Positive Effects Of Social Media Influencers

Positive Effects Of Social Media Influencers

Positive Effects Of Social Media Influencers

Positive Effects Of Social Media Influencers

Do you feel confident and happy after scrolling through your social media feeds? If the answer is no, you may just be following the wrong individuals on social media. According to an informal, non-scientific survey by Spartan Newsroom, 78 out of 84 individuals agreed they feel happier and have more self-confidence when they follow bloggers who promote positivity.

Kennedy Frazer, blogger and junior marketing major at Western Michigan University, said bloggers could positively influence their followers' body image by promoting the idea of positivity and confidence.

When teaching children and teens about money, our lessons usually focus on earning, saving, and setting goals. We might even talk about debt or the value of delayed gratification. But applying these lessons becomes more difficult for students when their time on social media is spent viewing people unboxing toys, giving makeup tutorials, or posing in certain clothing brands.

Social media influencers are paid to persuade. And as our culture becomes increasingly digital, influencer marketing is experiencing a rapid rise. Before we consider how influencers can affect our students, let's understand how this trust-based marketing works.


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What Is Social Media?

Santamaria said that social media is “the bridge between the world we see and the one we live in.” She said she uses social media to connect with her readers and share her love for cooking and her various inspirational and motivational experiences.

Marzowat said social media is a great way to reach and educate your community. “Social media is a great platform to reach a wide range of people in a short time,” Marzowat said. “It is a great way to provide resources and information to a community, especially those that might not normally get that information or access.”

As we get more connected through technology and social media, our physical world will be disrupted, creating more of a need for our mental health and our sense of belonging, according to Kennedy Frazer.

Social media is a place for people to interact and share pictures and stories from their lives. Social media uses pictures and videos to create and share content. The power of social media has brought the world closer together by sharing our lives' images and stories.

Although most people utilize social media to share their perspectives, it has positive social well-being. The impact of these sites on body image Frazer said posting healthy images of herself has positively impacted her confidence and self-esteem. Although there is an emphasis on body image and the use of Photoshop, Frazer said, “people aren't focused on putting filters on their photos and reducing their body to something realistic.

How Social Media Impacts Society

Positive effects of social media influencers – Social media is where consumers view a curated experience to promote brands and products. Sara, a student at Johnson & Wales University, loves fashion and enjoys her morning ritual of scouring the internet for designer pieces she may have missed while scrolling through Instagram.

“I'm always on Instagram, constantly looking for the next trends,” she said. Like Sara, Rachel, a business major at the University of Florida, says social media is where she tries to stay current with the latest trends. Rachel said she uses her social media profile to show that she is active and energetic, looking for opportunities to stay fit and live a healthier lifestyle.

Social media may bring issues that society is currently working through into the spotlight. The popularity of live-tweeting during the presidential debate showed the questions put forth and questions that weren't. The lack of connection between citizens and elected officials shows a disconnect between citizens and the people they are supposed to represent.

Social media can give these issues the attention they deserve. Also, on social media, former Facebook engineer Anthony Levandowski filed a lawsuit against the company for allegedly stealing trade secrets. The plaintiff alleges that Levandowski downloaded 14,000 files and took them to Uber.

Why You Should Follow Specific Influencers

Why You Should Follow Specific Influencers

Don't follow bloggers based on body shape or size. Understand the blogger's primary intention when they post about a particular product. If the blogger has many followers, check their social media timeline to make sure they post the most positive content possible. Watch out for buy links, sponsored posts and reviews.

They are often used as bait to get people to purchase the product for a reward. The best way to take advantage of these posts is to ask yourself questions and research more. This will help you determine whether or not the blogger is reputable.

For many, there's a hierarchy of social media influencers. If you want to find the best body-positive influencers and not just “people like us,” you have to look at the popular social media influencers. The most popular groups of influencers are beauty and lifestyle bloggers.

They influence social media audiences by encouraging the “inspiration of beauty, confidence, confidence, confidence,” according to Decio Figueredo, blogger and college sophomore at California State University. More resources available for blogging and fashion College students have more opportunities for bloggers and fashion bloggers. Some online publications and programs help aspiring bloggers get started.

The Importance Of Following Positive Social Media Influencers

A recent study published by Esquire highlights how the increased use of social media influencers such as weight-loss bloggers and fitness models such as Kayla Itsines and Travis Barker influence our relationship with our bodies and our perception of our abilities.

According to the study, American teens' body image has shifted dramatically in the last 30 years, and it's not simply about size or age anymore. Now, it is about our relationship with our bodies and who we are as a person. The phenomenon of viewing our bodies as objects has become mainstream.

