addition, this application is featuring a web hosting and business management platform that all marketers and website owners can enjoy in their business.

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Please note that this application is cloud-based which means you will use all the Kartra tools remotely. All you need is access to an Internet connection. Then, all you have to do is open the application and use its features.

In other words, “Kartra has gathered all their essential tools that you will need to run your business. All you have to do is installing it on your device.”

It is considered a new tool since it was developed and launched in 2018 by Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins, and it has come a long way since 2018. These two reputable marketers used this application to create and initiate a high-quality platform.

This application is unique and different from other software. It is an all-in-one package that every marketer may need for website page design, marketing, designing sales funnel, etc.

Now we know what Kartra is and what you can use it for. The next question is, who benefits from the use of this application on his or her device?


Who Shall Benefit From The Use Of Kartra?

Anyone who can design and build an online store using the application and then turn it into a profitable online store will benefit from this application. In other words, the following individuals will be perfect for using this application:


Business Owners

Small business owners who want to expand their business and sales can use this application. Those who are worried a lot about their competitors stealing their customers by being more active in social media and online environments.

In addition, due to the experience with different customers, small business owners have gathered an entire budget for marketing and advertising purposes. However, they have no idea what items to spend the budgeted money on or how to prioritize. Businesses that are just starting might only need specific items in the future.


Kartra Review - Business Owners


Perfect For Coaches And Advisors Who Want To Make A Change In Their Career

The Internet is where you can expand your activities and business, which is entirely true about coaches and advisors who are expanding their presence on the Internet to grow. Also, this application is perfect during the COVID-19 pandemic since you will be able to transfer your business to social media platforms to save your business.


Those Who Want To Create A “Membership Site”

When you intend to create a membership website, you will face the obstacle of finding a trustworthy person to make this website for you. Also, if you want to make the website yourself, it will take your time and energy. You will also be required to learn technical information about programming and website management that will be time-consuming.

To overcome the obstacle you face right now, you can use this practical and quick alternative, “Kartra.” In other words, you will be able to initiate your membership website with ease.


Are You A Blogger?

I have good news for all the bloggers and online store owners. You just found the best platform featuring all the tools you may require to grow your blog or store. You won’t need to find another tool and information on developing your audience and engaging them. All you need to do is to use “Kartra” for email marketing and building the list audience and potential customer e-mails, blogging, and all the tools that you may require in your journey.


Kartra Review - Bloggers


How Should Someone Use Kartra?

Now that we know what Kartra is, there is one crucial question that you might ask:

“How can I use these tools?”

Using this application is easy and straightforward. You can use this application on any platform that you can think of, any device that you are already using for your own business. Some of the features of Kartra can be categorized as follows:

If you need other features that you can think of, you can contact the support and ask any questions that may help you solve your problem. Note that there are other features that you can add also, and you need to find what you are looking for by doing a search.

The good news is you will find all the features that you may require within Kartra. We can claim that you will cancel your subscription to any other application and tool that you are already using once you get used to using this application. Trust me. Kartra is integrated with the most useful software and tools you can find for marketing.

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Kartra Review


In the following paragraphs, we have given a brief introduction to features and tools you can find on Kartra.


The Ability To Add Payment Gateways

Are you selling your product and services online? The good news is that Kartra has found several solutions for these website owners' issues. In other words, this application is featuring payment gateways via which payment process will be possible.

For example, the following payment providers will be available through “Kartra”:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Braintree


Kartra Review - Payment Gateway


​Email Marketing Using Kartra

As we mentioned before, this application is featuring most of the required tools that marketers may require. If you are using other tools for email marketing, you won’t need them anymore, and you can cancel any subscription you have on other platforms. Then, all you need to do is to initiate your membership in Kartra.

It is important to mention that you will save at least $49.00 each month for their basic email marketing plans by choosing Kartra. We will discuss pricing plans related to using this application later on in this article.

Using this application, you will be able to personalize email and messages that you want to send to the customers and users based on their behaviour and various events.


