7 Best Digital Education Tools For Teachers & Students

7 Best Digital Education Tools For Teachers & Students

Best Digital Education Tools For Teachers And Students

7 Best Digital Education Tools For Teachers & Students

In the new era of learning, technology plays a fundamental role in the processes of teaching children and adolescents. Here are the tools that facilitate communication between teachers and students, among other things. Hundreds of digital education tools have been created with the purpose of giving autonomy to the student, improving the administration of academic processes, encouraging collaboration, and facilitating communication between teachers and learners. Here we present several of the most popular.

What Are Digital Education Tools?

It is common knowledge that there are different types of education tools. However, there are also different types of digital education tools that cater to particular purposes. For instance, there are general education tools and education tools for specific fields. Specialized educational tools are not only better suited for individual students, they also help teachers communicate and collaborate with each other.

Teachers may also appreciate digital educational tools that help them in their professional development. They facilitate learning and teaching processes and provide accurate records of student work and feedback. One thing you can’t say for virtual reality in classrooms is that it’s only used by early adopters.

Virtual reality is already making its way into schools and the number of schools using it is growing. Virtual reality is considered to be a strong candidate for STEM applications in education, providing a unique interactive experience. At the same time, it is far from being the only digital education tool in use in classrooms.


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Use of video chat as a tool to allow collaboration between students or teachers and their peers is growing, and can support problem-solving, and learning from others. Many students and teachers find these to be the best digital education tools because of their adaptability. That’s because they allow students to interact with teachers, work in groups, ask questions, etc.

Digital education tools can be classified into several different types of tools. The first category is tutorials: software programs and applications that allow users to find and practice learning tasks that will be used in the future. The second category includes mobile apps.

They help learners by providing them with technology to communicate with each other in the same environment. They can also help students and teachers with questions and projects that are difficult to solve together. The third category includes intelligent tutors, which provide the teacher with more information about a specific subject.

They help teachers to see how much a student knows and why they know it. The fourth category includes text-based games, but also multimedia games. Digital education tools are easily available online. They usually provide teaching content, resources, and tools for both students and teachers. For example, Udacity and Khan Academy teach computer science, physics, and math.

Importance Of Digital Education Tools

Importance Of Digital Education Tools

The range of digital education tools available is endless. However, there are several reasons why digital education tools are being adopted in schools. Here are some of them: Accessibility Education is a right that every child should have. Hence, the primary focus of education should be on imparting knowledge and skills to the child which makes them efficient and independent.

Using digital tools makes a teacher's job easier as these tools not only assist teachers in teaching students but also help them deliver the lessons effectively. Virtual Reality is the latest technology that has been successfully used in schools across the globe. Education systems around the world are undergoing a radical transformation in terms of both their content and their way of teaching.

This is a fundamental shift, as it moves from the traditional approach of teaching which relies heavily on textbooks, knowledge maps, notes, and tests to one which revolves around a digitalized database of content and questions to test. This is one of the many reasons why the need for digital education tools has become an urgent issue.

In the current era, the majority of students are utilizing learning resources in the form of digital learning tools. This means that our job as teachers and educators is much easier today, as all we have to do is create a dedicated educational portal or integrate some web-based learning.

A digital education tool is a software or a tool that allows teaching and learning or learning content. It allows the teacher or learner to develop skills and access information. However, the most important characteristic is its capability to create effectively, and students and teachers can understand the content. The digital tools can be used for instruction in colleges, high schools and also for children at the pre-school level.

The difference between traditional and digital tools lies in the way they affect children. Digital education tools are not just toys and games for the kids. They have a strong influence on the way children learn in today's knowledge economy. Technology has emerged as an important means to teach children as it has enabled online-based learning for grades K-12.

Today, there are dozens of applications that empower teachers and learners in many ways. One of the main advantages of digital education tools is that they have reduced the risk of plagiarism and plagiarism related to content in the digital domain has a negligible effect on the overall learning process.

Another advantage is that digital education tools allow educators to address local learning needs by catering to the ability of learners to use various digital devices.


1. Edmodo

Named as a global social learning platform, Edmodo is home to an endless community of teachers and learners from across the world. The platform offers its users a wide range of tools such as chat rooms, collaborative projects, contests, and educational videos to help its users have a fun learning experience.

The most popular feature of Edmodo is its integration with Google Classroom. Edmodo has over 50 million registered users in the world. Edmodo is an online platform that provides an environment in which teachers can meet and discuss with their students.

The organization also supports learning activities through the creation of groups and, at the same time, it is a platform in which all teachers and students can collaborate. Through the implementation of these digital platforms, educational institutions in the US have been able to accelerate their efforts to improve their academic activities, hence enabling more students to pursue a better education.