It has been found that when people are aware of their body image, they are more likely to engage in self-improvement behaviours such as exercising, eating healthy or losing weight.

Do you feel more confident about your body after watching someone other than your friend or boyfriend post a fitness video on Instagram? Well, according to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, participants who followed positive influencers on Instagram increased their feelings of body satisfaction by an average of 21 percent.

Other studies, including a study done by the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg School for Communication, found that users who followed positive influencers increased their feelings of self-efficacy and community belonging and reduced their feelings of body dissatisfaction. This is due to social support and the belief that everyone shares the same body issues.

Is it the right time to delete the account of a non-positive social media influencer? Maybe not. According to Perry Stein, a student activist at The Detroit Free Press and writer for The Washington Post, following upbeat bloggers can help to boost your positivity and happiness.

Although this may not seem like a big deal to some, many social media users are not aware of how a good amount of non-positive social media users portray their lives. In addition, according to time, an independent British organization that focuses on health, happiness, and well-being, social media can significantly positively impact users.

Many users use their social media platforms to communicate with family members, keep in touch with friends, and stay updated with current events.


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Bloggers And Their Influence

Through the experiences and social media accounts she created, Frazer created an online community of support and advice where women have the opportunity to learn about life struggles and empower themselves to overcome them. Her goal is to positively influence her followers by inspiring them to be strong and positive and not to be discouraged by life's struggles.

“I never thought that I would grow into this person,” Frazer said. “People do what they feel like they need to do to live and to become better versions of themselves. This is my space where I express myself in an empowering way.” Giving an Example Beth Dobak, a social media influencer, created a blog called The Deep End of the Bait, which focuses on education and activism.

Frazer said she is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and has been in the industry for almost 10 years. She has met many different people from all walks of life and all walks of life. Her advice to other bloggers would be to work hard and know your audience.

“Your audience is really who you want to connect with the most,” Frazer said. “You have to make sure you are being true to who you are.” With the constant search for positivity, many people may be thinking they want to post a smiley face to attract more followers. Frazer said this is not an option for bloggers, and even though you have to be a little cheesy sometimes, it's okay.

Some bloggers and their followers can be ordinary people with fascinating personal story that leads them to become social media influencers. For Frazer, her journey from a shy girl who did not know what she wanted to do after high school to a woman who has hundreds of thousands of followers online was aided by bloggers.

While getting to know these influencers and how they live their lives has made Frazer's path less intimidating. In some ways, these people can act as role models to their followers by giving them the confidence to start doing something more. “They can make us feel normal, like we are not alone in going through these experiences,” Frazer said.

What Are The Benefits Of Following Social Media Influencers?

What Are The Benefits Of Following Social Media Influencers?

Frazer said that in her experience, it's become harder for influencers to try and promote positivity by using inspirational quotes and saying positive words. Instead, they make the trend more social. “Social media and our generation have reached a new level of drama, and everyone just wants a tweet that makes them feel better,” Frazer said. “But what if we can instead share our moments of happiness and confidence and spark a positive conversation?”

In the Spartan Newsroom survey, which included individuals of all different majors, personality traits, genders, nationalities and socioeconomic classes, positivity was seen as the most desirable trait for a social media influencer, with 80 percent of those surveyed saying this was the ideal quality.

The internet has revolutionized how individuals consume media and how the public acts towards the media and their media consumption. According to a study done by National University, Facebook fans are much more likely to buy products and change their buying habits after reading online influencer recommendations on Facebook.

Weber State University Psychology Professor Dr. Amanda Hesser said a “culture of respect” can generate influencers. “We have found that people follow the source of an influencer's content because they are looking to be inspired or motivated by the content,” Hesser said.

Frazer said her blogger friends continue to help her take action towards a better and happier life. “I used to go to the gym and buy an entire outfit because I thought I should look good. Now I go to the gym, and I feel motivated to wear that outfit because I know it's something I want,” Frazer said.

Social media influencers have the power to inspire people to be more positive and take action towards their goals, according to an article by The Canadian Women's Foundation. Bloggers can help bring awareness to important issues such as obesity, the devastating effects of bullying, homelessness and student loans. Following influencers who promote positivity and self-confidence can give a sense of empowerment that people can use to change the world.

How Social Media Influencers Can Have A Positive Impact

Jacyhia Allen, blogger and junior at Miami University, said that when she first started to take photos for her blog, she wanted to do something different from other photos she saw on social media. She started to take photos of black women and wear clothes she wouldn't normally wear because she wanted to encourage her followers to see themselves differently. Allen said she wants to be her followers' voice and speak up against stereotypes.

