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Introduction to 20+ Must-Know WordPress Tips and Tricks for 2021

Let's start our article with an important question. How are you related to the internet? Do you need it for your business? How has it been working for you if you have already used it? Well, these days, nearly everyone is greatly dependent on the Internet.

Why is that the case? It's because of many reasons, actually. First and most importantly, the Internet makes it extremely easier for us to show ourselves to others.

It provides us with an atmosphere for people to express themselves and communicate with each other. This is very important for businesses. In fact, businesses often look at the Internet as one of the most exciting places than traditional ones. Showing your products, advertising, communicating with your customers, giving online support to people who have the potential to become loyal customers.

Social Platforms, Exciting But Also Limiting.

We already knew that the Internet is vital for the success of your business. However, what about other methods of online presence? And, should we even think about other ways of being present on the internet? The answer is definitely a big yes. It would help if you were not fully dependent on social accounts because they come with some limitations.

Also, with just one single mistake, these social platforms can remove your account immediately. In fact, there is another way of being attached to the Internet too. The answer is a website! Websites are one of the most unique and effective tools for your hand to expand your business.

So, do you want to have a website for your business? Don’t you know where to start? Don’t worry! This article will talk about WordPress, which is in a deep connection with creating websites.

WordPress and Website Design


How Is WordPress Related To Creating Websites?

Do you know that nearly 30% of all websites on the Internet are using WordPress? Do you know that WordPress is the most practical and effective tool in creating websites? So, first, we need to define what WordPress is. After defining WordPress, we are going to review some helpful tips and tricks everybody needs to know.

WordPress is open-source software. What does it mean? It basically means that it's free and everybody accesses it. Also, many people are working on it every day to make it even bigger. WordPress helps you create a website without having any knowledge of coding and scripting languages. There are a lot of things that you cannot do easily without WordPress. Here they are:

If you don’t know WordPress, you will need to know how to work with HTML to create content for your website.

  • Also, without WordPress, you have to know CSS. CSS helps you put everything in the right place on your website. Besides, editing colours and backgrounds will not be easy without WordPress.
  • It is not finished yet. You need to know PHP. Why? With PHP, your website would be able to communicate with the database.
  • Finished? Not yet! If you want to get a bit creative and come up with something cool, you need to create that by JavaScript when you don’t have WordPress.

What Is WordPress


What is WordPress?

With WordPress, you can do all the above-mentioned tasks in a very user-friendly way. In fact, you don’t need to know HTML, CSS, PHP, and even JavaScript and still will have the most engaging website. How? With WordPress. So, I'm sure you are eager to more about WordPress, right?

In fact, WordPress is a content managing system. You can create your web page by it very easily. That's why there are more than 75 million websites in the world that use WordPress.

The basics of WordPress

So, you want your website to use WordPress, right? There are two other things required. One is a domain name, and the other is Webhosting. You have to have these two things to use WordPress.

A domain name is just the address of your website. However, don’t underestimate and think about it very carefully. Because it is very influential in how fast Internet users are going to find you on the internet. When you think of a domain name, make sure that it's not taken by somebody else.

What is the Webhosting? Web hosting is a server that is working 24 hours a day none stop. It stores all the information on your website. Then, the data is shown to the word.

Most web hosting servers support WordPress, thanks to its popularity. In fact, you need a few clicks, and then WordPress is installed on your website.

How many aspects does a WordPress website have? There are three aspects. These aspects include themes, page-builders, and plugins. It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your website is. Is it a commercial, social, or online shopping website? It doesn’t matter. You can create all related content with themes, page builders, and plugins.

What are themes? Themes help you configure your website. For example, you can design your header and put your brand or company's logo at the top. Footer areas for Instagram, Telegram, and extra information are all available and customizable. Each theme has its configuration.

On WordPress, there are paid as well as free themes. However, there are fewer options with free themes. Also, some themes are niche-related. It means that they have been designed for certain purposes. If you are looking for them, you will have to pay. The good thing is that there are many great free themes, too, like ASTRA and OceanWP.

Next, what about page-builders? What are those? A page builder is a plugin that allows you to design web pages. For example, elementor and DIVI are two of the most popular page builders. They help you create a more beautiful website.

More importantly, what are plugins? Why are they so diverse and interesting? You can create things like member areas, webshop, and social media networks with plugins. Again, there are free and paid plugins. Another good thing about WordPress is that you can find all the free plugins within WordPress itself. You don’t need to waste your time downloading some random plugins which turn out to be out of order. With WordPress, you can install and activate plugins immediately.