The Edmodo application is designed for the use of educational organizations. Teachers can create groups of students (classrooms) and groups of teachers (mentors) and the students can answer questions and form teams.

An online social network for schools, teachers, and students. It offers open communication among them. Edmodo allows teachers to publish, edit, and assign online quizzes, assessments, assignments, and portfolios. Teachers can also create classroom activities, create discussion boards for their students, and post questions to an online community for their students to answer.

Edmodo uses geolocation to connect students to their classes and classrooms and is compatible with Smartphones, Macs, and desktops. There are more than 200,000 users have used the platform. It offers access to free or paid services. The platform offers an eTextbook, videos, and lesson plans, along with professional development programs.

Edmodo allows users to create personal, customized online communities. It has a collaboration platform, making it ideal for schools, colleges, universities, teachers and students.

This interactive platform lets students manage assignments and have discussions with each other, thereby enhancing the learning process and enabling one-to-one communication. Edmodo has a powerful search engine, making it easy to find information on any topic.TED-Ed

 2. TED-Ed

This online community includes a collection of knowledge-sharing articles and videos, as well as a huge variety of other tools. There are over 6,000 TED talks to learn from, around 70,000 news articles from across the world, and you can check recent stories from BBC Trending and Quartz. The idea of TED-ed is to find information that is fascinating, inspiring and will open your eyes to the world.

The community has strong ties with independent researchers, organizations, policymakers and civic organizations. This website is an open repository of “TED talks” by world-renowned experts. The most popular ones are then published in a digital magazine that can be accessed via smartphones and tablets. The student can engage in the process of editing the texts and adding comments or can post a video response.

The website allows teachers to include their knowledge in the conversations, organize workshops and seminars, and engage students in interactive learning. This tool lets teachers highlight the most compelling talk or article of the day on a particular topic and post it on the largest collection of open-source online learning resources. It’s also an ideal way to promote the best ideas from the many TED talks created each day.

The content is delivered through a portal of videos, on a variety of topics. These are each given in about an hour, and users can watch them at their leisure, or add comments and questions. To attract attention, TED-ed has built a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. Some videos have generated millions of views.


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An extraordinary tool for education, TED-ed shares the creative perspective and insights of the TED community on any topic. In addition to presenting keywords and phrases in English, this platform supports articles in several different languages, and videos in several languages.

The author is invited to add his/her own statement to a short description of his/her publication. Within a short period of time, nearly 2,500 users shared their original articles, videos, blog posts, and images. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. The nonprofit organization uses the power of technology to present outstanding ideas and people in a compelling, memorable, and creative manner.

The organization creates video lectures and introduces lectures through TED Talks. They also host their own live TED event, “TED Talks.” TED-Ed is a repository for more than 35,000 TED-Ed videos, videos created by educators using TED-Ed activities. You can also find some of the TED-Ed videos that have been viewed more than 1 billion times on YouTube.


3. Socrative

Socrative is a platform that facilitates collaboration between teachers and students in the educational setting. This online assessment platform helps teachers to personalize learning to the student's preferences and enables them to participate in collaborative exercises that allow students to share their opinions, understand one another, and ask questions.

With its innovative collaboration features, Socrative is a reliable tool for teaching digital skills. Socrative features Fieldbook: This software application is a teacher-governed content sharing tool that facilitates classroom communication between students and teachers.

The software application enables teachers to share their field books with the student, who can follow each step of the process. There are apps out there that help students read, write and analyze information. Socrative Student is one of those apps.

The tool divides students into teams and provides them with texts from around the web. The app calculates the student’s percentage of correct answers, the students’ word counts and the time it takes to complete the task. Socrative is free, but a premium version costs $24 per year, making it one of the most expensive education apps out there.

Socrative is a student engagement platform that allows for a mutual exchange of knowledge between teachers and students. The tool allows for comprehensive and individualized feedback and grades for each and every lesson. Socrative works by taking an online quiz to determine which questions students will be asked on their quiz.

Students and teachers can view the different questions along with a scoring system, giving both teachers and students a glimpse into their respective strengths and weaknesses. If a specific question requires extra explanation, Socrative provides teacher and student suggestions along with examples and step-by-step instructions. In the United States alone, Socrative is used by more than 12 million students.

Socrative, a digital lesson management application, facilitates interaction between students and their teachers by rewarding student participation and rewarding teachers with points. The points are then converted into reward certificates. The application has many features that make it a valuable tool for the classroom.

The most important one is the student feedback tool, which gives learners the chance to evaluate their learning skills by making comments about the activities and lessons. Other features that make it worth the student’s time include the dashboard that allows teachers to monitor their students’ performance on certain activities.


4. Pixton

Pixton is a suite of applications that enables teachers to create their own curriculum, customize it, and share it with others. Pixton is particularly useful for creating project-based and independent study courses for students in grades 5-12.