However, another individual, who wanted to remain anonymous, said social media influencers are only one social media platform out of many that can cause an effect on their followers. There are too many to choose from when it comes to social media influencers.

“I try to create posts that help people feel happy,” Frazer said. “I talk about something that makes people happy and not something sad,” Frazer said. The most important thing she can promote positivity is talking about other bloggers and their positive results in their blogs. She also said that posting about positivity on your social media accounts will create more positivity for other people.

Social media influencers have to develop a unique strategy to promote positivity because people often judge influencers based on their appearance and how they choose to present themselves. Alexis Evely, blogger and junior marketing major at the University of Southern California, said she had to put in a lot of effort when she started her blog, eating less and working out more to portray a more confident version of herself.

Evely said that while influencers can be positive influences because their followers will likely read about their daily lives, the amount of criticism they receive can also be daunting and discouraging. She said she appreciates the challenges, as they may mean that her followers are watching to see how she responds to their criticism.

How To Find The Right Social Media Influencer

How To Find The Right Social Media Influencer

Although some people may not feel comfortable paying a social media influencer for promotion, Frazer suggests other ways to promote positivity. She suggested reaching out to individuals within the niche who are more likely to respond. Frazer said one way to approach this is by emailing bloggers individually.

If they are interested in what you are promoting, they may offer you a promotion. To better understand your promotion, it is best to decide what kind of promotion you want to put forth. Do you want to put forth an upbeat message? Does your brand want to try to encourage self-love and confidence? This is all up to what the brand is.

Before you start following anyone on social media, you have to ask yourself what you're looking for. Some people like to get inspiration from people they admire. However, if you have an issue with body confidence or believe you have already reached your ideal figure, you may not want to look up a model.

“If you think you are already good-looking and don't want to show anyone else who you aren't, then don't do that,” Kristen Povolo, head beauty expert of Savant Lifestyle Lifestyles and expert stylist, said. You also have to consider whether the influencer has a fan base similar to your own. Specific influencers will have follower counts in the thousands, but you should stay away from them if you don't want to follow a huge group of people.

Finding bloggers with a positive influence is as simple as following their Facebook or Instagram pages. Some bloggers also have Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube channels for those who would like to know their social media page locations. According to online research by the BBC in 2016, Facebook and Twitter are among the most popular social media sites.

It is easier for someone to follow certain popular bloggers than to follow many small and local bloggers. With that being said, following these high-performing bloggers is an excellent way to improve your own personal and professional brand.


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Why Are Social Media Influencers Good For Society?

Many psychologists say positive psychology is a new field that is simply starting to understand better the impact of positive experiences and incredibly positive social interactions. In a world where negativity and anger are often found in news coverage, social media and blogs help bring messages of positivity to those who are either alone or struggling.

Because they post about positive, life-affirming topics such as love, sex and relationships, they help to break the stereotypes that are so prevalent in today's media and society. A goal of any blogger is to reach an audience, and it's helpful if you can get people to follow you who are similar to yourself and can relate to the topics you write about.

Although blogs and social media posts don't always promote positivity, it doesn't mean that bloggers don't offer the same benefits for their followers. According to an informal, non-scientific survey by Spartan Newsroom, 78 out of 84 individuals agreed they feel happier and have more self-confidence when they follow bloggers who promote positivity.

Frazer said her audience primarily consists of females in their teens, who are particularly susceptible to negative perceptions about body image, including body type, age and size. “My main audience is teen girls, girls who are in middle school or high school, and I like to remind them that there is no such thing as ‘too big,' ‘too skinny,' or ‘too old' to be confident,” Frazer said.

“Social media influencers can have a big impact on our society because they're making people aware that being comfortable with their body is just as, if not more, important than their looks,” said Brianna Pullan, a social media influencer for Post Grad365, which is an online lifestyle brand for 20-somethings.

“They are changing the way that people think about people who are size 8 and up. They are changing the way that people think about people who have stretch marks and not just accepting them for who they are.” Social media influencers continue to grow and will become a 5 billion dollar industry in 2019. With the popularity of social media, bloggers are better equipped to monetize their favoured social media accounts.


If you're too afraid to say anything negative or struggling with your feelings of self-confidence, try following some positive social media accounts. You will discover that not all of them are bad.

To sum it up: a positive and self-confident mentality leads to a higher quality of life. And, to borrow from Shakespeare, joy must be shared, or it is no joy at all.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the Positive Effects Of Influencers. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!



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