Create Your Own Membership Website

This application is good for sales and marketing and will allow you to create your own membership website. In other words, you will be able to create and upload content via secured pages. This application is beneficial for a user because it automatically creates login pages, usernames, and passwords. All you need to worry about is creating appealing content and nothing else.

You may wonder what Kartra's membership website looks like. Actually, the design of this membership website is similar to the traditional design of a blog. Like in a blog, you will add audio, text, and video content to this site. Also, if you have certain documents, you can make them available to other users through download.

If you haven’t made a deal or signed a contract with another hosting provider company, you will be able to use Kartra's own servers.


What Are The Price Plans Of Kartra?

It is important to mention that although several all-in-one platforms you are using can actually have access to a variety of useful tools for their online stores and businesses, website owners are spending hundreds of dollars each month to access these useful tools.


Kartra Review - Pricing


However, website owners must think reasonably based on how much resources and money they can spend on these tools. They can actually invest in Kartra, one of the newest and most flexible marketing platforms.

This platform enables their customers and website owners to conduct several e-commerce processes using just one platform and nothing else. In other words, you will be able to make use of tools under one roof and initiate your online business without causing any trouble and extra costs.

This section will introduce you to this program's pricing plans and what you will access using these plans. You have nothing to worry about because we tried our best to include everything necessary.

If you look at the application website, you shall see four pricing plans, each with unique features discussed in the following paragraphs. It is important to mention that all these plans are based on price plans located on Kartra's website.


Starter Pack Which Will Cost USD99 Per Month

Do you currently have an email list on which you have included less than 2,500 individuals? Then, this is the price plan you are looking for. By using it, you will be able to save more than USD240 each year. Do I have your attention? Maybe this number won’t be a great chance for established and successful website owners, but it can be a good starting point for those who are initiating their first online store.

It is also interesting to note that you will save 33% to 40% of the annual bills if you use the annual discounts on the Kartra membership bills.

Before telling you about other pricing plans of Kartra, you must remember that all the plans are along with a 14-day trial that you can purchase for only 1 U.S. dollar. Some of the benefits of the Starter Pack are as follows:

  • To have up to 2,500 customers or affiliates (leads)
  • To be able to have 1 custom domain
  • To be able to send 15,000 emails per month
  • To have a bandwidth of 50 GB
  • To be able to host 100 pages and 50 Videos
  • To be able to add 1 additional team member
  • To be able to create 2 membership websites
  • And ultimately, to be able to sell 20 products


Silver Pack Which Will Cost USD199 Per Month

Just like the “Starter Pack,” you will be able to save 33% to 40% by making use of an annual billing discount.  On the yearly plan, you will be saving USD600 each year. If you look at the following features, you will see that several of these features have been increased in the number of services they are offering:

  • To have up to 12,500 customers or affiliates (leads)
  • To be able to have 3 custom domains
  • To be able to send an unlimited number of emails per month
  • To have unlimited bandwidth
  • To be able to host unlimited pages and Videos
  • To be able to add an unlimited number of team members
  • To be able to create an unlimited number of membership websites
  • And ultimately, to be able to sell an unlimited number of products


Gold Plan (USD299 Per Month) & Platinum Plan (USD499 Per Month)

It is important to mention that since the Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan have similar characteristics except for 3 features, we didn’t divide them into two sections. We will only tell you the similarities and differences between these two plans.

  1. In terms of money-saving, you will be able to save 800 U.S. dollars per year in the Gold Plan. This amount of savings will increase to 1,440 U.S. dollars in the Platinum Plan. Just like the above plans, the chance of saving 33% to 40 by making use of the annual billing discount is significant.
  1. In terms of the number of leads (affiliates), you will be able to have up to 25,000 in the Gold Plan. This number increased to be 50,000 in Platinum Plan.
  1. In terms of the number of custom domains, users can have up to 5 custom domains compared to 10 custom domains in Platinum Plan.