Pixton's packages include:

  • Academic Projects,
  • Adventures in History and Science,
  • Creative Assignments,
  • Science Club,
  • Student & Family Pack,
  • Online Classroom,
  • Innovation and Learning Hub.

Pixton is a cloud-based learning management system. It allows teachers to create, manage, and share course material with learners via an online portal. Pixton also allows online interactions between the teacher and the student. The educational app integrates with Google Apps for Education. Students of all age groups can use Pixton.

This app has been designed for two purposes – teaching students and personalizing their studies. The user can create their own educational portal which can be accessed by all pupils in a school.

In this way, teachers can send multiple versions of a particular lesson to different pupils, including one for visual learners, one for auditory learners, one for math learners and one for science learners.

Pixton is a platform that connects teachers with students while creating high-quality assignments for students and teaching them. Pixton offers tools to add class notes, share teaching materials, organize information and promote student learning.

Additionally, the tool can be used by teaching teams for the purpose of evaluation and improvement of the educational process, collaboration in order to complete course tasks and projects, and more. Student-level annotation in live lectures has been a blessing for educators.

This is exactly what you get with Pixton. Its live note-taking tools keep students engaged and attentive during every class, regardless of the content. Every time the professor stops lecturing to adjust a slide, every student gets an alert.

Easy to use, highly customizable, and compatible with all laptops, Pixton helps teachers improve the quality of education, especially during evening classes. The free version allows you to create two notes per class. The premium version costs $8 per month.


5. Educreations

Educreations is an open-source, highly customizable, complete learning management system. It offers many interactive features, including forms for note-taking, multiple-choice quizzes, and flashcards. It is easy to use, works with any device, and can be used for private lessons as well. There are many educational games available as well as tutorials, case studies, and many other features for teachers and students.

Educreations is an educational e-platform created with the purpose of promoting online education among students from different cultures. Students are given the opportunity to have interactions communicate with one another, form groups, set up learning schedules, and access different learning resources.

There are more than 400 million students on the platform. Educreations is a mobile application, which allows teachers to show their courses and resources to their students, including their worksheets, tests, photos, assignments, and projects.

Educreations allows teachers to see how their students have been progressing throughout the school year, as well as to have the opportunity to share their own experiences with students, which helps them to understand the different learning styles and goals of their students. The app can also be used to receive feedback on a student's performance. Educreations can be used by both English-speaking and non-English-speaking teachers and learners.


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6. Kahoot

Kahoot, an online learning platform, helps teachers and students interact with each other, create knowledge, improve the knowledge and practice of the students, and access a massive database of courses and questions. It offers opportunities to create, develop and share new knowledge through a course development process. It integrates, integrates the best educational tools, making them easy to use for educators and students.

Kahoot is a classroom community game that uses a kahoot.com login to register as students and teachers in a classroom, and then use the platform to learn, share, and play. As you participate in a game, the website records the results and tracks the number of players in each group.

This allows everyone to participate in the game, even if they can't be in the classroom. Players can submit their answers as video files, and the app allows teachers to monitor the class easily and share the results in order to track student progress. The product has been designed for multiple educational scenarios and has an intuitive interface.

Kahoot has been developed by students for students. The website is developed using Java, which allows the web platform to integrate features with enterprise applications, such as Moodle, Canvas, and Google Drive. The platform is used worldwide to create group learning activities in the context of a video, a quiz, a list, a reading or a game.

The website, which is free to use, allows the users to create an online game and distribute it to their classmates and to others. A five-minute quiz takes about three minutes to complete; the more time you are allowed for each question, the more points you are awarded.

Google Classroom

7. Google Classroom

Google Classroom allows educators to conduct meetings with all the necessary participants online. This platform is an innovative solution to the traditional classroom that facilitates collaboration, communication, and expediting learning. If you are a teacher, you will quickly feel how powerful this tool is.

There is no need to plan many different meetings. Instead, Google Classroom allows you to organize a discussion in real-time, even during class. You can follow live discussions, and a click on the @ symbol will send your own message to participants. Teachers can keep an eye on the recordings of past classes and share their notes with each other. In addition, you can also personalize your group meetings. 


There are various tools available for all types of academic activity, and here we have presented some of the most popular among them. Such tools will offer a simplified way for the students to complete their assignments and increase their level of motivation.

Besides, for teachers, the software will allow them to easily set a learning target for each student and to monitor the progress achieved by the students against that goal. There are many academic activities that need to be taken care of, and this is a great help for those who work in schools or universities.

I trust you enjoyed this blog post about the Best Digital Education Tools For Teachers And Students. Would you please stay tuned for more articles like this to come? Take care!



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