WordPress Tips And Tricks


WordPress Tips And Tricks

WordPress is amazing! As you saw, it helps you create a professional website without wasting your time and energy. From now on, we will review some of the most important WordPress tips and tricks in 2021.

  • Installing WordPress in a subdirectory called WordPress is one of the most common mistakes people make. What does this even mean? All the core files of WordPress are in a single zip file. You must not upload the WordPress main folder (single zip file). Instead, you need to open it and upload all the content within the folder.
  • Be aware that you have to use Permalink. By default, the permalink is ?p=123 which http://website/com/ follows. The best thing to do is to change the permalink to something more meaningful and user-friendly. For example, putting short keywords related to your business is one of the best things you can do.
  • Have you ever happened to you when you go to a website and click on a page, and you receive the message “coming soon”? Beginners are excited about opening their website and make this mistake. Please, never link to a page that is not ready yet. If you do this, your visitors get suspicious whether you have taken your website seriously.
  • This is something that I don’t really understand! Some people install lots of unnecessary plugins. If you install too many of them, the speed of your website will be reduced.
  • Please! Update your WordPress. The same is true with all plugins. The more forgetful about updating WordPress and Plugins, the more probably your website is going to crash. Or, your website might get hacked.
  • This is not exclusive to WordPress, and many people think it's not a big deal! But, in fact, it is! A strong password protects you from all sorts of attacks. WordPress lets you know whether your password is strong enough. So, if it's not strong, take some time and fix it.
  • Getting regular backup is very important too. Don’t come to me and complain if you have lost your data as a result of hacking. It's on you! It doesn’t take much time.
  • Another important tip for all beginners is this: don’t try everything! Before going online, have a plan for your website. You don’t want to get too many negative reviews from your visitors and then explain to them that it's not what you had in your mind.
  • Don’t ever think that only the home page of your website is important. You don’t know how the visitors might act. They might start clicking on other pages too. The “About Us” page is crucial because it's one of your rare chances to introduce you and your company to potential customers. Should it be summarized or in detail? Should it be long or short? You have to settle down these issues. Just try to convey what exactly you are doing and how you can help customers. “Product and Services page,” “Contact page,” and “Testimonial page” matter too.
  • The more complicated design doesn’t necessarily mean that it's more appealing. On the contrary, you should keep your website as simple as possible. It would be best if you did not throw everything on your website because users don’t care, at least not in this way.
  • Of course, it's good to monetize your website. However, too many ads on your website make an awful impression on the visitors. So, have them on your website but not overuse them.
  • Contrasting colours are going to annoy your eyes. Just don’t do that. Instead, it's better to stick to the colours of your logo or very mild colours.
  • This is true not only with WordPress but with any other software too. Create content relevant to your business. Of course, visitors might come and go but never buy if you create unrelated content.
  • Don’t try to put too many things in your sidebar. Keep them nice and clean. If you are going to put ads on your sidebars, don’t overdo it. Interestingly, you can earn more money by having fewer advertisements on your sidebars because they are seen better.
  • From the SEO standpoint, putting images is great because people, by their nature, love visual content. However, it doesn’t apply to all categories. Also, many people tend to copy nice images into their websites. It doesn’t help you. So, either create purposeful and original images or don’t use any when it doesn’t apply to your post.
  • Did you know that most people connect to the internet via their cell phones, not their laptops or computers? So, use themes that can be resized and re-designed when somebody enters your website via his/her phone.
  • You don’t have to publish new content every day to increase the quality of your website. Sometimes, improving your old content is as important as creating new ones. But, there is a catch here. Of course, if you have an old post that has drawn lots of attention and has an excellent rank on engines like Google, you can change update it, so it gains more reach. However, if you change it too much, it will be re-indexed, and you will lose everything. So, change the old content but not too much because they are going to be re-indexed.
  • Don’t forget to have a “Call to Action” button. It doesn’t matter if thousands of people visit your website when they don’t make a move. So, you have to make them do it. Try to put it somewhere people can easily see.



WordPress is one of the most practical software for people who don’t know coding languages but can create their website. Themes, page-builders, and plugins are three key components of WordPress, making it very user-friendly and easy to work with. However, people often forget some tips and tricks when they want to create their website. Here, we have a review of them.



I would love to hear from you. Please leave me your questions, experiences, remarks, and/or suggestions about 20+ Must-Know WordPress Tips and Tricks presented in this article. You can also reach me via email at Jeannette@WorkFromAnywhereInTheWorld.com.


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