It is important to mention that all the other features of these two plans, Gold Plan and Platinum Plan, are available in unlimited numbers, e.g., unlimited videos and pages, unlimited products, unlimited membership websites, unlimited e-mails.

Do you think that the above price plans are totally fair? Let me tell you that these prices have been determined reasonably for the all-in-one marketing platform that you are using. It is considered a fair and good investment.

Are you thinking of using this platform? Have you checked your business's needs completely and compared them with the pricing plans and their specific services and features? Do you think they will suit your needs? I hope they do.


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Why Should Anyone Choose This All-In-One Platform?

If you are reading this article, it means that you are already interested in using this application and its integrated sales and marketing tools. Why? Because these tools can help you create and design everything that a marketing website may require.

Using this application, you will have complete access to ready-to-use design templates. These designs will allow you to create your own e-mail for the customers and affiliates, build and design pages, registration forms, cash payments, etc. It is important to mention that you can change these designs to your needs and whatever device you need the design to be shown on.

Kartra Review - Email Marketing

It is interesting to note that the easy use of this application and all the tools and services provided by this application make people capable of starting their online activities in hours without too much sweat.

Now that you are completely acquainted with Kartra, we would like to finish our article with the advantages and disadvantages of using this application and then give you a conclusion of what we have learned.

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Advantages Of Kartra

  • The most important part of entering a certain website where you want to start marketing activities is the support from that website. Good news for those who are having trouble finding their way within Kartra. This platform provides extensive support for the new users, meaning that the Kartra support team will answer any questions you may have to solve any problem easily and rapidly.
  • If you consider starting an affiliate marketplace, meaning that you want to provide extra money for the users by promoting your products, you will be able to use this feature in Kartra. It is important to know that there will be no limits on the products and services they can advertise, and they have a broad choice.
  • Access to unlimited marketing tools. As you have seen in the above price plans, you will have access to an unlimited number of tools to use for marketing your product at reasonable costs. This will benefit the users, and the chance of marketers staying on this platform will increase.
  • It is important to mention that this platform is mostly used for managing a business, and hence, the tools provided by this platform are useful for sale purposes.
  • There is indeed good support from the users of this platform. However, some technical errors might happen, and a normal person will not understand and solve the problem because support from this platform may not always be available.


Disadvantages of Kartra

  • It’s new software, so it will require improvement and updated regularly.
  • Some glitches and kinks need to be ironed out.
  • Its pricing is high compared to regular online business startup tools (hosting, domain registration, and email marketing). It’s priced more for intermediate to advanced businesses ($2k+ in revenue).
  • Purchases through PayPal get redirected off the site for checkout.
  • Not ideal for selling physical products, more of a digital entrepreneur solution.
  • Training is not enough. One of the downsides of using this platform is that there is no proper training for users visiting the platform and showing interest in the platform. For this reason, most users must search for tutorials on YouTube and other places to get acquainted with what they can do with this platform and its services.
  • If you want to grow your business, you have to pay more. As mentioned in the above price plans, the platform has given you the ability to test their platform for a period of 14 days for a price of 1 U.S. dollar. If you want to test other platform features, such as visitor’s contacts and page builders, you will be required to pay for the price plans. In other words, if you want to grow your business, you must pay for all the costs.



There are a lot of things that you should know about this all-in-one platform, “Kartra.” This article comprehensively reviewed this platform and presented details, pricing plans, and several features that this platform provides.

The Kartra platform offers something beyond just designing a website or page and designing and sending an email. It covers all the things you might require, from designing a website and pages to blogging, content creation and design, tagging, digital downloads, affiliate marketing, etc. There is a reason why we call this platform an all-in-one platform. Trust me. You won’t regret using this application.


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It is imperative to note that although this platform is all-in-one and you can find anything within this platform, based on what the previous users have experienced, it will take time to learn how to use the platform and its tools.

I trust you enjoyed this Kartra review. Please stay tuned for more articles to come. Take care!




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